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Manga Chapter SUPER MASSIVE REVIEW(Super Dump Post #2)

I REALLY tried to avoid doing this genuinely, I did. But stuff just kept coming up– be it me trying to knock some of this sh!t off my Grandmother’s DVR, or my computer charger acting up; me being sick; or in general just not being on my computer as much as I usually am. My computer’s starting to get old, so I’m just on it less right now. And it’s finally started warming up where I live, so I’ve been enjoying the warmth. Not the insects, though. This isn’t even my first change to this particular post; this started off as a review for My Hero Academia chapter 419. Then I got sick and wasn’t on my computer that day, and……………. fell behind. So I started to put together a “Mass Review” for the series including chapter 420, and started making “Mass Reviews” for Edens Zero, Chainsaw Man, and Four Knights. But it was only TODAY- Tuesday, April 16th, 2024- that I realized that playing “catch up” like that- was a Fool’s Errand. Even right now as I write this post, I’m watching a video talking about “Everything We Know About Dragon Ball Daima;” I’m getting new information and having to update that long discussed Expectations post. It’s got my attention divided as my computer reaches 35% battery life left. I’m gonna have to stop in a little bit, and you’ll probably see where. But that proves my point: I’m getting too distracted, and I have too much going on to “hone in” on post making like normal!! Thus here we are. 

I’m gonna put this post together to keep up with all the chapters I’ve missed. Hopefully it won’t end up with as many as the previous one, but it’ll likely still be a long one. I even have “One Piece” on the list because I genuinely think I’m going to have to put it up here. I’ve actually already finished all the Chainsaw Man parts…………… more-or-less. It’s fortunately on break this week, so I have a bit of a buffer to work with, but, uh…………….. the next chapter of “Boruto” is ramping up, so there’s that. AND I still haven’t finished the My Hero chapters from when that was still in the works. AND haven’t even started the Four Knights stuff, and now have to update the Edens Zero content. Just…………. a whole lot and the week’s about halfway through at the time of me writing this(It is now Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, at 12:51 pm). I just need to hurry up and get this going again so I don’t fall behind again. Don’t think that’s possible, but- let’s give it a whorl. Now…………… there’s something I’ll be retaining from the “My Hero” post– and that is The Results Of The 9 Character Popularity Poll.

I kind of hope this is the last one for the series. 1)It would be appropriate for the series, the main character being the 9th holder of the series Biggest Mcguffin and 2)I really don’t think we have that much time left with this series anymore. Hope i’m not saying that for the thousand time in a November. But I think all these popularity polls this series gets in comparison to other’s is a wee bit “Ridiculous.” I swear, I hear more about popularity polls from this series than I have for any other; it has like 2 or 3 in a d@mn year. Edens Zero hasn’t had 1; I think Black Clover- its sister series- has had like half that; Four Knights hasn’t yet; Chainsaw Man only had the 1; One Piece hasn’t had one since the lead up to chapter 1,000 some years back at this point; just……………. Can I heare about some different characters now? The results themselves aren’t all that interesting, anyway, compared to others. Except for 10th place- that one’s surprising

  1. Katsuki Bakugo, as per usual
  2. Defenseless Izuku Midoriya
  3. Poor Little Shoto Todoroki
  4. Touya Todoroki
  5. Keigo Takami/ Hawks
  6. Enji Todoroki/ Endeavor
  7. Eijiro Kirishima/ Red Riot
  8. Tenya Ilda/ Ingenium
  9. Ochako Uraraka/ Uravity
  10. Mezo-Fre@kin’-Shoji/ Tentacole

You can look at the rest of the Top 25 by looking at the image below. He said opening the image loads properly. 

Chainsaw Man

Chapter 160: “That For Which The Heart Beats

Because of her attempt at“saving” FamiFami is out of the fight, leaving the War Duo to fight Samura Sword and Nail Fiend alone. Samurai recognizes her as the Chainsaw Man Church’s “Poster Girl” with a volume of poems coming out in the next few months. He’s not a fan- mostly because of her connection to Chainsaw Man. He blames him for the state of the world- and the kids at the Church who blindly follow him. Like hisGrandpa said: “It’s Idiots And Religion That Makes The World Worse.” Then back and forth with Nail before they’re cut off with orders: Kill The F*ck Out Of These Kids. But Asa assumes- from his tirade earlier- that Samurai sword has some kind of “beef” with Chainsaw Man, and proposes and Alliance- since they came tofight Chainsaw Man, anyway. Samurai Sword didn’t know Denji was being contained here, and is more than a little miffed that he’s been tasked with defending the guy who played Soccer with his Nutsack.

Samurai Sword’s all for switching up- even if it means that Yakuza won’t be able to get back up and running any time soon. As for Nail; he won’t be able to open that business he wanted. But he admits he’s sick of fighting kids and starts rolling with Asa’s team. The Eye Patch guys leaves, deciding to find someone who can kill the whole lot of them. Meanwhile those Devil Hunters Club Nobodies freak out about what Asa claims to be doing. Onward!! 

