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The Lion Of The Library Labyrinth!! Dead Rock Chapter 7 BREAKDOWN

Hey. SO. Four Knights of The Apocalypse and Chainsaw Man. Still, uh………….. still workin’ on those. And all those other projects, technically. But the micro-USB port I got for my Switch came today(Friday, January 5th, 2024, 6:38 pm), so I’ll be able to download properly and play those games I got with that Gift Card I got for Christmas last year(something you’ll read about at the top of the “Chainsaw Man” post). It was One Piece: Pirates Warriors 3(Deluxe Edition) and 4, and Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition. All 3 were still on sale when I finally used the card, so I got all 3, plus some DLC character’s for Dragon Ball FighterZ. But from my perspective, I’ve already told you this story in full. So I won’t dwell on that too much. I’m just telling you nowMight be waiting on some of these posts a little bit longer. So very sorry.

Now- we’re going to get into “Dead Rock” chapter 7. But I’ll start by saying: I am starting to have a Small Problem. It’s nothing “major-” it mostly just comes down to how I like my stories. But I’ll say that it’s going to become a legit problem should this continue much longer. Mashima’s already said he has some ideas for extending this story, and in a recent Twitter Blue stream or whatever it’s called; he talked like he’s “definitely” gonna do it. So if we’re going to be in this for a while, then I think he needs to “get to the point” already. It’ll all make sense in a minute. So let’s get into it already. Dead Rock Chapter 7: “Curse Velocity.” Who named the library that, by the way? Who sat down and came up with THAT name for a fr!ggin’ Library? Even for a Demon Library that sounds kind of “out there.” And where’d “Velocity” come from? I can understand “Curse,” but……………… “Velocity?” And why is it “Curse Velocity” and not “Cursed Velocity?” Just a strange name Mashima chose on this one; really weird……………….


Having heard Yakuto’s backstory, Class F is left stunned– except for Hani who’s moved to tears. He and Frey are all in on helping Yakuto in his mission, but the others aren’t so willing; Reisen wasn’t interested to start with, Mikoto doesn’t fully believe the story, and Hien’s goal is to graduate and become a Demon King. So he warns Yakuto that if he’s going to keep going down this path– he’ll be right beside God when the time comes. And their new Homeroom teacher is in the hallway listening in…………… Dead Rock Library- Curse Velocity: Yakuto, Hani, and Frey come to the Library “Curse Velocity-” a gigantic labyrinth that holds every book in the Demon Realm. Inside, they find the mysterious Kitsune-looking girl- “Zelecia” The Black Wizard(Descendant of Zeref Dragneel, I guess)– waiting for them by the door. But Hani’s the “observant” type, and realizes sooner than the others: She’s Chako in………….. Humanoid form; he could tell by the scarf they both wear. 

She explains that her magic is too strong regularly, so she turns into a tiny bird to suppress it. But this conversation catches the attention of a Pack Of 3rd Years– lead by Cougar The Red Lion. He starts……….. rhyming, making what he calls “lyrics.” But when one of his underlings conflates them for a poem- he kills em. And turns his attention towards Frey. He takes a liking to her, having another of his underlings- Jack The Jack O’Lantern- turn her into candy and taking her captive. That don’t sit well with Yakuto. But all the noise their making catches the attention of The Library Guardian, who tells them from the eye in the CEILING to keep it down, shuffling the library around to separate them. Labyrinth Battle Begin I guess. 

Class F Homeroom: Reisen expresses his surprise that Mikoto refused to help Yakuto, though claims to understand. And then changes the subject to the Missing Applicant from the Entrance Exams; a rumor that everyone is discussing- Bebel The Hecatoncheire. Mikoto speculates that he might still be underground in the test area…………. where we see him sitting. Dead Rock Chapter 7 END!! Wow, just like when we started getting into the rhythm with “Edens Zero.” That’s what I like about Mashima’s stories; they’re all “digestible” and easy to comprehend; it makes talking about it a lot easier. And I think it helps that I’ve talked about every chapter thus far makes catching you up on what happens pretty easy. 


