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One Piece REVIEW Dump 2

………………………….. Hey, everyone. This had originally started as a Short Review post for chapter 1,104, but, uh…………….. Medical issue occurred with my ear. Pain so bad that I, uh………I haven’t been sleeping well the last few days- not falling asleep until a few minutes after 4 AM and not waking up ’til almost noon. It’s…………. not been fun. I’ve been trying to wait it out- not really doing much of anything on my computer because the pain was just……………….. GAH. But now that it looks like it’s about to end, I figured I can start doing this stuff again. But as I expected- leaks for the next chapter are out. So– I’m just gonna talk about both. Why“Sh!ts and Giggles.” OCD- you know how I am. I’ll be doing the same for My Hero, too. Dragon Ball Super and Boruto are still coming, but…………. bare with me. Um………….. let’s begin. 

Chapter 1,104: “Thank You, Daddy

Picking up from the last chapterKuma’s about send every last tragedy in his life back at the root of the problem- St Saturn; his life as a slave– the death of his parents- the God Valley Incident– what happened to Ginny– becoming a Cyborgbreaking Bonney’s heart– it’s all about to come back to Saturn. And Saturn has NO IDEA WHY. I say that in the sense that- a few days after he was taken by the Revolutionary Army– he activated the self destruct switch. Though unbeknownst to him, Stellapunk had altered the switch; rather than letting the Gorosei use Kuma as a “remote bomb” at their earliest convenience, he turned it into an “Off” Button- Kuma’s bodily functions would cease completely, finally putting the man to rest. But he should still be DEAD right now; how the h#ll is he here putting his fist in Saturn’s face? WITH HAKI, NO LESS?!! 

After he gets in that lick, he picks up the crying Bonney- Stellapunk over here stunned that Kuma is not only alive, but managed to find Bonney. But then he recalls that the Buccaneer’s had a Secret Ability. Bonney takes the chance to thank Kuma for everything that he did for her- all the love and care; the letters he sent her; finally learning about her mother. Saturn gets back up- regenerating his arm and moving for another attack. Sanji stops it, and Franky shoots a Radical beam through Saturn’s side. Kizaru commends their growth, but knocks Franky back. Not that it DID anything to Saturn; all it did was………… I suppose he’s probably a wee bit irritated, leading him to start the Buster Call Order. Between the “Historian” Vegapunk, the lone survivor of the Buccaneer, and the SUN GOD- He’s had just about all he can stand of this island!! 

Chapter 1,105: “The Height Of Folly

With order being announced, the Marines around start heading back to the ships- ready to nuke the island altogether. Doll requests that St Saturn and Kizaru leave to the ships as well, but they both decide to stay on the island and clean up the mess personally- sending Doll and the rest off. Stellapunk decides now is the best time to confront Saturn, asking what the Buster Call is for if the goal is just “Kill Vegapunk.” Put Simply: “The Mere Idea That You’re Hiding Something Warrants This Islands Destruction- No Further Technological Advancement Is Required.” Which reminds Saturn: A ship full of researcher’s left Egghead just yesterday. He ordered a vessel to hunt it down and destroy it- for much the same reason Akainu blew up that one Ohara Ship during Robin’s flashback(parallels and all). An order is then given for all Pacifista Units to remain on the island while the Battleship’s are loading. 

Sanji sends Bonney, Atlas, and Franky on their way in the Vacuum Rocket, promising Bonney that he’ll bring Stellapunk with him when he gets there. He gets in contact with Nami, who informs him: 

  1. Zoro is still fending off Lucci, and Jinbe went off to help him(and make sure he doesn’t get lost). 
  2. Brook is helping Lilith move the Sunny since they are now Sans-Vega Force 1. 

Brooks IdeaFreeze Over The Clouds with “Soul Solid,” making a path for the Sunny to move across. ProblemThey can’t stop it right now. They’re on their own on that one. Down Below: The Buster Call Has Started- Stellapunk watching as everything he’s worked so hard to build has goes up in flames. Bonney’s Group: They’re making their way into Punk Records with the Vacuum Rocket when– Kizaru breaks the tube, sending all of them barreling towards the ground. Kuma holds onto Bonney for dear life, but Saturn has orders for all of them to be Shot Dead Mid Air By The Pacifistas- the absolute worst case scenario Stellapunk thought of when he heard that Bonney became a Pirates. “To Die By The Hands of Clones that look just like you- Truly The Height Of Folly” as Saturn puts it. 