Chapter 161: “Chainsaw Man Puzzle

The surgeons are just about done with the dissection process. Then Team “Let’s Murderize Chainsaw Man” comes through the door, telling everyone to get on the ground. The Surgeons are annoyed now- and also desire to live- so they comply by telling them that Chainsaw Man’s in bits and pieces in the boxes that they knocked over when they pushed the door open. So now they gotta find all his bits and pieces and reassemble him from the ground up. Yoru orders the Devil Hunter rejects to put him back together. Fami decides to help, too, for whatever reason. They eventually happen upon his heart, which Yoru figures should be enough to put him back together- it’s just a matter of “starting his engine.” Some joke Samurai Sword makes later- they happen upon his head. Chainsaw Man Is Revealed To Them: Denji. Just like he told herat the start. Then the Eye Patch D0uche comes back with Lady Fre@kin’ Quanxi. Fffffffffffffff*uck.

Chapter 162: “Fearsome

The fight goes about how you expect: Nail tries to talk his way out of getting murked, but………………… No Go. Then the 3 of them get their collective @$$e$ kicked and she doesn’t even look like she cares. She’s about to kill that Nobana kid(Kobeni’s Younger Brother) when he picks up Denji’s head and tries to use it as a shield. Seeing him again, Quanxi recalls something anold friend told her: “Don’t make an enemy out of this one.So No Go on THAT. The Eye Patch guy reminds her herlover’s bodies are all locked up with Public Safety. Then hisChainsaw Head Wife comes and kills the sh!t out of him. Then starts eating him. Good enough for Quanxi; she can now pretend like she just lost track of the kids. But they gotta kill her to sell the illusion(even though I’m sure no one will believe they were able to pull that off). And the Surgeons will pretend they didn’t hear that. She says she’s like Chainsaw Man in that it won’t actually be the end of her, so Yoru complies. But she has a singular question for Lady Quanxi: “Is Chainsaw Man Stronger Than You?The Long-And-Short Of It: Not Even Close– but he IS Scarier than her. Yoru takes these words to heart- and does the deed.

Chapter 163: “Dream Balls

As the world begins to go to Sh!t- people still in contracts with the Fire Devil and turning into Faux Chainsaw Men and Several Small Scale Wars have broken out all across the world- the MAIN THING on the mind of the Japanese people is The latest Celebrity Scandal. Iseumi can hardly believe that that’s the reality they- as High School Terrorist live in. Even the knowledge they now have that Denji is Chainsaw Man. Nail doesn’t see what’s got the other Devil’s all scared of him, but Asa’s more concerned with how long Samurai Sword is taking in the bath. And Fami’s too busy eating to really register anyone. Then Denji wakes up, asking Asa what happened to her armReactions abound, but Asa and Denji carry on in their conversation about her arm. He wonders if he’s dreaming- ’til Samurai Sword brings his FOOT down on Denji’s balls. Not a dream. Made more real by Samurai Sword’s monologue of “Ringing The Gong Of Revenge With His Own Foot.” He’s rarin’ to go.

Asa reprimands him for attacking before they had the chance to explain the situation to Denji- but Yoru kicks him in the nuts again, trying to get Chainsaw Man up and going so they can fight. Looks like Asa and Denji can finally talk about how they got to this point………………

Edens Zero

Chapter 282: “The Flames Of Homura

Picking up from the previous chapter: Homura just took a Full-Front attack from Lady Freyja, who informs them of the “difference in their power.” And the wound is pretty d@mn DEEP. She admits that it is not Death that she’s afraid of right nowit’s what Freyja will do to her crew if she doesn’t stand up right now. She REFUSES to let Freyja win here- to let someone seeking death to defeat someone who wishes to live. But Freyja’s no longer interested in her- but left her alive as a show of respect for her strength. But since Homura isn’t ready to back down, she’ll “do her the honor” of showing her what her True Strength is: The “Hundred Arms-” changing her swords into all sorts of weapons. So Homura decides to match that with a bow-and-arrow of her own, then closing the distance with those Wolverine claws. And it actually started cracking her armor. 

It is at that point that that Homura starts gaining ground against Freyja, telling her that it’s more than just Ether that matters when it comes to battle. It takes

  1. Heart- Something Someone Who Only Seeks Death Wouldn’t Understand. 
  2. Technique- Her “Warrior Made” Style is Highly Adaptable. 
  3. Body- A Trained Body Can Keep Getting Stronger vs A Body That was just “crafted.” 

Now that she’s experience the “Press Of Battle-” Freyja’s getting agitated, and she’s starting to get back into the fight. Then a flashback to her training with Valkyrie on Oedo: Homura would learn the Warrior Maid Ultimate Secret Technique- a Fire Based Attack that involved storing up one’s “heat” deep within themselves- at the cost of a low tolerance for heat. Even Valkyrie admits to not having mastered it herself. But “Homura” means “Blaze,” so it’ll likely work better for her than it ever would for Valkyrie. She will spend the next……………. however many years- Mashima’s never given us specific ages, we just guesstimate that Shiki is 15 and go from there. In my mind: Shiki and Kleene are 15; Rebecca, Couchpo, and Labilia are 16; Homura, Weisz, and Kris are all 18; Laguna is 19; and the Shining Stars are………………. well; 3 of them are built to be around their 20s or 30s, while Hermit is made to be about 17 physically. But we learned recently that they’re no older than Shiki chronologically speaking. 