So I finally started playing One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, right? On Easy Mode I’ll even admit because I’m not very good at video games- something that I do set out to change, as I’ve been putting in a little more work into games like Ultimate Ninja Storm Connection. But when I booted up the game and had to task of bringing Zoro’s swords before he was executed- I failed the mission; the map made NO SENSE in my mind, so I ended up getting lost and had to retry the level. Passed it, but I failed the Buggy/Alvida level. It was then that I realized that this game would be a lot more difficult to finish than I had originally thought. I had watched some of Pirates Warriors 1, 2, and 3 before, and thought it looked like a fun game. ‘Tis why I bought em. But I’m now realizing that I’m going to have to pay a little more attention to the map than the RIDICULOUS WAVES OF ENEMIES THAT COME MY WAY. They seem to be following me, anyway. And looking at my battery on my computer at the moment(Sunday, January 7th, 2024, 12:13 pm), it looks like I’m going to start my second try. Or maybe I’ll end up playing “Mortal Kombat 11” Ultimate Edition instead. You’ll found out in the next sentence. Okay, I’m back now, and…….. ALSO DIFFICULT. Lost in ma very first match after 30 minutes of Tutorial Practice. This is going to be a trying next few weeks, isn’t itI gotta find another job………. FAST. 

But that’s a topic for another time. Right now: The Writing. Feels like every chapter has been me talking about the writing of the series and the directions Mashima could take it. I don’t know how much he plans to extend the series(because he talked about a few ideas he had for it to go longer), but………….. we either will or won’t know it; Mashima is at his best when he goes into a series with an actual plan in mind, vs when he’s just “making sh!t up as he goes.” For all the love I see for Fairy Tail, I have to say: It’s his worst body of work- at least it is for me. Tenrou Island and the Grand Magic games were some really good arcs, but……………. eh, I just don’t care for the series as much as others. Though I won’t throw it out; I enjoy it more now have read Edens Zero, Rave Master, and “Dead Rock.” Looking at it, it really is the series that would establish a lot of the trends and ideas Mashima is using in his works going forward………….. for better and worse.Black Wizard,” Mashima? Really? And her power is “difficult to control” at times? This is connected to Fairy Tail somehow- and that’s a fact. I don’t know if all 4take place in the same Universe at different points in time, but……….. this and Fairy Tail go hand in hand in some way, shape, or form. 

But the Writing. This series can best be described as “A Hiro Mashima Series- But Different;” something that you can tell is still being written by him, but him doing something different than what he normally does. By now, Haru, Natsu, and Shiki would have befriended these people by now- they’d be off on some “Grand Adventure” that holds more significance to the world than any of them would have ever anticipated. A girl who can’t seem to keep her clothes on; a cute animal mascot; a “Young Rogue” type; a reformed enemy; a strong female combatant; Haru/Natsu/Shiki-Elie/Lucy/Rebecca-Plue/Happy/Pino-Musica/Grey/Weisz-Let/Gajeel/Jinn-Julia/Erza/Homura. 

This Is Not That Group.

There’s no “Greater Fate” at play here; the girls have thus far been able to avoid any nudity beyond their control(someone point out that Frey doesn’t wear underwear); the “Young Rogue’s” a little bit more of d0uche in comparison to the other 3(that’s a Zero there behind the d, I just want you to know); they more than likely won’t be befriending enemies this time around; Frey and Mikoto occupy that same “Capable Combatant” part from the look of it; and they aren’t “Friends” yet. They WILL be before the end of this, but it’s going to be an actual minute before we get there. And when they actually make it there, then we’re probably going to be getting a few detours on the path. Everyone here- in this class and in this school- is in it for themselves above all else. Hien and Reisen already have their own rivalry going on, not to mention they both have motivations that actually seem at odds with Yakuto. Frey now has a goal that’s “on the way” to God, so their goals align more than the others; then you have Mikoto, Zelecia, and Hani. You would think Hani would be at odds with Yakuto- wanting to become a Demon King to “study” humans- but they seem to actually get along very well, leading to their friendship. 

