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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #31: Unsubtitled

After 31 “Dumps,” I guess I’m losing my touch. I was gonna call it “How To Avoid A Headache,” but in all honest: I have a small one at the time of my starting this(Tuesday, February 27th, 2024, around 1:04 pm). Been waking up like that the last few days. Then again- I’ve also bee sick the last few days. I THINK I’m getting better; I’m not have congested as I have been(although I’ve been blowing my nose like F*ckin’ CRAZY), and I’m not coughing as much as before(coughed as I was writing this part, but not like I was hacking something up). Being sick is so gross. And annoying as h#ll. But it’s getting better. 

Ah……….. I’m doing this so that I NEVER have to do a “SUPER Dump” again. That…………… I might need to rethink the names of these if I’m gonna keep talking about them. LookI didn’t have that much fun making that post; it was long(PAUSE), and a lot of the series I talk about have a lot of “moving pieces” at any given time, so trying to “condense” them like that- even more so there than when I do these smaller, regular ones- it’s difficult and feels disrespectful at times. So I think I’ll try to keep up with these chapters a little bit better; make some more “Regular Dumps” going forward. REALLY need to think of a new name for these. Ah………..  You know the drill. 

Edens Zero Chapter 277: “Fading Mother

Picking up from the last chapterThe cosmoses start to feel the repercussions of Shiki’s choice. Hermit informs everyone that the ether in the Cosmoses is fading rapidly– she even predicts the extinction of both Humanity and Machines. As Mother fades away before their eyes, Happy wonders if they made the best choice. Shiki is confident in his decision; he has no intention of losing anyone he cares about. So he had to make sure that the “Present” was preserved. Thus letting her fade away, cementing the events of Universe 0 as the “definitive.” Now– He can save her. But it’s kind of complicated, so he wants the WHOLE crew to hear it. Pino patches them through to the Zero, and he informs them on………….. at least what’s going on, since they don’t exactly have time for THE FULL NARRATIVE.

He announces that his plan is to change Mother BACK into a planet via The Chronophage. Weisz reminds them of what he said earlier about the planet already being near death before. But Shiki thinks that- with the technology they have at current- they’ll be able to help save that planet before it’s destroyed. They’ll have Rebecca summon the Chronophage, as she was meant to during Operation Planet Eater. He then has Pino connect him to Ziggy, who’s still battling Void. Shiki aks him to keep Void distracted while they implement their Grand plan. Ziggy calls it a “Simple Task.” Rebecca’s on board with the idea, but is skeptical of it working. Shiki has fatih, especially since- once they’ve gotten everything in place- He’s going to Destroy the Chronophage. 

Shiki…………… is one of Mashima’s Strongest Written characters. Haru is………… well, I actually still like Haru a fair bit. And I’ve made my thoughts on Yakuto painfully clear. But Shiki– he continues to impress. Not only in his maturity and leadership skills, but in terms of his actual intelligence and problem solving ability- he’s shown to be a very proficient protagonist. I mean; he made sure that the events in Universe 0 became THE Reality of the Multiverse- essentially cementing everyone’s lives and current personalities- and THEN he’ll save the Universe. Oh, no, wait- He’s Changed it. Oh man; there’s still so much of this story left, and yet we’re definitely “At The End.” Wonder what Mashima plans to do for “Dead Rock” once this one’s taken off his back……………………

Chainsaw Man Chapter 156: “Whup Whup Whup Bzzz Split Split

Denji awakens in a Hospital- one week after losing Nayuta and his pets. Yoshida is there, and Denji demands to know what happened to Nayuta. Yoshida says he doesn’t know, and reminds Denji of their “Agreement:” He was never to become Chainsaw Man again, and thus he would be promised a normal life. Deal’s Off. Yoshida leaves the room, having put Denji back to sleep. In a little bit- he’s gonna be dismembered for reasons. So Fumiko wants to take a lock of hair or something to always remember Chainsaw Man. ‘Cause secondly: She’s a “Chainsaw Man Fan.” F*ckin’ Lyin’ @$$ B!tch. Anyway; Pochita comes to Denji in a “dream” again, and Denji resolves himself to get up and find/save Nayuta. Pochita asks him how he plans to do that with no f*ckin’ legs. He’s being dissected at “Tokyo Devil Detention Center- some High Profile Center where they hold and I guess conduct experiments on Devils. 