In any case: Now’s as good a time as any for her to “Bring The Heat.” Warrior Made ULTIMATE SECRET Technique: FLAME EXTOLLING BLADE- a Fire Sword Attack that cleaves Freyja in TWAIN. Then she explodes, getting the death she was so looking forward to. But the attack leaves Homura feeing quite chilly…………..

Chapter 283: “In The Belly Of Time

The crew come into the Spa to find Homura pretty d@mn close to death herself- bleeding and cold to the touch. Even so- Valkyrie can’t help but have pride in her beloved students. Also the Edens One is still on route to sink the sh!t out of the Zero. Now that they’ve dealt with the intruderstime to fight back. Witch starts loading power for the ship’s Main Cannon, while the rest try to deal with the One’s constant barrage of attacks. In Front Of Mother: Mother is half gone by now, and Shiki’s group is left incapable of reaching the Zero- unaware of all that’s transpired. And they DON’T exactly have time to wait around for them, Shiki decides to try something. Leaving Rebecca and the Mascots where they are(probably not the best idea, considering what’s going on behind them), Shiki goes to His Best Chance At Finding the Chronophage: Xiaomei The Time Oracle. She can’t travel through the Universes like Rebecca- she simply “exists outside of them” because of her abilities. It’s also how she knows why he’s here and where the Chronophage is. 

Though Shiki expresses that he doesn’t have all the time in the world for her “Battle Coliseum” bit. Xiaomei actually admits that Mother’s death would cause her a few problems, too, as a Former Satellite of Earth. But that’s not important at the moment, so Shiki can consider her help right now a “Small Favor.” She takes Shiki’s hands, and sends him to the Base of The Chronophage. Though how he’ll be taking it to Mother(PAUSE) is going to be the Hard Part. He dives on into its gullet, aiming to get it to cooperate. Once inside, he finds a Tornado at its core- one that disperses to reveal that there is a Person that’s running the show- A Cat Themed Woman who Wants. Her. Time. BACK.

Chapter 284: “Xenoflare

Shiki can hardly comprehend what he’s seeing in the center of the Chronophage. But his astonishment is Short-lived, as the woman- through nothing more than a wave of her hand– whips up a MIGHTY Tempest that reveals the grounda Mash Up of All The Planets Whose Time Has Been Eaten, most prominently Norma and Blue Garden. Though as far as we know, Blue Garden hasn’t been eaten in Universe 0. In whatever case, Shiki dodges an Earth Ether crystal, and begins to fight with the woman. She claims to be a “Priestess Whose Time Was Stolen,” and demands to know who this intruder is. She starts to “stall” when he saysShiki.” But re-enters the battle in hopes of reclaiming her “time.” Shiki doesn’t much care; because of her, a lot of planets and people have been having they’re time stolen. And he plans to stop her. But first he wants her to turn Mother back into Earth…………………..

Edens Zero v Edens One: The Zero’s main cannon is at 60% charge. But then- So is the One’s. All in the middle of their trade of ammunition. Meanwhile, Ziggy continues to battle Void, trying to get his “Juvenile Son” to relent in his goal of Humanities extinction- even reminding him that they were humans once(Void and Ziggy), but Void says that even that fact will “fade to nothing.” He admits that it isn’t even about “hatred-” the calculations just tell him that Humans are unnecessary, and blames it all on Ziggy for creating him. He says that that’s true, and can only liken this feeling to being a “Parent who failed to raise their child properly.” But Void says he was never “raised” by anyone. Ziggy hears that and thinks “Second Chance,” but Void doesn’t think he’ll lose so long as he has “Cat Leaper.” So Ziggy uses the “Xenoflare-“ those 2 little wing things in his Overdrive turned into projectiles– to take away the source of his Time Ether: His Fr!ggin LEGS. So much for a “second chance;” you just crippled your own son!! 

Chapter 285: “0 vs 1

No LegsNo “Rewinds.” And without that, Ziggy has proven that he can THRASH him. So Void SNAPS, revealing his Final Trump CardA Fleet Of Starships Under His Control- Enough to Wipe Out The Entire Human Race As He Goes. And it’s not as if Void is defenseless. So he continues to fight Ziggy while his fleet turns their attention the Defenseless Edens Zero. They’re still charging the Main cannon- they can barely defend as it stands and now they have THOUSANDS of Enemy Crafts in front of them. It looks down right bleak, until The Interstellar Union Army(U0 Oracion Seis Interstelar and co), the Belial Goer, and the Empire comes as back up. Also Oasis and Kureani(in her Dragoon Knight Gear). “It’s All Come Together” would be the, uh……….. the “central idea” of what Mashima is going for. Reinforcements arrive in time to destroy One’s fleet while the Zero builds up power for the Main Cannon. And with that- It’s Time To End It- both the Zero’s Battle and Ziggy’s. 

Both the Zero and Ziggy finish charging their “Star Bringer” cannons, blasting the Edens One and Void to bits- returning the consciousness that is “One” back to “The Void Of 0,” where they may be given a second chance at life………….