The Marines find Emperor Luffy by the food machines- so stuffed even he might burst. It looks like the tides are about to turn in favor of the World Government, but a vessel tries to get in contact with Kizaru; there’s a problem on the way, and it’s waving a Naval Flag. Any guesses on who’s comingLet me rephrase that, actually: Any guess on no, wait; same problem. Um……………. Is this a Blackbeard Pirate tactic or a Revolutionary tactic? 


Before, the, uh………….. the Ear problem, I had some stuff already written up. At least for one of the things that I wanted to talk about with chapter 1,104. And that point was naturally The Buccaneer’s Ability. Not so much what it WAS more than its origins. The chapter revealed that Saturn had activated the Self Destruct device he had Vegapunk install a few days after he was taken by the Revolutionaries. But he’s still moving- we even see him him grabbing Bonney as they start free falling, still using himself as a shield for her. But Stellapunk’s fail safe- rather than making him explode- should have made him “cease function-“ finally turn off his heart and organs and put the man to rest. BUT HE’S STILL HERE. And what’s more; he used Haki when he punched Saturn. He still has Haki- the physical embodiment of someone’s Will. He………….. after everything that happened- Kuma isn’t dead. You could joke about this being some form of “love(Stellapunk just did),” but both he and Saturn know that the Buccaneer tribe possess a Secret Ability. Not only that, but he was able to find Bonney. So whatever “secret ability” he has, it has to

  1. Allow him to still have free will and the ability to use Haki despite it being effectively “deleted.”
  2. Still able to move despite being “shut off” by Saturn.
  3. Find Bonney. 

 One idea I had initially was that the Buccaneer’s are Oda’s rendition of the “Nephilim” from Christian Lore- the offspring of Human Women and Fallen Angels- the “Sons Of God.” And that idea has led to a……………. whole other idea in which Nika is perhaps genetically connected to Nika. Like; Joyboy- whoever he was- passed on Nika’s Lineage Factor to his kin, giving rise to the Buccaneer tribe- a tribe that have durable bodies like all Mythical Zoan users(Luffy and Kaido, for example), but gaining something else as well. What is it? Well that comes down to how you want to interpret the “He Can Fight In Whatever Way He Fancies” line from the Big Reveal. You could say that “The Buccaneers possessed the ability to fulfill their hearts deepest desire,” and Kuma’s greatest wish is for Bonney to be safe, so- even upon “death-” his body is still doing everything it can to ensure that Bonney is protected. 

Though I don’t think Devil Fruits can be genetically passed on that way; we haven’t seen anything in the story that would suggest that that’s something that’s possible. But then; I’m under the line of thinking that Nika/Joyboy was an individual unto himself– an object that ate the Nika fruit, incarnating the Sun God in this world proper. The he was able to awaken to his full power easier than any user after because- rather than inhabiting a Human body with a will of its own- it was his own will. I have a whole theory about how Awakenings and “Will” work together here if you want to see more, but in short: Zoan’s a mind of their own. And when it comes time for an Awakening, the user either “dominates-” or is “Dominated,” resulting in………….. well, the Jailer Beasts of Impel DownThe animal takes the “driver’s seat,” and the user’s consciousness is suppressed. But with an object that has no will of it’s own(unless caring for something other than a ship results in something like a Klabautermann), then an awakening might be easier. And “Joyboy” was an object that ate the Nika fruit. What object would that be? If this theory is proven correct, then it should be obvious. 

And then, yeah; he got busy with a lady in the Void Century, and she had some kids- “The Children Of Liberation” or something- and they would continue to procreate and make a new raceThe Buccaneers. But you would have to do a lot of Assumption to get to that point- it becomes “Head Canon” until we get the Void Century flashback. And I don’t want to do that. So……………. what’s the ability? My brother Malik saw the idea of “Indominable Spirit/Will” on the Sub Reddit, but……………. Luffy, Whitebeard, Roger, Zoro, and other characters of that nature would ALL be Buccaneers. I would let Whitebeard slide(in terms of what happened to he and Kuma, I’d say he would have they have the same), but………….. well…………………… It’s difficult is all I can say; Oda keeps his cards so close to his chest you wonder if he can see them himself at times. I can’t say definitively what it is that’s making Kuma move right now, but I think that it does have something to do Nika- symbolically, genetically, metaphorically, poetically, or all of the above, I’m sure. 

