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MAN is that a mouthful!! But essential for what this chapter is. I had more to say about Tristan’s potential growth in regards to last week’s chapter– something’s that I probably couldn’t do in a Dump Postyeah? This chapter also has a little more “meat” to it, so it’s not gonna be a Short Review like a lot of Battle chapters with this series could be. Ya ever notice that? Battle’s in this series- battle chapters- don’t leave us with a whole f*ck ton of sh!t to dissect. So in the beginning, I had to pad out with random, little topics. But now I have “Short Reviews” for that. But again; this is not that. Ah…….. let’s get to it. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 122: “The Washouts.” A Tristan and Gawain Chapter. Alright. It’s not like I hate them or anything; I’m just curious what’s going on with Percival


Picking up from the last chapter: Tristan finds himself in a bind against the Testament Beast– a creation of Rosebank by combining Schwarz and the other Royal Demon Guards with her Chaos Staff. But Schwarz still has a little bit of “himself” left in there, which he uses to get in contact with Tristan and tells him to call for Zeldris; he doesn’t believe that Tristan possesses the power to save them on his own. But he plans to show them that he can. And once again finds himself  getting his @$$ kicked. While behind the beast; Anne is losing consciousness and remembers another rule about her magic: #5- The effects will vanish if she’s unconscious. As Nasiens soon realizes when he’s petrified by Livet. And he’s about to finish the job by breaking the statue, but Rosebank believes that anymore would be unnecessary. But he words don’t matter to such “Duty Bound” Knights, so they move for the kill. But Gawain gets involved in the situation. 

She warns them to keep their hands off, but the Chaos Knights remind them that she’s in magic restraints restraining her powers. She seems pretty powerless right now, right? Yeah, yeah……… Remember that Bulked up form she was in in her first introduction? She wanted to wait for a “Full Charge,” but she’s got people she wants to protect, so- “Master Of The Sun” returns. She begins kicking @$$ and then sends them all off somewhere through like a portal she made or something- with the exception of Rosebank who tried to avoid killing them. And back with Tristan; he finds himself up a creek without a paddle against the Testament Beast- wondering why it is that he can’t go any further. “Is it because I’m not like Mom or Dad- because I’m not a Pure Demon clan or Goddess clan member?!” Thoughts like this spew out make their way into his head. And Gawain finds it “such a coincidence” that they’re both “Washouts-” people who didn’t know what they were. But knowing that is what allows you to reach out to other- to love others. 

And with that knowledge in mind, they can rise to the top with everything they’ve got. She asks him to join her, as she fights against the Testament Beast- showing everyone “The Power And Pride Of A Washout” with a “Rising Impact!!” Four Knights Apocalypse Chapter 122 END!! One doesn’t know who he is yet– the other doesn’t know why. But together they can define that for themselves. Or something to that effect. 


This is something I brought up last week: Tristan only ever thinks of himself in relation to his parents “Seven Deadly Sins Leader- Dragon Sin Of Wrath” Meliodas of the Demon Clan; Child of the Supreme Deity- the Goddess “Bloodstained” Elizabeth. Instigators of the Original Holy War; Scion’s of the Demon King and Supreme Deity; the King and Queen of Liones; Captain of the Legendary Seven Deadly Sins- it’s a lot to live up to. He knows this. H#ll; who doesn’t? It’s a wonder he can even introduce himself as “Prince Tristan of Liones” and not “Son of Meliodas and Elizabeth!” THIS IS JUST THE TRUTH. And it’s what’s limiting his power- wanting to be compared to his mother; not wanting to be compared to his father; avoiding using his Demon clan roots and utilizing Goddess magic- he’s hardly a person unto himself. What he needs to learn is that he’s more than just “THEIR Son-” he is “Tristan,” a Nephilim. And he needs to OWN that title.

I doubt he’ll take on a similar form to Mael after absorbing those commandments, but I definitely think that the “Corrupted Goddess Wing” thing will be part of whatever transformation he’ll get. And maybe a combination of the Goddess clan eye pattern and the Demon Clan’s coloration- fitting for “The Boy Who’s Eyes Hold Both Holiness and Darkness.” Maybe a Demon Mark on his head like when Meliodas and other Humanoid Demon’s tap into their dark force. No clue what he’ll be able to do, but I’ll tell ya: It’s a power all his own– something completely unto himself. Perhaps those Healing abilities of his will mutate when channeled with the Demon clan’s powers; he might be able to heal his allies and infect his enemies!! He might become a Powerhouse even eclipsing…………. his mother. Those are still some BIG shoes to fill, Young Prince. 

And it may well come about here if not later on in the story. But it’s interesting to think that it’ll all come about through his relationship with Gawain. Tristan still doesn’t know who he is, and is going to start defining that; Gawain knows who she is- but doesn’t know why. In that way; I suppose their both “Kindred Spirits-” people who are just trying to figure themselves out while trying to save the world. I like it. And who knows; maybe learning who he is will one day help Percival come to terms with his existence as a Life Spirit. Kind of like the Hero Killer arc in “My Hero:” Deku helping Shoto allowed him to see that Ilda had a problem- Gawain helping Tristan take the first step will let him help Percival take that next step later. THAT’S some Quality Character writing right there. And good USE of characters all at once. 

Something else- just a little detail- is that Anne remembering what she learned about her Magic. It shows how determined she is to understand what she can do now. But another thing that I brought up in my notes is Rosebank. She’s the “Odd Man Out” that much is clear; she doesn’t have the same “Dutiful” mindset that they have- she seems to want to avoid as much bloodshed and battle as possible. But it’s not as if she’s not prepared for it, seeing what she did to Schwarz and the others. We already saw how trying to betray Camelot goes, so even if she fully defects- she might not last that long. Or maybe she will, since she’s so kind and obviously is developing feelings for Percival. I don’t how she’d avoid the same fate as Teaninich, but I feel like she could live and go on to aid the Knights. That’s the easiest course of action. Another one is that she simply an ally for them in Camelot- like Pellegarde. Though she’s gonna face punishment for giving Percival back the Dragon Relief……………

Oh! Another thing in regards to her: Guinevere told Arthur that he “only slightly” altered the future with his changes to Wallnack. She knew that all of this would happen- give or take a few details because of what Arthur changed. Guin said that he would send 6, but he let Ironside choose what 6 to take, and added Mortlach to the group. Who knows how this was supposed to go? She said that 2 are routed and 4 are killed. 2 of these knights are making it out of the Demon Realm alive- 4 will die somehow- and 1’s fate is ambiguous. Mortlach; Rosebank; Nanashi 2 of them will survive guaranteed. If I were to take a stab at which of them- if any- were to die; I would definitely say Rosebank. Percival does not kill- Percy just might- as a Life Spirit is to do. Though Percival can’t access his magic under Mortlach’s “Duelist,” so it would have to come after Percival wins. Which it doesn’t look like he will. And there’s no way that Nanashi is going down here- even against Lance. So yeah; Rosebank might not make it. 

Though if she lives, then she’ll likely finally realize that Camelot’s treatment of Human enemies- and even those tasked with defending it-will push her right into the hands of Liones- knowledge and all. Who KNOWS what that girl is about to bring to their side? If she manages to bring the Chaos Staff and that mark over with her, then they can start working out counter measures. It’s a toss up, honestly; I put Nanashi in there to just be generous– it could be either Rosebank or Mortlach that dies. Which everyone services the story better will live- whoever is gonna have the more “impact” on the characters will die. Mortlach’s death would certainly push Diodra into action, and Ironside doesn’t need another reason to want Percival dead. Who knows………..

Wow, that point went on longer than I thought it would. Hoof, that plus the unexpected delays brought on by my own greed have made his take a little longer than I would have liked. But I only have 1 more point to talk about- I promise. And that would have to be Gawain’s Magic. Once again, she is the “Master Of The Sun.” At first, I thought that this epithet- as well as her general build and weapons used in her debut- made me think that she ended up getting Mael’s grace “Sunshine” like Escanor did, or that her magic was somewhat derived from that. Or heck, since some magics can be learned like Meliodas’ “Full Counter;” maybe it was even taught to her by someone. But that doesn’t ever seem to be the case; she doesn’t bulk up even during day sequences, and she’s shown casting more spells than anything else. So what is her Magic then

My Thinking: Her magic is just to “absorb sunlight” like “Sunshine” did- it might be to Stockpile it; the ability to abosrb sunlight and either use it for Spell casting- or use it to augment herself like she’s doing now. And she hadn’t gone into that Muscle form because she didn’t have a “Full charge-” using that form AND casting spells takes a lot of magic, especially if she uses high level spells in that state. Which is why she turned into a kid during the battle with the Chaos Commandments, isn’t it? She had been using high level spells in addition to augmenting her physical strength. Yeah; that sounds about right. So the only question becomes “How Long Can She Hold Against The Testament Beast?” Only time will tell…………


Okay, that’s everything. I would ordinarily try to drag this out and make at least a full paragraph, but I gotta BOUNCE- I still have a lot to say about this week’s Edens Zero chapter(as well as fully process the leaks); get to work on the My Hero review; and mentally prepare to review next week’s Dead Rock chapter. Busy busy BUSY am I. Remember to check out our merch store, and until next time, Party People- Stay safe, stay healthy, and have a magical day. See ya!! 

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 144 SHORT REVIEW https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/27/chainsaw-man-chapter-144-short-review/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/27/chainsaw-man-chapter-144-short-review/#respond Wed, 27 Sep 2023 15:28:44 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=20899 Read More “Chainsaw Man Chapter 144 SHORT REVIEW” »


As much as I would LOVE to do a Full review for this; I don’t think there’s enough content to warrant that. I really only have 2 things to say in regards to this chapter, and really only one of them is speculation. The other is just an observation. And now I’ve gone and said everything I needed to say in the opening paragraph. Ah……….. I ordered this “4 Kids Classic” dvd set that contained all 4 Ben 10 movies. It was supposed to arrive Sunday(I’m writing this Tuseday, September 26, 2023, 1:52 pm), but it’s “Running Late-” I assume due to the weather where I live, but…….. eh. On the bright side- my dvd for Across The Spider Verse arrived on time. So…….. gearin’ up to watch that. Ah………. maybe I should stop stalling and actually- you know- do the post. Always talkin’ about how little time I have to do these sh!ts, but always trying to pad out the opening part. I just kind of want to converse with you guys here and in the “Conclusion” section. Feels more “interactive” that way. Okay, for real; Chainsaw Man Chapter 144: “Guns, Nails, Katana.” Man knows how to title chapters. 

The Nail Fiend

Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen are like My Hero Academia and Black Clover, or One Piece and Naruto: 2 series that came out around the same time that have similar ideas and similar ways of conveying their story- series of similar levels of popularity with a similar theme; Luffy and Naruto wanting to be “The Very Best Like No One Ever Was;” Asta and Deku lacking the same power everyone else in their world has but pursue their dreams anyway; Denji and Yuji were both possessed by Legendary monster’s of their stories and fight other monsters using those powers. Similar. So much so that Fujimoto actually described his series as a “Copy” of Jujutsu Kaisen. And the character he has just introduced- is probably just him being self aware enough to make something like it. Ladies and GentlemenThe Nail Fiend.

This is clearly a reference to the character Nobara Kugisaki; the way she fights is similar without being the same. Rather than putting the nails in dolls- she’ll actually put them in the people. But she STILL uses hammers. She’s slightly more energetic than Nobara- closer to Power than to Nobara, honestly- but Nobara has her silly moments with Yuji. Her brain is exposed on the left side of her face- an indication that she is indeed a Fiend- while the other- the side where Nobara was burned and killed in chapter 125 of JJK– is covered by her hair. She’s a reference, is all. But I look forward to seeing more of her!

Samurai Sword’s Master Plan

Samurai Sword– one of the outlier’s of the Weapons. When Sugo told us that the Weapons had joined the Chainsaw Man Church, there were………… 2 or 3 of them that my brother was skeptical about being there: Samurai Sword/ Katana Man for obvious reasons; Reze because……….. I forget why; and Quanxi because………. I’m also not sure. Reze I feel would be with the Church because Denji/ Chainsaw Man freed her from Makima, who did manage to get her away from the Soviet’s by “killing” her. So she’s likely free to do what she wants now- all thanks to Chainsaw Man slaying Makima like that. I imagine she’d be grateful. Quanxi, however, I did question a little; even for freeing her from Makima, I can’t imagine someone like her being grateful enough to praise the person that saved her- nor do I think she’s the type to buy into the Church’s blatant bull. So her going back to being a Devil Hunter- joining up with Public Safety Devil Extermination- makes sense. And the idea that Kishibe- her old partner– is likely the one in charge of Public Safety now. 