One Piece

Chapter 1,112: “Hard Aspects

Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage Vol 3

Yamato is getting ready to explore Wano, so Kin’emon gives her some pocket change- in exchange for a small favor. No, not THAT- it likely has something to do with either Momonosuke or Kaido’s remaining crew. They WERE locked up in the Udon prison last we saw them, but, uh………… Admiral Ryokugyu broke in and drained them of their nutrients. What happened to them AFTER that- up in the air. Maybe they found a way to escape following in Aramaki’s footsteps, yeah? Maybe Kin wants to keep that a secret from Momonosuke and is paying Yamato to “discretely deal with it.” Why he thinks this High Energy Ogre is able to keep a battle a “secret” is ANYONE’S guess, but it’s clear that she’s the strongest Asset Wano has right now. But then, in that same way; I say that he might want Momo to go with her- if for nothing more than for him to learn more about the country and see what he needs to focus on as the Shogun. Either way, Yamato got paid…………………..

Chapter 1,112

Nusjuro has successfully neutralized all of the Mk 3 Pacifistas. Now the Marines can advance without issue. And now Nusjuro can chase down the most powerful 12 year old in the World………………. Speaking OfOn The Way To The Giant’s Ship: Franky and Bonney encounter Vice Admiral’s Red King and Pomsky- and dispatch them handly. Four Minutes ‘Til Vegapunk’s Message. York and Mars come to the same room where the message was recordedand Mars blasts it. York warns him that any large scale attacks could set off the Power Plant or the Weapons Development Area or the area where they keep the Pressurized Gas- ANY of which would result in an explosion that’ll set off the other’s and blow Punk Records to smithereens!! So she’ll cooperate in pursuit of her goal to be a Celestial Dragon. Just then; Mar’s hears a Faint “Voice” in Punk Records. York speculates that it’s the new variant of the Transponder snails they created- a “Transmission Transponder Snail” with a triangular, spiral shell. THAT must be what’s making the Transmission. So Mars needs to find a way in………………….

Control Room: Stussy’s awake, seeing Mars ascend to Punk Records. Kaku teases her about how her double cross ended with her being double crossed by the Straw Hats. But Stussy says that she chose to stay behind against everyone’s wishes- to finish a Final Task. As such, all anyone can do now is ensure that her sacrifice isn’t in vein. Problem: The “Escape With The Help Of Vega Force 01” plan is mute thanks to Kizaru. Usopp hopes that a Coup De Burst will be enough to get them to the ocean, but warns that they might need help to get there passed the blockade. Edison gives them some Final Words, and Dives into the Labophase Barrier, hoping to do something that’ll help them make it off the island. Though he predicts that he won’t die- just receive 78% External Damage. He’s Fine………………. I think. 

Fabriophase: ST Ju Peter tries to Inhale Luffy and the Giants(PAUSE). But Luffy gets the bright idea to kick a building into his mouth- running out of time with Gear 5th in the process. So Broggy gives him the “Emergency Rations From Elbaf:” Hakarl- Fermented Shark. It’s enough to get Luffy back to his regular self, but not to his Awakening. He tries hitting Warcury on the head with “Red Roc,” but his head is so tough that it makes Luffy’s fist recoil in pain. And that’s not their ONLY problem: All at once, the Gorosei begin making their ways towards their Targets:

  • Saturn is breaching the Labophase, getting ready to confront Nami and the others. 
  • Nusjuro has made contact with Bonney. 
  • Mars has found the Transmission Snail, but there’s something else up there in the room with them……………..

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say: This is also the room where Stellapunk is keeping his brain. The sound effects would imply that there’s some kind of liquid in there, and I imagine part of keeping it from………… rotting is keeping it in some super scientific fluid. So yeah, Mars is probably also looking at Stella’s Brain. What will he do now that he’s face-to-face with the source of all their trouble AND Advancements? We’ll see………………

Chapter 1,113: “Stalemate

Yeah, Mars is looking at Stellapunk’s Giant Brain and the Transmission Transponder Snail in the same room sitting before the containment. Even with Vegapunk’s Message Getting Ready To go live in 30 Seconds– Mars can’t help but marvel at it, wondering if this is the “TRUE ‘Vegapunk,'” or if this is even where his “consciousness” being held. Oh well, time to stop the video. Reactions all around the world- from Syrup Village(Usopp’s Village) to Twin Cape, Baldimore, the Torino Kingdom(Where Chopper Trained For 2 Years), to even Pirate Island if you can believe. Back In Egghead: Mars destroys the Snail’s Shell, BUT- That Was A Decoy. And the video is getting started. The Gorosei telepathically lament that this won’t end like Ohara did- This is HAPPENING and they can’t stop it. Meanwhile: Sanji can hear that Bonney needs his help. He swoops in and kicks the sh!t out of Nusjuro, who takes his full Bakotsu form once again. But Oimo and Kashii hold him down, allowing Bonney enough time to get a “Giant-Like Distorted Future” and is about to stop his @$$………………..

Vegapunk’s Message: He admits to having committed 2 grave sins(though doesn’t say what they are(though we might be able to guess at least 1)), and speculates that 1 or both will result in his death. So he set up this video to play the second his heart stops beating(confirming to us that the Stella Body IS in fact Dead)- much to the worry and confusion of the world; the chagrin of Caesar and Judge; and Morgans is simply scared that this “video nonsense” will put him out of business. Continuing The Message: Stellapunk asks that no one condemn his Would-Be Killer as “Good” or “Evil-” he doesn’t feel “qualified” to talk about something like that. Labophase: SATURN stands before Nami’s group!! And he’s MORE than happy to just leave them be. Then he catches Robin, who recognizes his voice from the Gorosei’s call to Clover and Ohara. And it paralyzes her in terror. He attacks, but the Straw Hats begin fighting back- vowing to protect Robin at all cost. 

