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Chainsaw Man REVIEW Dump

Hello, everyone. At the time of my writing this(Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024, at 1:36 pm), I am in the middle of downloading One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4, Pirates Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition, and Mortal Kombat 11 on my Nintendo Switch. My maternal Grandmother gave my brothers and I a $35 Nintendo eShop gift card for Christmas last year, but……….. I though it was a peel instead of a scratch. I ended up messing up the code. So my dad and I contacted Nintendo about it and- low and behold– got help the very next day; they put the money on my switch, so I got those 3 while they were on sale. ProblemNot Enough Space. So I ended up having to use the rest of that Amazon gift card my paternal grandmother gave us…………. and then $1.36 more. Fun Christmas, honestly; got to see my cousins and eat a lot of good food(had plain Cheesecake for the first time in my life and I actually liked it in comparison to the Chocolate or Strawberry ones I’ve had). Bought some manga with the Amazon Card, too; Fairy Tail Volume 0(The Origins Of Mavis and the Guild), Black Clover Volume 10and Kaiju No 8 Volume 8. But I have those on Backburn because I have so much manga that I haven’t even gotten to yet. I’m reading it all, it’s just taking a minute!! 

“Why did I tell you all that?” you’re probably asking me. The answer is rather simplisticYou’re all my friends. And I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about the fun I’m having in between these posts. Because I do do other things that write for my blog. I know during these hiatus’ it seems like I’m never actually gone, but I can assure you that I’m taking some time with these to do other things. Like looking for another job. That I trying to market all of this better. Neither of which really working out right now. But at least I can still have fun, right? “Make the most out of life” or something. Okay, gross; why did I say that? Probably because I don’t know what to say about “Chainsaw Man” right now. Part 2 has been…………………. “Inconsistent” to say the least; quality’s been in this constant “flux” of Gold and………….. Iron Pirate(to flex how smart I am). I honestly can’t say what idea Fujimoto is trying to go for with this series right now. 

I said it in my Four Knights REVIEW Dump these 2 are the series that give me the least to talk about on a regular basis. I don’t know what it is for Four Knights, but I know for this series that there is a lot to certain chapters- the battle chapters. They’re more just Fujimoto flexing his artistic muscles than something of “sustenance” to discuss like I usually do; even the Short Reviews I do for it don’t have much to them beyond what I can speculate for the series. And I feel like I’m repeating myself when I do stuff like that. See any of my “Dead Rock” posts for that. So I tend to skip it when I can- if for nothing more than I had work and literally could not afford to spend time just “thinking” of what to say. That’s not a problem right now, as I am “in between jobs” at the moment, but even so I don’t think I’ll do quite so many “Chainsaw Man” posts going forward. Honestly, you should probably start expecting a few more “Dumps” for it like this. Though that’s not to say that solo and Short Reviews are off the table all together. Ah, crud; I don’t have a good segue at the moment. Ah………. the featured image is actually the First Key visual for the “Chainsaw Man” movie; they’re gonna Demon Slayer it and turn the Reze arc into a movie!

The Mugen Train arc was 14 chapters(chapters 5466), and that movie was pretty faithful to the manga. And the Reze/Bomb Girl arc is actually 2 chapters less than THAT(chapters 4052). Not to mention that there’s less “going on” in there in comparison to “Demon Slayer.” I think they could make an amazing adaptation with great pacing if they can do it right. Season 1 was fine, but I’m the type that doesn’t like any omission of a manga story. So not having Denji fight the Muscle Devil was a little…………. perturbing. I totally get it, and it probably helped with the pacing of the season(and took even just 1 thing off of those poor workers over at Mappa). But……….. eh; I would have kept it, personally. Not that I actually care. Dang it, still nothing. And I just got back to writing this, so I’ve played Pirate Warriors 3 and Mortal Kombat. We’ll get to those later; this review needs to get started!! 

Chapter 148: “Room 606 Sword” 

Some old guy accuses Denji of being one of the Faux Chainsaw Men, spooking the crowd. The Public Safety grunts begin demanding to see if his chest has a starter on it. Which it does. Because he’s the Real Deal. But no one will believe that off rip, so tells the trio to start running. Then we cut over to Yoshida and Asa; with the “Chainsaw Man War” going on and a larger scale one on the horizon- Yoru’s powers are growing, to the point where Asa can even block Yoshida’s sword with her bare hand. Yoshida- knowing that this is only going to get worse– tries to crush her with Octopus. So Asa turns her apartment- Room 606- into a powerful sword without even touching the floor. She’s so strong now that she can’t even control her own movements, unintentionally blitzing Yoshida. Which is when he escapes. And touching down on the ground just confirms for her: War Is Coming. Sooner than she could have ever hoped……………..

