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Manga Chapter Review SUPER DUMP POST #1

Should I have titled this “#1?” ‘Cause I have no intention of doing this ever again. He says like he had any intention of adding “Chainsaw Man” to the roster. Hi, everyone. Ah………. I’m working on some other, LARGER posts at the moment- one of them coming along well enough and the other 2………….. already having their own “setbacks.” But I’m not giving up; I don’t think I’ll come back until 1)I find a new, CONSISTENT job and 2)Until they’re done. But I miss proper post making; coming to my site and crafting a post full of images and deciding their placement so as to not mess up the flow of the post……………. Something “Artsy-“ there’s more going on…………. not necessarily “behind the scenes,” but more in my head. What images I want to use; their appropriate spacing; what topics I want to talk about- their references and plausible sources- their implications for the story; the Featured Image I want to use; those last 2 topics in the case of “Dumps” like this; and a whole bunch of other sh!t that’s a lot harder than you realize. At least, it is for me- even after all these years. 

And all of that’s being turned up to 11 when it comes to this post. At the time of my starting this post(Friday, February 16th, 2024, around 6 pm on the nose)- this post has 14 CHAPTERS to discuss at once. Each series has about 2 chapters to talk about- Four Knights by itself has 6 chapters for me to discuss. And the monthlies come out on Tuesday. All of this to say: Probably gonna be more like 20 chapters before you see this. Heck, maybe even 25 or more by the time I’m done. I just want to……….. “catch you all up” on what’s going on in these series in one shot– I don’t think I’ll have all the time in the world to talk about them all individually before their next chapters come out. SoSUPER Dump……….. Post. I don’t think I set up that “poop” joke well enough for it to be funny. And a well timed Poop joke- no matter how much you want to groin at it- come on, people: You’ll laugh. And you know I’m right. Anyway; I’m just gonna put it all together right here, and then maybe go off again to work on those other 3. 

I don’t know how everyone else views manga, but I know that- before I found fan sites- watching Youtubers talk about manga chapter’s is how caught up to series. Then of course I got more into the Internet, and……….. well, you see the images I use. So for anyone who uses my posts the same way I used those old videos- I imagine you guys are a little more than p!ssed at me for “Ghosting” you like that. And for that, I am sorry. So here you go: All the chapter’s you’ve been missing. Enjoy. 

One Piece

Chapter 1,106: “On Your Side

Remember the ship from the end of chapter 1,105? It’s pullin’ up. But we cut away from the to see Luffy’s gut retract; he’s digested all that food, and goes back into Gear 5th. Then we cut over from that to see Stellapunk getting in contact with Atlas. She, Franky, Kuma, and Bonney have been cut out of the Vacuum Rocket, and are about to be Blown Up Mid Fall, but Stella had the foresight to install a………… well, a way to honor Kuma’s memories. You see: Stellapunk was mortified to hear that Bonney had become a Pirate– so horrified that it drove him crazy. ‘Cause no matter how he looked at it, the Worst Case Scenario could only appear at the fore of his mind: Bonney Being Killed By Her Father’s Hands- PX-0 or otherwise. So- even if it meant his Death– he did the Unthinkable: He Put The Pirate “Jewelry Bonney” At The Top Of The Pacifista Authority Hierarchy- even more authority than the Gorosei. So the even if the world itself were to turn against her- her father would never betray her. A “Selfish Wish” of his- one that would come at a great cost. He’s Stabbed In The Back By Saturn. 

With Stellapunk down, Saturn sends Kizaru to eliminate the Freefalling Bonney and Kuma. ThankfullyTheir God Is There To Free Them; LUFFY comes back to face Kizaru once again, saving everyone by turning the ground into rubber to break their fall- and once again getting that Iron Giant in the basement started. Bonney and Stellapunk recognize the rhythm they hear, and Stella confirms that yes: The very same man that Kuma chose to stake everything on- Is The Very Same Sun God that he worshipped- The God That Bonney Had Been Searching For All This Time. And even some lowly Buster Call won’t be able to stop him now. 

As for the ship coming in from the North East Coast of the Island: Dorry “The Blue Ogre” and Brogy “The Red Ogre-” Co-Captains Of The Giant Warrior Pirates- Are On Their Way To Collect The Straw Hats. Or, rather– 

The SUN GOD!!!