Vegapunks Messgae: He admits that it MIGHT sound………….. well; Outlandish and Crazy, but it’s something he HAS to tell the world. York can’t figure out where Stella would have put the true source of the Transmission, and there’s too many “voices” on the island for Mars to decipher a signal telepathic wave from a tiny snail. The Gorosei talk about just blowing up the power plant and being done with the island, but such an idea would blow up York and the material she would need to make another Mother Flame. But the discussion takes to long, and Stellapunk is allowed to begin:

“To Make A Long Story Short: The World As We Know It Will Sink Into The Sea!!”

And then we see Mermaids swimming on Fishman Island. Where……………. what’s left of the Noah is. I think we just found out the what the ship was made to do. Though how the one’s who made it knew this would happen– only The World King can answer that question. And he’ll sooner cause it than tell us that. In a way- it’s a “Self Fulfilling Prophecy.” Finding out that Imu can drown the world makes it so he has to. But how many times has it come to this, I wonder……………..

My Hero Academia

Chapter 419: “Design

He’s Back The Wannabe Demon Lord/Nutsack Faced Wonder All For One has yet again alluded getting booted out of the narrative. Through his Vestige Self that Tomura had been suppressing with his Pure Rage has now been set Free thanks to One DEFENSLESS Izuku Midoriya “reaching out his hand” and quelling the rage that had consumed him for so long. And it only took One For All’s Complete Destruction to do it. All For Nothing Is Pretty Miffed About It, but it’s allowed him to break free and reveal to Tomura and Tenko the TRUTH of their origin: It Was Him All Along- everything in Tenko’s Tragic Life can be traced back to All For One Shigaraki. He may have THOUGHT he had a choice in the matter, but that was always part of All For One’s plan to give him a “Strong Will” that could take One For All by force. He would first realize it during his fights with Lariat/5th user Daigoro Banjo and “Smoke Eater/” En Tayutai that taking One For All was not as simple as just “grabbing them.” So- even when All Might had him on defense- he would conduct his search for a soul to place a Seed Of Hatred in that would grow strong enough to take it.

That’s when he found Nana Shimura’s son Kotaro, and decided to start there. He already had a daughter, but she had already grown up in a “loving” environment- too old and too happy to succumb to hate. So All For One took advantage of Kotaro’s Abandonment Issues, replacing “Mom” with “Heroes,” and convincing him that it’s not Heroes they should rely on- but siblings. Thus convincing Kotaro to have a SECOND child- Tenko. At his birth, All For Hogging-The-Spotlight came in and stole his undeveloped original quirk and replaced it with a crude half copy of Overhaul’s quirk(Here- Here Would Be The Link)- one that would only destroy. You know that “itch” he had early on? The same one that Overhaul would get after using his quirk? That’s what that “itch” has always been when he’s stressed out- and it’s resurfacing now that he’s crumbling away, as he realizes that Every Tragedy In His Life- Has Been A Calculated Construct By The Parasite Trying To Steal His Body. 

All For One had always had this plan in his back pocket planning to reveal all of this to Tomura after he’d successfully procured One For All. But Izuku smashed it all up the goal of taking his brother back has been foiled thanks to this d@mned nerd, and so- no point in leaving Tomura and Tenko alive. Their wills thoroughly crushifiedAll For One blasts out of the Finger Cocoon and sends Vestige Deku flying backwards. The Metamorphosis is Complete, only a lingering “echo” in his head that he tries to silence by forming a hand over his own mouth- a Foiled “Intermediate Goal” of getting his first possession back- the body he worked so hard to cultivated Damaged from the spiritual smackdown it just took- that’s what he has to show for all this manipulation. But there’s no real “Going Back” anymore, SO: World Domination Time. Izuku TRIES to stand up to him, but, uh……….. well; you remember that event that was teased to happen after the Forrest Training Camp? That people were mad didn’t come to pass Post Liberation War? Not exactly the time for it- especially since he’s pretty much back to Quirkless(as we see in one panel)- but I guess Horikoshi decided to once again “have his cake and eat it, too.” 

This F*cking Nerd Done Lost His F*ckin’ Arms.

So I guess none of them were able to come out of that without some scars, huh? All For One just came out less banged up than the other 3. Because as he says: “Loss Engenders Strength-” or so he wants the narrative to be. But for The Decay Duo and Defenseless Izuku here- they didn’t have “it” to lose in the first place. But before he can put this nerd out of his miseryThe NOBODIES Of Class 1A comes to his rescue!! Sero The Tape Guy prevents All For One from moving- Sato The Sugar Guy and Oijio the Tail Guy come in and attack- and Legless, One Eyed Aizawa comes through Warpgate, apologizing for the late arrival………………..

