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Edens Zero REVIEW Dump 3

This series feels like it’s been getting the short end of the stick from me as of late. I can’t even remember the last “solo” review I did for it– I’m looking at the category, and it was apparently chapter 262, when Rebecca had to get naked to save Shiki. No, that was a thing that happened; it’s not a “swipe” at the series or anything like that. Because unlike a certain other– this series still hasn’t fallen off for me. At least…………….. not in terms of how I feel about it. The quality of the series has been……………….. “Hit/ Miss” since………………. honestly the end of Foresta at least for me. Or, well; Shiki’s initial bout with Shura and seeing Homura achieve OverdriveIt was really around when Overdrive started to become a Bargain Bin Product when Weisz got his. Then Kris got his, which was cool- except Kleene ALSO just “got it.” Just…………. Lame. It “cheapened” the power for me- a power that I always thought was pretty d@mn cool when we started getting introduced to it. I understand that this is a “Unified Power-” something every combatant in the story can use- but…………… to get it “back to back” like we did…………. something about it just didn’t sit right with me. 

But yeah; I still like it. Though I’ll admit that it has– at times- felt like Mashima just……….. it felt like he was rushing to get this series over with at some point. Like with the deaths of Jesse, Hyoga, Gowen, Elsie, and Justice on Lendard, or the reveals of Cure/Crow and AcnoellaAll of that felt completely pointless- especially what happened with Elsie and Justoce; I don’t think he had any more plans for them in the story after that point, so he just…………… wrote em off. Though he also didn’t have plans for a lot of Fairy Tail characters who did continue to live, so…………….. Is that really a “justification” for them just………….. fading out” of the story‘Cause I don’t feel like it is with Mashima. In whatever case; I felt like- at that point– with Mashima having our “Narrator” tell us that it was time to march towards the “Final Battle-” it felt like he was ready to wrap up this “little experiment” of his. He saw what it was like drawing a “Space Fantasy-” experienced how hard it was drawing Space Battle scene in a manga format- he pretty much did all he wanted to do with this story, so the only thing left to do was “wrap it up.” That and the fact that he’s working on an original game- both in story creation and the Actual Coding Process– a new(and really fre@kin’ fantasticmonthly manga- storyboard a sequel manga of his previous work- and working on an Original Anime. Man keeps busy- for better or worse. 

On the One HandGotta Respect The Work Ethic- finding time to work on all of these projects; becoming a Youtuber; and still finding time to spend with his family- all while writing and drawing a Weekly Manga. He’s getting experience in a few different feels for if he ever wants to retire from the manga scene, I guess. On The Other: Taking on all of these projects at once and still under the pressures that come with making a weekly manga- no matter how good you THINK your “Work Ethic” is- something’s bound to give; he’s burning a 7 ended candle. And something’s bound to give out under that heat. And if we’re talking “quality,” then I’d definitely say that the work that’s suffered is “Edens Zero.” Though I’ll admit that it can still show signs that Mashima isn’t ready to “throw in the towel” on this series just yet. A few too many things “just sort of happen” for my taste, but then you have what happened on Miltz……………… BEYOND just Feather Sama’sTotally Awesome Body. Some of his best work on such a…………… “Nothing” character, really. I’m genuinely surprised how little relevance either Oracion Seis faction was to this story; we don’t even really get to dwell on the fact that we’re dealing with a Whole Different Line Up for both of them in Universe 0. Especially with what Drakken did in the beginning of the series. 

………………….. I’m looking at the post and I’m realizing that we are 3 Full Paragraphs into the post and still haven’t gotten to the “point.” If you ever need “proof” that this is a series near and dear to my heart- there it is. I’ve always felt like I could talk on and on about this series if I didn’t stop myself. Looks like I still got it. But we can’t be in the “Introduction” all day; we’re here for a f*ckin’ reason. Also because if I take forever and a day, I’m going to run up against the release of “Dead Rock” chapter 8. And looking at the spoilers- It’s not one that I want to miss. Read “Dead Rock” if you have the time- it’s……………. Truly Something Remarkable from a man who’s been making……………. Strikingly “Similar” stories since the start of his career in 1998. I seriously cannot recommend that manga enough. Please Read It. Okay- on with the show!! 