Chapter 1,107: “I’ve Been Looking For You!!

The Giant Warrior Pirates- lead by Dory and Broggy- make landfall on Egghead. Usopp is moved to tears to see them again after so long. as Edison explains that this event has likely made the papers a few days ago. They realize that they must be here to help them escape, leading Nami to get in contact with Brook and Lilith, who still don’t know how to stop the ship at its current speed. Lilith has a plan, but they have to listen to it very carefully if it’s going to work. We then cut over to Jinbe on his way to guide Zoro back to the ship. Zoro vs Lucci: Both are out of breath, but Lucci does everything he can to keep Zoro here and away from the Straw Hats. Because he knows that they won’t leave him behind. Meaning Zoro is going to have to wrap this up quickly…………

Fabriophase- Coast: Vice Admiral Red King has all smaller vessel pull back for now, and put the Battleships on the frontline, reluctantly using their weapons on the Mark 3 Pacifistas. Main Island: Luffy sees Bonney in tears down below, to which she responds that she’s “been looking for him all this time. He responds that he’s “been with her the whole time.” He also says that he saw that “Wimpy Punch” she threw at Saturn earlier. She says that she was trying to throw a punch “like him(in reference to Nika),” and asks Luffy to show her “how it’s done-” starting with Saturn. She also alerts him that Stellapunk is injured. So Luffy shows her how to punch: “Gum Gum Dawn Gatling” sends Saturn flying a good distance!!

Franky tries to grab Stellapunk so they can dip, but ol’ Stella knows that if he moves with this injury- that’s the end of it. And then Kizaru tries to speed up that process. Sanji gets in the way, kicking the LASER back at him through “The Power Of Love.Franky and Atlas use this chance to escape, carrying Bonney and Kuma with the Hover Boot. With those 2 escaping, Kizaru begins to wonder if he can save the situation before he fails in his mission. Sanji and Luffy tell him it’s about time to draft an “Formal Apology.” 

Saturn in The Rubble: As he begins to get up again, he finds himself face-to-face with Catarina Devon And Van Augur- the 6th and 3rd Ship Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates!! She touches him on his spider leg, allowing her to copy his appearance now- thus completing their mission. Saturn expresses his surprise that someone of her kind(A Level 6 Impel Down Escapee) would submit to Teech so willingly, to which she responds that “Teech is Special.Saturn knows exactly what she means, and asks what they’re after with all these schemes they’re coming up with. Van Augur simply says The Worldbefore warping himself and Devon away. But he couldn’t get back onto the ship right away; he’s not as “experienced” with the ability yet. But on their way there, they find themselves running into Caribou a Fanboy of the Blackbeard Pirates!! And all he wants in life is to Work Under Teech. 

Chapter 1,108: “Come In, World

They recognize him from his wanted poster- but don’t trust him at all. Especially for a Pirate who just so happens to be on a Government Controlled Island. Caribou pleads with them, offering up the information on the Ancient Weapons Poseidon and Pluton if they take him to Blackbeard. Cut Away To The Coast: The MK3 Pacifista’s prove too strong and too numerous to handle. So the Vice Admirals suggests that they kill the Highest Priority on the Authority Hierarchy and get control back: The “Glutton” Jewelry Bonney. Vice Admiral Tosa is all over it, catching up to Franky and Atlas, trying to take out Bonney with “10 Barrel Finger Pistol.” Too bad Dory and Broggy have made landfall. They don’t recognize Franky or anyone else from the Straw hat’s wanted posters, but Franky assures them that he is in fact a member of the Straw hats. Once they reveal themselves to be allies, Bonney tells them where Luffy and the others are. They send Bonney and co off with the rest of the Giant Warrior Pirates, who are informed of the other Straw hat’s location up in the clouds………………

Egghead Coast: Bluegrass managed to get control of a Sea Beast Weapon, and she and Doll make their way onto the Main island. Bluegrass asks if Doll has ever encountered a Giant in combat before, to which she responds that her Commanding Officer was none other than Jaguar D Saul. Fabriophase: SATURNS BACK UP, and he’s gone Full Spider Mode- gaining skin coated in poison- poison so potent just tapping a tree with the tip of one of his legs rots it away in seconds. Luffy orders Sanji to take Stellapunk away from here- even if he complains about the pain. Saturns starts attacking, and they manage to avoid all of the attacks. But Kizaru sneaks up on Sanji and kicks him clean in the jaw, knocking Stellapunk out of his hands. Then shoots him through the torso with a Laser. Same spot as the initial wound and everything. But he’s still kickin’!! So Sanji grabs him and dips. Kizaru tries to move after him, but Luffy goes Giant and keeps himself, Kizaru, and Satun in that spot. 