Chapter 420: “From Aizawa

Remember now 40 chapters ago when Kurogiri took Present Mic and Eraser through a Warpgate? This is what happened after that: He ended up taking them to some secluded mass of land in the ocean- too far away to call anyone who could get them, and that’s assuming they’re anywhere near countries in this weather. Mic lashes out in fury for being taken out of the battle, punching Kurogiri repeatedly for “malfunctioning-” stranding them here. But what’s Egging Him On So Much is the fact that this Corpse is Spitting On Shirakumo’s memories. He’s lashing out, trying to convince Aizawa(but clearly more himself) that Kurogiri isn’t worth keeping. But Eraser Head- ever the “rational-” can see something through all that mist: Tears. Mic writes it off as the rain, and says that it’s time they “grew up” and stop expecting another “miracle” like what happened in Tartarus. But Eraser reminds him: “Shirakumo was a student when he died.He’ll never BE “Shirakumo again, but…………………. he’s not exactly “Kurogirianymore, either. And it is their job as UA Hero Course Teachers to watch over ALL Students Until They Graduate. UA is Their Origin- and as Deku and Tomura just showed us- The Past Never Dies. 

With that Reminder……………….. “Shiragiri” or “Kurokumo?” It’s more “Kurogiri” at this point- even visually- so I guess “Shirakurogiri.” He WAS here first. In any case: He’s Up- Half Misty. And gets them in better range for the comms to start working, allowing Aizawa to get in touch with Tsukauchi again. He doesn’t know how long this “mix” is gonna last, so he makes the conversation quick: Tsukauchi explains that Monoma is out cold after a bad bump to the head. So they need to get the exact coordinates of all Heroes at Every Battlefield who’s still able to move- and it starts with anyone who can fight from the UA Shelter, leaving only the one’s good at Defense behind to protect the people. Death Arms opts to go to the battlefield, as well as Astro– the main character from Horikoshi’s previous series Barrage. Those are all the one’s we see. Some of the people there give up their clothing and even a few Medical Supplies to send to the battlefield to keep the Heroes going(patch up their wounds ‘n sh!t). 

2ND-TO-LAST-BATTLE-GOING-ON: That Takoba place with Sero and the others is still going. And they’re up against a Tartarus Escapee who…………. Horikoshi just did not care about. I mean, this whole battle area has not been touched since this battle started; we have no info on this nobody or the status of ANYONE at this battlefield(we LEGIT only saw this area for a half a page in chapter 353, and then not again until right this second), and now we come here for all of a page TOTAL(didn’t even put that area all in one page), and then that whole situations gets offscreened. I don’t blame him for that choice, nor do I care. I was expecting a situation like the Machia area, but this is fine. I almost feel like he couldn’t think of a quirk for this guy with the vagueness of that description. In whatever case; Kurogiri pulls and Avengers: Endgame and brings everyone who can still fight to the battlefield with “Warpgate.” While they do that, Aizawa tends to Deku. 

FLASHBACK: Eri cut off her horn- with the help of Ectoplasm, much to Aizawa’s chagrin. Since she can’t go to the battle herself, she wants to at least “send her quirk” to help Deku- at the risk of permanently damaging her quirk. But it’s worth it if she can make sure Deku and everyone else live long enough to Hear her Sing like Jiro did. Ectoplasm speculates that the horn holds SOME energy- but not a lot; “nearly useless” as he puts it. It’ll be a slow process, but it SHOULD rewind Izuku by 3 minutesHOPEFULLY that’ll bring his arms back……………. completely. They ARE coming back. So while he takes the time to get himself together; Class 1A(Kaminari, Yaoyorozu, Mineta, etc.) are gonna keep All For One busy………………..

Chapter 421: “We Are Here

Yes. They. ARE. Anyone who can still move starts showing up, spurred on by Izuku’s perseverance, standing before a Completed(Yet Damaged) All For One; an All For One who’s………………….Over It.” Yoichi’s Vestige is Gone- smashed to bits against an Iron Ball. He had been completely absorbed by Tomura– another aspect of him. But when he heard his “precious brother’s” vestige break- his world turned bleak and grey. That “despair” actually managed to Eclipse Even Tomura’s WRATH, allowing him to come back. And no attack that’s hit him thus far could feel worse to him than that feeling of “pure loss.” Just another reason for him to think that Loss=STRENGTH.” SERO- of ALL THE PEOPLE HERE AT THE MOMENT– speaks up, claiming his life wasn’t this “rollercoaster” All For One and Deku had. Rather; he just didn’t want to fail the next test he had. Mundane stuff like that. But he’s not gonna let Izuku go through all that “Tragic Cr@p” again, considering what happened last time.

Shoto and Endeavor come through portals behind All For One, using a joint “Flashfire Fist” to attack. Sero grabs them, pulling them out of the flames. FLASHBACK: Natsuo told Endeavor and Shoto to go since their flames would only hurt the rest of their family, and they’re still needed to finish this. Present Mic comes through another portal, yelling at everyone that this is the “FINAL Big Mission.” But all All For One sees laid out before him are a bunch of “Soon-To-Be-CORPSES; he doesn’t see much of a point to them with out All Might or Izuku. Which he proves by just brushing off every attack they throw at him. Izuku tries to stand back up, having gotten his arms back- from 3 Minutes ago. Arms back- but badly injured. And the damage he accumulated from the fight ALSO still remains. Not to mentionOne For All is GONE now. But- he’s still got the “Embers.” So he can still keep fighting. 