I’ve always said that Mikoto is less of an “underling” or even simply an “ally” and is more like an “Equal-” the only person that Yakuto couldn’t bully into aiding him unlike the others. I mean, they’re Demons and would have probably rather died before they submit to him, but Mikoto- she’s another story. Even though Yakuto is probably still stronger than her(or. well- was), she has the main thing Yakuto would need to wage war on God: Manpower- an Undying Army ready for battle at a moments notice. She’s essential to what he has planned- and they both know it. Plus Reisen is now part of the deal with her, so that’s a Strong Undying ally at his back. And Zelecia’s a somewhat new one– gonna have to wait and see on that front. But then you have Hien, who best represents what I’m talking about(or what I’m trying to build up to from the looks of it): Autonomy- these characters all have their own stories they’re writing outside of Yakuto vs the other stories that all just so happen to align with whatever the main character is doing. Elie’s past and the Silver Ray were both discovered by following Haru on his quest to save the world; Lucy’s goal of being a writer by going on adventures and turning them into stories, the mystery of what happened to the Dragons, the Book of Zeref- all done with Natsu as the vehicle for the story to use; the journey to reach Mother was Shiki’s idea, with Rebecca thinking that would make for a cool video- all of them only possible through the main character. Not here, though. 

Hien’s goal is to graduate from this school because we don’t know yet; Reisen is trying to become a Demon King to save someone he cared about; Mikoto’s here OWN thing unto herself; Hani wants to obtain knowledge; Frey wants to surpass her sister by reaching the goal she couldn’t; all of them with autonomy- not all of them aligning with the idea of killing God. This isn’t the story of “Following The Leader-” this is how The Main Character Becomes The Leader. His goal is to “restore the Demon Realm to its true form-“ who’s to say he isn’t also Aiming For The Throne? Mikoto doesn’t fully trust Yakuto yet, and I think there’s something to her suspicions…………..

That Being Said, However-

I think Hien’s continued refusal and even the promise to become an Active Hinderance to the objective of the story……………. might be…………….. getting a little “One Note” and Old for a series that only has 7 chapters thus far.love that he has his own story going on and doesn’t want to get involved with someone elses, and that he’s sticking to his guns despite what he’s heard. But I don’t think this can go on forever. Reisen pretending that he has a choice in the matter still is kind of funny, but I’m not all that interested in his character. I was actually a little annoyed with his anger in the last chapter at worst, and…………….. felt kind of bad for him at best. Because he IS trying to save someone he cares about, and becoming someone’s “carry on” might limit him in that regard. But ultimately- he’s just an animated corpse that’ll cease function if his “Master” dies. He’d honestly have no choice but to follow and protect Mikoto if she chose to help Yakuto, honestly. But I’m mostly talking about Hien because he’s been a consistent opposition to Yakuto. Before, it probably wasn’t a big deal because- and I feel this deep down in my soul– Yakuto was the strongest in the class. But not anymore. And he made the mistake of letting them know that. Or…………. WAS IT a mistake? 

One of the things I wrote in my notes is the idea that- as Demons- they all have some inherent Trust issues of some kind. These are Demons– historically Evil Creatures who are known to deceive anyone and everyone they come across for their own gain. They have all killed before- everyone in this class alone probably racks up a kill count of a thousand by now, and will only increase with time. Some like Frey might even make a bet that HER count is “higher” than everyone else’s, having burned every building in here layer of the Demon Realm. But that’s not to say that they don’t have people they care about, as we’ve seen through Reisen, Frey, and now even Yakuto. They probably have lives longer than us Humans, so they’ve had a few hundred or maybe even thousands of years to fall into the trap of “trusting” another Demon- only to be betrayed each and every time; every time they trust– they’re hurt. And a lot of them(probably about 90-98% of the people in this school) probably trust no one aside from God himself. Which I imagine is limited at THAT. And may even turn out to be “misplaced.” Yakuto may have tried to gather allies to his side in the past, only for them to either attempt to kill him for “Blasphemy-” sell him into slavery because of his roots as a Black Dragon- or just taken whatever he had. Or just gotten a good laugh out of messing with him. In shortHe might have the biggest problem trusting people out of anyone here. 