As his life begins to fade- Stellapunk can’t help but Grin. As a certain message begins to play from somewhere in the Labophase: A Video By Stellapunk that will reveal The Truth Of The World. I think Saturn’s about to move to try and shut that down. That or- more likely– send Kizaru to stop it. Damage will be done, no matter how you splice it, but if he ends up revealing anything about Imu or the Origins of Devil Fruits or even NikaIt’s a wrap. STRAIGHT UP. 

My Hero Academia

Chapter 414: “Overlay

With “Black Whip” reinforcing his entire body(and keeping it moving), Deku stands back up against Shigaraki. None of the past holders can believe that he’s using this quirk in such a way, but Kudo(2nd User) says that it’s because of his “respect and admiration” for all quirks as a whole that he’s found such a unique way to use it. He recalls that 1)One For All can be passed on by force- but not taken by it, and 2)the recipient needs to take in a sample of the previous holder’s DNA. So he puts “Gearshift” in a single drop of blood on his fist, planning to push it through Tomura’s wound- while they’re making it. That “Hyper Regen” is nothing to sneeze at; they gotta be quick about it. While on Tomura’s side; he admits that something about those “Ghosts” scared the sh!t out of him, so he cut his arm off before “Black Whips” could. And now he sees in Izuku’s eyes that they have a plan cooking. Even with all the injuries he’s sustained and the recoil from “Gearshift.” So if Izuku wants to keep going- Tomura can do this all day. 

The 2 of them move in for the next attack, but Izuku managed to get “Black Chain” under the ground where Tomura would land, lifting it up before Tomura could spread his “Decay” the rest of the landscape- an idea he got from UA’s “Anti-Decay” system. Using “Smokescreen” for cover, Deku gets behind him, trying to disorient him with a drop of his blood and Gran Torino’s cape on a strand of “Black Whip.” “Search” Zeroed in on one of the Vestiges- the one that Izuku pulls back onto his fist. And he’s about to put that fist RIGHT THROUGH Tomura’s chest. Tomura’s body starts to take that Finger Armored state again in response to it, but………….. the attack makes it through; Kudo is sents soaring towards Tenko’s Containment Ball. And when it HITS- some memories get shaken loose, and the Hero and Villain start seeing each other’s memories. But no time to dwell on thatthe attack did some DAMAGE. They gotta strike while the Iron’s hot………………..

Chapter 415: “Rejection

Yoichi hypothesizes that the reason all of these memories are starting to blend together is due to One For All and the “All For One” quirk “Resonating” with each other- pushed further by the transfer of Kudo’s factor. He begins to think that his brother found what he was looking for in Tomura: A “Strong Heart-” Hardened By Hatred And Malice. So they have to make sure that they “hit the nail on the head” with this next attack. Izuku goes in for the next hit, breaking through the Finger Armor once again. However– Tomura’s sheer Wrath is enough to prevent a Full transfer of all other factors!! But En(User #6- “Smokescreen”) manages to push through, doing more damage and knocking some more memories into each other- including Tenko’s memory the day he went home. From this, Izuku learns: 

  1. A “Strong Will” can also reject One For All as well as take it. 
  2. Even with that in mind, Tomura’s can’t completely shut down the transfer- just slow it down some. 
  3. The fingers he’s sprouting are nothing more than “hair;” he can’t transfer the quirks through those- it has to be the main body. 
  4. It’s working if he’s managed to shake loose one of Tenko’s memories. 