Aizawa gives him the medicine and bandages that the people from the shelter sent with him, along with the All Might shirt. He stands back up with the help of Aoyama, and Runs back into battle- the cheers of the people spurring him forward. Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Will Be On Break Next Week For Golden Week In Japan. Rest well, Horikoshi. For your own sake- And Izuku’s. That D@mn Nerd won’t be able to rest for awhile now that we’re(ProbablyHere. I don’t know how much longer this is gonna be, but I get the feeling those “Embers” will only take him so much further here………………..

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse

Chapter 144: “Cracks

Last time: Kilbeggan got into Mertyl’s head, using some magic to make Mertyl give into his anger- to the point where he even attacks Tioreh. Nasiens gets involved, but………… Mertyl hates him the most right now, and flies into a fury and starts beating the cr@p out of Nasiens. Thankfully, he took some of that Ground Cernunnos Horn, making his body a lot “sturdier” when it comes to physically confrontation. But he’s still not fond of getting hit, so he tries to “cure” this state with a Detoxification needle, knocking out the effects of the Mullein pills and whatever is afflicting him. He’s half right– the Mullein pills affects have worn out, causing him to wheez uncontrollably. But his rampage is ANOTHER matter. Before he has the chance to take his rage out on Nasiens- King and the rest of the family arrives. Which gives Mertyl the chance to Finally put this out in the open: His longing to belong in their family; the Changeling plot that got him here and Nasiens sent to Echo Gorgeall of it. But King can hear it in his heart that none of what he’s saying is true- and something else. 

King attacks Mertyl’s shadow, revealing that Kilbeggan and a number of Camelot Wizards were hiding in his shadow to enter the Fairy Realm. Nasiens wants to get up, but Mertyl had ended up breaking his right arm. That won’t stop him, however, seeing Killbeggan’s Chaos Staff. And above his head- as Tiroeh sees- is a Life Spirit…………….

Chapter 145: “Family Battle

For the Crime of Entering The Fairy Realm Against The Will Of The King- And the Sin of Causing Great Pain To Young Mertyl- King Harlequinn Has Marked Kilbeggan For Death. But Kil turns it back on King, affirming that those thoughts were only put in his head by his parents- he just “let those thoughts flow.” The malice and negativity in his heart overflows, turning Mertyl into a grotesque monster. And while the rulers are busy dealing with THAT- the Mages of Camelot make a beeline for the Throne Atop Mushroom Mountain- where the Drug of Yore is protected. Kil goes off elsewhere, trying to keep King’s attention divided. King decides to take the bait, leaving Diane to handle Mertyl and 2nd son Sixtus to protect the throne. He puts Tioreh and Nasiens in “Pollen Garden” and flies off. 

The family does their best to quell their brother’s rampage, but he’s becoming too strong the longer he’s like this. Nasiens gets back up, wanting to do something to end this- but incapable so long as he’s in pollen garden. As for King and Kilbeggan- King has no trouble dealing with him. Nor does Sixtus think he’ll be in any trouble with these faceless grunts…………..

Chapter 146: “Love Melting Curses Like Ice

King blasts through Kil’s defenses with “Sunflower,” but Kil stalls by claiming that the curse put on Mertyl is one of “Craving-” the only way to undo it is to undo it is to grant his hearts desireBe a Giant or Fairy Clan member. Which as far as anyone knows can’t happen, leaving the only other solution to be the Drug of Yore. Looks like King might not know what to do at this point…………… Vs Mertyl: Diane decides to take all of Mertyl’s attacks WITHOUT the Giant’s “Heavy Metal” ability. She apologizes for everything- all the lies; not seeing what hiding the truth has done to him; all of it. Mertyl just keeps attacking, yelling about how much it hurt when King chose to give Nasiens the Drug of Yore. But Diane doesn’t back down; rather- she advances, taking her first son into her arms.

Truth Time: The day their first child was born- they became victims of a Changeling crime. They never DID find their birth child OR Mertyl’s parents, and it left them………….. saddened. Not ’cause he was a Human or anything, but because they couldn’t find their newborn. But they would continue to raise Mertyl as if he was their own, and would grow to love him as much as any of their other children. They took it as God choosing to give them THIS kid to cherish, and the other to be raised to be just as kind. And when they came to that decision- King gave him the Drug of Yore on the d@mn spot, in hopes of giving young Mertyl a happy, healthy life in the Fairy Realm. But it didn’t work; it can break curses and heal illnesses, but…………. “Changing Races” is another matter.