They take off his left leg for I guess the 26th time, and are about to continue when the lead Surgeon gets bothered with the Special Division Agent tasked with making sure Chainsaw Man doesn’t escape starts smoking. The surgeon doesn’t believe him necessary, since this facility “Has Never Had A Devil Escape Since Its Founding; It’s Prepared For Any Contingency; Even Chainsaw Man Won’t Be Able To Escape; It Would Take A War To Compromise This Facility’s Safety.” Get it? Do you get it yet? Have ya gotten the jokeUnderstand? Would it help if I told you we see female legs arriving on the scene? ComprendĂ©? GET IT?! No, but seriously; the War Duo is coming to save Chainsaw Man. WhyTake your guess. I think Nayuta came to her and revealed everything and blah blah blah now they’re coming to save/assassinate Denj. 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 140: “The Shape Of Truth

Tioreh starts dumping some information about the Fairy Realm on Nasiens– stuff about the sky’s color or the Mushroom Moutain where her parents rules from. Then she does a cannonball into the lake. She’s just being her usual self, but Nasiens questions how long she’s known that Nasiens was not in fact Male- nor are they female. They’re……….. LITERALLY Genderless. Like- NEITHER part is down there. It’s a “Nub.” She admits that she had peaked in on them once, much to Nasiens’ embarrassment. She starts listing off her siblings little Insecurities

  • The 2nd Oldest, Sixtus, is insecure about not having his wings. 
  • The 3rd Oldest, Belte, hates his pointy ears. 
  • The 4th and 5th Oldest- Zana and Zilian respectively- are shorter than full blood Giants. 
  • The 6th Oldest, Phao- is similarly genderless.

She explains that it’s fairly common for Fairies to lack a gender until they fall in love; if Phao falls for a guy, then “They” become “She,” and vice versa. And THAT’S when Nasiens finally starts getting what she’s trying to sayHe might secretly be a Fairy without noticing it- a Fairy baby switched out for a Human- A “Changeling.” He tries to rationalize every way he can to say he’s 100% human, but there’s 1 thing that he can’t deny. The air in the Fairy Realm is so thick and so “sweet” that it’s actually kind of toxic to humans; prolonged exposure will cause a human to makes them frailer- they get dizzy easily and develop asthma. Nasiens said he feels HEALTHIER since coming here. 

To compensate for the air, Humans must take a Mullein pill regularly, but Nasiens has needed not 1. MERTYL, on the other hand- as we learn in flashback- has been needing them for a very long time. He KNOWS that he’s not the Biological son of King and Diane- and the Nasiens most definitely IS. He knew it the minute he MET Nasiens. And he’s been so “crude” to him because he’s worried about what’ll happen when everybody finally catches on. Not that he can dwell on it– Someone with a Chaos Staff is attacking with a toxin poisonous to Fairies. So there’s no effect on him. 

It’s actually kind of Funny to think that THIS is where the story is going, because when we first met Nasiens and learned of his sister being a Giant- I had thought that Nasiens and Dolores(his adopted sister) were the children of King and Diane. Then we got more information on Nasiens backstory, and I quickly threw that theory out the window. I guess I WRONG to do that. Man, what a twist……………..

One Piece Chapter 1,109: “Interception

Limited Cover Serial #26: “Onigashima Sinks”

NEW COVER STORY, FOLKS!! And with how it’s starting and what it’s talking about– it seems like it’s gonna be REAL story relevant. I doubt that Oda will reveal THAT through a simple “Cover Page” THAT WON’T BE ANIMATED UNTIL THEY NEED TO PAD OUT THE FINALE IN THE ANIME. But I think we’re gonna be learning something IMPORTANT. Ah, but where are my manners? The cover series will be taking place(at least at the beginning) in Wano. Here, we see Kaido’s former base- Onigashima– sinking into the Old Wano. Okay, Oda- What’cha got? 

Chapter 1,109

Vegapunk’s little “Message To The World” is starting, but the then-live Shaka has some qualms with this, starting with how they make sure that everyone in the world can see their message. And they WANT people to see this before outlets like Morgans and the Marines start censoring everything. So Shaka suggests that they piggyback off of the Navy’s Comm’s channel, allowing them to force a constant, worldwide broadcast before anything they say can be edited. That’ll even make it possible for people without visual Transponder Snails. Even so, they still need some time to “prep” to receive the message. PREP TIME: 10 Minutes. Saturn telepathically contacts the other Gorosei(Hive Mind Shenanigans?), alerting them that- while Kizaru seems to finished Stellapunk- this is happening. They suspect a “Dead Man Switch” was flipped when the main body’s heart stopped, and that the signal can only be coming from the Labophase- still being guarded by lasers. 

