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The Director’s Of The Four Seasons! Edens Zero Chapter 247 BREAKDOWN

This title is a reference to the 3rd iteration of the Beyblade Metal Saga- Beyblade: Metal Fury. Let’s see how many people even remember what I’m talking about. I greatly enjoyed the Metal saga, but I’ve had experience liking a lot of things that I’ve found other people don’t. And conversely; I didn’t know Avatar: The Last Airbender was so POPULAR! It was a welcomed surprise, you know? I might just do a Nostalgia Corner on both series at some point(he says like he can EVER find the f*cking time). Another day. For now; I’ve got to do this, Chainsaw Man, Four Knights, and One Piece before Black Clover and My Hero release Friday!! BUSY 3 DAYS!! Also trying to figure out what to do for my birthday on the 17th. And figure out how I’m gonna get a new phone before August. Oy vey. Let’s just get to the chapter before I have an Anxiety Attack. Edens Zero Chapter 247: “To The Field Of Battle.” A Battle is starting, I believe- Not the Final One. Though we’re about to go somewhere we haven’t already………………


Picking Up From The Last Chapter: Noah- Director of Operations In The Sakura Cosmos For The Interstellar Union Army- appears before the crew as a Hologram. Though he’s still flustered by Rebecca’s choice of swimsuit wear. They wonder how Nadia and Noah ended up getting such positions, but Noah simply says “This is what it is in this world-” all he can really tell them about Universe 0. So Shiki feels the need to remind him of his role in Belial Goer again, much to Rebecca’s chagrin and…….. a lack of surprise from Noah. He also explains that he was never watching Rebecca and Happy like he was previously- he didn’t even KNOW about the Multiverse; all of this information was regaled to him by another. Director Of Operations For The Yukino CosmosSaintfire Nox– or just “Rachel” is fine. 

Due to some “Unavoidable Family Drama” and a lack of memories, she still ended up giving up Rebecca. She would only get them back after meeting up with Connor, who got his memories back recently and went to find Rachel, thus leading to this moment. Though they still feel bad about it. But that’s now 3 Directors present. KAEDE Operations DirectorPrincess Elsie Le Lendard. And her husband to be- James. Shiki doesn’t know what the h#ll is going on anymore. As for the Shining Stars and the Rutherford’s, they’re back on the ship. But now the Director’s are together. Business Time. And the first order of Business is establishingThey are the Highest Authority In The Union Army- and the Oracion Seis Interstelar are their “Front-Line Leaders.” Some teasing about Elsie and Justice’s roles in the previous world, and Nadia explains that the organization was formed to fight against threats to the Grand Shiki Cosmos. And the Edens One is one of those threats.

In its quest of collecting Mother Ether, it has made its way to the Yukino Cosmos, and has been causing trouble. They need the help of the Zero. They had to go there anyway as per Rachel’s instructions, and they already expected that they’d need to fight One. Though Rachel says that was only about her helping to find Mother; NOT fight a Deadly AI Piloting A WARSHIP. Rebecca Tells Her: “I’ve Been Fighting My Whole Life- And I’m Gonna Keep Fighting.” And Shiki assures them that They’ve Got Her Back. But before they leave, Elsie asks that they do one thing for her while they’re there: In regards to “God Acnoella;” Nothing remains of her Mother in that thing. She asks them to find Acnoella and kill her. Then they set off. 

Eraser questions if they did the right thing putting the Fate of the Universe in the hands of a bunch of kids, but Holy reminds him that they’re not strong enough to face One- they’ve got no choice in the matter. But they CAN provide them with as much support as possible. Though first; they’re going to stop and eat Andrew’s cooking. He was in cryostasis for 200 years, then woke up and he and Nadia tied the proverbial knot. He had made dinner for everyone, but the Edens Zero has already left. So they have to eat it all themselves. Though in seeing all the pairs(Nadia and Andrew; James and Elsie; Rachel and Connor; even Holy and Eraser(though unconfirmed)), Noah is left feeling a little jealous. Edens Zero Chapter 247 END!! So it’s gettin’ to be THAT TIME, huh…….. Bring It On, Ya Overgrown Fish. 


Hm………. Welp, that theories out the window. My original theory was the Elsie and Justice became Full on Androids working under One in this Universe- as “Lady Freya” and “Lightning Law.” One of the things that would change in Universe 0 was the idea that they went along with Elsie’s mother Shaya and became Androids like her. You know; because I don’t think that all of the Changes in Universe 0 should necessarily be “Good.” It’s fine that they’ve lived happy lives in Universe 0, but “Excessive” Happy changes………. it starts to become……… I’m not trying to be an “Edge Lord” that thinks everything needs to have a layer of “Tragedy” to it, but I’ll say that one of the series stronger points are conveying how these characters have all been able to stand up after a tragic event. So while having the crew retain their memories and still keep their happy lives is fine and all; I feel like you lose a little bit of that…….. “Appeal” that makes people make content about “The Beauty Of Rebecca Bluegarden” and the likes, you know? So I thought that Elsie becoming a Full On Enemy to them would have added a layer of tension to the fight with One and the Galactica. And I REALLY want to see Shiki get payback on Justice for what happened on Foresta. 