She apologizes for not finding his biological parents, but clarifies that they kind of just……………. gave up on that. ‘Cause he was their son. THAT was his “Greatest Wish.” And now he’s back to normal……………

Chapter 147: “The Difference In Power

Mertyl’s Asthma is back with a vengeance, but he’s more concerned with what he’s done to his Mother. She’s not, though that “makes her sound like a monster” where her twins are concerned. Nasiens says he can take care of it all, but first- he must be let out of the Pollen Garden. Diane sends the kids to back up Sixtus while she goes to look for her Husband. The kids aren’t all that worried, however. After all– He’s the One Of Them “Closest To Becoming Fairy King.” Which he demonstrates by utilizing magic similar to his father’sSpirit Sword “Maglia Stira.” Form 2- “Hummingbird-“ cuts through his opposition like it was nothing, and defends him incoming attacks with “Hexagonal Wall.” He seems to be Invincible, until he comes Face-To-Face with Worreldane- The “White Knight” of the Four Evils. He demonstrates a number of abilities

  1. “Perfect Cube” to trap him in an impenetrable barrier
  2. “Four Bouncing Elements” as an attack
  3. And “Teleport” to put it in the barrier with Sixtus, batting him around incredibly strong Walls

He knocks Sixtus out of the Cube, and- without missing a beat– impales him on a spear. He simply “hates bullying the weak.”

Closing Thoughts

I am writing this section Thursday, April 25th, 2024, around 4:30 pm. And there is SO MUCH that I want to tell you. Like- seriously this might be one of the longest posts I have ever made; at least top 2, if nothing else. Oh My Lord. There’s this whole story with my Grandmother getting me a new bed that has me COMPLETELY off the floor; me and my dad put that up like an hour or 2 ago, so I’m gonna have to get used to having a higher, much more “narrow” bed. I’ve been sleeping on her 30 year old Futon for the last few years; I actually broke it with my 200+ lbs @$$. “Plopped down” on it and one of the edges broke. Felt bad about; spent some money trying to make it usable. First with the OG “Dragon Ball” 18 Volume boxset I got a few Christmas’ ago, then with a metal leg I bought on Amazon. Now I’ve got a new bed that’s “longer” than it is “Big,” giving me less space to spread out on the bed. Also my 5 ft 11′ @$$ no longer touches the floor with my feet. On the BRIGHT side, there’s now space under the bed for all our stuff- me and my brothers. We, uh………. at 24, 19, and 17, we, uh………… still…….. share………a……….. Moving on: The Chapters. 

You know how it goes: Stuff keeps coming up- things like picking out the bed, getting sick, Church, helping my brother acclimate to his first job, getting him transportation and everything. My attention gets diverted a lot, and I still have to watch all of that sh!t I have on my Grandmother’s DVR n’ sh!t. My computer not holding charge for as long anymore, and………… GAH, Too much!! Not to mention……………. I don’t even know what I was about to say. I know I had to stop to do the Boruto chapter this month, and I’ve decided to hold off on posting this until after One Piece 1,113 and My Hero 421 come out so I can include those. BECAUSE: BLACK CLOVER DOUBLE CHAPTER THIS MONTH, BRO!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna talk about THAT alright, and I will “Mass Review” any chapter that comes out in that time. Good thing “Weekly Shonen Jump” is on Break next week due to Golden Week in Japan, otherwise I might find myself quite overwhelmed………………. Again. 

Ah………!! Eh, not here. Maybe as the opening anecdote for the Black Clover post. Well……………. let’s see how things shake out. I’ll tell you now that I’ve tried the My Hero stuff at the very beginning a number of times, but only now have I been able to use it. You’ll likely be reading this on Sunday, so I’m not sure how much I’ve told you about that by the time you read this. I might have chosen to give you the full story of that, or maybe I decided to make that the Outro of Black Clover post. Eh, you’re seeing the results. I’m kind of just padding this out ’cause my computer’s at 29% and I’m wondering how I’m going to close this out in the next few days. I mean, I’m writing this part on Thursday; those fan translations I use as images aren’t even out yet!! I don’t know what’ll happen between now and Sunday. You’re seeing the end result, I don’t know who I’m doing this bit for. UPDATE: I think I’ll tell you now; I think 2 anecdotes………………… Wait, that’s contradictory to what I’m doing. I just want to tell you now. Mostly because my computer’s at full charge, but also I feel like finishing this part here and then adding those other chapter’s to My Hero and One Piece in post after that. It’ll make my weekend feel less “worky.” 

So…………….. I tried individual “Mass Reviews” for ALL OF THESE. But…………….Life.” So I had to change plans. In fact, it wasn’t even my intention to do a My Hero “Mass Review-” I tried to do 419 solo. Which is why the portions focused on MHA 419 and 420 are so much more detailed than any other part. It was stressful. And…………… it was mostly my fault. Or rather- my OCD. I couldn’t find the chapter that revealed Overhaul was one of the kid’s at All For One’s Orphanage(and clearly still can’t and it’s irritating my OCD once again). I tried…………………….. EVERYTHING to find that panel from chapter 158 recontextualized- even DM-ing the main leaker of the series on Twitter– to find it. Never did. And trying to again is making my chest get tight again. So if you anyone out there knows what chapter revealed Overhaul as a potential vessel- PLEASE tell me in the comments. Anyway, that’s the long and short of how I……….. ended up HAVING to do this. My own fault. Huh……………. that was simple, I probably could’ve used that for the closer of the “Black Clover” review. D@mn, now I gotta think of something else………….. Eh; sure I’ll pull somethin’ out ma bum. 

………………. That’s all I got. I’m done. Let me know what series you’ve been enjoying the most, and what chapter was your favorite. I’d love to know. Um…………. Until Next Time, Everyone- Stay Safe; Stay Healthy; Stay Magic. Laters!! 

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