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War, Justice, And A Headless Chiken! Chainsaw Man Part 2 Chapter 1(Chapter 98) BREAKDOWN

This Series Is Perfect.

No- I’m not kidding. THIS is how we open the long awaited Second part of the Rising Legend Tatsuki Fujimoto’s “Chainsaw Man” manga. This man has, like- a twisted f*cking mind. We’re all expecting a Whole Double Color Cover Page Spread that shows Denji rippin’ into some Devil- and he doesn’t even color the d@mn page. It’s not even “Chainsaw Man- The Academy Arc Chapter 1;” it picks up at chapter 98! “Like we never left,” huh? I guess I get it.

Before we got any further; I want to make 1 thing clear: I Am NOT Adding This To The Roster. I can BARELY be on time with the one’s I have to put those hashtags to use. I initially wasn’t even planning to DO this post. But I figured “Eh, Scr*w it,” and jut decided to get to it after dinner. I’m actually in the middle of another post right now. You’ll see that soon enough(kind of in the same vein as “Chainsaw Man” honestly). But for now; I let’s talk about the opening chapter to the NEW “Chainsaw Man!!” Chainsaw Man- The Academy Arc(Chapter 98): “Bird And War.” This guy, I swear………


Teacher presents the class to their new pet: The Chicken Devil. Being on the weak side; he’s honestly the best pet they could have. ‘Cause they’re gonna kill it 3 Months from now. The Teacher wants them to understand that “value of life,” so he got a weak Devil to kill. And “Bucky” over here is like “WHAT THE CLUCK??!!!I gotta use that one some time………

Time Table

The class gets to know Bucky a little more- giving him pats and getting used to their new Headless Chicken. But off in the distance(the door); we meet “Asa Mitaka-” a girl whose parents were killed by a Devil. So she isn’t liking the idea of having a Devil as a pet. As she walks through the hall, she sees people in the hall- friends talking and blocking her way; girls chatting it up in the bathroom; a couple getting all “lovey dovey-” and she’s basically telling them all “Drop Dead.

Up on the roof, Mitaka eats her lunch when the Class President comes to talk with her. Her advice is that Mitaka try to make friends, and eats her lunch with her. She’s eating a “Chainsaw Man Bun-” a new popular confectionary that gives you a sticker. Since she MUST; Mitaka starts the conversation: “This city’s corrupt. Most of the buildings are illegally constructed; we have a Mayor with a DUI; a Devil called ‘Chainsaw Man’ playing ‘Devil Hunter;’ and now we’re keeping that Chicken Devil as a pet in our classroom…………..” She admits to wishing that Bucky and Chainsaw Man would just “hurry up and die,” but the Prez tells her to wait the 100 days.

Til then; the class becomes livelier with Bucky around- laughing and playing as Bucky makes one Chicken pun after another. Days go by, and it’s time to cook and eat the b@stard. But the kids refuse.

Mr Tanaka(The Teacher’s) plan has works; the kids love Bucky! So they refuse to kill him, instead choosing to go outside and play Soccer with him(he’s not the ball). All the while Mitaka the sad sack is like “The F*CK you mean?!” She goes outside just to watch the “spectacle,” and sees all her classmates having fun. Mr Tanaka asks her to join, but she refuses- “she’s here to study, not make friends.” But the Prez and Bucky won’t let her sit this out; Bucky jumps in her arms and tells her “Come Out Your Shell And Play Soccer With Me!!”

She’s actually surprised that the Chicken remembered her name; only the Prez and Mr Tanaka have ever remembered her name. She then realizes that she didn’t truly hate anyone in her class; she was simply jealous of them for being so close. And with Bucky’s help; she thinks that she can finally be as close as the rest of them. And then she trips and crushes the Chicken Devil so bad that it’s GUTS bust out!!!! Ah- Welcome Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Program!

Yeah……..That’s what I thought.