Chapter 270: “The Hermit Special

With Valkyrie having defeated Brigadine, she is finally able to give her Authentication code so that Hermit shut down the Edens Zero and hopefully stop Killer’s Self Destruct ProtocolProblemIt was all apart of Killer’s plan- getting her to shut down the Edens Zero so the ship would be left defenseless when he tries to ram it with the Edens One. It looks like the end of the line for the Zero, when Suddenly- the One stops in its tracks. That’s because Weisz broken into the One’s systems via a Dive pod- made specifically to run independently of the Zero! He clocks Killer in the Digital world- the first of many punches to come for how their last match ended. He takes his “Mark 0” Arsenal armor, and the battle starts. Killer sends some weapons at him, but with Hermit’s coding skills at his back- Killer can’t even touch him. 

Weisz ultimately wins the fight with a “Dual Metalica Explosion” that knocks Killer right back into the real world, where Laguna– still aboard the Edens One– was waiting to wash him away. The countdown finally stops, with 29 seconds to spare……………….

Chapter 271: “Their Lives Or The Future?

With the end of the Self Destruct Protocol and the Dragon Horde vanquished(ceased function), the only thing left to do is wait for Shiki and Rebecca to return safely from confronting VoidSo they might as well take this chance to Smash the Edens One apart; the Rutherfords are going to help Laguna with that while Hermit gets the Edens Zero back online. Ziggy vs Void: Ziggy says that Void designed that face of his based on a simulation of what he(Void) would look like as a Grown up- using Shiki’s features more than Rebecca’s. But Void says that the past is “irrelevant-” all that matters is that he Destroys Mother. Speaking of– 


The moment the story has been building to since the start of the 2nd Chapter– the STORYWISE equivalent of finding the Legendary One Piece– The Moment That We’ve been building to for 271 chapters/ 5 years of serialization– Shiki and Rebecca Are Meeting With MOTHER HERSELF. And the Mascots, too. They’re so enthralled in her magnitude that they’re left speechless until- She opens her eyes, and sees The Boy She’s been Waiting ForShiki Granbell. She says as much to him, and gives him 2 options– the one he chooses guaranteed and the other blocked off forever. Such is the agreement that they made 20,000 years prior to this moment. Shiki’s Options: 

Save Mother And Guarantee Humanity a Future- Or Let Her Die, But Save Those Who’ve Died In Other Universes.

If he saves Mother, then her power will be restored- a Future Guaranteed to them where Humanity and Peace continue. CATCH: Universe 0- the origin point of the Multiverse– is still in “flux;” nothing about it has been set in stone just yet. Whether or not character’s like Spider, or Valkyrie, Creed, Shura, Ijuna, Witch, Elsie, Justice, Hyoga, Gowen, Jesse, and more SURVIVE in Universe 0- completely up to how they approach their lives here. If Shiki saves Mother here- their fates are SEALED. But if he chooses to save THEM- Mother’s Good As Dead, and the “happy future” they’re thinking of will never come to pass. So in knowing that- What Will Dear Little Shiki Granbell Choose? 

Chapter 272: “Mother…

Seeing as this choice is in Shiki’s hands, he tries to get all the facts before he makes such a big decision- starting with what he’ll have to do to save Mother. She explains that the mere choice of saving her is all she needs- such was their agreement 20,000 years ago. The moment he chooses “Save Mother-” her power will come back, and she’ll continue providing Ether to the Entire Universe. But it still isn’t going to be that easy of a choice to make. Rebecca reluctantly suggests that they choose to save their friends- forging a future with their own hands. But…………… that’s what leads to the future Ziggy hails from. And even that world’s gonna die out in its own time. Rebecca puts her foot down, demanding to know why Mother’s forced such a decision on Shiki. FLASHBACK TIME!!