Then of course you have Kizaru in here being so “vague” in his actions. He has all the power to wrap up problems in seconds- moving across the world and dealing with Pirates before his tea ever has the chance to cool; locking up pirates before they even realize they’re in Impel Down- and he doesn’t. He could have put Luffy in Sea Stone cuffs by now- imprisoned everyone caught in Saturn’s ability and gone to the Labophase to capture the rest of the Straw Hat’s all before Kuma even set foot on the island. He probably knows this better than most. But he doesn’t. WHY? Well………. it might come down to the fact that he is so powerful. He admits to just being a “cog in the machine-” a soldier following orders from on high. Even though he doesn’t actually want to do it. Maybe it’s because he’s so strong that he tries not to wrap up problems so quickly. 

He……………. knows how strong he is; he wouldn’t have gotten this position without knowing. But it might be that he’s thinking Doflamingo had a point during Marineford: “Justice Depends On Who Wins In The End.” And if he “gave it his all” and went out of his way to get the job done, then……………. that’s “Absolute Justice.” But if he didn’t try, then that’s “Lazy” Justice; he still puts his all into fighting with Luffy and Sentomaru– one resulting in a win and one in a loss. Maybe he’s trying to stay as neutral as possible because he doesn’t think either is the right choice; that it’s better to just…………… “toe the line” and take the situation at face value, trying to do everything “step by step” rather than try and resolve the situation as soon as possible. “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely,” and the Pika Pika no mi is one of the strongest fruits in the series, not to mention his proficiency in Haki. He’s not trying to be the “Authority” in the situation– just someone involved in it. That’s what I think “Unclear Justice” means: Somewhere between “Absolute” and “Lazy,” but not quite clear where that stands. 

He’s an interesting character to think about; I wonder what he’ll be doing when the World Government falls. I mean- it will; whether it be by the Revolutionaries careful planning or by Luffy’s Giant FIST– the current system will fall. And the Revolutionaries will start to try and pick up the pieces left when they finally rip Imu and the Celestial Dragon’s down from on high, I wonder what’ll become of everyone who worked from the Government. What would Kizaru choose at that point? To continue to be “a cog in the machine,” or……………. his own path, much like Kuzan? That’s something I’m curious to see- though I don’t think we’ll get a lot of that stuff………………….. in the manga. Allusions in the 200 page Final Chapter so they can get one last volume out of Oda before he “Sets Off On A New Adventure?” Certainly. And maybe more like 230. And the Toei AnimeThat ain’t goin’ anywhere any time soon;genuinely believe we’ll be seeing the end of the remake before we see the end of the Toei anime. 

Chapter 1,105 might have also been able to get a “Short Review” had I been feeling up to it. Because the only thing that I really feel like talking about from it is Who The H#ll Is Coming To Egghead. Before “The Great Cutaway,” we saw that the Blackbeard Pirates were coming towards Egghead. At the time

  • Blackbeard, Doc Q, Burgess, and Stronger were attacking the Heart Pirates.
  • Shiryu, Pizarro, Vasco Shot, San Juan Wolf, and Kuzan were on Hachinosu dealing with Garp and Koby. 
  • The only one’s unaccounted for were Laffite and Catarina Devon- They were definitely on that ship coming.

Then again, the timeline at this point is getting………….. somewhat confusing in places. Like; Law and Teech were fighting yesterday, right? The way the chapter portrayed it, it was meant to be around the same time that Luffy and co arrived on Egghead- they had the chance to meet with Atlas and everything while that was going on. That and the Garp’s Invasion of Pirate Island- the beginning of his bout with Kuzan– were portrayed as happen somewhat simultaneously. I guess with Kaido and Big Mom finally out of the way, he feels confident enough in making his move. Then again, there is the cover of chapter 1,064 in which Kuzan and Augur captured Pudding, and then she- in the same chapter no less- seems to be on Blackbeard’s ship along with Augur being there. The whole timeline’s getting jumbled. I’m certain the Germa Cover Series was a bit of flashback to what they did after leaving Tottland, so that was also probably something that happened in the past few weeks. Maybe that panel was intended to be on Hachinosu, though I don’t know why Koby didn’t even try to free her in that case; it doesn’t seem like a “Koby” type of move, right? Especially when he had promised to help Perona free Moriah. 