But going back to Samurai Sword; Denji killed his grandpa and then went on to kick him in the nuts over and over again. He’ll never forgive Denji for killing his grandpa, but he probably could have let him live before the Nut Sack Kicking Constest. And Aki’s already long dead, so- yeah, Denji’s on his sh!tlist for good. And then you have this organizations goal- as told to us by Yoshida– is for Denji to have a normal life. At any and all cost. Meaning people will all have forgotten about Chainsaw Man- weakening him. And that’s when it clicked in my head: If he helps make Chainsaw Man irrelevant, then Denji will become Human again. And he’ll live a happy, peaceful life with Nayuta, Meowy, and the Huskies- and then he’ll kill all of them right in front of Denji and then kick HIM in the nutsack until he dies. Or something to that effect. At least; that’s what his plan is- not knowing about the Ultimate Hurdle: Nayuta. 

The Church- or at least the Weapons that joined up with them- had planned to bring Chainsaw Man out and have him save a bunch of people. He couldn’t have any of that. So he’s going to make sure that Denji lives a long, normal, happy little life before he takes it all away. 

The Recurrence Of The Justice Devil

Okay, in adding this, I’m realizing that this could have been a whole post instead of just a “Short Review-“ I only thought about this halfway through writing that section on Samurai Sword. And by then, I was too deep to delete it. So……. here’s the other thing: That old guy at the Church is another victim of the Justice Devil- a Devil that we’ve been hearing about since the start of Part 2Why has it been making so many contracts lately? We’ve been seeing the same traits throughout all 3 victims: 

  1. They mutate into Devils
  2. Their “sense of justice” is dialed up to the point where it clouds their sense of right and wrong, making them a bit “Murder Happy”

Yuko told us that the Justice Devil didn’t ask for anything when they made their contract. But that more than likely isn’t the case. It might be that- like a Binding Vow that Sukuna made with Yuji way back when- one of the conditions is that they are to forget what was taken. But what would be so important to a Human that the Justice Devil feels that need to hide that he’s taken it. They all mutate into Full Blown Devils, and they all become so fixated on the idea of “Justice” that they murder people left and right. Hm…………. Their Humanity- both physically AND symbolically? Maybe their “humanity” is taken- their morals and actual bodies- for it to………. do WHAT exactly? Trading with other Devils for pieces of their flesh, making it stronger? For what? To survive Nostradamus’ prophecy? Or……….. is this Devil getting a lot of focus………. because it IS the thing Nostradamus prophesized? And it amassing power like this is its progression towards………… That “King Of Fear” thing? 

I think the theme would be something along the lines of “All Fear Facing Justice For Their Crimes.” Humanity may have committed a “Great Crime” somewhere down the line- and the Justice Devil was born of their fear that one day- Justice would come for them. I don’t know what crime it was, but I think Chainsaw Man might have eaten it if it was that bad. He’s eaten 4 other concepts for Human’s after death and a 6th sense we used to have; why not erase their “Ultimate Sin” along with them? But if a Devil like Makima- one of the Four Horsemen Devils- was able to remember even the vaguest of Details about what Chainsaw Man has eaten, and even fully remember other concepts. Why couldn’t the thing born to seek retribution? It reminds me of this one Dub line from Omega Shenron in “Dragon Ball GT:” “I was born to take vengeance on those who gave life to me- it is my destiny!!” Though this is all just speculation; who KNOWS what that thing could be? 

Though that paints and interesting that Famine thinks that War can defeat the Fear King. Assuming it IS Justice, then…….. is “War” a more powerful concept than “Justice.” Because when countries need money- they go to war; it makes a whole bunch of jobs for people. So in some twisted way, I guess “War” is “Justice-“ on some philosophy sh!t. Or…….. probably not, considering……… the things. Or maybe the message is the “War Trumps Justice When Facing Destruction;” when a country is about to face poverty, it will go to War- the worst thing man has ever made and probably the most “unjust” thing we could ever do. Which is why Famine thinks that War can stop the Fear King that’s coming. Again, assuming that Justice is that Fear King.


Okay, in looking at last week’s “Dump Post,” I’m realizing that I didn’t include it chapter 143 in there- nor did I talk about it as a separate entity. So I’m gonna have to do that one at another time. I believe that next week is a break week for this series, so I’ll find some time CR@P, DEAD ROCK NEXT WEEK. Eh, I’ll put it with the Dump. Man, that’s gonna throw my OCD out a whack; I’m already on edge with how much this site has been shutting down. Oh geez. Ah……… I enjoyed this chapter- wish I realized I had all this to say so i could make a proper post. Oh well; makes my job slightly easier. Lookin’ forward to next week with Dead Rock, yeah? Let me know what you guys think of this chapter, and until Next Time. Laters!!

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The Hero, The Villain, The Anti Villain, And Whole Lot Of Blood!! My Hero Academia Chapter 401 BREAKDOWN https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/25/the-hero-the-villain-the-anti-villain-and-whole-lot-of-blood-my-hero-academia-chapter-401-breakdown/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/25/the-hero-the-villain-the-anti-villain-and-whole-lot-of-blood-my-hero-academia-chapter-401-breakdown/#respond Mon, 25 Sep 2023 13:39:42 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=19830 Read More “The Hero, The Villain, The Anti Villain, And Whole Lot Of Blood!! My Hero Academia Chapter 401 BREAKDOWN” »


I have more to say now about this chapter of “My Hero Academia” then I have in a very long time. Then again, it’s 2 chapters worth of content. But even still, with these 7-8 page chapters; I didn’t think I’d have a whole bunch of things to say until we reached…………. In all honesty- The End. I can’t imagine there’s gonna be much to say with Deku vs Tomura; it’s the resolution of the Moral Debates of the series; characters are gonna get involved and try to help Deku take out Tomura but it’ll ultimately come down to probably Deku’s own “United States Of Smash.” Which if NOTHING ELSE will show Horikoshi’s art at it’s absolute Best. Because even through all the bad story decisions and sickness- He still proves to be one of Jump’s Best Artists. I’ll dog on some of his story decisions ’til I’m blue in the face but I’ll never say anything about the way this man draws his manga! Speakign of which, that art is on Full Display in this one. Let’s get into it!! My Hero Academia Chapter 401: “The Lunatic.” You mean Small Might, All For None, or Stain


Picking up from the last chapterStain arrives, picking up the blood left behind in the Battle Of Small Might and All For None. He smells it to make sure it’s not All Might’s, and licks it. With All For Nothing paralyzed, All Might and Stain move in for the finisher. But All For One activates “Forcible Quirk Activation,” and uses that to force “Bloodlet” to force all that blood out of his body, and then rewrites the composition of his blood with “Antigen Swap.” Stain’s quirk isn’t going to work with the old blood he just blasted out. So he creates a giant Flesh mouth monster thing to chomp Stain. Which is actually fairly kind of him; he admits that loosing all that blood helped “put some pep in his step.” He then throws Stain away through several buildings. 

There lies Stain in a hole in the wall- in so much pain I don’t think he realizes it. All For One comments that it was really Stain’s message to the world that really got the League of Villains moving- but his role ended much after that. So- he’ll snatch Stain’s quirk. Stain- either as a last act of defiance or his last “F*ck You” to ol’ Nutsack Face- detonates a bomb in his gloves. In his final moments; he says that he never finished High School- but All Might still taught him what it means to be a Hero. So he’ll do what he can to make sure that his idol Lives. Bomb goes off- but, uh……… All For Nothing makes it through. All Might comes up but gets blasted away like it’s nothing. The Hercules car- as its last act- makes 1 last shield so that All Might doesn’t perish. The Suits gone and so are his legs and one of his arms, but he’s still alive. I was going to say “Kicking,” but……………. ya know. 

Unconscious, All Might’s mind creates Illusions of the 2 most important people to him: Nana Shimura And Sir Nighteye. Though they say RADICALLY different things; Nana tells him to keep fighting- Nighteye wants him to stop. But the “Symbol Of Peace-“ is not dead yet. But he IS out of time. All For One is close enough to “Gloop Warp” over to Tomura. So the end of the chapter leaves the Wannabe Demon Lord with 2 Options: He can either warp over to Tomura, use Stain’s “Bloodcurdle” to freeze him in place, and do whatever he needs to to take over Tomura’s body for good, steall One For All from the out of breath Izuku Midoriya, and take over the World without need to hide- or torture a crippled, dying All Might and waste all his time before this body no longer exists. Which will he choose now that his mind is clear? My Hero Academia Chapter 401 END!!! 

So what, like 2 or 3 more chapters of this– All For One’s “Rise To Power” Flashback; Where it all goes wrong; the completion of the All Might/ Nana flashback and All Might’s Final Moments; All For One’s final moments; segue over to Deku vs Tomura……………….. yeah, like to or 3 Aoyama and Hagakure F*CK!! Eh, might as well give that it’s own whole chapter for the start. We’re gonna rewind Time a bit, aren’t we? I wonder if Bakugo’s up by now…….


I’ll be honest, some of what I want to say is just carry over from what I wanted to say last week, but couldn’t because the site was down. And I honestly didn’t feel like I could manage to work a “Short Review” with the “Boruto” chapter I has to do. So I just dumped it and made up for it with Hagakure stuff. But now I have time, so let’s start with chapter 400 stuff. 

Chapter 400 Content

2 things happened in the last chapter. The first thing was that we saw a kid somewhere else in the world watching All Might’s battle. And even though his Grandmother told him that the end result of that fight wouldn’t matter to them in whatever part of the world they were in(which was a f*ckin’ LIE whether she knows it or not); he’s still rooting for All Might. Because no matter how much we might be able to understand the Villains- no matter how much you even kind of sympathizing with them- no matter how much more you like them than Hero- for however much the concept of a “Villain” might have evolved since its inception- We will always cheer for the Underdog. And at the end of the day; All Might IS the Underdog in this equation. Someone will always root for the hero. This is made most evident to me with Chainsaw Man: “Because of what he does, He’s marked and killed by many Devils. But He Revs His Engine And Arises Again And Again.” He may not be the STRONGEST Devil out there- but he’ll never back down to them. 

The other thing was Aoyama’s quirk reaching Singularity. It’s not outright SAID that that’s what’s happening to his quirk, but that’s what’s happening- ’tis, like- THE THING in this finale. And I said in my notes that it’s becoming too strong for Hagakure to refracted effectively. Like……… there’s “too much” of it, and so her quirk has to divert a lot of its “power” just to refract the blast. Which is why she becomes visible after doing it; the quirk doesn’t have the strength to keep refracting all this light. It’s almost like Aoyama’s Singularity is overloading Hagakure’s quirk. Will she be able to handle his final attack? Yes, because she needs to to save everyone at their battlefield. But Aoyama will die- probably explodes. And Hagakure probably won’t be the same Hero she was before. She might actually have to start wearing a suit. Already……… already kinda crazy that she doesn’t have Hero costume that can fit her quirk, considering Mirio’s suit was made with fibers of his hair so that it can phase through stuff like him. Was his the first case of this happening, just to see if it would work? Or does Hagakure like going around Naked? Don’t know why, but it’s whatever. 

And the last thing would be that I don’t think that All For One is the glowing baby that started all this; that baby was born in China. That plus Overhaul’s theory that quirks are a mutated strand of some virus, and I feel like years after the fact people are going to think that this was a reference to a certain World Altering Virus- even though the series began in 2014- 6 years prior. But that’ll be something for the Generation after us that looks at old manga like this. No, no; I don’t think All For One is that baby. But he could have stolen it. He was a part of that initial wave of that initial wave of “Exceptional,” so……… yeah, sure. Why would he? For the Fan Theories. No, but seriously; there isn’t much of a reason FOR him to take a “Glow in The Dark” quirk other than- in all honesty- that moment last chapter. Of all the things Horikoshi was planning; that was probably one of the scenes he had in mind for the Finale: All For One glowing. Why? Probably no other reason other than a “Full Circle” moment; “The Meta Ability that began the rise of quirks is here when all abilities that came after have reached their Zenith” or something like that. Unless we’re looking at this wrong and he’s now become Radioactive. That’s always a possibility. 

Chapter 401 And Speculation 

Why does Hero Killer Stain have a Goblin glider? Because “F*ck You” that’s why. No, but seriously, I’m not even upset or questioning it right now; I’m not particularly upset about it. In fact, I actually find it kinda funny. I mean, we’re at like 11:58:45 of this story, guys; if Horikoshi wants to draw Stain on a Goblin Glider, then- F*CK IT, let ’em!! It’s not even the most egregious thing he’s done in this Arc, let me tell you. Stain on a Goblin glider, sure. But there is something that I question in the chapter: How did All For One Force “Forcible Quirk Activation?” Because he used it to force “Bloodlet” to force his blood out, and then “Antigen Swap” to rewrite his blood. But……… how did he use “Forcible Quirk Activation” while paralyzed? Looking at Deku and co’s  original battle with Stain, they couldn’t use their quirks while paralyzed. So like……… is All For One Type O, as well?