20,000 Years Ago- The Planet Earth, 2025: 20,000 Years Ago- Mother Was The Planet Earth. In the year 2025(WHATCH U TRYIN NA SAY, MASHIMA?); Shiki and co see the planet Earth as it was– even spotting the bottle cap relic Xenolith gave them. The beauty of the planet, however, did not last- War, Disease, Destruction and more plagued the planet to the point where the planet itself just couldn’t keep up; Earth started dying!! But where there’s Destruction- there will come those who would try and Rebuild. A girl from Japan named Mio, and the American Physicist Dr Yuna. Pino remembers this part. And those who would help them– The Defense Attorney Regret and her friend Ivry. Ivry was infected with a mysterious disease, and her Doctor- “Cooper(Clown of the Dark Stars)-” suggests an “Ether Therapy” treatment. Thus setting the “wheels of fate” in motion. 

Chapter 273: “Purification

Dr Cooper explains that all living things- people, plants, and animals alike- possess a stream of energy within them called “Ether-“ a theoretical power proven to exist by 1 Dr Yuna- a classmate of Ivry and Regret. They come to visit her, along with Mio. She and her “friend(Human Killer)” are here discussing a process related to the Ether Therapy treatment that Ivry’s about to undergo………. 3 Months Later: Ivry’s Up And Running- enjoying her first time outside in ages. Running- jumping– she’s “alive” again. She’s so thankful to everyone for helping her get her life back that she offers a helping hand in whatever project they’re working on. Little does she know that undergoing the Ether Therapy was her contribution to the experimenther health is proof that Ether has a “Self-Purification” effect. But the World’s Ether is running out. So the plan: Get Earth’s Ether To Its “Critical Point” and put it in Overdrive. It’s pretty much the only option at this juncture………………

As curious as they are about how the Shining Stars were alive 20,000 years ago, they’re a little more curious about where Shiki comes into the story- seeing as how they made a “promise” around this time. So Mother skips around in the timeline a little bit to The Birth Of Leonard And Regrets ChildSHIKI!!Shiki’s a little “taken aback” by it, but everyone else is super happy to see it. But as “Tragedies” tend to do– Those “Happy Moments” Were Not Long For This World. The Countdown Has Commenced………….


Quick Tangent: In the last few hours since I finished the above section of this post(Starting this part Friday, February 2nd, 2024, around 12:50 pm), I have had the chance to watch Amazon Prime’s Hazbin Hotel. Will I get the chance to review it? Experience says “No,” but I GENUINELY want to. But I won’t get you hopes up like that. I simply bring it up because it got the same reaction Dead Rock got out of me- that One Piece gets out of me- that Boruto got out of me. What do all these series have in common? I’ll save that for the upcoming Dead Rock chapter 8 post. I simply bring it up to give you guys an idea of what I’ll be discussing in the upcoming chapter review. Tangent Over. NOW…………… 1)Mashima seems to stand firm on the side that “Earth chan is not flat-” anything BUT “flat,” it seems. 2)”An effective mystery is one the audience figures out just before the reveal-” in this Mashima has succeeded. He talked once in the past about how he struggled to write a mystery story in the past- his friends telling him it “wasn’t that good.” I suppose he took that personally, and made a f*ckin’ Effective mystery in the form of Mother. Sorry ’bout the swearing; still in “Hazbin Hotel” mode. 

It’s not that this reveal was particularly “shocking,” nor was it “the obvious choice;” Mashima just built up a good mystery– respecting his fans intelligence and leaving crumbs in the story for us to pick up on, as well as start revealing through the ending of recent chapters a lot of what was going on in the past. It’s also an effective way of “getting to the point” without it feeling rushed; we now already know how they came to the idea of Overdriving the planet- now we just got to see the “Birth” of Mother. But then; we also need to see Ziggy come down and what his role in all of this is. Mother is probably talking about Ziggy when she says “They made an agreement-“ I doubt that the Newborn Shiki is who she’s talking about. But then, we don’t actually know when the Earth starting caving in on itself; that Volcano at the end of 273 could have erupted seconds after Shiki was born or 20 years later. But no; I think the intention was DEFINITELY that Ziggy is the one who made the deal. Heck- going back to the “Mystery” thing- I think we know the origins of Shiki and the Shining Stars. But not Pino and the Dark Stars weirdly enough. The fact that Pino knows the story means that she’d have to be apart of it you would think, but we haven’t seen anyone who would be her “Human Counterpart” like the others. 

