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A Skirmish Of Sun And Moon- Boruto vs Mitsuki!! Boruto-Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7 BREAKDOWN

Hey, everyone. Have I ever told you guys how much I love Early Fan Translations? Not in the sense that they’re “better then the official” because- They Are Not. And I don’t mean for that to offend anyone- there are actually some lines in these initial translation that sound better and clearer than the official release. Although, every now and then; I WILL see translations where Asta calls someone a “F*cking B!tch-“ which he so would NOT say. “B@stard” maybe once or twice, but he won’t be calling someone a “B!tch.” Those are actually some pretty lines, though. No, no; I like these early scans for the simple fact that it makes my life easier. I get to get the jump on these chapters before the official release- make some good images(and on a Good week; get some premo-fan colorings off of twitter), and include little translation notes on phrases that only make sense in Japanese. So, you know; “Education.”

And I’ll admit that I do like the “Rougher” look of these fan translations; the “cleaned up, inkier” looks of Translated chapters of One Piece and My Hero from TCB Scans make image crafting a little bit easier in comparison to the “Fully Cleaned” images VIZ uses. I like the “shinier” was they look. And again: Easier Time Making Posts- on a Good week, a whole post would be done 2 days ahead of the official release. Though it’s not looking like one of those weeks right now, as I pick this back up Sunday, February 18th, 2024, around 11:30 AM. “Complications” is all I’ll say. That and my site’s doing a “thing” right at the moment. “Perfect Timing,” right? I have no idea what’s going on right now, but I’m taking down copies of all posts I write now, so hopefully there’s no “set backs” when this things crashes again. 

The whole “vibe” of this opening has changed now, hasn’t itLet’s just get this thing started. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7: “The Whereabouts of The Sun.” This translations says that Ikemoto is the one writing the manga right now, but I doubt it the official will say that, too. Who knows who’s in charge of the writing, anymore? You know they’d be playing up Kishimoto’s involvement WAY MORE if he were actually in charge of writing! 


Mitsuki’s Inner Monologue: “I am the ‘Moon’ that prevails in Darkness- but I am not able to ‘Shine’ on my own.” He doesn’t believe that he’s able to be strong- to live for himself; he believes that a “Sun” is necessary for him to live. And that’s how he’s always thought. But it’s only through his current “Sun” Kawaki that he’s starting to think…………. a little bit differently…………..

Picking Up Where Last Chapter Left Us: Mitsuki- using his Sage Mode- charges at Boruto, who throws a few Shurikens his way. The chakra snakes grab them, and move to devour Boruto, who dodges and uses “Flying Raijin” to reach higher ground. He asks what happened to Kawaki, to which Shikamaru telepathically explains that Mitsuki knocked him out with his snake’s poison- and is likely trying to do the same with Boruto. Mitsuki explains that- after seeing Boruto so effortlessly handle Code when he invaded the Leaf- he doesn’t believe Kawaki’s a match for him. Which confuses Boruto because– as it stands- Mitsuki can’t match Kawaki, who he just said couldn’t match Boruto. Which brings him to his SECOND reasoning for coming out here like thisThey can Finally “Cut Loose” with no one else around. He sends the Chakra Snakes underground, and they come out as “Snake” Clones of Mitsuki(also in Sage mode), who continue to attack Boruto without end. 

Boruto- determined to end this quickly- draws his sword and destroys the Clones without much effort. They end up clashing Lightning style jutsu, and Boruto ends up getting behind Mitsuki- poised to cut off his head. But stops just short. Boruto starts to talk to him, telling Mitsuki that the way he’s(Mitsuki) fighting right now conveys a sense of “unease-” almost as if he doesn’t want to do this, and it seems like it’s “driving him crazy.” It’s like he’s beginning to see the truth no matter how much he rejects the reality. But Mitsuki says he’s “not interested in the thoughts of a ‘Nobody.'” But Boruto thinks he gets it: Mitsuki needs a “Sun” to “Shine.” So HE decides to be Mitsuki’s “Sun.” ‘Course that just results in Mitsuki catching him in a Snake. But that pretty confirms to Boruto that what he’s saying is the truth. Mitsuki asks why he’s remaining so calm right now, to which Boruto continues to refute that Kawaki is the “Sun” Mitsuki’s looking for. 