She’s so happy to have a breakthrough that she runs and trips. And apparently Bucky’s so weak(or maybe Mitaka’s is heavier than she looks(gonna get my @$$ kicked for THAT ONE)) that her falling on him is enough to make his BLOOD AND GUTS spew out!! Tragedy. HILARIOUS AS SIN- but tragic. And it’s all Mitaka’s fault. As they mourn their fallen pet; Mitaka spirals out of control- her grief making vomit and pass out on the spot. It’s enough to make the poor girl think to herself:

Hypothetically…….. If one person in class…….. had to jump off a roof……… and that was was to be chosen by vote………. I think they’d all vote for me. I’d vote for me, too.

Asa Mitaka, The Would-Be War Devil

An undisclosed amount of time passes- enough for them to have made a grave for Bucky, and be all awkward around her to the point that she hasn’t been in class in a worrying amount of time- and she’s chanting in her bed how much she wants to f*cking die. Mr Tanaka and the Prez knock on her door, and invite her to visit Bucky’s grave. All 3 of them feel that they should apologize.

Crosswalk comes up– Mitaka stays behind because the lights red. The Prez tells her to hurry up, but she’s the “Rule Following type,” which Mr Tanaka understands. And that was the last straw for the Class President. You see, my dear duckies: The President and Mr Tanaka have been sexually involved for some time now. But he’s got the hots for Mitaka. So all of it– the Prez having lunch with her; the apology he made to the class on her behalf; and even now– has all been this guys attempt to get in Mitaka’s pants! And that bothered the President to the point where she made a Contract with the Justice Devil. To finally have the “Fairy Tale, Happily Ever After” ending with that @$$hole; he has to kill her.


To this end; she even admits to being the one that tripped her to kill Bucky!! But that didn’t work– no one wanted to take revenge on her. So she hulks out and tries to do it herself.

As the Prez’ claw comes in to decapitate her; Mitaka utters 1 word out loud: “Thanks.” She describes her last 10th of a second as “relieving;” she knows that now Bucky’s death wasn’t her fault at all, and that someone was actually jealous of her for a change. And that must mean that everyone is jealous of somebody else. But…….. you shouldn’t let that jealously dictate the way you live. “A Lesson Learned Too Late” in the truest sense.

Lucky for her; a Devil just so happened to be looking for a body to possess. Found a fresh one!! A contract is made then and there, and Mitaka rises from the ground- her head stitched back together. Without a word; she grabs Tanaka by his fat head, and turns it into the Hilt(?) of a sword made with his spinal cord. Ladies and Gentlemen: The War Devil.

War vs Justice!!

The Prez is shocked and appalled that Mitaka is still alive and kicking- and even moreso that the “Love Of Her Life” is now a sword in her enemies hand. She attacks, but Mitaka cuts her hand off, and uses her new powers to turn the hunk of flesh into a fully functional Hand Grenade. The b!tch comes for her hand, but that just leaves her open to get cleaved in 2. Severed head goes for a kiss on the Tanaka hilt(?). She pulls the pin, and tosses it behind her- blowing up the Prez in as she turns her back to the blast.Goodbye, Eri” must have been practice for this part.

As the intestines fly by her, Mitaka looks over at a poster of the beloved Chainsaw Man. Showing her inner War Devil; Mitaka vows to make Chainsaw Man vomit up “Nuclear Weapons.” Chainsaw Man- The Academy Arc Chatper 1(Chapter 98) END!!! This should be delightful………………

You mean like………?


I’ve missed this series so much, and reading this opening portion made me realize that. This series is Awesome, and I hope the anime conveys that to everyone. Though I AM a little worried; I’ve collected up to Volume 6 of the manga. And when that anime comes out and(God Willing) blows the internet away- those manga will become RARE. And expensive as sin. But I’m trying to have this thing called “self control,” so I won’t just get 5 manga right off the bat like that unless it’s a special occasion. Why am I saying all this? Because I’m formulating what I want to say next. Took a day break from this one…………….

Um…………. I’m liking the War Devil’s abilities thus far. Like; he’s seemingly able to turn whatever he wants into weapons of war. That’s so cool. He could just take a Juice Box and make it into……… a Halberd or something. Might have wanted to pick something BIGGER for that one, but the point still stands!! I don’t know if that extends to something like biological warfare, but she can certainly make artillery and clearly hand-to-hand combats weapons. Though it seems like there’s a limit………..