Entirely plausible, but the idea of Stain’s quirk is “weeding out the True Heroes From the Fakes-” his quirk is least effective on Typo O blood because it’s “Heroes Blood-” “People with this blood type are generous and kind-hearted.” So unless Hori decided to inject a little bit of “logic” and just gave All For One this blood type because it doesn’t have as much to do with personality theory- this scene doesn’t make much sense to me. And even in THAT case, even Izuku was paralyzed for longer than a max of 30 seconds. So this scene might not even make sense in THAT context. 

And the very last thing that I wanted to mention pertains to  All For Done. Losing all that blood there- getting the chance to sit and calm the f*ck down under the………… press of a f*cking Laser beam– has allowed him to think a little more clearly. The All for One that came into this fight would have taken every chance to torture and torment Stain and All Might right here and cackle and belittle them the whole time. But not this guy; he just threw Stain away at the first chance he got- Ignored All Might- and went to steal Stain’s quirk. Which, if he plays his cards right; he could probably use when he warps into Deku and Tomura’s battlefield. They’ve both shed blood in their Final Confrontation; he could freeze both and do whatever he needs to do to take over Tomura’s body for good. And the end of the chapter confirms that he’s close enough to use “Mud Warp.” So All For One is left here with 2 choiceThe smart, rational decision of leaving All Might to bleed out, warp over to Izuku and Tomura, paralyze them, and get everything he wants in one fell swoop- taking Tomura’s Mutated body, One For All, and the world- or stay and torment a 1 armed, legless, intestine-less old man and let himself be rewound out of existence. Which will he choose

All For One may have gotten all that boiling blood out of him, but……… he’s still being infected by Tomura’s hatred. Still losing control of his own power and “urges” the younger he gets. Still hates All Might more than he’s ever hated………. probably anyone in his 150+ years of life. Except maybe the 2nd One For All user, because he got the ULTIMATE “F*ck You” off in his final moments. But……….. that’s a lot of hate. And……………. through ALL OF THIS- 

All Might Is Still Smiling.

He sees that- sees that All Might still has this “twinkle” in his eye- still has the will to crawl and fight with just the one, puny little old man arm that was busted up in Kamino– and he might just lose whatever reason he has left and become a Berserker. Get ready to see a lot of blood. He can’t do anything to grizzly because this is a manga aimed at younger generations, but……… even then; series in this magazine get get gruesome. The anime often tones it down, but recall that Akainu actually took off some of Whitebeardshead. Not just his Manly Mu-stache– his whole head. And let’s not forget that this is where part 1 of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Legendary “Chainsaw Man” manga was published- complete with a……… well, just go look at the 2nd page of this chapter if you want to know what the limits are for them NOW. 


WOW That was a lot!! And still so concise and coherent- despite the site going down on me again! It’s fixed now, as you can see. And if you’ll look at the store; you’ll see that we removed the old products we started this site with, and replaced with products from my dad’s T-Shirt Business. Hope you find something you like! Whenever I help him make shirts, I notice we do a lot of the Allen Iverson’s. That should be popular. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time!! 

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Sun God vs Light! One Piece Chapter 1,093 BREAKDOWN https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/24/sun-god-vs-light-one-piece-chapter-1093-breakdown/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/24/sun-god-vs-light-one-piece-chapter-1093-breakdown/#respond Sun, 24 Sep 2023 16:57:59 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=19814 Read More “Sun God vs Light! One Piece Chapter 1,093 BREAKDOWN” »


Huh…….. I don’t really have a lot to say up front, I guess. Like; I’m OFFICIALLY starting this post Thursday, September 21, 2023, at 8:06 pm, yeah? I made the title and wrote down some notes I had about this and the last chapter(one of which i came up with in the heat of the moment writing the recent “Dump Post”), but I don’t have much to open on. Ah………. The job hunt is going slow. Sucks. Just gotta swing at another ball, I guess. Ah………..  That “One Piece” post I’m working on is………. also slow moving; I haven’t even been able to get to it as of late. It’s a good one, I assure you; one I’ve been working on for months now. It’s kind of big and also encompasses several other theories from fans, but when you look at it- it all connects. As any good mystery should. Ah…….. I’m stalling. One Piece Chapter 1,093: “Luffy vs Kizaru.” So this is the Main fight, innit’? Works for me!! 


Last Time: Kizaru makes his way into the control room to fulfill his mission. But Gear 5th Luffy goes Giganto and grabs him to the shock of everyone. He then winds up for the toss- and throws Kizaru off the island– laughing the whole time. So they decide to leave Kizaru to Luffy while they escape. But Atlas wants to override the PX Mark 3’s orders before they bring down the barrier. But Stellapunk tells her to wait because he wants to confirm something, getting in contact with Franky. Franky tells him that Kizaru knocked Bonney into the barrier and into the Fabriophase. He is then chewed out by Stellapunk, guilting him into going down to retrieve her. Sanji, too, because Sanji. He and Jinbe are on floor 2 of Building A. Jinbe takes this chance to inform Stellapunk that he’s packed up everything that was asked for. So the plan is to meet up at the back exit. 

Fabriophase- Mini-Flashback: Kizaru’s attack last chapter got her fried by the barrier and sent to the Fabriophase. A charred Sentomaru catches her, and tells her to hide from the Marine Soldier’s closing in. Which she does– using her devil fruit to mess with their ages in secret. But she knows she can’t hide like this forever…………. Labophase: Luffy asks Zoro if he needs help dealing with Awakened Lucci, but Zoro knows he’s likely gonna have his hands full with Kizaru as is. Plus he doesn’t realy feel like Lucci is a threat. And with Kizaru; he’s ABOUT to fall in the ocean- but flies up and separates himself, sending those Light bullets back into the Labophase where they become Full On Light Clones. He summons a light sword- “Ame No Murakumo-” and Luffy tries fighting back. But in fighting the clones; the REAL Kizaru is in the Control room with his crew! 

Fortunately Stellapunk and Atlas aren’t here– they’re making their way to the Fabriophase in the Vegatank to save Bonney. Sanji’s hanging on to the hatch. Kizaru tries to blast the tank, but Luffy eats the beam. Like; LITERALLY ate the attack- he’s glowing and everything. Franky is now holding on to the hatch where Sanji just was, and he yells to Lilith use the General Franky and get the Sunny out of there. Egghead Port: Edison brings down the barrier to let the tank pass and then puts it right the f*ck back up, and Atlas yells for the PX Mark 3’s their new command: “Eradicate Every Last Marine On The Island.” And then we see St Saturn getting annoyed. One Piece Chapter 1,093 END!!! 2 relics are about to start moving- and the world is about to see something RE~ALLY Nasty………..


There are a few things that I wanted to talk about, like I said. And the first thing I wanted to talk about actually pertains to last chapter: The Iron Giant has woken up. I’ve heard a lot of theories in the community– the one standing out MOST to me right now would have to be Tekking101’s idea that the Giant runs off of Nuclear Fusion- the nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei of low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus with the release of energy; the process by which stars continue to burn. The Sun is a star. And this thing only woke up in the presence of the Sun God. And Lilith says that they’re looking to use the power of an “undying flame.” Oda won’t use terms like “DNA,” “The Internet,” or “Nuclear Fusion-“ but that’s what he’s getting at with Vegapunk’s big ideas.  That being saidI don’t think that that’s what this is; I don’t know if the Sun God gives off “solar energy” that can power this thing- this thing is in the scrapyard; a wee bit too far to be absorbing those solar rays, right? Then again, this is a Pirate manga where this sh!t can happen so………….. Don’t rule it out. I think Oda might have had an idea with that scene of Luffy eating Kizaru’s light attack. 

No, no; an idea that I came up with is that the Iron Giant was made by a Previous Nika Fruit holder- that the Giant was made through the “Power Of Imagination.” Because the Awakening allows the user to “fight in whatever way he fancies;” perhaps a previous holder decided to build something that could topple the World Government. And when the Iron Giant attacked the Holy Land 200 years ago; the pilot was the Awakened Nika holder!! POINT OF CONTENTION: The Gorosei said that the last time this fruit was awakened was 200 years ago. COUNTERPOINT: They don’t know everything. We don’t even know if these guys are the first iteration of the Gorosei under Imu’s thumb. That guy’s been the Secret Ruler of the World for 800 YEARS- he’s likely gone through a few Gorosei in his time. Heck, for all we know; this Giant’s rampage could have been the thing that killed the Gorosei of that era!! And just because they can last confirm that it was 800 years ago that someone became an incarnation of the Sun God- does not mean that they know about all the Holders of the fruit and their exploits. 

In my mind: The Nika holder of that era used his “Imagination” to build an Iron Giant to storm Marijoa and liberate the world- and that alone. So he made the power source a specific vibrational pattern– The “Drums of Liberation.” Because once he was done took down the Celestial Dragons- he’d no longer have use for the machine. It could no longer be used when the “drums” stop. This is ALL just speculation on my part- born from just a random thought I had when making a post I was trying to finish quickly. There are still several things to consider, like how close the drums have to be for the Giant to get moving; it’s primary directive; and why it appeared when Fishmen Discrimination became such a big topic. But I try never to throw out a “One Piece” theory when I hear it; you never know with this story! 

Other pointsKizaru’s Mentality in this situation. Because he keeps telling us how much he doesn’t want to do this- that he actually cares about Vegapunk and Sentomaru. And I bring this up because of the way that he’s fighting Luffy. Look, manKizaru IS light, alright? It’s one of the best things about him: The fact that there’s no debate in his speed!! He could have killed every Vegapunk but York in seconds, taken York, and be on his marry fr!ggin’ way back to HQ without this x10 Buster Call(a Standard Buster Call is 10 Ships- this is 100 all for a Newbie Emperor). He certainly possesses enough authority to take on a Yonko by himself, you would think. But………… that’s not what’s happening now, is it? He’s got to be back and forth protecting St Saturn AND deal with the Rubber brat. And if he had it HIS way– he’d be the only one who kills Vegapunk. Because he’s the only one who’ll make sure that no pain is felt in the last moments. 

I think that he’s choosing to stay and fight with Luffy because he wants to lose- to save face and let Vegapunk escape all at once. Because he still has a duty as a Marine to follow orders, but also cares a great deal about Vegapunk. So he’s choosing to fight the only person here at present that has any chance of stopping him. If Luffy wins, then Vegapunk gets away and he can say that he tried to fulfill his mission. Luffy loses, then………. “Such is fate;” he has to do his job. I said a few reviews ago that Kizaru’s “Unclear Justice” is him pitting his own sense of Right and Wrong against someone else, and the winner being the one who’s “Right” in the end. And I said that ignoring Sentomaru would be the equivalent of Akainu’s “Absolute” mentality. That’s the case here; ignoring Luffy- the side that wants Vegapunk to live- would veer too close to Akainu and his Absolute Justice. That, and- in his heart of hearts- he WANTS Vegapunk to live. 

Seriously, Kizaru’s powerset is a wee bit “overpowered” right now; if he can make Light Clones of himself now, then he DEFINITELY could have zipped over here, killed all the Vegapunk’s but York, and been back at HQ WITH York in under 30 minutes if he wanted to. He KNOWS this. But he’s fighting Luffy in hopes of getting defeated so that his friend can escape. He’s……… He’s smarter than he portrays himself. And becomes more and more dangerous the more you think about him. 

There’s 2 more things I wanted to mention– 1 as it pertains to the chapter and the arc at current, and the other just kind of a gripe that I have with………. really the post time skip. And that complaint is Franky. I’m not gonna pretend like he’s my favorite Straw hat because he’s not. But I WILL say that I’ve always been kind of disappointed with his post time skip design. I kind of get the joke; Nami and Robin don’t really react whenever he does his usual thing, but Usopp, Luffy, and Chopper do because- they’re children. Zoro and Sanji are mostly arguing with each other, and I don’t think Brook fully understands it. Neither does Jinbe. It’s a gag on how people see Cyborgs like Franky: Young boys like the “cool factor” like the lasers and the massive arms that can hit you really hard; girls and older folks don’t fully understand the appeal; and at some point boys just grow out of the phase where they would be interested in that- be it because they’re in their “Edgey” phase or because they’re starting to notice girls. And that wasn’t bad. But I think Oda just doesn’t enjoy drawing him all that much- probably why he’s had the least to do in the post time skip era. 

I won’t pretend like he did a whole lot before; he was only present for 2 arcs before they all got split up in Sabaody. But I definitely feel like we saw him more Pre Time Skip. I think Oda- getting up there in age- doesn’t want to draw this……… Clunky, top heavy design anymore. So I felt like, with Vegapunk now about to become a travelling companion of the Straw Hats- this was Oda’s chance to change his design- take him back a little bit to…….. well; maybe not “Cutty Flam,” but definitely “Franky-” something that’s easier to draw and work out fights for. 