Mitsuki begins to relent, asking who Boruto is in the “grand scheme” of things. He simply explains that he’s not out to kill Kawaki- it’s a “Misunderstanding Between Brothers-“ one he fully intends to resolve. But he DOES tell Mitsuki(and Shikamaru and Ino) ONE thingLord Seventh is Alive And Well. Hinata, too. And questions if Mitsuki really needs a “Sun” to “Shine.” And he’s off. 

Eida’s House: Kawaki wakes up, asking Eida where Mitsuki went off to. Hokage’s Office: Shikamaru gets in contact with Boruto, and learns about Eida’s “Omnipotence” ability. Though Boruto says that the “specifics” don’t ever matter– ’cause they’ll all forget eventually. He even admits that this isn’t the first time Shikamaru’s heard about it; Sarada and Sumire have been telling him about it for the last 3 years, but it’s never once stuck to him- it just “fades away.” So none of the information he’s given them actually matters– he just needs Shikmaru to believe him. So Shikamaru asks how they undo the spell. Boruto says that it Can’t be undone; this reality is now their “truth,” and that can’t be changed. And it’s not like it’ll stop this conflict between them, anyway; Kawaki sealed Naruto away because he doesn’t see any other way of protecting him, so he’ll just have to deal with the situation as is ’til he’s figured out the correct solution. Shikamaru suggests that they should save Naruto- then kill Kawaki. But Boruto doesn’t want that- he just wants to stop the fighting. Which Shikamaru can accept. 

However, with reality being what it is nowBoruto must still stand accused for Hokage-cide. Even with this information, Shikamaru can’t exactly do anything about that. Boruto says that he can deal with it. Ten Tails Dimension: The Divine Trees appear to have gained access to a number of books, learning more and more- only to find out about how much they still don’t know. Thus- it’s time to pay Naruto Uzumaki visit. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 7 END!! What are they looking for in those books? Come to think of itWHERE’D THEY GET EM To start with? 


…………… Hey, so; I just stopped working on my Dragon Ball Super chapter 102 post- I’m gonna put that with the Dump I’m currently working on, leaving me time to work on this post more. Much like it’s been in past months. I’m sorry, but sometimes I don’t see a point in wasting time on a whole separate post- Short Review or Full(it was a “Short review”)- when I can put it with a Dump and save myself the trouble. So expect that amongst the chapters we’ll be talking about. And I’ll let you know Right NowThere Are A LOT of chapters to discuss with that one. Probably MORE by the time I’m able to get back to it. It’s intimidating, but also somewhat excitingI just like the “process” I’ve set up, I guess…………………. Sh!t, I don’t know how to lead into the next topic. And that has to do with Kawaki and Mitsuki, and how they act as parallels. 

Mitsuki and Kawaki…………. are similar, but not “the same.” Mitsuki wasn’t…………….. abused by Orochimaru. Experimented on, sure, but not kicked for sleeping. That said, they have a similar level od “devotion” to the person they see as important. They’re both “Moons-“ neither able to shine on their own, needing a “sun” to “illuminate” them- to stay by their side and guide them to “the light.” Or what I THINK they’re trying to say: They aren’t able to draw out their full strength for themselves- to reach their full potential all on their own- they have to do it for the sake of the person who matters the most to them. True to that: Neither time Kawaki gained Isshiki’s horn was in to protect himself or anyone else; only for Naruto did his Full Strength with Karma show itself. Neither time Mitsuki used Sage mode so far was it used selfishly- only to protect his “Sun.” As such; Kawaki might serve as a cautionary tale for Mitsuki what will happen if he remains obsessively clinging to the side of his “Sun.” It Mitsuki is Boruto’s “Moon,” than Kawaki is Naruto’s. But in trying to protect that light- he’s become an Eclipse. 