In ShortPlanet’s Dying. Yuna, Mio, Human Killer, and maybe the others are all involved in trying to get whatever machine they’re about to use up and running. But it’s not working because they lack a “Full Understanding Of Ether. Which is where the time traveler Ziggy comes in to help them. Long story shortMother is born and the resulting explosion leaves all of them…………. mutilated in the Void of Space. Except for Shiki. For the Shining and Dark Stars, they probably ended up in a similar position to Happy in Universe 1: Needed to become Machine’s to save their lives. Where the Dark Stars went after that is anyone’s guess, but we pretty much get what happened to the Shining Stars- going with Ziggy back to Granbell. Which is why they don’t have any memories of what happened leading up to finding ShikiThey Weren’t There. And the memories that Ziggy erased were their lives as Humans and the origins of Mother. But that’s just the “Gist” of it– there’s still some points that aren’t adding up. 

Void seems to know something we don’t- something that makes him absolutely certain that destroying Mother is the right choice. That speech about “Love” from 266…………….. “‘Love’ is what breeds hatred-” “Love” is what birth Mother; the love the Mio and the other shared for their planet and humanity. And as a result– The series. Okay, I’m gonna stop that; I don’t know what I was cooking there. Um……………. Ah, crud, I don’t get it. Heck, I don’t even really get it; I don’t even know why Shiki has a choice to make! Does Mother have some kind of “Omniscience” that told her at BIRTH what the fate of the Universe is? I mean, I would buy that; it’s just crazy that she had to ask Ziggy to make the choice right then and there. Like I said: Still Too Much We Don’t Know. Heck, I don’t even know how Baby Shiki survived, let alone why he now has black hair when BOTH parents have green hair. 

Something I wrote in my notes is how important it was that Shiki not know what his choices were prior to this moment- that knowing that he’d one day have to choose between himself and his friends– or the Entire Universe. Knowing that “Those Who Died In Other Universe Would Die From Saving Mother” would have made him more reckless– closer to the Shiki that yelled at Kris than the rational one that chose to escape Nero 66the Irrational Shiki that prioritized kicking Illeega’s fat @$$ than making sure Rebecca was okay. He’d be so busy trying to make sure “No One Dies” that his judgement gets clouded and…………… well; if the Leader’s not certain in his choice, then how can ask people to trust him? Something like that. MY POINT IS THAT Shiki would be too caught up in protecting everyone to focus on the situation in the moment- his judgement would be clouded, and his crew unable to put their full trust in him. Then they’re all dead, and he’d be in this situation on a larger scale. It’s stuff like that that makes Shiki such an impactful character; the divide between his “logic” and his “heart-” a situation not many Main character’s find themselves in…………….. without ultimately getting to have their cake and eat it, too. 

Though that brings up the question of why this choice has to be made in the First Place. The way she phrased in in chapter 272: “The moment you choose to save me, I will reclaim my rightful power, which will enable me to supply all the cosmoses with Ether.” “RECLAIM-” as in “she lost it.” THEORY: The reason her Ether is being spread so thinly- the reason her Ether’s running out- is because it’s……………. I can’t think of a proper metaphor to describe it, so I’ll simply say that a lot of that Ether is being used up preserving the lives of everyone in the Multiverse. For ever version of Valkyrie that dies, Valkyrie’s ether goes back to Mother- and then to all the versions that live. It’s being……………….. Wait, what the h#ll am I saying? I know I’m trying to say “Her Ether Is Being Used To Preserve All Life In The Multiverse,” but Got It As I was saying it; the Multiverse is getting too “vast-” too many of the same person drawing on the same source of Ether. Like Rachel told us: “Whatever happens in Universe 0 will overwrite all other Universes, and merge them into one.” And like Mother told us: “Universe 0 hasn’t been finalized.” 

