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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #20: THIS IS GETTING OLD!!!


It feels like every time I try to write a post- SOMETHING comes up and I gotta do another Dump Post!! I have to look for another job. ‘Cause that bunch of morons- crossed a f*ckin’ line. I have not been able to do full posts for a lot of these series in a minute- more or less because my schedule f*cking SUCKS. I haven’t had a weekend off in HOW F*CKIN’ LONGI don’t even want to talk about it further; I’m AT LEAST going to talk about this week’s chapter of One Piece- if nothing else. Let’s just get this sh!t started. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 131: “Taste Of Crap

Denji and the War Duo are eaten- bike and all. But the Diner throws them up. Insulted, Falling kills the sh!t out of it, and turns to apologize to her current Employer- Fami. Fami’s ability is to control anyone who’s starving, so her plan was to having the War Duo sit in the belly of the beast and starve them- then take control of them. But the plan was foiled by none other than Nayuta, who altered the Diner’s mind to make Human’s taste like cr@p. Nayuta asks Fami why she did all of this, to which she says that Nothing– not they nor even Chainsaw Man– will be able to stop Nostradamus’ prophecy. But Yoru might be able to. 

Nayuta initially wants to go all in on the “Age Of Devils,” but Fami reminds her that “No Humans= No Pizza Or Chinese Food.Can’t Have THAT. So Fami asks for Nayuta’s help in the matter. But she says she can’t. Because she has School. She’s STILL a child. But this chapter proves that some of her memories are carry-overs from previous iterations of the Control Devil. So does she remember how she went out the last time? Or what she did last time? Maybe she just remembers the “Rev Of A Chainsaw Engine……”

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 107: “The Wild Child’s Solitude

Gawain begins her attack on the Chaos Knights, agitating them into attacking her and using a spell to slow them down. Mortlach taunts Gawain with her weaknessA Lack of Ability To Love. She cannot feel love for others because she’s never felt love from Arthur or her dad. So she’s travelling with the Knights Of The Apocalypse to find out more about herself. And when Mortlach taunts her for it, she is left open to attack and knocked out. But Mortlach does warn her that there are some people who are better off Not knowing who they are. And we cut over to Percival who heals Rosebank against Nasiens advisement. And that DOES come back to bite them almost immediately as Rosebank steals the Dragon Relief. 

Over in the Demon King’s Castle; Zel and Tristan have a very…….. awkward reunion, but Zel already knows they’re here. And while they know where the door to Camelot is; Getting to it is a different sort of problem. You see: It’s on the back of a Beast called the Behemoth– a creature that devours all life in its path- Demon or otherwise. As you can imagine, the main talking is Gawain and how her quest to find out who she is relates to PercivalNot that they’re related(although we don’t either of their moms, and this is the type of story to do something like that), but more like “They’re Better Off Not Knowing Where They Come From,” yeah? Like; Gawain wants to know, and Percival……. doesn’t really care right now. He was raised by his Grandfather- that’s all he needs to know. But clearly he’s someone SUPER Important. 

Edens Zero Chapter 241: “Flight Of The Valkyrie

Xiao Mei is reintroduced to the story, recapping the events of the last few chapters, ending with the crew and Shura’s group on their way to the Temple to stop Muller. Sister checks on the Rutherfords; Kleene thinks she’s ready to do it, while Kris can’t wait for his chance to punch Muller. Laguna has his own emotional reunion with Witch, too. Which just leaves Couchpo, Labilia, and Connor. Though since they’re going into a War with Void, they think that they can do without Couchpo and Labilia. They SAY that, but brought Aruna along because she wants to stay with Miimii. Low and beholdMuller sent THOUSANDS of unmanned crafts to attack them. They’re gettin’ ready for a fight, but Valkyrie takes the chance to show us what the “Sword Of Edens” can REALLY Do. 

Down on the Temple; Muller plans to use his Gravity powers on the 20,000 Anti Matter Bombs and blast the lot of them through time. I’m gonna say what we’re all thinkingShiki alone couldn’t stop the Bombs- but he and Shura will be able to do it. “Friendship” and all that. Also: So THAT’S why Mashima didn’t give us Valkyrie at first- She’s too strong. Plausibly stronger than Shiki. And it’s not like that’s a problem; Shiki doesn’t need to be the Strongest on Screen at any given moment. But she would have made fighting Drakken a little easier if she could do………. All of THIS. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 390: “Shoto Todoroki Rising

Sacrifices Must Be Made-“ I chose to put this in the Dump and focus on One PieceSucks, but then………. lost a lot of my love for this series. Which sucks because Horikoshi needs the support right now. Because“My Hero Academia” Will be On Break Next Week. This man is killing himself to complete a series that- REAL TALK: I feel like he doesn’t care that much about anymore, either. I don’t feel the same “love” from him that I used to. It SUCKS, but it seems to be the truth. Wait, wait; no time for that. Though I WILL say that it feels a little late in the game for a “Rising” chapter, doesn’t it? 

In whatever case; Ilda’s out of juice- legs beaten up n’ sh!t. He’s………. done. He’s taken Shoto as far as he could go, thanking him for giving him the chance to become “the person he wanted to become,” and now hopes Shoto will be able to do the same. He recalls the note from his Mother as he runs into the blast- about learning from his classmates, trying to become the person he wants to be. He gets to Ground Zero, seeing his family their to help him freeze this sh!t over. He admits that even the finishing move from their initial battle- “Great Glaciel Aegir-” wouldn’t be enough on its own to win this. 

He launches the blast, and the area freezes over– stopping the explosion completely. Touya- freezing over from the inside out– laments that this WHOLE FAMILY just needs to die. Endeavor……. Enji Todoroki doesn’t stop him; he instead apologizes for not going to Sekoto Peak that day; for pushing Rei to the breaking point; for leaving everything to Fuyumi; for abandoning Natsuo; to the unconscious Shoto- For Everything. While off in the distance; Togawice asks if Dabi was able to “Smile” in the end- ignoring the determined Ochako Uraraka before her. That’s 1. Now to wrap up everything else. The volume extra’s for Volume 38 have Gentle as Horikoshi’s proxy, telling us that the next volume is going to start wrapping up a lot of the other plots, setting the stage for the Finale. Get ready, everyone………….


Alright, you know the drill; sorry again. It’s not even a joke anymore; I just WISH I had more time on my hands to make posts. But I gotta support myself and my house. Like- I Gotta. And this isn’t paying the bills(despite my best efforts), so……… what’cha gonna do? I just want to talk about these series again. And if I get things straight with my Dumb Temporary Manager, then I might be able to get in 1 more post after One Piece. Though that’ll be one of a different nature. For now; enjoy the chapters- for both of us. And hey; Mashima’s got a new Manga on the way! Dead Rock– a “Dark Fantasy.” Just can’t get away from the “Fantasy” Motif, can ya, Mashima? I’d like to tell you I’ll do an initial reaction to the series when it comes out, Buuuut…….. This Post Exists. Oh well; maybe I’ll get lucky next time around- maybe I’ll have found a better job with a better schedule. He says having had the same Miserable job at the same sh!thole for 3 years now. Whatever; later. 

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