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Meliodas And Gawain!- And Everyone Else, Too. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 88 BREAKDOWN

D@mn You, Suzuki Sensei- You made me break my new trend with you’re ability to draw such good stand alone images!! Through talking about this series; I’ve started to really see a lot of panels that would make a lot good images in a posts- ones that I don’t always get to use, and end up taking space in my computer. Thus part of the reason for our new style. I won’t even started editing the images and adding them in until I’ve saved the post twice over, then I start editing, and add them to the post. And then you have SUZUKI SENSEI. He just…….. he’s just too GOOD at this! You should see an example of what I mean after this paragraph; I’m still not gonna bother with adding in the images until the post is done. 

I didn’t talk about this series last week because 1)there was only really one story critical thing for me to talk about and 2)I just wanted a “break in the pattern,” you know? Because of my work schedule; I ABSOLUTELY get to talk about these 2. But as the recent arc of Edens Zero showed us- Not every chapter is gonna be a banger. And we’ve been doing some “Slice Of Life” stuff for the past handful of chapters. Fine for the characters after such a Story Heavy Arc- and Suzuki makes sure that they’re never really boring. But I’m ki~nda ready to get things- you know- Moving again. And JUST WHEN it looks like that’s about to happen- Meliodas goes and Cooks. And plans get delayed. You’ll see what I mean in a second. For now; Four Knights of The Apocalypse Chapter 88: “Departure.” Delayed. 


Chapter 87: Lance meets up with his “Fated Lover” Guinevere, who reveals to him her Magic power: “Kaleidscope-” the ability to see the events of the Future as dreams, in such clarity that it all seems like it’s happening in Real Time. But that comes at a great consequence in knowing what’ll happen up until the day Guin dies at 71- even a very tragic fate for she and Lance. Lance leaves after comforting her, but realizes that Former King Bartra’s “omen-” ain’t over yet………. 

Chapter 88: Guin returns to her temporary home to find her Would-Be Kidnapper awaiting her arrival- The “Red Knight” IRONSIDE of The “Four Perils.” He is surprised that- even knowing what will happen with her powers- that she would still chose to come back instead of trying to defy the future. But apparently, trying to defy the Future will cost a “heavy price” for her, so it’s easier to just let these things play out. As Such- Ironside prepares to take her back to Camelot. Lance is coming to her aid, now realizing what Bartra’s prophecy meant, but Guin gets in telepathic contact with him and tells him “It’s not his fault;” this was all fated to happen. Just as Lancelot is fated to find her again…….. She and Ironside are gone by the time he gets there. 

At the castle; Percival arrives with their new clothes. Everyone is SUPER excited to receive their new drip, but Nasiens’ mind is on other matters for some reason. Percival FORCE strips him, and they all get dressed. They all note the Ouroboros symbol on their new clothes as a “Symbol of Eternal Friendship.” You can’t see me right now, but know that I’m laughing so hard that I’m about to pee my pants. Tristan’s platoon shows up to make sure they got their new clothes alright, and show off a sense of “Unity” in their OWN choice of wardrobe. Though Anne says that it makes them look like everyone but Isolde “lacks personality.”  

Tristan says that Lance probably won’t be changing clothes because those clothes were made by the Fairy King himself. As for Gawain, she wasn’t in her room. And that’s due to her going to the Castle rooftop to meet with Meliodas. HER new look……. is rather Familiar to Meliodas. Gawain takes issue with the open torso area, but the one who made her clothes isn’t here at the moment. So to the Matter At HandGawain questions why they’re putting their trust in her. She’s the daughter of Arthur’s Brother-In-Law(making Arthur her Maternal Uncle), and has no real reason to go against him. And yet- Here She Is In Liones. So Meliodas questions what she’s here for as well. But of course, she can’t say ’til it’s character/plot relevant. So she’ll play “Knight of Prophecy…….” for now, anyway…….. 

Meliodas offers her something to eat, but she declines. Then she finds out it’s a Barrel Full of Pudding- her “Reason For Living.” CatchMeliodas Made It Himself. One Gulp: “Gawain Came Down With An Unexplained Fever, Inflammation, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Abdominal Pain, and Visual/Auditory Hallucinations- and the Four Knight’s Departure was Postponed for an entire day.” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 88 END!! Shoulda warned em, Tristan- shoulda, coulda, woulda. 


Chapter 86: The Love Triangle

I touched on this in the most recent “Dump Post,” but I didn’t get to fully explore it and explain why it is that I’m laughing so hard milk may just shoot out my nose. I’ve never known why, but when a Romance story does this, I can’t help but Grin from Ear to Ear. But only when it’s a GOOD one. Like if Kaguya Sama were to do this plot(I was caught up, but fell off and never caught back up), then I’d be laughing. Because I always kind of enjoy the drama. They’re kids- 16 years old and Full of Hormones. They’re gonna be doing stupid sh!t for a WHILE. It’s seeing how they handle the FALLOUT of that sh!t that’s always enjoyable. 