Problem is: His bodies feeling threatened again, and on a greater scale than before. That “armor’s” starting to look A LOT like Wings. We see off in the distance that drone thing Hatsume made back in the Cultural Fest is watching the battle, as the girl herself is still in UA’s Barrier. Gentle and Cementous are trying to evacuate and land it safely all at once; she admits that she sent the drone to keep watch so that she can know what kind of equipment Izuku will need in the future. And La Brava admits to hacking it so she can support the boy he made the man she loved a better person. And she hooked up the Business Course’s feed to the battle, as well. And to the feed of the News. Seeing it from UA’s Shelter- Eri starts running off somewhere against Ectoplasm’s wishes. I don’t care WHAT kind of quirk you have, little girlYou WILL NOT make it their on your own. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 102: “Son Goku vs Son Gohan

Having sensed Gohan’s incredible power, Goku warps back o Earth to see his sons and Trunks. He decides to take Gohan and the boys to Beerus’ World for a sparring match, but Gohan needs to change first. Carmine and Soldier #15 try to flee from the situation, but Goku thinks it’d be a good vehicle to transport all 3 of them at once(despite having not needed one to transport large groups of people on several occasions). With Gohan’s change of clothes, they’re ready to go! Whis and the other’s are doing Yoga or something when they get back. Gohan explains that the name for the form he used is “Beast-coined by Piccolo. As they discuss some of the events of the movie, Vegeta questions Trunks on if he played in role in what happened. The boys lie through their teeth, but their trickery convinces Vegeta that they should spar against Gohan first! Goku agrees to it, wanting to see some of what Gohan is capable of before they’re match. 

Gohan starts off with Super Saiyan, while the boy’s worry more about looking like “Cool Heroes” for Soldier 15’s camera. But the helmet’s limit their field of vision, making it hard to read Gohan’s moves. So- despite how “cool” they look– the boys remove them, and go Super Saiyan themselves, much to Broly’s surprise. The fights gets much more serious, with Gohan admitting that he’s impressed with how strong they are. Which prompts him to go “Ultimate(This chapter reveals that the boy’s coined the term since they never actually had one for it).” In response, the boy’s end up trying to use Fusion to win. But they mess it up again, and Gohan quickly dispatches them. 

Goku vs Gohan: Goku takes Mastered Ultra Instinct- his “Best Move” at the moment(despite what happened at the end of the Granolah arc, but then I think that’s better off forgotten), and Gohan goes into Beast. They clash, and the impact is enough to blow everything back. Broly and Gotenks help some of the weakers withstand the wind. And Whis puts up his barrier to prevent any of them from catching the backlash from their blows. But they’re making a real mess of this planet. Beerus is none too happy about it………………….

Edens Zero

Chapter 274: “Earth’s Destruction

Continuing the flashback: The planet is DYING- it might as well be the Destruction of Planet Namek how this sh!t looks!! Ivry moves through the rubble, finding Dr Cooper under a pile of rocks. Together, they make their way to Yuna’s lab, where she informs her team that the Government never authorized their proposal. But they don’t care WHAT anyone says- Overdrive is their only hope at saving the Earth. When it goes into Overdrive, it’ll be “saturated” with Ether, and the planet  itself will change shape- going into a sort of “Hibernation” for a while while the Ether Purifies the world. It’s the only way to stop these disasters. Mio hacks into all of the World’s Government systems, ready to send the planet’s Ether out of control at a moments notice. If they save the world, then……….. they likely all gonna be in trouble for what they’re about to do. Not like they care, though. 

Remember when Ziggy pulled up as the Planet was Dying? This is the continuation of that. He was on a quest to find and save Mother, but he ended up on this dying world. He sees on his scanners signs of life in a nearby building. But when he enters, all he found is 8 corpses- and a crying baby named Shiki. But before he can piece together some of what happened- The planets Ether starts going crazy…………….

Chapter 275: “The Four Shining Stars are Born

Mother is born RIGHT BEFORE Ziggy’s eyes. Or, as Mother explains: It’s more like she’s been reborn. She got hit by a Chronophage, and had 20,000 years of her time devoured, sending her back to the last few months before she was born. That was the planet that Ziggy landed on. But something happened this time: Ziggy took the Infant Shiki off the planet- much like he and Rebecca would do to Weisz Steiner 15 years later. He was fated to die when Earth went into Overdrive, but Ziggy coming to Earth changed his fate. Something like that can only be considered a “Miracle.” As such, Mother recommends that they wager the Future of The Universe On This Boy- The Sole Survivor Of The Planet Earth. Here and now: Mother gives Shiki the power to decide- whether the Earth is revived as the source of Ether for the entire Universe, or to have his own “Happy Universe.” She can’t do it NOW, but give her a decade or more…………..