And Yet I Know In My Heart Of Hearts That That Wasn’t Gonna Happen In Any Reality.

One of “One Piece’s” greatest strengths(and a lot of the times; it’s Greatest Weakness) is the Consistency of its characters; every character in this story will always act in the way most true to themselves, and the story either bends so that this character trait can continue to work- or fight it and force them to fight back. Sanji will never kick a woman; Zoro will always act in the best interest of the crew; Luffy will never follow any plan you make; Nami will always value money over most things; Usopp will always try to get out of conflict; they’re just them and nothing this story can do to them is going to change that aspect of them. And Franky- as much as I would love for him to become more “streamlined-” probably won’t take that advancement. Because he is- at the end of the day- a boy. And boys find these Giant Robots cool. So even though Vegapunk could alter him to be less clunky but also higher functioning- Franky likely won’t take a visual downgrade for it. Neither will Luffy, Usopp, or Chopper. 

All of this is to say, however, that I’m honestly surprised with Franky’s lack of focus in this arc. I know we got all of that other stuff with Shanks and Garp, and I wouldn’t trade any of it just for more time on Egghead(even though I’m curious what happened last night). But I kind of would have liked to see Franky bring up that he spent a lot of time in Vegapunk’s old lab on Baldimore; see Vegapunk examining Franky to see what he came up with on his own; them talking about potential upgrades even if they won’t change Franky’s design. That’s one of my complaints with this arc. Really my only one thinking about it. Other than that, this is Easily the Best Post Time Skip Arc.

And then you have the scenes with the Tank. Sanji was holding on to it- and then we see Franky there instead. They were both in Building A at different levels, but I think Stellapunk needed to go down to get the Tank. So it makes sense that Sanji would be able to latch on as it busted out of the building. But then Franky’s there instead. So unless Sanji crawled in the tank in sometime between then and now- somethin’ ain’t adding up. I’ll admit, looking into the layout of the lab; the Catarina Devon thing doesn’t have much to do with what’s going on right now. But it’s something people have noticed…………


I kind of wanted to title this review in a way that references the fact that they’re both based on MonkeysMonkey D Luffy vs Admiral Kizaru(Literal Translation: “Yellow Monkey“). But even struggling to get out THAT sentence showed me exactly why that was a bad idea; just trying to say it felt like I was channeling too much Frieza for anyone’s liking. You know what I meanI now want to end this post before I did too big a hole for myself. Ah……… Let me know what you guys are thinking in the comments. I had a lot of images prepared, but this is all I could get. But I’ll put one down here as a bonus. Til next time, folks; Keep it tight. 

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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #26: Who DIDN’T See This Coming? https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/22/manga-chapter-review-dump-post-26-who-didnt-see-this-coming/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/22/manga-chapter-review-dump-post-26-who-didnt-see-this-coming/#comments Fri, 22 Sep 2023 13:33:27 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=19800 Read More “Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #26: Who DIDN’T See This Coming?” »


I’m weak, alright? I wanted to talk about all of this- or at the very least One Piece– but the site going down IN ADDITION to the Monthlies; I had to choose between the super interesting Boruto or……… everything else that was interesting but takes up a lot of my time. You see what I choseBut I’ll say that I’m doing at least a regular “Dump Post” this time around. All while trying to work on the next chapter of “One Piece;” a “One Piece” theory; and a “Black Clover” project. And waiting to hear back from a job because I hate my current place of work. Like, I PHYSICALLY jolt when I hear my phone get a message- I don’t want to go in there anymore. Ah…….. I guess we’ll start with One Piece and go from there, yeah? 

One Piece Chapter 1,092: “Kuma The Tyrant’s Holy Land Rampage

The Previous Day- Holy Land Of Marijoa: PX-0/Former King Of The Sorbet Kingdom/Former Member of The Seven Warlords/”Invincible Slave” Bartholemew Kuma has reached the Holy Land. The Holy Knight’s try to pin him down, but…….. no dice. Eventually Fleet Admiral Sakazuki comes to face him- putting up a……… “Display.” If he WANTED to destroy Kuma- he certainly COULD have. Though he also had to make sure not to harm them whiny @$$ Celestial Dragons. As such, Kuma manages to send himself somewhere else…………. Present Day Egghead Island: While the PX Mark 3’s and the Navy deal with the Sea Beast Weapons, Snakeman Luffy faces off with Admiral Kizaru. And that ends up getting him knocked through the Vega Force 1. Not getting out of here THAT way.

From there, Kizaru makes his way to the Control room, where Stellapunk and Atlas have managed to crack York’s code and bring down the laser grid. Then Kizaru enters the room and is about to begin the Execution. FortunatelyGear 5th Luffy grabs him before he can do anything. But taking on this form– sounding the “Drums Of Liberation-” reactivates the Iron Giant. I think we now know why the Giant attacked Marijoa 200 years ago. But how was it active if the “Drums” haven’t sounded in 800 years? Did someone manage to copy the “rhythm?” Or……… were the drums sounded without anyone realizing? It IS the “Power Of imagination;” perhaps someone’s “imagination” let them create this thing. Just an idea……….

My Hero Academia Chapter 400: “Beyond Limits

This feels like it should be a bigger deal than it actually is. Milestone- No Colored cover or even Lead Cover of the magazine. Then again, I kind of feel like Horikoshi can’t take it. Nor do i think he ever wanted to MAKE IT to 400 chapters. Heck; Black Clover didn’t have a “huge celebration” for it’s 300th chapter. Don’t know why the link hyper-fixated on the 3, but know that the chapter is linked at the 3. Ah………. Aoyama’s quirk has reached Singularity. And that means 1)His quirkless body can’t handle it for much longer and 2)Hagakure refracting his blasts causes her quirk to go haywire, and thus leaves her……….. uncommonly exposed. But they can’t afford to stop moving now; they still need to get rid of these roots Kunieda left!! And they need to get to that before Aoyama bursts. 

Meanwhile: All Might prays to the GODS that this laser doesn’t give out before All For None rewinds away! By combining Star’s final Attack(minus the Solid Laser Javelin Bit) with “Earphone Jack” to keep All For Done in place- he really plans for this to be the end. He actually admits to getting off EASY earlier because All For Nothing INTENTIONALLY tried not to bash in his skull when he had the chance. “Can’t see his face twist in despair and agony if he doesn’t have a Face!!” And to that end- the Dork Lord still hasn’t given up, either. And All Might is starting to feel the pain through all the Euphoria. 

Laser Battery gives, and the little Wannabe is a Glowing Youth- out for blood in a………. calmer way. But in that very moment; he feels himself paralyze. Hero Killer Stain to the rescue!! On a…………. Goblin Glider Horikoshi you madman!! But yeah; he’s here to help All Might suppress the little Wannabe Demon. It’s a better chapter than I’m making it sound, honestly; not a bad 400th chapter of a series. And we’ve gone so far off the rails with this series(Bakugo) that it makes sense Horkoshi would just give Stain a Goblin Glider. I can’t imagine he’s been enjoying his job in a while; let him draw what looks cool!!

Edens Zero Chapter 256: “From Eternity Long Past” 

New Cosmos, folks- the tentatively titled “Mother Cosmos.” The Edens Zero follows the way markers as they pass by a planet off in the distance- one at a temperature of -220 Degrees Celsius. That now sets the standard by which to monitor the danger in this unfamiliar cosmos. Over in the Park Of Edens: Pino watched the memories the Professor gave her. And she’s not quite ready to talk about it. But Rebecca assures them that her friends are here when she’s ready to try. She’s about to- and short circuits. So Shiki and co take her to Sister. Meanwhile: Hermit checks out the little modifications the Professor suggested, surprised and impressed he was able to make such improvements after just a glance. Though Weisz is a little uncomfortable being touched by her. Not because she’s an Android– but because it’s her. Wermit Shippers Rejoice. 

SIMILARLY: Valkyrie pulls Homura aside to discuss her fate in Universe 0. “History has a way of correcting itself-” she may die at some point in the future. Homura tells her not to let that happen. Infirmary: Sister is torturing Mosco per usual, wondering if Void has collected any Mother Ether. And is interrupted by Shiki bringing Pino into the Infirmary. And then- we begin the Flashback: The Shining Star’s Human variants- 20,000 years ago. “Witch” has finished her day job as a lawyer is calls up Yuna(Valkyrie Yuna), who lost some surfing competition. And they’re on their way to see Ivry(Sister Ivry) in the hospital. But Human Hermit is running somewhere trying to prevent something- something that’s going to happen soon. 

Ziggy and the Shining Stars are 40,000 years apart, but ended up becoming a crew and searching for Mother. Whatever happens to this planet these girls find themselves on– is where it all begins. I don’t know if this is gonna kick off the long awaited “Dark Ages,” or if we’re just meant to take this at face value as “The Origin Of The Shining Stars.” I just know that this is probably going to be the Flashback that tells us enough to where we can figure everything out from there. We won’t learn EVERYTHING- but enough. 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 121: “If Not You, Then Who?

Anyone who’s not in a solo battle” vs “Everyone Else” chapter. Tristan vs The Testament Beast- Tristan thinking about what Schwarz said after he defeated him; about not having any respect for himself as a Demon or a Goddess. And that makes him hesitate. Fortunately he has Chion and Isolde at his back, but………… they become petrified by arrows. Donnie manages to stop the Archer, but he gets caught by another Swordsman. Anne gets involved; Donnie’s still petrified; Nasiens gets wrapped up in a battle; Anne gets caught by Rosebank; so on. Anne tricks them into telling her a lie and ends up suppressing them all. Except for the Testament Beast that knocks her for a loop. And with Tristan out like a light- looks like it’s up to Gawain. 

A very “There” chapter. Although I think it says a lot about Tristan and what he needs to grow stronger. And that would be learning to not compare himself to his parents. He rejects his Demon powers because he doesn’t want to hear how he’s “a Monster like his father;” he likes hearing how much like his mother he is- his worth is determined by where he stands next to his parents. That needs to end. Because he’s holding his Dark Force back and not seeing how far it can take him; he let’s it control him in battle because he’s always fighting it back. In that way: I guess you could say he’s got his father’s temper. And he’ll never take himself further if he’s always trying to measure his Goddess Clan magic next to his mom. He has to step out of their shadow and show us what a Nephilim is capable of…………

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 97: “Rampaging Cell Max

This is everything from the initial encounter with Cell Max to Gamma 2 formulating his plan, except it’s just Goten and Trunks at first. And because of the Prequel content, we know that the Gamma’s are based on the Saiyanmen. And the Gamma’s realize this when the they see the boy’s capes. They were grounded for 6 months, so they haven’t been training at all. So they end up posing with the Gamma’s and rushing Cell Max all at once. But longer this monster’s awake, the more it starts to “wake up-” get an actual sense for fighting rather than remain that Kaiju monster. Fusion- Fat Gotenks– everyone gets involved- Weak point identified- Gamma 2 realizes what must happen. Which I liked in the movie; the Gamma’s dynamic was always “1’s Super Serious- The Other Has To Learn.” But Gamma 2 was ready for this- HE’S the one who had the plan in the first place!! And now 1 is the one with the lessons to learn. But yeah; that was this chapter. 


The Hagakure scene is gonna be the Featured Image; I realize that now that all the images are up. I kind of HAVE to. Ah…….. I have the colored version of the scene, but it lacks the cutesy side panels of her realizing she’s becoming Visible. I have ANOTHER Hagakure page to use for a Featured image, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to use it. Maybe the next “Dump Post,” but who knows. Ah……….. how ya liken’ the “Kaiju No 8” reference? I like Kaiju No 9’s way of speaking, and the “Uh’s” being “Ah’s.” So I’m replicating the way he speaks. Also I can’t think of much to say. Ah………. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, yeah? Favorite chapter and all that. Until next time, duckies; See ya later. 

Editor’s Note: That Panel might have been a little “much” to just plop as the featured image; probably not the image I want to project in getting people to come to this site. So I made the featured the other image I talked about- and that other coloring will be down here. As your reward for reading the post. Enjoy. Side Note: I found a coloring that had the cutesy side panels. So, uh………. Awesome.


