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Things Are Happening Again(IMPORTANT UPDATE)

I think these are some are a good way to mark my progress as a blogger. At least; think. Every now and then, I……….. have to go away for one reason or another. This time, it’s because the internet and cable(yes, my house still has cable) are being cut off due to a lack of……………. We don’t have a lot of money at the moment. I won’t say our current status, but just know that I am still Sans-Job and haven’t found anything yet. Guess I couldn’t have asked for a better “presser” than this. I…………….. I need to get a job. Probably a Full Time job. Meaning even when the internet comes back on(’cause we’re not gonna let it be off forever and ever), I probably won’t be able to write posts the same way I had even working at Dollar General. I can barely do that as is because my computer is starting to show its age between the updates I get. It’s alerting me every few days that that “parts for this model of computer will cease being available in 2024” or something or other. And yeah; they don’t make this model I have anymore. So if this sh!t breaks then I’m up a creek. Not to mention the trouble I’ve been having with the charger and this things battery life. 

The charger cord started coming loose, so I’m having to constantly “adjust” it so it’ll charge. My dad knows technology, so some people asked him to take a look at their computers. He’s letting me use one of their chargers. But eventually I’ll have to give it back and either find a way to fix this one I have or find another charger online and…………… buy it with the money I don’t have. Moving sites feels like kind of a bust. We started this new site so that I could sell his shirts and make some money off of this, but I haven’t sold a d@mn thing. Even back when I was selling Phone cases other products than just shirts. This isn’t working. But then I guess I wasn’t doing this to sell anything. Okay, that’s a lie; the prospect of being able to work from home and set my own schedule enticed me, and selling merch was the only way I knew I could make money doing this. But you know what I mean: I’m still writing because- like it. I like what I do; I like the series I discuss; I like talking with you guys in this manor. My dad and my brother do like discord and messenger calls with their microphones, and………….. need quiet for it. My dad’s just………….. that’s what he does most of the day when not making T Shirts. But my brother…………… let’s just not get into that; it’s kind of personal. Just know that he’s a wee bit of c0ck about it. 

I couldn’t. I don’t like talking like that. This is much more comfortable. And the thought of not doing it anymore- not being able to talk with like-minded individuals that understand what I’m talking about- is worse than……………. I am not alone in my house. None of us ARE or have been since we moved in. But- with my dad busy with his Religious Group calls and my brother basically monopolizing the room we share and the other one still in school- my grandmother not being interested in what I talk about- it……………… feels lonlier than it actually is. Something my mom didn’t understand about me growing up. She’s the………………….. “Social” type. And that works for her; it’s gotten her through some tough times. Didn’t appreciate it when I was younger(mostly because it confined us to a room while the “Adults Were Adulting”), but I can live with it now. At this point, I actually feel like the most social out of my brothers; I actually come out of the room. Then again- I HAVE to. Ugh…………….. Talking about this in “code” is making me feel like sh!t. Ah………….. Things, things, things…………….. Oh yeah; talking about feeling misunderstood. Like Luz did. I feel like my family doesn’t understand me sometimes. Even my brothers- the one’s closest to me- don’t seem to get me. That or they just don’t care. 

As far as keeping up with these series, I will absolutely do the best that I can. Especially for Edens Zero. But, you knowMy phone also needs an upgrade(both of them, really), so…………. blah. This has become kind of depressing for me, which sucks because I meant to go out on a “High Note.” I don’t mean for this to be “sad;” I wanted to tell you guys that: I’m not done. I may lose Edens Zero– I may be losing My Hero at SOME POINT in the next few……… YEARS if he keeps this sh!t up– I may lose Dead Rock at some point- but I’m still gonna be here. I’ll find some other stories to talk about. Hopefully none of them get canceled. That’s sort of the main thing holding me back from adding more series to the batch(that and time constraints): I can’t get into a manga properly without it getting axed. If I were to pick 1 more series to add to the list, then it likely would have been Candy Flurry. That was a nice series. Would have enjoyed talking about it more. Ah…………………. Okay, I’m gonna keep it “Real” with you guys: I haven’t been on my computer in a few days- ever since I was told the internet would be going off. And………….. I don’t know, I guess everything I’ve talked about has bummed me out some. Maybe talking about helped some. Anyway, guys: See you around. 

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