Nasiens has a crush on Percival. That much is being made clear. Anne- not sure. Though Percival can cycle between being the “Annoying Little Brother” and the “Dependable Guy” that I’m sure Anne is looking for in a Romantic partner. But there’s too much of that “Little Brother” in there. Their new arrangement may change that a little, but I’m not entirely sure one way or the other yet. All of this raises a bit of a question: “Which way does Percival ‘swing?’” You have NUMEROUS moments of him being a pervert and all “curious” with girls, but then you have him casually stripping Nasiens in this chapter. 

………… He has not seen other people before the last few months. He’s got 16 years of “Curiosity” to catch up on. And once he’s…….. “figured it out,” then maybe he’ll realize that something about himself that he never realized. Alright, even I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I don’t know if he’ll end up with Anne or give things with Nasiens a try, but I’m interested to see where this goes- and how this is going to affect the group dynamic. Anne’ll PROBABLY pic up on it with her lame magic, and see what she can do to help the situation. Good luck with that, Anne! 

Chapter 87: Percival’s Magic

We learn a lot about Guin and her magic, but the BIG thing we learn is how these magic typings work. Specifically: “When someone has more than 4 of the 9 Magic types, it makes Hero Type.” Looking at the 9

  1. “Destroyer Type-” User exerts magical power with destructive properties(EX: Guila’s “Explosion”)
  2. “Shifting Type-” The user modifies the properties of matter
  3. “Healing Type-” Healing powers
  4. “Search Type-” Discerning the location of someone or something, or discovering one’s true nature(Anne)
  5. “Mental Type-” Manipulation of someone’s mind
  6. “Deception Type-” Illusions
  7. “Stealth Type-” Conceals your presence to hide you from enemies 
  8. “Enchanter Type-” User applies magic to something to strengthen it 
  9. “Oracle Type-” Predicts the future 

So far as we know; Percival is the only person who possesses the “Hero Type.” As shown in his initial battle with Pellegarde, he displayed “Shifter Type,” “Destroyer Type,” “Enchanter,” and “Healing.” That’s 4 in his first Magic Battle. And he’s only furthered these examples in his journey to Liones. Even the nature of his magic itself- converting people’s belief in him into power- would technically count as “Shifter type.” But he hasn’t thus far displayed any of the “Mental, Tactical” types like “Search” and “Stealth.” And you have what he did to Chion when he thought his friends were dead. That……… What WAS that? An inversion of “Healing?” ‘Cause it REALLY Happened. Could it be a “Bonus” that just comes with the “Hero type?” Something unique to that type alone? 

But they said “MORE Than 4.” Percival may learn to do something else in the future………..

Chapter 88: Meliodas, Gawain, And The Four Perils 

Ironside has been confirmed as a Peril. I’m almost willing to bet that Jericho will be one, just to make her important to Camelot and give us a bit of an “Obvious Battle” when it comes time to face the Perils. Pellegarde? He now has a connection to Gawain. But I feel like Pellegarde has a little too much “freedom” to be someone as important as that; you’d think that Arthur would send him to do other things rather than let him run off into enemy territory and drink til someone comes to fight him. You know what I mean? And I we don’t even have a hint at who the the 4th one could be. Naturally since this group was just introduced. But we already have 3 story critical characters acting as Knights of Camelot- ANY of which possessing the power to fight the Knights of Prophecy. 

Gawain’s clothes. Meliodas took ONE look at her, and……. something must have “clicked” in his mind. It may have been how much she looks like Merlin when she’s wearing this, or maybe it’s something we’ll learn as the story goes on- something that tells us fully how Gawain’s powers work. ‘Cause we don’t know yet. It SEEMED like she had “Sunshine,” but she was out in broad daylight and she didn’t get all “Full Grown.” It’s something like “Sunshine-” perhaps a Magic power that manifested that allows her stockpile and build up magic through some means, and it takes a minute for that power to build up again. Maybe….. 

Then she goes and Levitates and I can’t make heads or tails of what’s going on. But we know that she’s here with some purpose of her own- one that is not directly going against Camelot, but clearly requires access to resources she can’t just “muscle” her way into getting. Is it something actually Emotional, or does she want to know something? Maybe something with her parents? I don’t know. But I do think that we’ll be seeing her home sometime in the future. And I think whatever she wants from the Liones group will be made clear sooner rather than later…………

Shame on Tristan for not warning anyone about his dad’s cooking. Oh well, now they know. 


STACKED POST. But I like it. These slower chapters don’t tell you much, but they serve a purpose in setting up character motivations(and clearly some character dynamics). But NEXT TIME, Ladies and Gentlemen The Story Gets Moving. No clue to where, or what the “Arc Structure” is going to be from now on, but I’m sure that they’re not at all ready for what’s awaiting them. Can’t wait to see it. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, all- Have A Splendid Rest Of Your Day. By~~e!! 

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