Ziggy has some qualms with giving a mere Infant the power to decide the fate of the UNIVERSE, but Mother thinks it’s best that the “Sole Survivor” be the one to choose his planet’s fate. It’s not as though she has the power to choose for herself, anyway. Ziggy and Shiki are sent back to the Edens Zero, where Ziggy laments the path he’s been put on: Parenthood. He thinks back to the bodies he saw around the boy, and figures 2 of em were Shiki’s parents. So he starts preparations for the Zero to make his MOTHER- and the One will construct his FATHER. These women are dubbed “The Demon King’s Four Shining Stars.Their Backstory: They were built and lived on Granbell, and joined him on the quest for Mother. And turned back once they found Shiki. Which is where Pino’s memories come into play: The truth is that the Shining Stars we know and adore today- were not his “First Attempt.” He actually failed in making them a few times; they needed memories so that they could function, so he came up with a fake backstory for them. 

Though for Shiki; He just wants to know if Witch is his mother or not…………………

Chapter 276: “Shiki’s Choice

The Shining Stars are up and running, and they’re on their way to Granbell. Hearing them talk about it as if they had been there before- starts to make him feel guilty; as if he’s “trampling on the memory of those humans.” After a few weeks of it- he snaps, and decides- while he can’t take back what has already been done- he can at least let them live their lives. The opening of chapter 39 occurs in which he allows them to leave the Zero and live their lives as they wish. Thus where they start out in the series. He gets in contact with the Edens One- still under construction.  He decides stop production on the Male Units, and the One as a whole, deciding that a spare Zero is no longer needed- nor does he want to make anymore fake memories. ‘Course the One still continued its construction against Ziggy’s wishes, thus here we are today. We cut back to Ziggy and Void, who claims to have to come to the “Terminate All Humanity” conclusion after numerous calculations. Ziggy claims that Shiki will save Mother, but Void isn’t so sure about that………………………….

After getting all of the facts- it’s time for Shiki to Make. His. Choice. Rebecca continues to protest against Mother forcing this on Shiki, but the boy……………….. simply accepts that this is his fate. Shiki’s Choice: Make His Own Future, And Let Mother Disappear. Thus Becoming “The Demon King Who Wreaks Insurmountable Havoc.” Mother vanishes- giving Void exactly what he wanted. I mean, Shiki told us he can be a “Demon King” when it came to protecting his friends. And this boy knows how to keep a Promise………………

Chainsaw Man

Chapter 153: “Chainsaw Man Hunters

After hacking up the other Weapons- Denji falls over in Unimaginable PAIN. But all Nayuta can focus on is the idea that Denji “no longer wants to be with her.” The bystanders grab their spears and point them at Denji- thinking him another fake. They catch him in a net. Mifune tries to convince them that he’s on their side, but her pleas fall on paranoid ears. They try to set him on fire. Nayuta tries to stop them, but the people are convinced that killing Chainsaw Man will turn everyone back to normal. They push Nayuta aside, prompting Denji to fight back. Which doesn’t help the situation at all. So Nayuta- determined to keep whatever family she has left- uses her powers to take control of someone, hoping to give Denji a chance to escape. 

Chapter 154: “All Pets” 

Nayuta gets control over some more people, and some fighting starts. Mifune gets overwhelmed by the situation, and decides to leave them to fend for themselves. Nayuta tries to appeal to her by reminding her that they’re family has just died, but……………. Mifune only saw a bunch of “pets,” so………… you know, f*ck that b!tch. Nayuta contemplates her next move when Flamethrower outs her as a Devil. So Nayuta takes control of someone and has them take Denji away, reminding him how invaluable she actually is. Now that she’s alone- she can kill to her hearts content. But she admits it’s not all that fun, actually; she gets a better “High” out of video games. 

She begins to lose ground, getting attack by some people and having to dodge and kick people in the junk. Then she gets shot by Flamethrower. 