Most people you can name are getting ready to receive the message- the Dressrosa cast; Foosha Village; Water 7; World Economics News; the other 3 Blues; Kamabaka Queendom- people of that sort. Egghead Island: Luffy realizes his punches aren’t doing much to Saturn, so he uses “Dawn Cymbal” to flatten Kizaru and Saturn together, adn sends em off the island like a pair of frisbies. Kizaru hits one of the ships around the island, but Saturn turns back around and starts using his vast number of legs to roundhouse Luffy. Luffy darts off, and the other Elder’s get in contact with Saturn, warning him they CANNOT let Vegapunk’s message continue. So- he SUMMONS the other 4. And now sh!t has OFFICIALLY Hit The F*cking Ceiling. And I don’t mean “Ow, I hurt my hand!” No, no, no, no- Someone’s ’bout to lose their f*ckin’ finger. Wonder who……………

Closing Thoughts: My History With Pokemon……. Again

WOW. I almost forgot how easy wrapping these “Dumps” up was. Working on that Super Post last week, this one felt a lot easier- AND it’s a lot shorter than that one, too. Oh man; I actually have a lot more time on my hands to talk to you guys before this goes out on Sunday(Coming to this part Friday, March 1st, 2024, around 5:17 pm). I guess I can talk a little bit about a topic I don’t get to talk about much: Pokemon. Man, I love playing Pokemon. Such a Fun series. And easy for someone like me to play. Although………… man, I feel like I’m about to alienate a lot of ACTUAL Gamers. You see; I played Pokemon because I’ve never actually been that good at games; with games like GTA: San Andreas, I just went around stomping on people, stealing, running from the cops, getting killed, and got on a train once. That’s LITERALLY all of the memories I have of playing that game. Then of course one of cousins had one of the Tomb Raider games(not sure which one, though) and Resident Evil 4Never got passed the old guy in the house. But then, I was only visiting for a family event. And then my mom had a friend who stayed with us for a while; he had with him an X Box and the first Lego Batman game. Loved that game. 

Then of course for a while I asked my parents for X Box, and…………. things……….. no longer had an X Box, let’s just leave it at that. Some years passed, and my exposure to video games mostly through Playthroughs and Walkthroughs on Youtube(I think I FINALLY understand the difference: A “Playthrough” usually includes commentary from the Youtuber and has them tackle a few side quest; a “WALKTHROUGH” is when you mainly go through all of the story missions, typically lacks commentary, and is mostly to teach people(like me) how to play these games)- primarily channels like TheStormPow, Munchingorange, and several others. THAT’S how I learned about Pokemon being more than just a TV show I watched on Cartoon Network. The FIRST playthrough for ANY Pokemon game I ever watchedMunchingorange’s playthrough of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire– the current “Gold Standard” for remakes. And I say that after having played “Ultra Sun” and “Brilliant Diamond.” Which actually brings me to the first Pokemon game I ever played: Pokemon Moon. I wanted “Sun” because it had Mareanie in it, and I wanted a Mareanie on my team, but my parents mixed it up, so…….. I got “Moon.” Still enjoyed it. 

I have such nostalgia for those 3DS games, at least for the 3D era of Pokemon. I would eventually get Alpha Sapphire and Ultra Sun the following year, while my brother was able to get a Pre-Owned copy of Y. Although we didn’t know at the time how to delete the save data and start a new game, so my parents had to take it back and get X instead. It was the only copy of the Gen 6 games they had that was pre-used. Later on we WOULD find out how to delete save data for the Pokemon games on the 3DS, and we abused it– as well as Pokemon Bank- MALISCIOUSLY. We must have played the “Ultra Sun And Moon” games like 20 times before the Switch came out. Then our attention shifted. Though my brother Ajay would be the first to get one- and the only one of us to have a switch proper; Malik(the youngest) and I have Lites. 

I don’t regret that at all; in fact, I have made a running gag of it not being a “downgrade” from the regular switch. I don’t feel that it is. And I love playing the games I have. Well…………. I’m not……….. Overly fond of Brilliant Diamond right now. I think in some regards, it’s a little………. TOO “fateful” to the original. I’ll admit, after playing “Moon” and “Ultra Sun” so many times; I can kind of see what people meant by the 3D games being “too easy.” Then again, I bread the h#ll out of Pokemon with all the free Dittos those games let you get(they give you a side mission in which you can catch 6, in both games) and built the ideal team I wanted. Got to use a lot of Pokemon I always wanted to use. And now I have Pokemon Home on my Switch, and………. well, I’m able to do that again with “Sword And Shield,” and have. BUT……….. Not with Brilliant Diamond. I TRIED once to trade over some Sword And Shield Pokemon that would have been in the original Gen 4 games, but- LOW AND BEHOLD- “In The Original Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Pokemon received from trade would disobey the trainer at level 10; they will only obey after receiving 3 Gym Badges.” I always hate over-leveling my Pokemon. 

