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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101 SHORT REVIEW

There’s a reason I’m starting with this one. I’m going to be doing…………. a lot of chapter reviews at the moment. Why? Because- They’re all at the “Top of Their Game” this time around. Or………… more like “I’m getting that same ‘feel’ from them again.” I’m specifically talking about this and My Hero Academia– 2 series that I always feel like I’m ready to write off and stop discussing- only for a new chapter to come along and make me rethink that decision. I’ll be real with youI did not read the last batch of chapters– I just looked at the spoilers and told you what details were in it from the movie. Because if you want to enjoy this story- Go and Watch The F*cking Movie. Because the this retelling dragged ooooooooooooooooooooooooon. Just……… no. I wasn’t going to read that sh!t, nor was I going to subject all of you to a half-@$$ed post about them. So the last……….. looking at the posts I have since I decided to just “dump” them with the other series the week of the monthlies, it looks like it was just the 3. Ah………….. Where was I going with this? Oh! Got it. 

I Am Not Buying “Dragon Ball Super” And My Hero Academia Volumes.

Not until I see the writing quality of “Super” improve and Stay That Way, and My Hero…………… for a whole other reason. I say all this because I’m at least going to start all of these posts in one go. Which ones come out when is up to the Universe. But I really want to do those One Piece and My Hero chapters this time around. Getting kind of tired of all these “Dumps.” But I gotta bare with it for a little while longer. Um………….. Man, it’s kind of been a mintue since I got to a post; I’ve mostly been wrapping up my time in Paldea and watching Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End- I haven’t been working those posts that much. Mostly because of a detail I had meant to discuss but can’t seem to find the source of anymoreThey’re coming; just…………. give me a minute. Ah……………… Let’s just start this before I run out of time. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 101: “Carmine And Soldier #15.” They’re not nearly as important as that title would suggest……………

Vegeta vs Broly II

Okay, I’m touching this post again on Sunday, January 28th, 2024, around 9:57 pm– after not having touched this post in DAYS working on the recent One Piece and My Hero chapters. A swift reminder why I don’t talk about the weeklies when it’s Monthly Week. I’m just thankful I wrote down some notes for the chapter before I went away to work on those. Otherwise this post would suck to work on. Then again, this is taking time out of the “Boruto” post, which is late as is. Which just means we need to get to work on this. Starting with this part. I made this a “Short Review” because this is one of the only 2 points that I have to discuss. And the first point we’re gonna be touching on is Vegeta and Broly’s second match- and what it says about the characters. Also what it says about Toyotaro’s Fight Scenes. I’ve made it no secret that I’m not a fan of his panel work on the Dialogue panels, and his fight scenes…………… well, they are getting better. Though I still say he’s putting too many panels to a page……………

In any case; there’s an idea out there that Vegeta is doing what Whis told Goku to do at the beginning of the Granolah arc- the idea of trying to take the “traits” of Ultra Ego and use them in his lower forms to conserve stamina, since those higher levels consume a lot of power. Why they can’t do to those levels what Goku and Gohan did to Super Saiyan with the Hyperbolic Time Chamber or just regular training- a question asked by people smarter than I. I can see holding off on that for the God Forms(though Goku and Vegeta have already “mastered” Blue), but why Goku doesn’t do it for SSJ3 at this point just comes down to no one wanting to draw or animate that sh!t. Topic discussed to death at this point. But we saw during the initial encounter with Granolah that the technique becomes more “accurate” in higher forms forms of Super Saiyan. It might be the same with Ultra Ego, but we’ve only seen Vegeta take a punch to the face in his base form- nor is it outright confirmed that that’s what he was doing. 

In all honesty; it looks more like Vegeta took it as a way to demonstrate what he’s trying to teach Broly: Not to “suppress his temper,” but to use it- take the “bull by the horns” and make it listen. Maybe trying to invoke the same kind of effect he saw in Gohan all those years ago; trying to get him to let that anger out and…………… control it. It’s another nice bit of characterization for Vegeta that he would help someone somewhat like himself. I say that in that: Vegeta was weighed down by his “guilt” over what the Saiyans did, while Broly is held back by his fear of what he’ll do if he loses his mind. Probably because of Frieza’s lie during the “Broly” movie; the idea that he got so wrapped up in the fight that he let a “stray blast” kill his father– it pushed him into Super Saiyan of all things. Though at this point in the series, I suppose that doesn’t say much. Point Is: He’s afraid of that happening to Cheelai and Lemo. And Vegeta’s trying to help him “get over it;” not “not care,” but……………. let himself be IN the fight instead of holding himself back because of what’s around him. Something like that……………..