Chapter 155: “The Old Me

Some lady comes out to try and get everyone to come to their senses, seeing Nayuta as a “Little Girl” and not a Devil. But Flamethrower puts the Gun to his head and pretends Nayuta is trying to make him kill himself. So they start mobbing her. She thinks back to the day she MET Denji– coming to his house, and feeling this odd sense of pity for the human before her. And later that nighta desire to steal his Heart. She doesn’t know WHY though. A quick look at his memories tells her that she was once the woman “Makima,” and that her goal was to break his contract with Pochita and take control of the Original Chainsaw Man. So she decides to follow in Makima’s footsteps and give Denji the best life possible- and then destroy it. But then…………….. she actually got caught up in the delusion herself, culminating in her asking what Denji thinks of her. In short: “She’s his family.‘Course he doesn’t feel Deserving Of It- since he killed his own Dad. That memory wakes Denji RIGHT Up, not knowing where the h#ll he is. Something tells me we’re coming up to the end of Part 2………………

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse

Chapter 133: “Bisection

This one has so many chapters, so I’ll make this one even quicker. Beltreipe of the Four Perils arrives to face Donny and Anne. And he proves to be far stronger than they could have ever expected. Thankfully- Seven Deadly Sins- Goat Sin Of Lust Gowther is there to help, tricking Beltreipe into thinking he had already won. But in hiding his presence from everyone- he ended up getting bisected himself- along with the land they were standing on. They all end up falling through a Chaos hole…………………….

Chapter 134: “The Stranger

The Knights of Liones find themselves on the other side of the Chaos Hole, in an unfamiliar territory in Camelot. Anne is initially worried about Gowther, but he reminds them that he is a doll brought to life by a Wizard, which is why he was chosen to come to Camelot with them- no members of the Demon, Giant, Goddess, or Fairy clans can get in to Camelot. Even so, they should start thinking of how to summon the Door to Camelot before Beltreipe finds them again. Back when they found the door, they contacted Thetis, who “set it in place” in such a way that now she can control where it goes. It’s just a matter of contacting her now. But they have to make sure there are no enemies around to destroy it, and to make sure they give Thetis the right location. After wandering around for a bit, they find themselves on Pellegarde’s Lawn, confronted by his dogs, and later- the man himself.

Chapter 135: “The Conversation

Pellegarde sits them down at his dinner table with no tricks, introducing him to his wife Fiona and their son, Dick. Once his family is outside, Pelle decides to make a game of things: They’ll take turn asking each other questions- Liones is free to lie, but he vows that he’ll be totally honest with them. Not that he COULD with Gowther and Anne here. Game Start:

  • Anne: “What’s behind All The Strange Things In Camelot? Like, Why Are The Dead Now Alive And Well?”
    • Answer: They aren’t necessarily “real,” but calling them “Illusions” would be a lie. Camelot manifests your “Strongest Desire-“ taking land from Britannia to create a land where everyone can live with their loved one’s who are now gone. Though wishes like “Destroy The World” are too large and too vague of a wish to grant. Things created here cease to succumb to things such as aging or starvation, but they’ll vanish if they ever set foot outside of Camelot. 
  • Pellegarde: “Are Those 2 With You As Well(referring to the that guy we find out later is called “Bourse” and his sister)?”
    • Answer: He just wanted to bring his sister back to Britannia.
  • Anne: “Pellegarde…. Are You An Enemy or An Ally?
    • Answer: Both. His son, Dick……. he died at the age of 4 when he fell off a horse. He’s moved on from it, but his wife Fiona is still latching on to his memory. He doesn’t want to be the one that takes his wife’s smile away from her.

Bourse(the guy with trying to leave Camelot) is sitting with visage of his little sister, having finally come to terms with her death. And with that act- she vanishes. Last Question from Pelle: “Haven’t you ever wished for a loved one to come back?” Anne says “Yes-“ but she’d prefer the “Real Thing.” Yeah- Percival’s alive.

Chapter 136: “The Advancing Dragnet” 

Pelle can hardly believe the news he’s just gotten! But that joy is quickly undercut by the arrival of a Chaos Knight- one with vision connected to a bunch of empty armor. Pelle sneaks them out the back door, and allows the Chaos Knight to search his castle. But then a bug crawls up Sylvan’s leg and he gets all scared and makes a whole bunch of noise. Now he’s gotta make good on the “Enemy” part. The Fighting starts, and Gowther manages to use his magic on Pelle…………..