Chapter 149: “Devil’s Choice

The Next DayChainsaw Man PURGE; they round up all the Faux Chainsaw man corpses and start burning them– a sign of what they’ll do when they find the real Chainsaw Man. So Fumiko decides to do all the fighting if it comes to it– to Nayuta’s annoyance. She promises she’ll kill anyone who will attack them– Devil and Human alike. Denji’s more concerned with the pets, though, and wants to go back and feed them. But Fumiko thinks that would be a bad idea, and is adamant that they not go back to the apartment. So Nayuta tries to kill her. Fumiko dodges, and hits someone in the window behind her, who she has choke out Fumiko. So Denji starts tickling her to stall the command. He tells Fumiko to run, and she does- as was somewhat planned. 

Denji asks Nayuta if she really planned to kill Fumiko. Her…………… Unsettling Response

It’s Fine For Devils To Kill Living Things of Any Kind; Fish Swim- Trees Photosynthesize- It’s The Same Thing. You Must Feel It Instinctually, Too; Hurting People Makes You Feel Alive, Doesn’t It?

The Control Devil Nayuta

Denji just………….. stares at her blankly like “…………….. Are you f*ckin’ FOR REAL? So Naytua changes the subject to joining the side of the devils. In her mind: Human culture is Fun- but suffocating. As Devils, they could eat as much as they want whenever they want, and own hundreds of cats and dogs. Denji asks about her friends at school, but she says she doesn’t care. But Denji DOES care about 1 thingAsa Mitaka. Because of all the kisses that he’s had in his life- that was the only one that didn’t hurt. So Nayuta asks for a comparison; who does Denji care about more. He’s not suicidal nor does he wish harm on Asa, so he says Nayuta, and they’re off to home. 

Chapter 150: “Dream’s Next Stage” 

They walking home- seeing all the people going to and from work as if The Chainsaw Man War was a distant memory. Nayuta even thinks she has school the next day. And as he marches back to his “Ordinary Life,” it hits him; brushing his teeth with Nayuta- playing with his pets- going to school- his dream had been fulfilled. Which is when Pochita comes to him and asks him what he new dream is. And only 1 thing came to his mind

He Wants To Be Chainsaw Man!!

He gets home– and the building is burning down with all his pets in it. Flamethrower had suspected that would work better than attacking AsaFumino and Public Safety open fire, but are quickly taken out by Whip Girl. 

Chapter 152: “Massage

I covered chapter 151 in a recent “Review Dump,” so go check it out there. We open with Denji back at being Chainsaw Man, scaring away all surrounding bystanders who believe him to be another “Pretender.” Nayuta says it’s a bad idea to fight right now, and suggests that they run while they can. But Denji’s raring for a battle right now, chuckling a little as the Weapons transform against him. It then hits him AGAINHe’s not even mad that they burned his house and his pets- he’s actually grateful to them for letting him be Chainsaw Man again!! And to thank them- he starts hackin’ em all up!! Even when Spear comes up behind him and impales him into the ground- he cuts the both of them in half and CLEAVES Spear’s f*ckin’ head and drinks his blood to regenerate!! He cuts Whip Girl up n’ sh!t, and then comes to stalemate with Sugo- impaling each other with Chainsaws and Swords. Denji’s philosophy

The Thing About Massages Is: Too Much Force And They Hurt!! But There’s This ‘Sweet Spot’ Where The Pain Turns To Pleasure! For Me- THIS IS WHERE IT HURTS ‘JUST FIGHT,’ AND D@MN DO I FEEL GOOD!!!!!!

Denji/ Chainsaw Man

Nayuta tries to reach out to Denji and tell him they need to run, but Denji’s having the time of hi life, and suggests that Nayuta might be better off without him. 

Closing Thoughts

Starting this section Thursday, January 11th, 2024, at 4:54 pm: Everything that you saw in the opener of the post- I alluded to in the recent Dead Rock post. I like talking to you guys like this; it lets you in on my post making process a little bit- makes it feel more “real time” rather than posts being ready month’s in advance. Which has happened. But, um………. Update to some of that: Finding those new games………. difficult. I actually haven’t been on my Switch for a few days because of it.Weak Sh!t,” I know. But…….. better than beating on the switch so hard it BREAKS. Which I did recently, though it’s thankfully not broken just yet. But I’m about to do the Pecharunt event I talked about in the recent Four Knights dump. And play the Violet rendition of the Indigo Disk DLC. And I’m finding that Ultimate Ninja Storm Connection might be my “comfort game-” that one game you boot up because you’re confident in your abilities in that game, and play it after something………………… soul crushing happens. Like losing the first fight in Mortal Kombat 11, or another real world thing that’s…………….. “unalludible” is the best way I can put it. But yeah; that’s my “headspace” right now……….

