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Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10 SHORT REVIEW(+ BREAKING NEWS)

Okay, this STARTED as an “Edens Zero Short Review,” but- after a few days of………….. getting distracted- I decided to just scrap. THAT- and some news came out– news that’s………….. expected but shocking. I’ll come out with it: Edens Zero By Hiro Mashima Will Be Ending In 5 More Chapters in Weekly Shonen Magazine. And if you’ve read the recent chapter of My Hero Academia(at the time of my writing this, we only have the Fan Translations), then you- much like me– suspect a similar countdown for that series as well. In the next few weeksWe will be saying goodbye to Edens Zero and My Hero Academia. 1)That’s 2 more “Big Name” series to come out and end during the span of “One Piece.” That’s F*ckin’ CRAZY. And 2)I’m about to have 2 less series to discuss. I want you all to know that I AM going to try and review these next few chapters of both series, and then– They’re both getting their Retrospectives. And I definitely intend to follow through on that this time. I tried to do one for Mashle, but………… just never did for one reason or another. But I have to send those 2 off  properly– for different reasons. 

For Edens Zero, it was………………… I’m not sure if I said this on FACEBOOK back when I was reviewing the first handful of chapters up there for those who’ve been following me since back then in 2018, or if I said this once before on my old site, but……….. when I first read chapter 1 back on June 25, 2018, on this website– It Had Me At “Hello.” I like Mashima’s Art Style; I liked the character’s and their designs; I liked Ether Gear as a power- All of It in a singular chapter. And it has been one of my favorite manga ever since; I’ve been collecting every volume at the earliest convenience- only recently have I been unable to get the latest volume. I have been collecting this manga- reading along with it– as long as it has been running. That’s something that means a lot to me, having only REALLY gotten into anime/manga during high school(back in 2014, graduating in 2018). I’d never been…………… one of those fans who’s been there since “The Beginning,” you know? I remember waiting on the anime and waiting for the Dub; all the theories and Speculation I’ve done; how much the way I make posts having changed in the time I’ve been talking about it; it’s………….. been an Honor. And I’m glad to have shared it with you. 

And do I even need to talk about my experience with Hero Aca at this point? Ah man, remember when fans would call it “Hero Aca?” Or is that too “2014” for where we are now? Whatever. I’ve been talking a lot in My Hero posts about how much this series has informed how I look at manga at this point, and about how I cycle between bouts of loving and loathing what it’s become; what it is; what’s it’s meant to be; and just in general how it’s aged in comparison to its sister series, Black Clover. That series’s life span got extended, but it probably won’t be long before it’s time to “Wave Goodbye” to it as well. One Piece is starting to reveal it’s mysteries; yadda yadda yadda. I feel like you’ve heard all of this before, and yet I wanted to talk about it because……………. It’s always sad to see a series- no matter WHAT they did- finally wave Goodbye. And we’re about to loose 2. That’s not even to mention how much longer we have Chainsaw Man for. I’m confident One Piece, Dead Rock, Black Clover, Four Knights, Dragon Ball Super, and Boruto won’t be ending any time soon- One Piece for the next 4 or so years(though that time is coming), and the other’s have only shown that they still have some story to tell, But those 2 have reached the “End Of The Line.” They Will Both Be Missed. Though I’m wondering what having all that time is going to do for me. 

NOW: “Two Blue Vortex.” As You can see: It’s a “Short Review.” There’s………………. 1 and 1/2 things for me to discuss. The other thing isn’t quite as important. At least; I’m not sure how much “meat” there is for me to discuss with it. We’ll certainly see when we get there, but the simple fact that I am thinking up what to say as I write this- I think I have something. We’ll get to that. But I think we spent a lot of time and space in this post talking about 2 other manga, so we should probably get into it before I start rambling again. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 10: “Kernel.” Let’s begin.

Himawari And Kurama

Kurama conveys to Himawari everything we already knew: About Tailed Beast respawning somewhere in the world once they’ve been “killed.” And looking back at his “Death” after using Baryon Mode, he never actually said that he wouldn’t come back from it- just that he’d no longer be with Naruto anymore. So once again: “He’s Never Actually Lied To Us.” As such, him coming back- is not a “Bad” thing. Though it MAY cheapen the “cost” of Baryon Mode. If he CAN just come back, then what would have stopped him from reuniting with Naruto in a proper world? I can get why people are upset. But this is happening. And much like what “My hero” needs to learn: Choices made in the story are permanent. You can’t “take back” a chapter once it’s printed, you know? You just gotta “Live With It. They shouldn’t have gone back on his sacrifice- but they did. So- 