Chapter 137: “Forest of Sloth And Envy

Pelle entraps them in a vortex of flames- as per Gowther’s plan. He used a mind arrow to telepathically communicate to Pelle their escape plan, and he gave them the cover they need to escape. Thetis alerts Gowther to the arrival of Ban, but King and Diane are not their yet. The Fairy Realm: Nasiens is collecting berries for his medicine, when he finds himself tailed by Tioreh- the youngest child of King and Diane!! He questions if her parents are okay with this, but she says it’s fine- “they’re ‘crazy’ in love” with Nasiens. He doesn’t believe that really at all, nor does he seem to mind. Rather, he’s focused on entering the “Tunnel of Whispers” to test out a new medicine- hopefully to wake up his hero……….. 

Chapter 138: “Nasiens In The Fairy King’s Forest

Despite not…………… BEING,” Perceival’s hair continues to grow. Nothing else, though. He once again tries a potion to wake him up, but…………. no dice. Tioreh- much like Tristan, apparently– thinks it’s real selfish of Percival to still sleep like this after all these years, despite what his friends are doing for him. But Nasiens doesn’t see it quite the same way, condemning his own powerlessness for forcing Percival into that choice. Tiroeh teases him about his crush. King And Dianes Mushroom Castle Thing: King and Diane ask if any of his new medicines have worked. Not a single success. He’s also really “stuffy” with the Royal family, which I think is starting to bug the King and Queen.  Their eldest son Mertyl, however, doesn’t think he’s showing enough respect to them. Super Prejudice against Humans.

Then they are all alerted to a Changeling on their borders. In short, it’s a trick that Fairies play on humans- switching out a Human baby for a Fairy one. Don’t know what’s funny about it, but okay. They find baby- and the Fairy responsible. Mertyl is about to slaughter this guy, but Nasiens is more concerned with the safety of the human child, and ask Mertyl to stop- much to Mertyl’s chagrin…………..

Chapter 139: “Unseen Pain

Mertyl is becoming increasingly annoyed with Nasiens presence in the Fairy domain, but Nasiens has to stay for Percival’s sake. So he’s not leaving ’til Percival’s awake. So it’s time for Combat. Nasiens proves to have gotten smarter in the last 2 years- but Mertyl is just that much stronger than him. So Tioreh gets involved with her “Sin Summoning Magic,” summoning a Boar and throwing it at Mertyl. He decides to end the fight their and take the baby back. But then the poison starts kicking in- not that he’s willing to accept Nasiens help. He has that Fairy guide him to where he got the baby………….

Nasiens expresses some……….. discomfort being here for the last 2 years. With Mertyl, but he’s definitely picking something up from King and Diane. Tioreh affirms that it’s all in his head, though, and asks instead why he chose to defend that Fairy earlier. In short: He was reminded of his origin- being abandoned by his parents, and finding Ordo and his sister, and meeting Percival. He doesn’t know WHY he was abandoned, but things have only worked out for him so far, so- All Good. Tioreh doesn’t get it, but they arrive at their destination: Lake Oloroso- a body of water that makes your skin shiny, relaxes you, and “releases the bonds in your heart.” Or, put more simply: HOT SPRING CHAPTER!! Tiroeh’s all for it(as am I), but Nasiens has some apprehensions about doing this. Tiroeh doesn’t have a problem, though; After all- 

Nasiens Isn’t A Boy.

As was the intent with his design………………


Okay, I’m wrapping this up Sunday, February 25th, 2024, around 1:02 pm, and after about a day of this site crashing while I’m trying my best to finish this off; I have to say

I Hope With All My Heart And Soul That I Never Have To Do This Again.

Like………. this site just crashed over and over again, and it made it difficult to finish on time. Honestly, as I write this- I remain terrified that it crashes on me as I wrap this up. Ah……… there are a lot of images I made, but didn’t get to use in this post. Oh Dear Sweet Lord up In Heaven I’m spent. Um……….. If it comes to it, then I’ll end up having to do this again. But I hope that I NEVER have to. Because THIS- was  A LOT. I don’t even think I did some of these chapter’s justice. Ah…….. maybe I’ll do a regular dump going forward, just to avoid doing all of this again. Still not clear on when I’ll return to my regular schedule, but I’m doing my best. I’ll be back at some point, I swear I will. Ah……….. Okay, that’s all I got. Here’s a random image I didn’t get to use. Enjoy, and remember: Stay Safe- Stay Magic- Have A Wonderful Day. Laters!! 

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