Kawaki has become a Selfish “Moon” keeping all that “light” to himself, preventing “The World” from receiving it’s “warmth,” slowly killing it. If Mitsuki doesn’t let up- continues to be some “hangnail” that hardly allows for his “Sun” to breath- then he’ll become an “Eclipse.” Boruto is trying to help him with that, hoping for him to see that he doesn’t need a “Sun” to shine- he’s a “Star” unto himself. Which I guess he forgot about from his One Shot Story. Mitsuki has used Sage Transformation 3 times canonically(manga canon): 

  1. The 6th time in an Experiment Orochimaru conducted when he decided to think for himself
  2. When Omnipotence activated and he thought “Boruto” had attacked “Kawaki.”
  3. Currently. 

The sole time he used Sage mode for himself was in response to being told what to do, deciding to choose a path for himself. However, that would be undercut by it being revealed as 1)part of Orochimaru’s plan and 2)Boruto being set up to be that “Sun.” Maybe this is his second chance to choose for himself to be his own “Sun,” using his Full power and choosing what to do with it for himself. Whether that be to stay in Konoha and aid Shikamaru in helping Boruto in secret, or he chooses to leave with Boruto and aid him in trying to defeat Kawaki and the Divine Trees. And possibly Code, if that even matters anymore. Either way- it’ll be HIS choice. 

Another thing that happenedMy “point” was made. I said in my review for chapter 4 that Boruto would need to be strong if he wants to have conversations like this with the enemy; that no one who’s under Omnipotence’s effects is going to sit and let him talk. Which Mitsuki didn’t. But BECAUSE Boruto is so strong now(Mitsuki even admitting that Kawaki might not be a match for him), he’s able to put Mitsuki in a situation where he’d have to sit and listen to what he had to say. And it got through to him that something was wrong. I talked in that review how a lot of stories currently have characters try to “talk” about their problems- trying to avoid conflict altogether………….. then do it, and kind of muddle the message they’re going for with that theme. It’s actually a topic brought up in an Analysis Video about “God Of War Ragnarok:” the idea that the story and the actions are at odds with one another. “If you want to talk- talk; if you want to fight– Fight– Pick something and stick with it-” that’s how I’m starting to feel about it

But with this series; the message seems to be “Peace Through Combat-” becoming so strong that you can Force a conversation and coming to an understanding, rather than one or the other. A perfect message for a Battle Shonen Manga. Ah, lost my train of thought after a while!! I don’t know what I was going to say, even with my notes. I just know that I definitely wanted to commend Boruto for managing to find a balance between what it is, what its predecessor was, and what it’s trying to do. That’s all I meant to say. 

There were 2 other things that I wanted to discuss, but I think the fan translations this month were a little too different from the official; the early scans made it sound like Boruto and Shikamaru have had this conversation before- this explicit situation has happened in which Boruto explains Omnipotence to Shikamaru. The official simply says that Sarada and Sumire have explained it to him- which we probably could have surmised from chapter 1. As such, there’s nothing much to talk about there. But then we come to the Divine Trees, who SOMEHOW managed to acquire books to read. Don’t know where they got em(nor even where this room they’re in is), but it’s clear that they were looking for something in these books that they couldn’t find. Or rather– something that Jura couldn’t find. Which is why he wants to go and find Naruto immediately. Maybe it’s something to do with the “Ego” they talked about in chapter 5– that “desire” they have to consume their targets. That’s probably something they were trying to find in the books, but it’ll only be evident to them when they finally come face-to-face with their targets. Something simple like that. 


……………… Okay, that one might not be one of my “Best.” I think I “lost the plot a little” between when I started and when I finished(Tuesday, February 20th, 2024, around 5:56 pm). Honestly, I was debating on whether or not to make this a “Short Review,” but when I saw my notes, I felt like I had too much to say to relegate the chapter like that. Looking at it NOW- I think I could have saved myself the trouble. This is quickly turning into my Least favorite post I’ve ever done- and THAT’S…………….. a “bar.” Some posts haven’t aged well. I, uh………. I think I’m gonna go and do something else for a minute. ‘Til next time, everyone. 

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