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The New And Improved Boruto Ohtsusuki! Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2 BREAKDOWN https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/20/the-new-and-improved-boruto-ohtsusuki-boruto-two-blue-vortex-chapter-2-breakdown/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/20/the-new-and-improved-boruto-ohtsusuki-boruto-two-blue-vortex-chapter-2-breakdown/#comments Wed, 20 Sep 2023 16:39:24 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=19784 Read More “The New And Improved Boruto Ohtsusuki! Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2 BREAKDOWN” »


So the site crashed again. That didn’t make me too happy. Ah…….. I doubt I can do the Dump Post this week. Honestly, I think I can BARELY do this one; I was debating on whether or not to make this a Short Review. And of course all of this means no Dragon Ball Super this month. But at this point it doesn’t really matter. Just know that the chapter leaves us on Gamma 2’s sacrifice, so next month will be that and likely the Beast Gohan reveal. There, all caught up. Ah…….. I WANTED to talk about One Piece this week, and My Hero just reached it’s 400th chapter- something that should be a big milestone. But the content IN that chapter was……… Short Review material. Probably with some Hagakure page as the Featured image. But the site crashed and was really fixed until halfway through Sunday. And Sunday was a BUSY F*CKIN’ DAY for me!! Church; Job Interview; my grandmother had gone outta town so i was taking care of her dogs; washing bed sheets; cooking dinner; washing dishes- THAT WAS MY DAY SUNDAY. I am SPENT even doing THIS. 

But- looking at my notes and everything that I want to say- I must really want to talk about this chapter. I also just want more people to give “Boruto” as a series even a sliver of a chance. Because- for all of it’s problems(having like 2 or 3 different continuities that only correspond when it means making more money)- I like this series. At least; I like it………… *Sigh*…………. more than Dragon Ball Super. There, I said it; this has managed to be a little more “consistent” with the joy I feel from reading this. Whereas Super hits me with some REALLY COOL ideas- only to take a giant sh!t on me for getting my hopes up. Maybe I’m setting my expectations too high; maybe I’m just too old to enjoy the incoherentness of the series with the power scaling and the “story by story” basis; maybe “Super” just isn’t for people my age. They wouldn’t do a million and 10 godd@mn call backs for a bunch a kids who didn’t see the original- but then “Dragon Ball” as a franchise is this………. it’s like………… those who grew up watching the series- be it that original generation that got into the manga when it was serialized; the anime while it was airing; the people who watched it on Toonami after school and buy each and every re-release of the series; the Kai Generation- share it with the next gen. It’s a bit of a “Timeless Tale” between everyone; anyone who’s into anime has seen that series…………………….. “Boruto,” right. Ah………. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2: “Tree.” Let’s begin………


Picking up from the last chapter: Boruto makes his grand return to Konoha after 3 years to face off with the idiot Code. He tells Code to withdraw his monster’s “while he still has control over them-” or perish. Code recalls an incident 2 years ago in which Boruto ran away without being able to do anything. This is not that Boruto; he promises that Code’s gonna lose “more than an eye” this time. And like a dummy, Code doesn’t take him seriously at all. All the while, Boruto sends Sarada off to save any stragglers. And Sarada can sense something…….. different in the way Boruto is carrying himself right now………. More on that later. Right now: The InoShikaCho formation face off with some Claw Grimes and almost lose, but then Kawaki flies to their rescue!! Himawari is with InoShikaCho, by the way. But one of the Claw Grimes sees Kawaki- and a Rinnegan comes out. 

It does everything in its power to pin down Kawaki and tries to eat him, but Shikadai gets it with Shadow Paralysis jutsu which allows Kawaki to absorb it with his Karma. But he doesn’t get time to dwell on that, as more and more Claw Grimes start coming out to his location. Meanwhile; Boruto finds himself in a similar situation. But rather than absorb them with Karma- he cuts them all up with his blade at breakneck speed. Code now realizes that Boruto isn’t bluffing, but warns him not to get arrogant just because he can off a few; there’s more than that. But Boruto recognizes that true Horror of the Ten Tailed Beast. Code’s curiosity is not piqued. 


Off elsewhere: Sarada shows off her strength as a Genin to everyone at present, taking out one Claw Grime after another. But ALMOST get chomped by one. Someone takes the bite for her, but……….. they…………… the Claw Grime starts to become a Tree and grows around that guy. Same with another guys. We cut back to Code, who explains that the Ten Tails eats Ohtsusuki to become the God Tree- but it’ll pretty much eat whatever and whoever it meets ’til they get their preferred meal. But Boruto says that it’s………. well, because of Code’s little “modification;” it’s become worse than what they thought. So Boruto tries to tell Code to kill them while he can before a Really Bad Future comes to pass. But Code plans to drain the planet of its chakra, anyway; it’s all the same for this psycho. So Boruto tries one more time: “Take Me To Ten Tail’s real body- or die.And BORUTO says that it would be quite easy. 

Code says it won’t be him dying right here, so Boruto pulls up his pants and initiates his New Technique: “Rasengan- Uzuhiko.” Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 2 END!! Okay THAT’S a lot to digest. And it looks like Boruto- has seen some sh!t in his time away. Still no sign of Saskue. They wouldn’t offscreen something like THAT, would they


Okay…………. Where do I start with this one. There are 2 MAIN points with a bunch of smaller points to talk about. 1 of them might actually lead into the other, so let’s start with that: The Claw Grimes Instincts. Code tells us that they’re “instinctually eat anything until they find an Ohtsusuki, yeah? Which is probably why that Rinnegan showed up in Kawaki’s presence; it finally got a whiff of Ohtsusuki and it’s goin’ for it. What the Rinnegan will do for them, though, is…….. a question. I’m not entirely sure how these things work “mentally.” Maybe it’ll “instinctually” use Space-Time Ninjutsu to get closer to it’s goal, I’m not sure. Though it probably offers the potential for someone to take that Rinnegan and give it to themselves. ‘Cause eyes in this franchise can just be “plugged” in. Sasuke, where you at? No, but in all seriousness; the Ten Tails will eat anything until it finds it’s main course. But as Boruto implies in this chapter; Code squishing it down like this has “added” something beyond just more clawmark portals for him to move through. As shown by the appearance of these trees. 

A Ten Tails eating an Ohtsusuki makes a God Tree; the Claw Grimes seemingly eating anything with chakra period seems to be making Smaller scale versions of the main tree. “Seedlings” or whatever the term is. And when they eat people, that seedling(we’ll call them) takes root and envelopes the person who was eaten. When the God Tree is planeted- all natural energy is drained from the planet, as well as- as Amado put it- it also holds the planets “Genetic Information” as well as all the energy the planet has. If we apply this to these Seedling God Trees: What would happen if they bore Chakra Fruit? It would hold all the chakra that person has- but also maybe even their memories. Whoever were to eat the Chakra fruit of these people’s seedling would gain all of their Chakra and memories, becoming stronger and- kind of like with Karma- all their “information.” The Ohtsusuki are becoming more and more like “Living Computers” with the information we keep getting. 

I bring all of this up because of the joke I keep making: Sasuke is still nowhere to be seen. He could always just be somewhere else, but- with what we just got, in addition to Boruto not looking at Sarada this whole time and the information we just got from Code about an “incident” 2 years ago- I think………… that Sasuke…………… might have become a Seedling. And………. Boruto MAY or may not have eaten his Chakra fruit. If for nothing more than to keep Code from it. But also maybe some coaxing from Momoshiki. 

It might be that- 2 years ago- Boruto and Sasuke either managed to find a way to the Ohtsusuki dimension where Code was hiding, or Code managed to find them a summoned a bunch of Claw Grimes to attack Boruto. Probably that second one, honestly. And Sasuke was unfortunately devoured by a Claw Grime, becoming a God Tree Seedling and bearing a Chakra fruit. Momoshiki- out of curiosity- likely told Boruto to grab the fruit and explained to him the situation. That and Code probably said how the Claw Grimes came to be. Put that together, and Momo and Boruto were likely there with Sasuke’s Chakra fruit wondering what to do now. Eating it was certainly Momo’s idea, but Boruto’s suggestion was to save it for Sarada. What comes next? 2 Scenarios: 

  1. Boruto still has the Chakra fruit on him and is trying to find a moment in this chaos to give it to Sarada. 
  2. Momoshiki managed to gain control of their body and forced Boruto to eat it. 

Scenario 2 presents an interesting idea, in that Boruto now holds Sasuke’s chakra and knowledge. Sasuke’s chakra reserves…………… are very inconsistent, I’ll admit. It’s a bit of a meme that he’s spent a lot of this series on the ground out fo chakra. Vs SHIPPUDEN Sasuke who had Chidori’s. I think it’s the repetitive use of the Rinnegan that drained his chakra like stupid. But that’s gone now; he should have better reserves at this point. Does this also mean that Boruto has gained Sasuke’s abilities? As cool as seeing Boruto with the Sharingan is- Nah; I think just his chakra and memories. I don’t the chakra fruits- at least the one’s grown from these seedlings- has enough “storage space” from memories, chakra, and genetic abilities like the Sharigan. Something had to be excluded. But he would have still gained Sasuke’s chakra and added it to himself, as well as gaining memories on how to do hand signs with just one hand, or possibly even all the Jutsu that he’s managed to copy. Though the Chidori NEEDS the Sharigan to work properly, as shown in that little side story with Kakashi’s team. So even if he knows how to- he probably still can’t. Not unless the Jogan……………… oh, wait, yes he can; the Byakugan and thus Jogan- it’s “Further Evolution-” can both see chakra better than the Sharingan, which is what allows the Chidori to work so effectively. 

Though it could also be that Boruto is getting ready to give Sarada Sasuke’s chakra fruit, in which case what I said doesn’t really matter. And if Sasuke is in fact just off somewhere else, then the Sasuke parts of what I just said doesn’t really matter. But I think that that’s how these seedling things are gonna work. 

Though 1 other thing that I want to bring up in regards to “Boruto eating Sasuke’s Chakra fruit” goes all the way back to Kawaki’s idea in chapter 56: Code Becoming Boruto’s Vessel. No clue if Boruto knows how to do that, but I imagine that- in his time abroad- he would have had this conversation with Momoshiki about it, and brought up that Momo would be able to take his current body, while Boruto moves over to Code’s and takes his power. A conversation that would have likely come after the aforementioned battle with Code 2 years ago. If Boruto had eaten Sasuke’s Chakra fruit and then took that knowledge and even power over to Code- he’d be almost invincible, wouldn’t he? Sure, he’d not longer be able to absorb Chakra via the Karma mark, but………. eh. Amado was able to reconstruct Kawaki’s karma mark a “purely a weapon;” who’s to say he couldn’t do the same for Boruto? Would he do the same for Boruto, though? Because in his altered mind, he already did that. Boruto could lieforce him to do it; or Amado is a little more “aware” than anyone thinks. He knows about Shinjutsu and Shibai- he likely knows a way to counter a Mind Alter. Or perhaps I’m giving him too much credit. 

I’ll be honest with you guys: I had to go through a process fixing the main page, and as you’ll see by hitting the home button; it’s still not– and may never BE- the same again. That took up a lot of my time. So much so that I kind of lost my train of thought. I have notes so I know what I want to say, but, uh………. yeah; just expect it to be not as “coherent” as it was before. As shown with the Amado point. 

I know another point I was thinking about was Boruto hopping over to Code’s body by implanting his own Karma mark, and just leaving this body to Momoshiki. But then that would mean that Momoshiki would be left to go about free to do as he wishes. ALTHOUGH: Another idea could be that the original Boruto continues to suppress Momoshiki, and decides to sacrifice himself and take Momo down with him. Because after the stunt they pulled that night with Kawaki– there’s no resurrection in it for either of them the next time. Momo knows this better than anyone. So I imagine he’ll jump at the chance to “be free” of Boruto and has ignored that possibility. Though I can’t imagine Boruot will have let himself think about since Momo can read his mind. But yeah; that’s how that scenario could go over. All of this assuming that that plan is still within Boruto’s head. 

Other stuff I said is just general, miscellaneous stuff- stuff like how Kawaki was able to use his Karma to absorb the Claw Grimes. Because the Ten Tails- like the other Tailed Beast- is basically just a huge mass of Chakra. Which Ohtsusuki and Karma wielders can absorb. Boruto will likely display a similar feat; he may have even already done it before, considering the last 3 years. Another idea thing I mentioned was Code choosing to think of the Claw Grime’s as “tools” rather than allies because his getting close to people in the past- to Jigen/Isshiki and to Eida- have ended with them leaving him and him being all alone. So he’s choosing not to view these things as allies or even really living beings. Though that makes me wonder about the state of Bug, the only person that he can even SAY is an ally of any kind right now. 

And then there’s the BIG thing at the end of the chapter: “Rasengan- Uzuhiko.” The best that I can figure: He’s learned to enhance himself WITH the Rasengan- to make his entire body a living Rasengan with all the force behind every physical attack. And I believe that he would think of this due to the Taijutsu centric combat required when facing Ohtsusuki like Kawaki. He’d need to find a way to enhance himself so that his strikes do more damage, so he came up with a way to imbue the Rasengan’s concentrated “force” into each strike. This ties back to the idea of Boruto eating Sasuke’s Chakra Fruit: He would have “downloaded” the knowledge on how to enhance himself with jutsu- like Sasuke did with the Chidori all throughout “Shippuden;” imbuing it into his tanto and everything. Though Sasuke could have also just taught it to him over the course of their time abroad. I’m just saying the more interesting option; Boruto having Sasuke’s Chakra and skill and taking Code’s power and body in addition to himself would make him strong. Though………. whenever I think about stuff like this………………. I remember…………… what point we have to reach. Everything has to link up to that scene.