Why am I talking about their location when the ship shown was flying the Marine flag? Well…………. it’s not at all impossible that Devon used her Nine Tailed Fox fruit to sneak on that ship, kills them Marines on board, and commandeer it just to get through all these Marine ships. They might have been able to handle a few with the ship they were coming on, but Hundred ready to open fire at a moments notice? This situation might have called for more “brains” than “brawns-“ especially when that ship didn’t look like it had it. So perhaps they going in smart and trying to sneak in with the crowd. And the opposing Marine ship they just sunk is trying to alert Kizaru and everyone that 2 of the Ten Titanic Captains Of The Blackbeard Pirates are on their way. 

ALTERNATIVELY: It could also be the Revolutionary Army who stole a Marine ship, or maybe even had one they stole from a whole other mission in stock. It would certainly fit better for them to choose and save a ship of Researchers than the Blackbeard Pirates; there’s a theory that Teech is a fellow survivor of the Ohara Incident- at least the child of someone who was. But unless Augur can use his fruit to warp them somewhere far away, I don’t think Teech is on that ship. And Devon and Laffite- as far as we know– don’t know about their captain’s past. And in all honestly don’t care. So why would they help a ship full of Researchers in stead of robbing them and sinking them themselves? Especially taking in the fact that Devon’s reason for being locked up in Impel Down was cutting the heads off of women prettier than her and keeping them as trophies. Which means most women in this story would be on her hitlist. Seeing any Female Researcher on that ship might send her over the edge anyway!! So it would also have to be Revolutionary Army that saved them. It’s not a question of why, but more “When? 

Egghead………………. is deep into New World- like…………………. 2 Islands Before Lodestar deep, which is the last island before Laugh Tale. How………… they would have to have the Marine Ship from another mission, right? So they can just cross the Calm Belt and not deal with…………………. New World. Like……… Vegapunk was able to coat the bottom of the Marine Ships in sea prism stone to prevent Neptunians from sensing it since it emits the same kind of “energy” as the sea. And the Calm belt is where those things tend to nest the most. The Marine’s ships have paddles that allow them to move even in the Calm Belt, too. And choosing to go around like this certainly sounds easier and safer than going through New World– between the Yonko and the Marines and the WEATHER and all. But then something like that– or really even taking the long way through the New World- really raises the question: How would they have found their way to Egghead? I mean, Dragon DID point Kuma in Vegapunk’s direction to find a cure for Bonney’s Sapphire Scale, so he clearly knew Vegapunk’s location by then. 

But then that’s only because he was being transported from Punk Hazard after……………… Caesar happened. And THAT was just like 4 years ago, yeah? So I don’t doubt that he still knows his way toward Egghead. And beyond that, I’m certain most Naval vessels come with an Eternal Pose to such an important island. Or…………….. maybe not to keep Pirates from stealing it and gaining access to High End Technology. Or maybe they’re like the Blackbeard Pirates and Straw Hat’s and just “sailed that way.” If nothing else; they probably followed the Fleet of Marine Ships going in that direction. Dragon was in the Marines, once upon a time; he likely knows something about the codes they use and certain coordinates they’re familiar with. Who knows at this point

Okay, update(Added Sunday, January 28th, 2023, around 12:32 pm): I was reading the scene wrong. It’s not that the ship that was on its way was a Naval Vessel- it’s that it was the Naval Vessel that was sunk. Which still brings us back to the situation of Who Sunk It coming towards Egghead, but……… just thought I should add that. And I already wrote to much to even think about deleting everything I speculated. Just ignore the part about “A Stolen Naval Ship” and focus on the speculation itself. That’s going to be an interesting re-read when I go back to look at this post a while after its uploaded…………….


I’VE SAID ALL I CAN. Anything more would be pointless rambling, and I feel like there’s enough of that in this post as it stands. Took me 3 days to wrap this one up; my sleep schedule’s been abysmal and erratic for a while now, so I don’t have much time on my computer these days. Plus I’ve been playing my games a lot more. But I have been working on these posts, guys!! It took me all of Saturday(adding in that this was wrapped up Saturday, January 27th, 2024, around 8:04 pm), but I managed to wrap this one up, but I did it. And now on to “My Hero,” I suppose. I kind of want to end on an anecdote about how hard it was for me to find that image of Hibari and Koby at first, because I have so many images I’ve sent to my computer that it was hard to weed through em all- only to come up with nadda and a bunch of images I COULD have used in other posts, but couldn’t find the durn things. But it’s ultimately a bit of an “anti-climax” that ends with me find it online on my first try. Oh…………… Guess I told you anyway. Um……………… Look, Dinner’s about to be ready and I’m having a major “Brain Fart” moment with all I’ve said. ‘Til next time, all. 

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