The War Devil/Mitaka said that he’ll “make Chansaw Main vomit Nuclear Weapons.” We’ll get to that in a minute, but let’s stay focused. 1 of 2 things are possible here:

  1. She means that as a threat, like she’ll turn his heart and guts into Nuclear weapons and blow him up from the inside.
  2. At some point in the past; our dear “Hero Of H#ll” ate the Nuclear Weapon Devil, who has some kind of relationship with War. And War is now out for revenge.

The series takes place in 1997(when it started). Time has passed. Nazi’s existed until Chainsaw Man ate the Nazi Devil- then their existence was erased from everyone’s memories. But the War happened. Remember what happened to Japan around the end of that? August 6th, 1945: Atomic Bomb falls on Hiroshima. 3 days later Nagasaki. If Chainsaw Man- Pochita- ate the Nazi Devil following WWII, then……………. would he have eaten the Nuclear Weapon Devil? Possibly.

Like Ajay pointed out to me a few hours after the chapter came out: “Guns are used in war, and there’s still a Gun Devil.The other Weapon Devils as well. As such; it is Highly likely that Nuclear Weapon’s is a separate Devil entirely. But even so; we can’t say that the War Devil can’t use Nuclear Weapons- or Guns, crossbows, katanas, and more. But he can’t use Nuclear Weapons if the concept doesn’t exist. MAYBE he’s not trying to “save” Nuclear Weapon’s because they were allies at once point- MAYBE his power is limited without his existence!! ‘Cause when the “Hero of H#ll” chomps on a Devil; the concept that Devil represents is GONE!! I’VE FIGURED IT OUT DAYS AFTER EVERYONE ELSE!!!! Or maybe I figured it out before everyone else but because I’m not “main stream” no one will ever know I came up with it first. Suckish……..

Whatever the case maybe; I think we all know the story that Fujimoto Sensei is trying to convey. A child who’s had it rough; a bad night involving them being killed by Devils; making a contract with another Devil to continue to live? Why does that sound so familiar, I wonder?

So we’re gonna do the “Parallelism” bit, eh, Fujimoto? I’m fine with that. How they got their powers were similar; contracts made with Devils after being killed by a separate Devil. Though their origins are the opposite……………. I think. Mitaka lost her family to Devils, and shut herself off from everyone out of jealousy; Denji didn’t have that, got it, lost it, and got another chance at it with Nayuta. Mitaka now has a second chance to have family and friends as well. Something like that? Took another day break and lost my momentum. I really should write this stuff down……….

There’s also the difference in that the Devil’s they contracted with; Denji’s contract was made because Pochita actually cares about Denji- the War Devil just needed a vessel. Maybe that’s the trick? Pochita gave Denji a second chance that was payed off in the end; perhaps Mitaka’s- like many other stories in this world- will end in tragedy. But only after she’s had the realization that she wasted this second chance. All this assuming that “Asa Mitaka” is even in control of her own body………………….

Not what I’m expecting when I hear “War Devil”

When she got back up; she referred to herself as the “War Devil,” and seemed to know how to use these abilities off rip. But as we see on this page(look next to the paragraph); Mitaka was still alive when she made the contract. Speaking of; what were the terms of the contract? And maybe in there lies the answer. The War Devil told her “Give me your body if you want to live.” The Contract: Mitaka is allowed to live her life as she wants, but switch off with the War Devil so they can get Nuclear Weapons back. Something to that effect.


Ah………. This was so godd@mn cool. And I mean it; if I got it right- I want EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU to give me credit for my prediction!! In any case; I don’t plan on talking about this consistently- in fact, I don’t have any plans to talk about the next chapter. But I might talk about it every now and then. Because I really do like this series, and I want to talk about a little more.

Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. Have you ever read “Chainsaw Man?” If not- stop what the f*ck you’re doing right this second and go read it. Legally or on pirate sites; DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU DO. Just Do. It’s a disservice to yourself not to check it out. Til next time, guys– Have a Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!!

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