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1001 Ways To Say Spinner’s Delusional! My Hero Academia Chapter 372 BREAKDOWN

I couldn’t figure out the wording this time. Like, I know what I wanted to say, but no matter how I wrote it- it just came out looking………. “Wrong.” “The Villain’s Hero;” “The Hero To All Villains;” “Shuichi Iguchi: The Villain’s Hero, Or A……..” I don’t even KNOW what I was gonna come up with on that last one; it like, leapt out of my mind as I was writing it. I wanted to use a title for this week’s “Big Moment,” because I really like it. It tells you a lot about a character whose lost his humanity, and it’s a perfect “Oh Sh!t!” moment. Though as I say this, I’m realizing a problem. Or; maybe it’s not a problem and I’m just channeling my inner “Ajay.” Good God, it’s a good thing that he will NEVER read these posts. 

I’m glad to be talking about all 3 again; it’s been a long time since I reviewed a bunch of series at once. Though looking at the situation in front of me at the time of my writing this part(Saturday, November 5th, 2022, 4:15 pm at 43% battery life having been awake since 5:37 am because of this stupid bump on the back of his neck), I’m starting to see why I mostly stray away from that, now. Let’s see what we can do about this. My Hero Academia Chapter 372: “Naked.” Don’t know what THAT refers to- I’m writing this based on the Fan translated chapter- let’s just role with it. Editing Note: Same D@mn Title.


Flashback: Shoji and Koda beg that they be put on the Central Hospital Defense team; they heard about the Heteromorph Attack from that Giant lady Izuku helped, and they can’t stand by while those like them attack innocent people. Aizawa gives in, and asks Mic to look out for them. Flashback Over. In the present: Mic doesn’t believe he’s necessary here. He’s aware that quirks get stronger each and every generation, meaning that Shoji and Koda are already stronger than when they were young. For Shoji- He’s Strong. For Koda- His Quirk Has Awakened. His mom told him when he was young that his “horns” would one day be able to empathically call animals to his side. Which is happening. 

With their power, they manage to knock their enemies down a peg. Shoji takes this opportunity to ask his fellow Heteromorphs: “What Will you Choose To Protect With Your Gifts?” Remembering Aoyama’s tears, and the girl he saved; he asks that they not give in to their hatred. Because then their children will become the inheritors of their crimes. Spinner’s not gonna let him have his “Moment In The Sun,” though; he chooses to instead remind them all of what the “Humans” did to them, and ignites the “Flames Of Rebellion” once again, leading them to the Hospital. 

But it is here where the Heteromorph’s see those of their own kind with regular people, standing against them. Seeing this one small act, they end up hanging back, while Spinner moves ahead in a delusion. His mind depicts a younger version of himself running forward, thinking that this is finally his chance to be “Somebody-” To Be Tomura’s “Hero.” All that he must do is play a recording of Tomura or All For One’s voice, and Kurogiri will be commanded to do something that All For One believes will “End The War.” And with so many backing him; how could he fail

But when he turns around, he realizesHe’s On His Own Again. Present Mic’s booming voice tells Spinner that Shoji’s words managed to reach the other’s more than Spinner’s could. And he’s not gonna let his friend become All For One’s vehicle a second time. Both at once, he and Spinner yell to the High End Nomu strapped to the chair- the names “Shirakumo” and “Kurogiri” ringing out loud. My Hero Academia Chapter 372 END!!! My Hero Academia Will Be On Break Next Week. Okay, that sort of comforting; I won’t have so much to do next week!! 


Holy Mother Of F*ck This Sh!t Is Twisted. He……… he’s trying to be a “Hero?” Aren’t they against that? Aren’t “Heroes” how they ended up in this mess?! That…… That’s the point, huh? Because he’s such a Stain fan, right? He’s becoming the exact kind of Hero that Stain despises; one who’s only trying to become a “Hero” so he can fill his empty life with something. It’d be cool if Stain were actually here to tell him how stupid he’s being. But I feel like we would get a similar speech to what he told the former Meta Liberation Army. He doesn’t care if he was just “following a trend;” it’s his life and he’ll live it as he chooses. And if that means becoming Machia 2.0, then he’ll accept it!…………… Or something like that.

But nah; I think he would probably be at the Dabi battlefield if anywhere. That one seems more important. He’s not a mutant, so he can’t really speak on the subject. Plus, while Spinner is actually trying to follow Stain’s ideals and missing the point; Dabi just twisted the “There Are No True Heroes” message. He’s gotta set that straight. 

But back to Spinner; I think he’s about to have a Full on Mental break. After finally becoming “someone;” the people who were following him have now fallen back, finally having to look themselves in the “mirror” and realize that they’re become everything that they hated. And when Spinner realizes that he’s more a “Hollow Shell” now than he was before, he’s probably gonna stop and let whatever happens happen. Because All For One thought that he could make another Machia the same way he made the first one. What he didn’t realize is that Tomura’s growth meant growing closer to Spinner and the others; Spinner was no longer “empty.” Then he came back and tried to force the story to flow the way he wanted it to. It’s kind of the perfect metaphor for how the series went, thinking about it: The League Of Villains undergoing all that growth and development, becoming the thing that they all needed- only for All For One to come and twist the story to fit his twisted design, thus making all of that seem……… pointless and like we wasted our time investing any panel space on them. 

I’m kind of curious how he was able to do that speech, or heck- how he’s even gonna play the recording. His mind is going feral- can even comprehend all of that anymore? His speech last chapter was scattered and incoherent- even in his own mind. So how did he go from that to reciting his whole “Call To Action” in the span of 2 minutes? And if it was the recording, then 1)Why did All For One record his voice when Kurogiri shouldn’t respond to his orders, and 2)Who hit the button that started the recording? Is it remote controlled by Skeptic? 

It’s interesting that Mic believes in Quirk Singularity. Don’t think it’s because of Ujiko, though; I think it’s just something that everyone is seeing, and some people subscribe to the idea that they’ll become “too strong.” Whatever the case- I’m excited. For the simple fact that we’re going to get Shirakumo back. If Bakugo can be revived, then we’re only getting happy endings with this one. Shirakumo will be the one who wins out! And he’ll be able to do a lot to help the Heroes. I kind of had this idea that they would have already turned him back into Shirakumo and would use him to split up the Villains. It ended up being Monoma, but I still think that he can provide some kind of back up. I think that, now that Shoji’s words are starting to get through to everyone; they’re going to start wrapping up this part of the War. Which will free up some Heroes to go to other battlefields to end the conflict. Such asMic At The All For One battlefield(because sound can mess with that Quirk, yeah?); Shoji with Shoto; Koda helping deal with Best Girl Himiko chan, and so on. 

Even if this entire conflict does end, they’ve managed to bring a lot more people over to their side. They’re not above using “Child Soldiers;” I doubt using Civilians they were just fighting is “too much.” As such, the Heteromorph’s that have been swayed are probably gonna stay to get through to the others- or at least keep them from doing more damage- and send the Heroes to fully bring an end to this battle. Something like that. 


…………. Not much that I can add to this one. Honestly, I think I may have been padding this one out. Either way- I’m done! Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter in the comments. So far, so good, Horikoshi- wrap this up quick enough, and you shouldn’t have any problems. Until next time, guys- Later. 

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