Goku vs Gohan?

The Red Ribbon Army- Carmine and Soldier #15 here……………. they’re done. In terms of their relevance to the adults; who knows at this point what the h#ll the “long term” plan is for “Super” right now. Some think that the more “Earth Based” content will see character like Pan, Uub, Goten, and Trunks dealing with the Red Ribbon army– others………….. have long since stopped reading. Which is fair. I don’t know why I can never drop manga I’m clearly no longer enjoying. Though “Dragon Ball Daima’s” managed to “reinvigorate” my passion for this franchise, I guess. Has that transferred over to the “Super” manga? Or is this “copium” because we’re getting into new content and- despite……… past disappointments– I can’t say I dislike this chapter all that much. Still bored, but I’m able to talk about without getting upset. Same with “My Hero,” I’m noticing. Didn’t think I was so “forgiving” of series that keep letting me down, but I guess I am! Still not ready to buy more “Super” volumes, though; the last 3 DVD sets for the anime and movies going forward absolutely. But not the manga. Though maybe the “My Hero” manga, I’m learning………………

Tangent Over. Like I said: Carmine and Soldier 15’s roles are likely over for the moment. But we’re still “in” that “Super hero” content- a kind of “Direct” sequel to the movie. Maybe a “Short Film” tie in piece would be more accurate. And the Editor’s notes in the Japanese release implies that Goku has an idea in coming here. 1)I think Goten and Trunks are going to keep Carmine and 15 in place to see this next part- for nothing more than to make sure they know they have no chance in winning if they keep doing what they’re doing and 2)Goku vs Gohan Sparring Match. No Earthly idea why Gohan used BEAST just to scare Carmine, but I get it; his anger does tend to get the better of him a lot of the time. Not funny and only there so Goku could find a reason to Earth, but okay. 

Goku………………… is a very Straightforward Character. We know what he came to do. The only questions would really be: 

  1. How does he get Gohan to agree to a sparring match? 
  2. Where will the match occur? 

I think Goku would try and take the fight to Beerus’ World, since it’s so durable. But why would Gohan agree to the match? You could argue that he’s “trying to spend more time with Pan after almost having lost her,” but based on how “Super’s” handled him, it could end up like his training: “Does it for a while- then goes back to status quo.” So in all honesty, he’s probably just working on the “Super Saiy-ant” research paper thing from the movie. So Goku would have to “whisk him off” to get him to agree to it, offering to take him back if he wins. Something childish like that. Will Vegeta and even Broly get a crack at Gohan’s Beast mode? I think Gohan and Broly would be an interesting interaction; both of them being extremely kind and don’t……………………. okay, they’re still Saiyans, so they enjoy battle. But not to the “Risk It All” extent Goku and Vegeta exhibit. For the Half breeds, it’s more like a “Game” when they’re young- before they “discover” things. And for Broly- it’s survival. And is now moving INTO “Sport” now that Goku(and Beerus) will be proving them with essentials. But they don’t “live” for combat. 

Maybe Goku’s also doing this to help Broly; learn from someone’s who’s had………… similar Anger Management problems in the past. Gohan’s outburst as a kid were always these momentary flashes of strength, culminating in the Super Saiyan 2 transformationBroly’s power is………………… something like that; his “flashing moments of strength” are………….. longer and a lot more “unfocused” than Gohan’s. With Gohan, it was about 20 seconds of hitting whatever was in front of him; for Broly, it’s losing your mind and hitting what hits back- until it no longer CAN. Perhaps Gohan can teach him how to “reign it in” a bit, allowing Broly to reach a controlled variant of his Full Power form- something like Kale’s in the anime. Though all of this assuming that’s even Goku’s plan. It’s not that I DON’T think that that’s a “Goku” plan; it’s that this is “Super’s” Goku- the simple idiot; he wants to fight Gohan at the end of the day. Helping Broly get stronger is just a “bonus” because he also wants to fight Broly. He’s the “simple” type, after all………………….


That’s, uh……………. That’s everything. Didn’t feel like this one warranted a Full review(then again, it hasn’t felt like that in a long time), but between the Daima teaser and the BUDOKAI TENKAICHI 4 trailers, I felt like talking about it by itself. For the first time in a LONG time. I’m still trying to work on my expectations for Daima– I think I’ll get back to that when I finish the Boruto post. The new teaser gave me way more screens to work with. And loads more info to talk about, considering its short length. Meaning I should probably hurry up and get to that before something MAJOR happens in “One Piece.” Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, and until the next post, all– Stay Safe; Stay Healthy; And Have A Magical Day. Later!! 

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