In my lack of experience, I made the mistake of taking the 50% Zygarde I made in my first Moon Playthrough(never got the 100% Zygarde in that game) over to my next playthrough, and found out in using it against Hala during my first Kahuna battle- high level Pokemon don’t obey a newbie trainer. I learned that the HARD way, almost losing to Hala(I actually think I DID lose). So I made sure the only High Level Pokemon I brought over were the Ditto’s I planned to breed my next team with, not using them on my main team and instead putting one in the first Nursery I could find. And that’s what I did with “Brilliant Diamond:” Bread some Pokemon I wanted use that I knew would be in Brilliant Diamond in Sword, and then brought them over. And THAT’S how I found out about the catch when trading. Got SO upset with that game that I put it down for a while. Then of course moved on to Scarlet And Violet, and……….. completed all of that. Not “100% the Pokedex,” nor did I do that for Legend: Arceus. But I greatly enjoyed those games- ESPECIALLY that first Legends game. Though I never actually COMPLETED it. Don’t think I will; I actually think I might restart despite what those D@mned Titan Pokemon or whatever they’re called put me through. I just kind of want to play Pokemon right now, I guess. I have 3 other games I got for Christmas- 1 I haven’t even started, and 2 that are proving………… much more challenging than I was anticipating. 

I actually decided to pick up Brilliant Diamond again- trying to give it another chance. Then put it down again when the Scarlet/Violet DLC came around, and decided to restart again. But I’m at a point of annoyance with it and it’s “accuracy” to those 2D games. I’m not having Fun with it. But I’m in a “Pokemon” mode and it’s the only one I’ve never actually completed. The first time, I managed to get all the way to Cynthia- and lost. Got so discouraged that I put it down during the “Scarlet/Violet” hype season. Will I restart the game again? Eh, probably. Unless I magically come into money and can afford to get Shining PearlThen again, why waste $60 like that? I’ve been wanting to go back to Waffle House and eat for a while now. 

And now we come to the PRESENT: It’s been a few days since the announcement of the next Legends game- “Pokemon Legends: Z-A.” For a while there, for those who were keeping up with leaks and hints for the next games post Scarlet/Violet DLC; it was looking like it’d be some combination of Gen 2 and Gen 5 Revisits- maybe a Legends:Celebi and some Black And White Remakes, or vice versa. Then that Pokemon Direct or whatever it’s called came out, and- BAM!! KALOS CONTENT, B-0TCH!! It’s times like that where I wonder what these corporate guys think when they see fans speculating what’s coming next. Like; they were getting that first teaser together, and the whole time we’re over here like “Legends Kyruem” and “Loving Gold And Honest Silver” or something or other, and they’re like “………. The F*ckre you people even talking about?” Just laughing at us. At least- that’s what I would be doing if I were the guy in charge of the games. Just lookin’ at social media go crazy……………..

The way I heard about Z-A was through Twitter posts, and they made it sound as though the game takes place in the Future- we’re helping to develop a Futuristic Lumiose City, much like what we did in Legends Arceus. But the more I watch content speculating on what’s going to happen in this game, the less I’m convinced that that’s the case. ‘Cause I’m hearing that we’re still in the past, helping to develop the original Lumiose city. Don’t know what kind of “Open World Exploration” you’d be able to get just going around building a City- in either case– but I guess that “curiosity” would be part of that games “draw,” wouldn’t it? If I have the money, then I’ll definitely pre-order it!! Especially if they have Mega Flygon X And Y. You waited THIS long to re-use Mega Evolution, and shafted ma boy LAST TIME you tried this gimmick. He’d BETTER get the same courtesy you gave to…………. okay, I can DEFINITELY see why Mewtwo would get it; it’s a Synthetic Pokemon- they could DEFINITELY give it multiple Mega Forms. Honestly surprised they didn’t go for a “Mega Mewtwo Z.” But then- “We CoUlDn’T fInD a GoOd DeSiGn FoR mEgA fLyGoN!!” But that BUM CHARIZARD gotjust like the “Testube Pokemon.” You gotta make up for that, j@ckholes. I MEAN it. 


I’m starting this conclusion Friday, March 1st, 2024, around 7:20 pm. I’m about to start eating dinner, and my computer’s battery is starting to get low, so I probably won’t be able to finish tonight. But I don’t have all that much more to say, so even when I pick this back up again tomorrow(from my perspective)- I’ll still likely have a good chunk of the day to myself. Or, well; more time than I usually have. Think I’ll watch me some more “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” and maybe try to watch some Blue Lock, too. I’ve seend about 300 chapters of Haikyuu!! and my brother’s and I have started watching Kuroko No Basket, so I guess I’m in something of a “Sports Anime” mood, as well. Other than that, I guess I don’t have all that much more to say. Except that I also struggled when it came to X and Y when I first tried playing it. Lost to the first Gym Leader like 3 times before I was able to make it further in the game. Embarrassing but True. Would love another crack at those games these days. He says after also admits not enjoying his time playing Brilliant Diamond. Yet still thinking about getting “Shining Pearl” if he ever got the money for it…………… What a dumb@$$. 

Ah…………. that’s all I got for all of you today…………… and possibly the rest of the week. Let me know what you guys think, and until the next post, all; Stay Safe- Stay Healthy- Stay magic. Laters!!

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