That being saidI’m not Mad. Nor am I disappointed. They went through a lot in the last world, too; them getting “Happy Days In Universe 0” is fine. It’s not like it “ruins” the story or anything; I just would have liked to see them as enemies for a minute. Though I DO have another idea as to who Freya and Law are. In chapter 124, Elsie lists off things she lost in the Original Kaede conflict– 1 of those things being her Siblings. Plural and Non Specific Genders. Are Freya and Law her siblings turned into Machines and joined forces with their Mother, Acnoella? I would believe itNot gonna say definitively, but I do think that this is the case. 

1 thing to come out of this chapter: The crew now has allies in the Union Army- heck, through the Director’s; they basically have the whole of the Union Army at their backs. Just more allies for when it’s time for a Great Big Cosmic War. Man, this series has had 2 War Arcs so far- basically “Back-To-Back” at that. Both had their share of problems(Shura and Ijuna’s ending and a few things in Aoi could have been done better, and Kaede…….. Happened), but had some strong moments, too. I think if Mashima handled the battles right and gave important characters time to do what they need to conclude their stories, I think that the Final War with One should be a pretty good Battle. Though that’s assuming it IS  a “Great Big War” and not just “Throwing Character’s In.” I would ideally want something akin to Foresta, but that arc was a matter “Convergence-” Shiki’s group, Elsie’s Crew, Justice and thus Interstelar as a whole, and the Empire- all of those factions would cross there, and thus discern allies and enemies. This is Shiki and Plethora of Friends he’s made through the series vs One Man’s army of Machines. It’s “Side A vs Side B-” Not “Side’s A and B vs Side C vs Side D.” 

Seeign Nadia again was nice; good to see her and Andrew having a happy relationship. Wish the crew got to find that out. Eh; another day, maybe. Though now I question how Nadia got involved with the Union Army. She’s 200+; I think she’s probably lived long enough to see the Formation of the Union Army. It’s getting involved with it I’m curious about. One theory I had was that Andrew was working for the Government 200 years ago, and Nadia got involved through him. And hearing that he’s been in a Stasis Pod for 200 years; I’m thinking that’s absolutely the case. Don’t know WHY he was frozen; don’t even know if Stasis pods are something only the Government would have or if you can just……. build one at random. But I don’t see any other way or even a reason for him to be frozen other than for the sake of Nadia’s “Happy Days In Universe 0.” 

They’re going to the Yukino cosmos now. I definitely feel like we’ve come to the end of the Abridged Retelling of the story and we’re finally going to get into some New Content. We have NEVER gone to the Yukino cosmos before; this is completely new, uncharted territory for the crew. Not to mention they’re about to go into a Legit BATTLE against One- Their Final Enemy. Though I definitely DON’T think this is the start of the Final Conflict. No, no; I think this is going to be the “Establishing Confrontation;” this will be the conflict in which the crew learns that power of the Dark Stars, The Galactica that’s left, and One Void himself. This will show us what their powers are, how they think and fight, and who will be fighting whom when it comes time for the TRUE Final Encounter. They still have to stop One, though, so the conditions to win this battle will be stopping him from getting what he needs- as well as finding their weaknesses and coming out of the conflict alive. Which is where Interstelar comes in. They come in and save the crew, and the crew now learns where they stand against One’s army. They’re going to need to Grow.

I think the loss against Void would serve a similar purpose to………. whatever got the Fairy Tail guild to disband in “Fairy Tail.” I mean like towards the end of that series, when Natsu went away for a year to train and came back with that Super Saiyan 3 hair. That time skip. But rather than go through the whole “Let’s Search For The Crew” stuff that we literally JUST finished with this chapter(they now know where to go to get Connor); they instead do something akin to the Straw hat’s and arrange a meeting place where they get back on the ship to go to battle with Void. I don’t know where ANY of them would go for that kind of training, but I think some of them will definitely end up with the Interstellar Union Army for a while before coming back. Like how Levy, Gajeel, and Lily went with the Royal Army of Fiore. Still haven’t gotten that far in Fairy Tail; I’m just coming up with theories based on what I know of the series. 


Oh wowI made that part in like 2 hours. I still got a good enough charge on my computer and EVERYTHING. Then again; there wasn’t a lot to this chapter, I feel. At least I didn’t see anything that stood out in particular. This is very much a Set Up/ Exposition type of chapter- there to move us from Point A to B and explain how we get there. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until Next Time, boys and girls- Catch ya on the flip side. See Ya!!

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