Wow……….. Despite it all- trying to fix the site and the problems at hand- I still managed to finish this on a high note. Eh, you probably already suspect a “Dump Post” of some kind coming; it’s just gonna have Dragon Ball Super in it this month. Hopefully I can just come back and work on this based on the official release, but……… you never know these days. Good thing I’m keeping a whole bunch of back ups. I don’t know if I’ll end up bringing over a whole bunch of posts to the old site just in case so that I still have that content, but I’ll say that I might start bringing over a bunch of “important” ones. Ah………. Let me know what you guys think of the chapter in the comments. This image is one I didn’t get to use but I found F*ckin’ HILARIOUS. I love Fan Translations for this explicit reason. ‘Til the next post, boys and girls; Laters!! 

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Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 120 SHORT REVIEW https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/18/four-knights-of-the-apocalypse-chapter-120-short-review/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/18/four-knights-of-the-apocalypse-chapter-120-short-review/#respond Mon, 18 Sep 2023 14:41:42 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=19718 Read More “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 120 SHORT REVIEW” »


I kind of knew this would be a “Short Review” when the leaks came out; these battle chapters in a series like this don’t leave much to be discussed. And besides, I don’t really have all the time in the world right now between the Scarlet And Violet DLC coming out in a Few Hours from when I’m writing this(Tuesday, September 12th, 2023, 8:20 pm); work in a few days for………….. very long hours; helping my dad with his T Shirt Business(which I enjoy– check out Whohustle.com to check out some designs); and a whole bunch of other sh!t going on right now. So yeah, I’ll just make this a quick one. Maybe I should change this to “Quick Review;” it’s not like what I’m about to say is anything different from what I would usually try to stretch for content. If ONLY I knew how to change the category names……….. In whatever case; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 120: “Banquet For Braves.” No clue what that refers to in the chapter, but I’ll say that it sounds cool. 

More Information About Percival

This is a BIG piece of information to come out of this chapter: We learn that Ironside’s wife was pregnant during the Holy War 16 years ago- around the Sin’s Final Battle against the Demon King. And the miasma he gave off in his Final, Monstrous form plagued the world and caused a number of deaths. And she died from it, probably only having enough strength left to give birth to Diodra. Or……… perhaps……… she gave birth to Twins. And in line with the miasma being too much for her and the new borns to bear; the baby that would become Percival likely didn’t make it past birth. Diodra BARELY survived and grew up sicklyPercival straight up died. And the Life Spirit we just learned about that’s inhabited that infant and came to the material world because it sensed an imbalance of life and death, and found a vessel to possess to fix it. Or perhaps it ALREADY fixed it- or the Demon King’s miasma WAS the irregularity- but is just stuck like this now. 

And like Percy told us in chapter 113; Ironside is seemingly involved in that- as Percival “has a duty to punish him.” Percy could have just been referring to his killing Varghese, but what if Ironside is the one who’s locked the Life Spirit “Percival” in his son’s body? For what reason, though? He seems to hate Percival right now, so the Life Spirit leaving his body and killing “Percival” would be the best course of action, right? Or……….. Does he have some kind of grudge against the Spirit? “They are tasked with bringing Glory to all worlds, but also Death.” Did…….. was it not the Miasma that took his wife? The miasma might have only taken Percival’s life and sickened Diodra- but the Life Spirit is what killed Diodra and Percival’s mother!! And Ironside is keeping the Life Spirit in the material world so he can get his revenge!! And that’s why Mortlach said that he “deserves punishment-” for taking his sister from him. Got it. Pretty smart, Suzuki Sensei; you sure know how to build a mystery!!

Percival vs Mortlach

This is something smaller, and it’s a “Quality vs Quantity” thing between Percival and Mortlach. Percival is carrying the hopes and ideals of his friends, his grandfather, the people of Britannia, the Demon realm, and all of other realms. Mortlach only has Diodra and no one else. But again: “Quality” and “Quantity” are 2 very different games. Just because Percival is carrying a lot more on his back doesn’t mean he wins no matter the situation. Especially not in this context, what with him having to fight this one without magic. It’s not about the weight of what you carry; it’s how you carry it. Like; Mortlach……… has no one but Diodra relying on him. At least not PERSONALLY. He doesn’t have the same “weight” on him that Percival does, but he certainly knows how to use it- how to carry it and use it to spur him on. For that reason; his blade might have more “weight” behind it. 

That vs Percival who has the hopes of entire realms backing him- but he doesn’t have the same experience holding that “weight.” It’s like……… he doesn’t have the “conviction-” the determination- to make it back to someone in particular because they’re all waiting for him to come back alive. He has a reason to fight, but not the reason to win. Or, no. I’m not sure if these things are supposed to “scale” to each other. I just remember something similar happening in Hiro Mashima’s first series Rave Master, and the key to winning a certain Sword Duel was to- instead of focusing on the feelings for “Everyone-” the answer was to think of the one who mattered most to them in the world. Check out the series if you haven’t; it’s seriously some of Mashima’s best work. But as for who this would be for Percival………….. there’s really only 2 choices. Though that might be a little too “generous.” 


You knowI hate my job. And that leads into a very long story that I’ll tell one day. Hopefully one day soon. Straw that broke the Camels back this time, folks! I’ll spare you the story this time and simply end it here. Um……… a lot more to say this time than I thought; definitely could of done a full review for this one. Then again- I’m glad I did this this way, considering the Thursday, September 14th, 2023 I had. Ah………. are you guys reading Kaiju No 8? It feels like it’s in this battle “lull” like the Captains vs the Espada or………….. a lot of “Mashle’s” Final Arc– a whole bunch of fights with no substance or purpose beyond 1)Filling up time and 2)The purpose “assigned” to them in the middle of the battle. I don’t know how it’ll read in a Binge, but reading it chapter-by-chapter………… Not really invested. But it’s still a GREAT Manga- particularly if you’re an Attack On Titan fan!! Okay, I’ve stalled enough; catch y’all later. 

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Edens Zero Chapter 255 SHORT REVIEW https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/14/edens-zero-chapter-255-short-review/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/14/edens-zero-chapter-255-short-review/#comments Fri, 15 Sep 2023 03:53:33 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=19716 Read More “Edens Zero Chapter 255 SHORT REVIEW” »


I just finished reading the new chapter of “Edens Zero.” And looking at it objectively; I didn’t feel like it was something that warranted a FULL review. That and my brother recently started going back to school after the end of summer vacation. To make a long story short: Some “altercations” went on with his transportation, and so he’s transferring to a school that’s close by. As such, he’s starting to get back to waking up on time for the bus- and me as a sensitive sleeper with the inability to fall back asleep once I’m up- I’m not sleeping all too well. Not to mention that- from the time of me writing this(Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 2:24 pm)- the first DLC for Pokemon: Scarlet And Violet is coming out soon. And I am going to play. THAT. MALISCIOUSLY. But then I see the One Piece 1,092 spoilers and……….. HOOF. Not to mention work most of Friday and…….. Pretty much all of Saturday, so…….. yeah. Meaning I should probably stop messin’ around. Edens Zero Chapter 255: “An Unexplored Cosmos.” Let’s begin. 

A Brand New Cosmos

For a chapter that just feels like it’s “there,” the……… either Biggest or Second Biggest thing to come out of this chapter is that we have now left the Grand Shiki Cosmos- they are in Completely New Territory. I actually think that it also explains why many Adventurers don’t make it to Mother- or why not a lot have made it back. I feel like Nadia’s Temple is where a lot of people are supposed to learn about the Relics- what they are, how to collect the Mother Ether, and things like that. But 200 years ago, Red Cave’s relic was taken anyway. So in their minds, what would be the point in going passed that d@mn flame cave just to get “residual ether?” So they go off in search of other Relics, but make the mistake of assuming the Relics are these “Ancient Looking Object” rather than…………. a Bottle Cap or something. And even after all of THAT- you need to go to the Saintfire Church and use the “Door To Mother.” And what are the chances they let everyone trying to reach Mother use it? 

This might tie into why Shiki needs to walk his own path and form his own opinion- and is a little too close to “One Piece” for anyone’s liking– but all of this might be necessary to reach Mother; going passed Red Cave and making whatever object you have on you a relic- collecting more and more Mother Ether- becoming an ally of the Saintfire Church. The crew just kind of did all that. In that way, it makes the adventures we’ve seen them go on feel all the more relevant- like they could have never gotten to this point without going through all of this. It’s all connected. 

But the other problem an Adventurer might run into is coming back. Sure, there’s untold Danger in going somewhere more or less unexplored, but I mean just getting through that initial “Wall” they had to pass. It might be easier to get in but not easy or even impossible to escape! Ziggy managed to do it– we’re definitely around where he would have had to find Shiki- but he had several factors backing him; what with the true nature of the Edens Zero and his Gravity powers- he probably broke past it. And yeahthis is likely Shiki’s Cosmos of origin- we’re closer and closer to the place he was born, and thus learning his true nature and what he’s meant to do. There’s a lot that this cosmos could be; a fitting place for the Finale Battle. Though how Void plans on getting here without the Mother Ether Joker was supposed to steal is beyond me……………….. NO F*CKING WAY IS HE ALREADY HERE. 

In chapter 235, we see the Edens One in some part of space- but there’s not indication as to what cosmos it was in; no sakura petals or snow or water or checkered skies. He’s already HERE!! And Joker was to get the Mother Ether just to keep it away from the crew!! That was some clever attention to detail, Mashima. Bravo. 

The Shining Star’s Origins

Something I quickly wanted to mention was how the Shining Star’s differ in their mindset towards their origins. Sister wants to know hers the most; Hermit’s just curious; and Valkyrie and Witch don’t really seem to care. Sister’s always seemed the “Least Mature” of the 4, but Hermit is legit just curious what it is that needs to be hidden. And the end of the chapter implies a level of tragedy to what happened to them- something that brought Pino to tears. But a few chapters ago, Rachel called it a “precious memory” to Pino. Now, we don’t know where in the timeline that Pino is looking; she might be right in the middle- right at the “All Is Lost” moment of the story- and hasn’t seen the “Happy Ending” that leads into…………. what we know currently. But that still leaves the question: What the H#ll is she seeing? 

The thought that- as of Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 8:40 pm- just came to meOne has done all of this before. Maybe Ziggy’s quest to Mother was not itself the only thing he was doing. Chapter’s 204 and 210(as well as chapters 4, 200, 201, and 203) tell us Ziggy’s backstory and his mission from the Planet Edens right up to when Granbell was built. And at point, he went to out to find Mother again- to regain the memories he had lost upon crashing on the Granbell of Universe 1. But we ALSO know that he– at some unknown point– made the Edens One and the AI that would go on to become Void- presumably as a back up in case something happened to the Edens Zero. Maybe Edens One set out on its own during the course of Ziggy’s journey to Mother, and Ziggy changed the goal to stopping it from getting there. And as for how it tied into the Shining Stars and Pino’s origins: It needed a lot of fuel to get to Mother, so- it took the life force of Humans via a replica of Drakken’s Life Support Device. Sister WAS sick– just like Irma Steiner. Maybe they’re just the only 4 he was able to save. 

As for Pino; she was likely made after Ziggy realized what One was doing and made her with the specific intent of stopping it. The Shining Stars were all Human at some pointPino was not. And the “precious” part of that memory is when she and Ziggy turned the Shining Stars into Androids and forming that original crew that went to find Mother and stop One. And this ties back to something that Valkyrie said a little bit ago;” she speculated that there was already a model that Void used as a template that he ran through the Mobius to make perfect. Perhaps the body it used as the template was the one that Ziggy raced to Mother all those years ago! And after running a few calculations, it made the necessary upgrades to make a body even stronger than Ziggy’s

But all of this still leaves the question of how One was defeated last time. How did Ziggy stop himDid he stop him? Born again…….. Shiki remembers having seen Mother………. One already up and at em trying to reach Mother……… Shiki’s fate……. I’m just sayin’. Someone on twitter pointed out the possibility of Shiki being the Demon King the Heavenly Knights Of The Dancing Sakura faced off against in the Dark Ages- “born again” as the “Man Who Will Change The Universe.” He might have been on to something, though went back a little too far………..