For her to reclaim her power, those who’ve already died in another Universe will all give up the Ether they were given at birth- returning it to Mother so she can continue to create life. And when the Multiverse is finally “compressed” into a single reality- she’ll be able to retrieve all that ether in an endless cycle. She’s a living version of the Ether Recycling Device Ziggy made for Granbell in Universe 0- might even be where he got the idea! She creates new life which goes on to die and send that Ether back to her, which she “cleanses” and starts the process all over again. For all the Universe in a permanent, Endless loop. ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SPECTRUM: If Shiki chooses to save the people who’ve all died- the last of her Ether will go into them, giving them life in all Universes and compressing it all into one. And when they die, their Ether outright ceases; whatever Ether Mother’s have to make life will be used up, and none will be left to create more life. In essenceHumanity will become sterile, and die out from lack of births. So put that Ether back out into the Universe and say goodbye to his friends? Or sterilize HumanityWhat choice will Shiki make

WELLlet’s look at the series. Shiki has learned on more than one occasion how to say “Goodbye” to someone he loves; he had to teach this to his friends when it came to Valkyrie– had to be reminded of it by Rebecca- and put it into practice when it came time to save Ziggy. And despite what I said earlierStill a Main Character- still infected with that “Self Sacrifice” mentality. He died once himself- Rebecca told him as much in World 30. He knows this would take his life, too. And if it were just him, he probably wouldn’t need to think about it this hard. But it’s taking back the lives he’s been fighting to preserve in Universe 0- him having to make the conscious choice of taking Valkyrie and Creed away from Homura again; taking Irma back from Weisz; taking Justice and Elsie’s lives away from them; killing his own Mother– not killing them himself, but it certainly feels like it without their consent. They’d all probably allow it if they were here- but they’re not. But it’s either that or stop Humanity’s growth dead in its tracks- preventing Future Lives. That’s, like- BILLIONS of lives that never even get the chance. He’s effectively committing Mass Genocide if he doesn’t save Mother right now. 

…………………………… This is a tough one; one that……………. I feel like he’s going to find a secret “3rd option” that either only takes HIS life and his alone, or takes no one. Because this is a Shonen manga- it’s not that deep. That, and the way “Rave Master” ended. I think that’s what people didn’t like about the series: “The Way It Ended-” like so many after it. That being said, I don’t see what that “3rd option” could possibly be. But then– all of that was just “Head Canon-” a theory I’ll treat as the truth until the story says otherwise. I don’t even know how the Multiverse got started, let alone how Mother knew all of this would happen for her to make an agreement with Shiki like this. Or why Rebecca’s family have the power they do, nor where the Chronophages come in in all this. I actually saw a theory once that said that the Chronophages were beings created by the Planet Edens using Rebecca’s Ether. 

She may have been dead, but her body was still pumping Ether- pretty much preserving her body. So theory says that they used that Ether to create a monsters who could “restore” the Universe- planet by planet- back to a state where Humans existed- maybe even in the hopes of restoring Mother, seeing as they were on her “Throne” thingy when they found Shiki and Rebecca. Note the ashened comet in front of them– which someone ELSE pointed out to be The Earth’s Moon. Which people now ALSO think is Xiao Mei– the Moon in Overdrive. Get it? Because he real name is “Luna?” I will grant that we know nothing about her yet, nor do we know the “Full Extent” of what she can do(mayhaps this is just an “Avatar” she uses to interact with the greater Universe), but that’s one of them “……….. Okay Then” type of theories; one that’s either Hit the nail on the head, or way off mark. Though it WOULD explain why she was next to Mother when her true name was revealed. Though in the same breath, I’ll say that there’s a theory that she’s another version of Shiki and Rebecca’s kid. Haru and Elie only had(SPOILER ALERT) Levin; a version of Natsu and Lucy have Nashi; Shiki and Rebecca would at that point have 2. I wonder who Yakuto and Frey’s kid would take after at the end of the day? Just because that series doesn’t have an Elie/Lucy/Rebecca type Heroine- doesn’t mean there won’t be “Shipping.” You don’t change the way you write a story over night. 