But he still opened up on the first day with his intentions; still went out of his way to put Reisen back together; still opened up to them about his experience with God; still told them that he had some of his power drained. To borrow a term I think a “Mashima Character” would say: “He hasn’t closed his heart.“‘Trust’ is a 2 way street- you gotta give it to get it” the old saying goes. He might be- in his own way– trying to get them to his side by showing his trust in them; trying to get them to want to help him. When you decide to put your faith in someone, they usually tend to try and “rise to the challenge-” try to show you your faith is not misplaced. And maybe that’s what Yakuto is going for with Class F. Maybe Hien realizes that, and while vowing to stop him when the time comes- he didn’t stop them from going to the Library, now Did he? Nor is following them to destroy the book when they find it. Nor is he going to tell the teachers. He wouldn’t vow to “stand by God’s side” if he had “total faith” in God’s ability to handle Yakuto himself. He keeps saying he’ll get in Yakuto’s way- but his actions thus far have been contradictory to that. Maybe he’s still trying to no get involved, but……… he’s getting to “deep” into this. 

And heck; it’s not even like he’s waiting for an “excuse” to kill him. School Rules Article 3: “You Can Kill Whoever You Don’t Like.” And he’s made it CRYSTAL clear he doesn’t like Yakuto at this point. So unless he’s trying to “impress” God and is using Yakuto as a way to establish his prowess to fasttrack his graduation; I really don’t see why he’s holding off on it. 

The Reveal of Zelecia The Black Wizard. Another big “Fairy Tail” reference. I’ve never really known about the nature Zeref and Acnologia’s relationship- whether they were enemies, allies, or just people with a similar goal. Or just 2 dudes who’ve crossed paths and had a mutual dislike of each other. I really don’t know.do know that Zeref kind of tried to “kill” Mavis so that she and himself- Immortals– wouldn’t be “Eternal Playthings” under Acnologia’s rule, but that’s about it. Either way you slice it, though; their descendants are about to join forces, whether they like it or not. Although it DOES make me questionDid Zeref “get busy” with a Demon? I know it’s probably just a “cute reference,” but……………… at what point do all these “references” stop being nods to his older works and start becoming teasers at the “Hiro Mashima Extended Universe?” He does this way too often for it to just be a coincidence. I won’t say for CERTAIN that she’s a descendant of Zeref, but that’s effectively my head canon right now. Knowing Mashima, it’s probably just going to be the same character and same name but “has no connection to the character that appeared in ‘Fairy Tail.'” Like Mirajane and Lisanna’s appearance in Edens Zero. Or Elsie. She’s pretty much Erza in terms of appearance and even abilityThough that’s even assuming we get to meet the “Progenitor” of the Black Wizards. 

Though this all reminds meThen what the h#ll is with the ears? Just a choice in character design? It’s not like I’m upset or anything- I’m fine with the reveal and all. I’m just a little “thrown for a loop” is all; those ears usually mark someone as some kind of Animal type of character, and he’s going with mythical figures as a basis for his power system, so I thought “Oh, Kitsune type.” Maybe it’s just…………. a “trait” of hers; one of those things in her bloodline that crops up every once in while in her family. A “Recessive” Kitsune trait, buried beneath the “Dominant” Black Wizard genes. Yeah, that sounds like I passed Middle School Biology. I wanted to grow up to be Scientist, by the way. Found out too late in the game(January or so of Senior Year, graduating June of that year) that I’d rather do writing. Ah, well- life’s “funny” like that. 

Last little bit I got to talk about are the new roots introduced

  • Red Lion- The symbol of an Inn or “auberge”, comes from the French(language). Back in the days when people for the most part were illiterate, businesses had to use symbols, images, or icons to ‘advertise’ or draw attention to their product or service. In French, the translation of Red Lion is, “Lion d’or,” pronounced, lee ow(n) door. But that exact same grouping of sounds can also stand for, “lit, on dort” which means, a bed; one can sleep. So, the symbol or image of the red lion announced to travelers that, “Here we have beds and you can sleep here”. Thus his gag of speaking French, I suppose. 
    • It is also an important symbol in alchemy, often referred to using phrases like ‘the drinkable gold’, ‘life force’, ‘the high medicine’, sustainer or conqueror of will, and so forth. So if I were to take a stab at this guys abilities; I’d venture to guess that he can somehow put people to sleep. Kind of lame for “The Strongest Student,” but we’ll see what Mashima goes for.