Well THAT wasn’t “short” at all. The gears just started turning in my head; I already knew what I wanted to talk about, but to see what that spun off into; I’m glad I decided to forego the whole “overview” and just said what I thought. Man, I already miss the full break week. Why couldn’t I the DLC come out then instead of when I’m busy and my hours are up? I STILL GOT 2 MORE POSTS TO DO AFTER THIS!! Well, a “Short Review” that’s ACTUALLY going to be short, and the One Piece 1,092 review, which…….. takes priority with the mood I’m in, yeah? Man, I wish there were 6 of me– or that I had the “Processing Power” to do it all at once. ‘Cause everything I’m doing right now as far as this blog and Pokemon- I REALLY want to do myself. I’m not the type to relegate tasks like this to someone else! ‘Cause I love making posts like the 2 I have on backburn. Man, I hope they actually come out this time. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and ’til next time everyone- Stay Golden. Later!! 

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A Day At The Carnival. Chainsaw Man Chapter 142 BREAKDOWN https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/14/a-day-at-the-carnival-chainsaw-man-chapter-142-breakdown/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/14/a-day-at-the-carnival-chainsaw-man-chapter-142-breakdown/#respond Thu, 14 Sep 2023 12:24:36 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=19714 Read More “A Day At The Carnival. Chainsaw Man Chapter 142 BREAKDOWN” »


…………… That’s all I can say about this. The next few chapters are gonna be Short Reviews for sure- they’re gonna be battle chapters with Fujimoto showing off his art skills. But this chapter is the “set up” to that; we know what the characters are thinking going into the battle. Where we go from there is ANYONE’S guess, but I’d say that we’re about to see a few factions meeting up. The War Duo and Fami; Public Safety; the Weapons; and Denji. What will these characters coming together look like? And heck; don’t they need to get ready for the Nostradamus prophecy? Eh; guess we’ll get to it. Chainsaw Man Chapter 142: “Denji Fan Club.” There’s Nayuta and the Huskies, so it’s got a few members already…………


Denji and Mifune take Nayuta to a Theme park for a day and watch her play. Mifune confirms that Denji hasn’t joined the Church, and Denji tells her that he has no intention of becoming Chainsaw Man again. Which Mifune thinks is kind of tragic; “All that recognition and respect” just going to waste. But Denji reminds her that it’s “not all sunshine and rainbows. She agrees, seeing as Chainsaw Man is watched in the Bathroom. A pause, and Denji chews her out for watching him while he’s in the bathroom- calling her a stalker. Mifune says to call her a “Fan,” but Denji recalls how every girl who comes on to him hates his f*ckin’ guts. And she admits- she kind of hates Chainsaw Man, too. 

She lived in the town where Chainsaw Man would have a Bloody Destructive Showdown with the Gun Fiend. That night, her family home was caught up in the destruction; she pulled herself out of the rubble, and tried to yell for Chainsaw Man to help her parents. But her screams for help were drowned out by the rev of his engine. They died. But she doesn’t hold that against Denji or anything, because she doesn’t see Chainsaw Man as a “Hero” or some kind of Deity- because she saw Denji change back after the battle. And saw him cry when he had to kill Aki. It was then that she realized that Denji- that Chainsaw Man– was just a kid at the end of the day. And she wants to be the one to save him. “I’m not a Chainsaw Man Fan” she continues; “I’m a Fan Of Denji Senpai.” 

Before Denji gets the chance to properly react to this new perspective; Flamethrower sits down next to him, proclaiming himself a “Chainsaw Man Fan.” Even showing off his Chainsaw Man lighter. He requests- as a fan- to see Chainsaw Man fight again. Which he may just see, as the Weapons are about to level the first floor of a nearby building. Chainsaw Man Chapter 142 END!! Will it be Asa? Yoshida? DenjiWho’s gonna stop the weapons first? 


How do I want to start this………? I know that I want to start with Mifune, but I don’t know how to lead into that. The thing I want to talk about with her is what happens when Superheroes take off their masks- show some sort of vulnerability. After they do that, they go from being these “Larger Than Life” Unstoppable Icons to………… just another person. Some react to the “fall” of these people with disappointment- while others are just thankful that someone’s TRYING to make a change. Mifune is the latter; I think she’s being genuine in that she can accept Denji not saving her parents- because she’s seen Denji at his most vulnerable, and realizes that he probably lost a number of people he cared about on that day, too, from her perspective. Trying to kill him won’t bring her parents back, and- Yoshida likely knowing Nayuta’s status as the Control Devil and warning everyone who they send to kill her- knows that a fate worse than DEATH awaits her if she tries. She can just “Let It Go…………”

Then Again, This Is “Chainsaw Man” and Tatsuki Fujimoto.

She can do the smart, healthy thing and move on with the knowledge that Denji is- at the end of the day– just a kid(she’s 22). Or she can ignore all that and bide her time until she can cut his f*ckin’ d!ck off. If you’re smart, then you’ll put your money on that second one. But……….. I feel like believing in the first idea is more in line with the idea of “Chainsaw Man.” “Because of what he does, he is marked and killed by many Devils- but he revs his engine and arises again and again.” Chainsaw Man always keeps trying; Denji– no matter HOW MANY girls try to kill him- keeps trying to get a girlfriend. Chainsaw Man always wins in the end, no matter how many times he dies; maybe this is the end of Denji’s search. And it works out for him because she’s into Denji. 

These last few chapters have shown us that he’s kind of empty without Chainsaw Man- that he kind of lacks an identity or direction. Because everyone Loves Chainsaw Man- no one really cares about Denji. Except Nayuta, Meowy, and the Huskies; he’s the center of their Universe! No, but seriously; Denji wouldn’t have a shot with any woman if he doesn’t flex the fact that he’s Chainsaw Man, and he knows this. And then comes this 22 year old woman who sees him for who he is behind the Chainsaw; who sees him trying and struggled to save people as Chainsaw man while also chasing his own personal desires- someone who doesn’t have it all together but is doing his best for his sister and their pets. I’m talking about all this and in a few chapters she stabs him in the f*ckin’ face or something. But I trust Mifune right now; I don’t know what on Earth would make me want to trust any woman Denji gets close to, but I do. 

Another thing that I just wanted to quickly mention was how the Weapons revere Chainsaw Man just like other Devils. They want to be hacked up by him; to go head-to-head in a Bloody Battle and to be hacked up by his Chainsaws- to maybe even be Eaten by him and “become part of him-” that would be the Single Greatest Honor they could ever think of. That being said, I doubt Denji WILL eat them. Though……….. would there be any other way to stop the Weapons? These guys are……… TOUGH. “Killing them” regularly won’t keep them down; the Weapon Fiends showed to be tough enough to keep fighting against the Real Chainsaw Man. Denji is going to have some problems dealing with them…………

Though; you also have to think that Public Safety is gonna get involved. They’ll die, but they will. Meanwhile, the Church- on top of doing NOTHING to stop their “Top Brass” from mutilating untold numbers of people- lose face with the public in general, but really they just lose some of their top earners. That’s gonna be a Pretty Big Handicap. 4 of the 7 weapons will be gone from their ranks, yeah? And the one’s remaining are gonna get side-eyed like crazy going forward, on top of the Church now looking like their devotion is getting in the way of protecting people. Like………. What the heck, man? Is Fami making them do this like Makima did to them way back when? Or are they acting of their own accord? In which case, how will them doing this affect Fami’s plan? 

The plan is to weaken Chainsaw Man and turn him back into a Human, and then split him up into Denji and the original Chainsaw Man. Is this gonna help in that? Because Chainsaw Man is already becoming less and less feared by Chainsaw Man. So if he saves a whole bunch of people right here, then maybe the all of Human’s fear for Chainsaw Man will weaken, leaving just Devil’s fear for his erasure ability. Though it could also be Asa coming to the rescue; she could swoop in and kill them all, and then take all the credit, thus making Chainsaw Man look……… well, like he no longer cares. And that’s probably gonna weaken Chainsaw Man, anyway. Either way, Denji’s becoming more and more human. 

Yoshida is part of Public Safety, and we’ve already established that they don’t have what it takes to take out the Weapons, yeah? Plus no one’s life is guaranteed in this series, so he may just die with the rest of the Public Safety Hunters. The War Duo is strong, but I don’t know if they can take on multiple powerful Devils like this at one time. Not to mention that them trying to bring out Chainsaw Man like this will interfere with Fami’s plans. So Fami may just send her second Chainsaw Man to slay them and dip- leaving Asa to take credit for killing the Rouge Weapons and further dampening Chainsaw Man’s reputation through……… well, the same way Mifune came to dislike Chainsaw Man: “He Never Came To Save Them, No Matter How Many Times You Called His Name.” Heck, knowing this series; this might ALL be a part of Fami’s plan and it’s going accordingly. She seems to be the “Older Sister” of the Horsemen Devils- someone smarter than all of them with the most level head. She might be in total control of the situation. Perhaps that’s part of why the Weapons are allowed to know that that Hideous Fake isn’t the real Chainsaw Man. That and the fact that they’ve MET the real Chainsaw Man and- like Asa- know better. 


That’s………. that’s all, yeah? I can’t think of anything more that I want to say, so I’ll end it here. Like I saidBusy Next Few Days. Just got busier in fact. I haven’t even gotten to the DLC for Scarlet And Violet yet. AND One Piece chapter 1,092 just came out so I have to talk about THAT!! Well, first I have to read it. Uh……. I’m gonna cut this outro a little short. Let me know what you guys think will happen next time, and until then, folks; Stay Golden. Later!! 

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My Adventures With Superman Season 1 SPOILER REVIEW https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/10/my-adventures-with-superman-season-1-spoiler-review/ https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/2023/09/10/my-adventures-with-superman-season-1-spoiler-review/#respond Mon, 11 Sep 2023 03:51:25 +0000 https://fictionoverlord.webresolvers.com/?p=19626 Read More “My Adventures With Superman Season 1 SPOILER REVIEW” »


If there’s any singular post I want you guys to see that opens like this– I want it to be this one. Because this series is- from all the iterations that I’ve seen- a really cool way to handle Superman. I usually start posts off talking about how often I try to do other posts like this; posts that aren’t just a bunch of chapter reviews or whatever- posts about animation in general and not just anime. This is another of those posts; one that I hope I’m not the only one who sees it, yeah? And I really DO plan to put out this post, no matter how long it takes. Because I want this show to continue for as long as it naturally should. At some point, this series will Inevitably become a DC Universe show proper, full of Time Travel to when this version of Clark becomes THE Superman we know him to be- De-facto leader of the Justice League and all. But that’s years down the line, yeah? For right now- for the next 3/4/5 seasons- let’s keep it to just Superman. Though koi references are Inevitable. 

I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself here, yeah? Let’s start with what this show is at the core of its being: An Origin Story. Of the 3 most popular superheroes in the world, I’d definitely say that Superman’s is the one that’s been retold the least. Or, no, I’m lying; it would probably be Spiderman, with it only feeling like we’ve seen it a thousand times over because of how close the different variations are to each other- some new Spiderman property coming not long after the other between the movies and the tv shows and all of that. But Superman definitely has the 2nd least. How many times have we seen the Wayne’s get shot by now? In whatever case; this series is a new rendition of the Superman origin story, showing us a version of Clark who didn’t grow up knowing the full story. WE know what’s going on- Clark does not. And- considering where the season is getting ready to end- I don’t think he’ll figure everything out this season. I’m writing this post Monday, August 28, 2023, 3:18 pm; the season Finale comes out Thursday at Midnight- it could tell him everything or nothing more; I don’t know yet. 

For me, though; seeing Clark try to catch up with the audiences knowledge of his backstory- kind of fun. Although they probably shouldn’t take too long telling him who he is. That would get annoying. Vs if he figures towards the end of Season 2 while she show’s still golden. Because this show- is pretty good. It’s vibrant; it’s fun; the voice cast is pretty wicked; all the characters are entertaining; it doesn’t take too long getting from point A to Point B  but also doesn’t suffocate me with how fast it’s going; it’s……… greatAnd here are some of the reasons why. 

Series Design: Animation, Art, Voice Acting And The Like

The series is animated by South Korean Animation studio, Studio Mir- know for their work on series such as Avatar: The Legend Of Korra, Black Dynamite, The Boondocks, Young Justice: Outsiders, Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts, the Harley Quinn series on Max, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Though all of this- including this series- all of their work have been co-productions with other studios. This one is with Warner Bros Animation. And I gotta sayThis series looks BEAUTIFUL. It’s super Anime-esque when it comes to character reactions, and even the classic “Power Up” moments for Clark. That’s another thing: Superman his this power where his eyes start glowing, and he, like- “taps into more power” or something, and he starts moving faster and- well– like Superman. I don’t what made them choose to portray them like that, but…….. pretty cool idea. That and the artwork for the series is pretty. 