As for Part 2 of “Chainsaw Man:” Denji’s makin’ a comeback!! Though he has the same problems as he did in part 1. Or, well; similar. In part 1, he talked about his problems with dreaming– that he sets a lot of “simple goals” for himself. And then ends up feeling “empty” when he finally attains it. It was only after looking at all these chapters in one go that I REALIZEDThat’s what his story in Part 2 has been up to now! He has a “Normal Life” just like he wanted, but………… then what? He just had to…………… live in it. And compared to his time as Chainsaw Man, it was…………. Pretty D@mn Boring. So after living that “Normal Life-” he realized he was happier hacking and slashing at Devils. He likes being “Chainsaw Man” more than he likes being “Denji.” So now that the Church is ruining Denji’s life- Denji has to call on Chainsaw Man for help! Chainsaw Man is as much Denji’s Savior as he is everyone elses!! It kind of proves my point that this series is better as a binge. And why I’m fine with the Bomb Girl arc becoming a movie. 

The action of this series is more or less devoid of dialogue. Heck, a lot of the series is devoid of it– this is very much a “Show/ Don’t Tell” type of story. So battle chapters tend to g by quick. So those 12 chapters might as well be 3 episodes if adapted right. And that would come up to a full hour. Stretch out some fight scenes and put in some teaser as to what’s happening next, then you’ll get like an hour and 30 minutes of content. If that. And like I said: This’ll all read better when you let the chapters build up instead of reading them week-to-week. I’m still going to, but like I said in the beginning: You might be seeing more “Dumps” for this than even “Short Reviews.” 

Other things to come out of this: The concept of “War” is making a resurgence in the minds of the people. And it’s making the War Duo stronger. Are we going to get into that political stuff and actually SEE Japan go to WarDoubt it; there’s…………. no purpose in doing something like that. None of these characters would be involved in the conflict, so there’s no point in doing that. But it’s the fact that something like that is coming to mind that’s important. Now that the War Duo’s power is growing, and the Church so totally defunct by now(at least the Japanese Chapter, since there’s also a Chinese and Canadian Chapters); Yoru might be able to act on her own now. That said, I think Asa’s on this train ’til the end. Which we’ll get to in a minute. But that takes me back to Fami’s idea: Turning Denji’s “Red” Chainsaw Man back into Pochita’s Black Chainsaw Devil. In this, it seems that she and Yoshida are at odds. 

Yoshida and Public Safety are trying to give Denji a normal life- Fami’s trying to bring Chainsaw Man back to kill the Death Devil.She says it’s possible to do both. The only way I can see Denji getting both is to separate Denji and Pochita. But I don’t see that happening. Maybe the idea is to replicate what Makima did and get Denji to bring Pochita back, giving him a “normal” existence for as long as possible- before breaking his heart and calling for Chainsaw Man. And then let Yoru try and fail against Pochita. Or, well- she seems to actually care about Yoru and Asa………… enough. She probably won’t stop nor help Yoru in her path, but might save her before she’s fully eaten by Chainsaw Man. Maybe that’s what happened the last time she fought Chainsaw Man, losing Nuclear Weapons…………………

They’re Trying To Make Chainsaw Man Puke Nuclear Weapons Back Out, Aren’t They?

Yoru’s goal is to get Chainsaw Man to puke up Nuclear Weapons, thus making the world remember the concept of War. Not only that, but remembering such a horrifying concept would probably make her stronger than before. And with War at the peak of its power and Chainsaw Man fighting with(and potentially against, should he decide to; “every action he takes is chaotic,” after all), then I’m sure that they’ll be able to Defeat Death. This series is so f*cking COOL to talk about; I still remember the reveal of Pochita’s True Form and the end of part 1– saying all of these things in the same breath shouldn’t make any coherent sense, but it just works. “Remember when Chainsaw Man road a Shark into a Typhoon to fight a Cute Bomb Girl?” I just love saying that sentence- I genuinely just like thinking about how cool that’s going to be when it’s animated!! And it’s going to be on a Movie Budget? Hopefully it had a good pre-production schedule and allowed the Mappa Workers a moments rest……………… 


I could probably go on and on thinking of something more to say, but I feel like that’s everything I could conceivably say right now. I cannot confirm nor deny what’s coming next , because I feel like if I keep talking about it, then it won’t actually happen. Um…………… I guess I could have talked about Nayuta and how the Devil’s minds function, but I doubt that’d even take up a paragraph; it’s pretty straight forward: They’re instinctual killers- it’s just something they’re born doing. And I guess about Denji’s own growing feelings towards Asa. Ah, well; too late now. Oh my God, I’m padding the outro. Ah………….. let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time, everyone. Laters!!

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