  • Jack O’Lantern- Do I really need to explain, or do you get itI pulled up the webpage for it, so might as well. Once upon a time, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to have a drink with him; and true to his name, Stingy Jack did not want to pay for his own drink, thus convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin, so Jack could use it to buy their drinks. And so the Devil did turn into a coin, and Jack decided to keep the coin in his pocket next to a silver cross so that the Devil won’t be able to change back in his original form. Jack decided to free the Devil on the condition that he would not bother Jack for a year. Should Jack die within the year, the Devil cannot claim his soul. The next year, Jack tricked the Devil into climbing a tree to pick a fruit. Jack carved a cross sign on the bark of the tree so that the Devil won’t be able to come down. Jack would help him down on the condition that he wouldn’t botherJack for another 10 years. Of course, Jack died. As far as the myth went, God did not want him in heaven. The Devil, upset by Jack’s tricks on him, wouldn’t allow him in Hell either. Instead, the Devil sent him to the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put a coal in a carved turnip and roamed the entire Earth ever since. The Irish, then, believed that this figure is “Jack of the Lantern”, or more now known as “Jack O’Lantern.” 
    • That whole story was copied from the link, summarized a little. As for what Jack can do in the story: He turned Frey into Candy. Expect a lot of Halloween themed abilities from this joker. Probably gonna fight Zelecia; they both seem like the “Spellcaster” types. 

Yakuto is going to go after Cougar to get Frey back, and she’ll likely be grateful for it. I mean, she likes him anyway, but now she owes him a “Debt Of Gratitude” for saving her from this nobody. It’ll also serve as a signal to Hani and Zelecia that he has a level of “loyalty” to those that help him, thus gaining their favor further. Whether we get to that point in the next chapter or if next month will be Hani and Zelecia’s battles(or even just Zelecia since we need to learn about why she’s out to kill God) is anyone’s guess, and I’m not sure who Hani will be fighting out of this group. Although……………. the Ending of the chapter teases that Bebel might start moving soon. I’m of the mindset that he’ll serve as Yakuto’s “Reflection: He- like Yakuto and Zelecia- are out to kill God. And needs allies. But while Yakuto is taking measures to gain trust with those who are taking his side- Bebel probably doesn’t value or trust anyone. And that’s due to their shared circumstance, trying to find allies to help them and facing betrayal to out right rejection. Yakuto hasn’t closed off his “heart-“ Bebel’s done everything he could to get rid of his. 

I say all of this because Bebel might make his first move in the next chapter, and Hani will either not fight- or will fight Bebel. That would be a “Rocky Start” to any partnership, but Hani’s the “reasonable” type; he seems like he could put his feelings aside for the sake of this mission he’s chosen to go on. Heck, I kind of think Zelecia is already working with him– that one of them would enter Dead Rock as a student and the other would hide out and wait for the “signal” for when it’s time to challenge God directly. But that’s just a theory…………… In which case, Hani and Bebel would have no reason to fight. And they might just be able to wrap up this Library adventure relatively quickly between the 4 of them. I don’t want to say that this is going to be a whole “Story Arc” because I don’t think this is the type of story that’ll have traditional story arcs. Think Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood(the faithful adaptation of the original manga); that series doesn’t have “story arcs” per say- it’s 1 continuous, linear trek to the end- not enough time in 1 specific section of the story, nor is any part of it “self contained,” leading from one plot point to the next. Maybe that’s what Mashima has planned, but I’m not sure as of yet. It would certainly be different from what he usually does, but I don’t want to say he will for the “sake of breaking his trends.” He’s made 3 successful series doing the “same thing” over and over; it works for a reason!! 


HOLY H#LL That was a lot!!! I actually also started to think of what Zelecia would be able to do- even an idea that’ll pull Reisen into the fold finally- but I feel like if I keep talking about all these “possibilities,” then I’ll never stop. Like; that last little bit that I completed Monday, January 8th, 2024, around 4:09 pm was just off momentum- all of that was in my original notes for the chapter, but I mostly wrote it all down as quick as I could because I wanted to finish this post before my computer battery ran out. But in doing all of it, I ended up “stalling” along the way- freezing thinking about what I wanted to say- and thought of more to say. But if I kept going then this post would take until next month to come out. Which has happened before. So I had to stop myself somewhere down the line. And now that I’m closing this post out, i find myself with nothing to say. Ah……………. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time, everyone. Laters…….. 

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