It’s become a bit of meme that Lois in this iteration looks a lot like Luz Noceda from Disney’sThe Owl House- especially looking at the original concept art. But I think they actually toned that down in the series. Though I’ll admit that the voice actresses for both– Sarah-Nicole Robles(Luz Noceda) and Alice Lee(Lois Lane)- sound remarkably similar. Though of course, Lois being older means her voice is a little more………. what’s the word? Not “low” I don’t think, but more……… “based,” I guessSomething like that. Speaking of whichHughie from The Boys voices SUPERMAN?! I didn’t know that!! He does a pretty good job portraying this younger version of Clark Kent- he really nails the “Mild-Mannered-ness” of Superman’s alter ego. The Nerdy type; probably bullied a few times in High School but stood up for himself once or twice and they never came back, giving him a little bit of a backbone. Though still struggles to speak up at certain moments. That’s the impression I get from Clark Kent, which is the intent- you’d never know this guy was Superman just looking at him. 

And then there’s Superman’s voice. This iteration is a very young, “New” Superman- one that’s still figuring out what literally EVERY OTHER Superman figured out when they were younger. And for that reason, I think Quaid does a pretty Good job with his Superman. An older, more seasoned Superman– yeah, I don’t think that “smaller” voice he does would fit. And sense we already have some multiverse shenanigans going on, we’ll likely be seeing some contrast here and there come next season or the season after. In a day and age where even a season 2 isn’t guaranteed- throw in as much as you can. ‘Tis the motto of most media today– for better or worse. Then of course there’s Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen. Not familiar with his work, but he did good. Kind of sounded like Zeno Robinson’s voice for Remmy in Disney’s “Big City Greens.” 

THE VILLAINS- some of the BEST PARTS of any DC Animated series. They just have such an Iconic cast of Villains to use. And I’m not even just talking about Batman and Superman’s rogues; the Flash has characters like Cpt Cold, Heat Wave(who has a new rendition in this series), Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Reverse Flash/ Eobard Thawne, Zoom, Gorilla Grodd; Green Lantern brings with him characters like Sinestro and Atrocitus; Ocean Master, Black Manta, Vandal Savage, and more and more that they could pull from. But the STAND OUT Villain this time around– thanks to Jake Green’s portrayal and the Imposing Design- is definitely Dr Ivo/ Parasite. Seriously, he looks like a f*ckin’ Monster from the offset– as opposed to his rendition in the Original DC Animated Universe in which he………. just kind of look like he had on a skin suit, and his Young Justice look in which he looks like a Giant Purple Nut Sack Growth. THIS Parasite right here- was a MONSTER. And it was such a neat subversion for people like me who look at the kind of thing to see information on the episode. 

I remember setting the episode to record on the TV and read the episode description and seeing Dr Ivo’s mentioned, and my immediate thought was “Oh- AMAZO.” Because he’s most known for his Power Copying Android “Amazo.” Then we actually watch the episode, and what my brother’s and I thought was Amazo was instead purple and an armor– completely different from any version we’d seen before. Because it wasn’t Amazo– it was a new version of Parasite, who’s powers are now closer to Goku Black or Mad Monk Urouge from One PieceHe gets stronger when he’s hit. Which I actually like more in the long run with how the series portrays it; the more power he absorbs, the stronger his weapons and the more the suit mutates until it becomes this……….. KAIJU CENTIPEDE MONSTER THING. Such a cool design; words don’t do it justice. And Jake Green’s portrayal is one of its highlights. 

The voice he uses- that……… Psychotic “Rich Boy” voice that I’ve enjoyed this far– he comes off like some rich @$$hole who just lost everything and is taking it out on someone just to feel like he still has some semblance of control. And that’s who Dr Ivo is in this series; he’s kind of a precursor to what Lex Luthor will be in the future(though Lex seems to always come out still making money while Ivo’s life is pretty much over). 

I also like this series approach towards the way we find out who some of these Villains are; some become more obvious than others, such as the debut of Livewire in this series. But then you have characters like Silver Banshee; this Universe has Silver Banshee and Scream Queen- I didn’t know which one Siobhan McDougal was without looking it up. Though the color of the hair might have been an indicator as well. I didn’t know who the character Albert was supposed to be; I had to look him just to see what villain he was supposed to be. And I sh!t you notThis character is a DEEEEEEEEEEEEP Cut. Like; the character “Rough House” doesn’t even have his own wikipedia page- clicking the link on the wikipedia page for “My Adventures With Superman” just takes you to a list of ALL of DC’s Villains- from well known A Listers to………… Rough House. Which is just………….. really funny to me; he’s such a No Name Nobody that he doesn’t even have his own page. Truly “Bottom Of The Barrell.” 


One of my favorite shots in this show comes towards the end of the opening theme, in which we see a roster of the series Villains loaming over the Daily Planet Trio as they stand over Clark’s ship. This series has some Stellar Villain renditions. I just talked about how Jake Green killed it as Parasite and how cool his design was so I’ll leave that be. The OTHER stand out Villain this time aroundOne Mr Mxyzptlk- as portrayed by David Errigo Jr(Ferb Fletcher as he appeared in “Milo Murphy’s Law;” Hampton J Pig in the new “Tiny Toons Looniversity”). He isn’t even a fraction as powerful as any other version of Mxyz you can think of– really only using his full powers amount to something Rick Sanchez could do(and likely has done) drunk. It’s sad that that’s the comparison I choose to make. But true. Though ironically; this is the only version I’ve seen that refers to himself as a “Chaos God-” something the other’s could call themselves. 

He sticks out to me because he’s a trickster- but not a particularly powerful one. He likes messing with people, but that’s done less with slapstick like say the one from Superman The Animated Series portrayed by Gilbert Gottfried(May He Rest In Peace) and more just through teasing Lois and Clark with knowledge he has about Clark’s origins. That’s goes back to what I said earlier: We’re the ones “in the know” about it, but Clark is still learning the story. Which is probably WHY Mxyz came to THIS ONE over any other version of Clark in the Multiverse; he could easily stall him by teasing what HE knows about other versions of Superman. This Mxyz CAN’T send Superman to another Dimension with a mere thought- ESPECIALLY not without his precious hat- but he CAN prevent him from kicking his @$$, which any other rendition of Clark would once they saw through the ruse. Which this one doesn’t. 

And that brings me to our central character: One Mr Clark Joseph Kent. What can I say? He’s younger than many other iterations– less “mature and wisened” than the others. He has the same core values, and he’ll speak up and fight back when the time comes. But not at first; he’ll hold his tongue most of the time and let whatever happens- happens. So the story becomes not only about him figuring out his origins on Krypton, but also his becoming- well; Superman. And it works; this series has a solid start with Season 1. It’s on season 2 to show us what this show can do when it starts “running.” Is this gonna be a “Universe Starter” that thrives on these Mostly Known “Deep Cuts” that fans of DC would get? I was honestly expecting to hear a mention of the Wayne’s or even Batman himself when I saw on the Guide that Vicky Vale was gonna be coming to Metropolis. But we didn’t. Not even a hint. And I kind of liked that about Season 1; you don’t need to start building a whole interconnected Universe from the offset. You see how doing that worked out for the movies, right

Now they could stuff like that in season 2, but maybe not Batman– at least; don’t say there are other Heroes out there………… just yet. If you want to introduce us to a younger Bruce Wayne or Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, or several other characters BEFORE they put on their spandex, then by all means- Do It. But keep Superman as the only Hero for a while. Let him learn. Then he can teach the others how to handle the job. Or something. 

Then of course there’s Lois. She hates lies, which is why she wanted to be a Journalist. Though that character quirk plus an “Active” personality equals……….. I wouldn’t call her “Unlikeable,” but I also wouldn’t say I particularly like her. At least; as a………. well, THAT would be messed up to say. Um……… This hatred of lies drives her to do some………. some kind of insensitive things; something that forces Clark to hide his secret from her out of fear for his privacy. Then again, they were becoming so close that she might not have put it all out there knowing what would happen to Clark. Thus making it a “Misunderstanding Plot.” Though I can see Clark’s point more. While Lois just comes off as a reporter trying to get the Biggest scoop of the century. And yet I can also see how someone you care about hiding such a large part of their lives FROM you can be………. painful; like they don’t trust you enough to let you in, while you trust them with your life. 

Though something interesting is how he writers behind the show split up what made Amber so bad in the Season 1 Finale of Invincible. The problem with her was that she knew Mark was a Superhero and was still upset with him from ditching her like that; this show splits that into Lois being upset that Clark wouldn’t tell her the truth and Jimmy knowing he’s Superman. And it manages to work. 1)Jimmy’s REALLY GOOD at keeping secrets to have known this the WHOLE TIME and neve even alludes to knowing it; 2)How does Amber now seem worse looking back?; and 3)I understand Lois, but she also needs to understand how she came off to Clark talking about “exposing all of Superman’s secrets.” If this show didn’t need something like this to happen for the next episode, then she could have pulled Clark aside and asked and had her promise not to reveal the secret because she knows it would hurt Clark. Then there’s no problem. But that’s not what happened. 

Story And Season 2 Content

The story was pretty good; I liked how the Suicide Squad was building up in the background with each Bad Guy Superman defeated. And I liked seeing them team up against Superman in the end like that. Though I don’t know where the General Lane/ Krypton Invasion plot is building towards. I mean, they cast Michael Emerson(Lost; the Alpha Nanites in “Generator Rex;” Law And Order: SVU and Criminal Intent Guest Star; Saw) as BRAINIAC for the Season Finale, so clearly he had something to do with Krypton’s Ultimate Fate and the Original Invasion that seems to have brought Clark to Earth. I imagine that Braniac was an AI created by Jor El who took over Krypton and used their tech to make a fleet of Robot soldiers to invade a number of planets- Earth being one of them. Jor El had enough and found this planet suitable for his son, so- he blew up the d@mn planet and used that gateway to send Clark to safety. There’s that. 

But then you also have the Multiverse part with the League Of Lois Lanes, showing us the Evil versions of Superman. And AS a Multiverse plot, we’re likely going to be meeting some of those at some point. Which might give Clark some idea of what happened with HIS version of Krypton. And then of course you’re going to have Mxyz coming in and out to cause as many problems for the Daily Planet trio and the League of Lois Lanes as possible- trying to get his power back and get back at them for their hands in him being weakened. Both are good stories; one’s just about this version of Superman and what he has going on personally, and then that in relation to the others that we all know from Superman’s vast catalog of stories from the last 85 years. 

If you were to ask me what storyline I’m most excited for, then I’d probably tell you Clark’s own story as opposed to the Multiverse plot. It’s getting kind of “burned out” right now with all the Multiverse media we’re getting back to back, but also I just wanna see THIS Universe and how it develops. We KNOW what’s waiting up ahead for Superman; you can retell the same story a hundred thousand times but it’s gonna end the same way. It’s the “road” to it that’s always more interesting. We know that there will be a Batman and a Flash and a Wonder Woman and a thousand others who come out now that Superman exists; I just want to see that- not watch Clark wonder if he’s measuring up to a version of himself that’s been doing this for 20 somethin’ years. Though they’d probably be the one’s to tell him the backbones of the origin story, though.

Then there’s Jimmy being RICH- him selling Flame Bird to the Daily Planet for MILLIONS of dollars. But he ALSO outed himself as “Superman’s Best Friend.” Parasite and Livewire would like to know your location. Don’t know how he’s gonna get that watch, but I get the feeling he’s going to need it. Then there’s Kryptonite, Brainiac, Task Force X, and likely other villains coming from Intergang. Though that might prove beneficial to the overall story when it comes time to face Brainiac. It may not be a Justice League, but it’s SOMETHING. And then there’s Dr Ivo’s assistant “Alex.” Yeah. Probably a season 2 ender and then we cross our fingers for a Season 3 and 4. There’s a lot this show can do if they’re given the time and preparation, so I hope it gets the ideal length it would need to tell its full story. Be that a 3 Act story a la Amphibia, or something longer like say………. Rick And Morty. They got a 70 episode order after season 3. Maybe not THAT many episodes, but something akin to that. 

Closing Thoughts

That’s all I had to say. Yeah, that’s pretty much everything; anything more would have just been me talking about Parasite and Mxyz. And at that point, that’s just………. an R Rated Term. I had to stop in the middle of the last segment to let my computer charge, and in the middle of that; I started thinking that I might need to redo it. Then I looked at it again, and rewriting it just kind of felt like I was forcing myself to say everything more “Eloquently-” like I somehow said something somewhere wrong or like I had been “rushing” myself. So I didn’t. And because of that, I can say that this post is complete. That’s 1; now if only I could get to the Black Clover and One Piece posts I have waiting in the wings. I don’t know which one I should be more excited for. 

Let me know what you guys thought of Season 1 of “My Adventures With Superman.” MY thoughtsExcellent Start to what I hope is a Wonderful show; an interesting way to reinvent Superman for a new Generation of fans; Don’t go overboard with the “Universe;” and take your time and make a Really Good Season 2!! That’s all I got for you guys today. Til the next post, duckies; Laters!! 

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