……………….. What was I talking about? “A lot of things” as I tend to do with this series. Maybe it’s in part because it’s the series I’ve been talking about the longest……………… in comparison? I first started talking about this series on my Facebook page with chapter 4, only to start my blog with chapter 6, and I’ve been talking about it ever since. Now we’re at d@mn near 300 chapters and I’m still enjoying what I’m doing– still discussing the story like it was the first time you’re reading about it. Which is why you’re seeing a lot of links to various(or- I’m sure- the same) chapters. I just want you guys to have context for everything I say; I make it a point of not saying something if I can’t back it up with facts. try not to, anyone; somethings just………….. kind of get away from me

……………………. Chronophages, right. Ah………… yeah, that’s a theory. Not out of the realm of possibility, honestly; he also brought up that Rebecca likes to eat, and they’re…………. “Time Eaters.” Yeah, my train of thought is off course. MOVING ON: Pino’s Origins and her involvement in the Shining Star’s origins. I don’t think she was there with them; I think she was Ziggy’s Original Travelling Companion- a Droid he made when he landed in Universe 1 and started making the Granbell Robots. THEY went on the quest to Mother and came to Earth, turning the Shining Stars into machines and finding Shiki and all of that. And what she was crying about in 255 was the actual origin- the “tragic nature” of how they came to be Androids and her role in it. Probably not something you’d want to see as a “single piece;” I’m sure it’d look a lot better with the full context of what happened. Though considering her goal is to Become Human; I imagine taking theirs doesn’t sit well with her at the moment. But again– FULL CONTEXT. Which she’s getting here. 

LAST THING: Ether’s “Purification” effect. Using the process of Ether Therapy, they were able to “cleanse” Ivry of her sickness; getting rid of a whole bunch of tumors with in her. What was her sickness? Probably the same thing Labilia has. What’s this “Purifying” effect Ether has? Maybe it has something to do with Overdrive. Nero told us that Overdrive “reconfigures the particles in your body into an ‘optimal’ form.” Here’s a idea: Maybe Ivry and Labilia have an Ether Deficiency- there’s bodies lack too much Ether, and thus can’t stay “stable.” So maybe the Ether Therapy Treatment is simply a process of giving them Ether in an endless loop- something like Ether Recycling– in which her body is given Ether to “stabilize” it, and taken out so that it can be “cleansed” after removing the “impurities,” and put through again and again until the body’s able to do this process on its own. But that’s just a theory. I honestly don’t know what Mashima is trying to say right now………….. plus I think I’m finally spent with this post. As such………….


That was a lot. Even for ME that was a lot; I was struggling to end the post at that point, so ultimately I just…………. kind of gave up and decided to stop. Sorry. But a lot of what I said- MOST of what I said- wasn’t planned at all. It’s just something about this guy’s series that make them so worth discussing. I’ve been reading Fairy Tail in hopes of catching up to the recent chapters of 100 Years Quest, and……….. well, in part; it’s because I’m ALSO trying to catch up to “Gachiakuta” and a few other series- such as Choujin X and Fire Force– on top of it. But also I don’t have full context of the original 545 chapter original series, let alone whatever chapter 100YQ is on. I just know that it’s getting less and less difficult to see what people love about it. I see all the time on Twitter people sharing the love for the series………………. to outright Toxic and Disrespectful extents. It’s fine to share your love for any series you enjoy, but to attack other works and creators to make that one look better- disrespecting what those other works add to the world and what they’ve all done for other people, the same as what they did for you– That’s just disrespectful to these creatives. “What, you have to point out the flaws in other works just to makes this one look better?” Seriously? You don’t think it’s good enough to stand on its own? 

But in any case; that’s all I’ve got for all of you today. Check out Dead Rock, Fairy Tail, Rave Master, and any other series I’ve recommended thuse far. “Choujin X” is a bit of a long one for only 48 chapters by now, but I promise it’s worth the read- especially if you’ve read Tokyo Ghoul. Stay Safe- Stay Healthy- Stay Magic. ‘Til next time…………..

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