  1. How did this happen?
  2. What does this mean for Himawari?

The “How” is a bit tricky. Kurama himself doesn’t even know why he was reborn within Himawari, but speculates that it has something to do with their connection to Naruto– be it because she was “Born with a Trace of his chakra,” or if he was just “naturally” drawn to her because her chakra is so similar to Naruto’s. Or even the mixing of Uzumaki and Hyuga blood. I’m of the mindset that it might be the first answer: She- and likely Boruto– carry some Nine Tails chakra in them. And rather than just……………. “Respawn” out of thin air somewhere randomly in the world, all the chakra that would make up “Kurama” gravitated towards one of 2 “clumps” nearby. Momoshiki is likely acting like Kurama in that he’s preventing Kurama from completely reforming within Boruto’s body- much like Kurama did with Fukasaku when it came to Sage Mode. If that’s even something that he can do; Kurama was “imprisoned” in Naruto’s body, vs Momoshiki who’s not so much “another presence” as he is…………………. The Owner Of The Body. Because of what happened with Kawaki and having to sacrifice that last bit of his “data;” Momoshiki’s reincarnation is effectively complete- all Boruto needs to do is………… “fade out of consciousness completely. They’re 2 souls in one body, just like Lucius and Julius in Black Clover. One of them just needs to put the other to “Sleep” forever. Not sure if Boruto managed to DO that, but I take it it has something to do with his suppressing of his Karma mark last chapter

So I’m not entirely sure if Momoshiki can prevent Kurama from re-emerging in Boruto’s body. Which once again begs the question as to why Kurama chose Himawari over Boruto. Maybe it’s a “distance” thing- Boruto travelling for the last 3 years(and likely erasing his chakra much like Kawaki did) making it harder to locate him, so he just gravitated towards Himawari. Or maybe he just wanted to protect Naruto’s other, “equally important” child, since Boruto and Kawaki can already take care of themselves. And again- it was probably something done to keep her “relative” to her older brothers, and they likely want to keep it as unique to her as possible. Though I don’t think Kurama hasn’t considered the possibility of splitting in half again(PAUSE). 2 clumps of Chakra means 2 places to be “reborn.” And as strong as Boruto already is- it never hurts to make him stronger; giving him a larger pool of chakra to work with- buffing his healing abilities and everything. I SAY this, and I’m still of the mindset that Boruto will try to use Code as a vessel for his own “rebirth,” as it was set up an needs a pay off. Though I thought of something else that Code plot point could be used for. Yeah, this could have been a full review, now that I think about it. 

In short: I’m thinking that Code might end up being the “vessel” for Amado’s DaughterAkebi. He reconstructed Kawaki’s Karma and specifically replaced the “Isshiki” bits(aside from Isshiki’s abilities, somehow) and replaced it with all of Akebi’s “data” so Kawaki could find a suitable “vessel” for her to be reborn in. Boruto likely knows a little more about Karma now, so I have no doubt that he could at this point. But both points in the story where he probably could have put his own Karma mark on Code have long since past. But they set that idea up for a f*ckin’ reason. BOTH concepts. So yeah; maybe the idea is for Code to become Akebi’s vessel, giving her a strong body and abilities to use to fight. Though what her role in the story is meant to be after receiving Code’s body is anyone’s guess. She can’t just “sit on the sidelines” have a body meant to be stronger than Jigen; she’s going to be a powerful player going forward!!- if this is indeed what the intent is. 

Um…………………. Dang, now that I’m coming back to Himawari, I’m actually at a loss for what else to say. Other than why and how Kurama ended up becoming Hima’s chakra battery, I’m wondering what this boost in Chakra will do for her use of her Hyuga traits. We saw in that special that she had tapped into the Byakugan already, though- having not seen the anime or consider it to be ANYTHING important to the manga at all– I’m not sure if she’s ever been able to get access to it again. That initial time was brought on by her anger with her brother, but then- so was her Tailed Beast Chakra Mode she just used. I’m not sure. We’re only now getting into the double digits with “Two Blue Vortex,” so we don’t know all of what she’s been doing in the last 3 years; just that- from chapter 1– she’s gotten closer to and started training with Ino-Shika-Cho. Oh man, this definitely could have been the Full thing(Where was this thinking during the last 2 chapters of “Dead Rock,” huh?). Heck, thinking about it; it’s entirely likely that Kawaki and Himawari have moved into the Hyuga clans mansion with their Grandfather Hiashi and Aunt Hanabi. And in pursuit of getting stronger and becoming a Ninja, Himawari probably asked them to teacher her 1)How to access the Byakugan and 2)How to use the clan’s “Gentle Fist” technique. Don’t know how having a Chakra Battery is going to affect that other than just upping her physical stats so she fights better, but maybe the presents of Tailed Beast Chakra- a fragment of Ten Tails/The Divine Tree– might do something to those Ohtsusuki genes. 

I mean, just like at………………….. I don’t know what the h#ll is up with the Jogan at this point. This series continuity is just…………….. a complete f*ckin’ MESS; the anime did about 60 “AnImE oRiGiNaL” episodes depicting to use that Boruto always had the Jogan, independent of Momoshiki- because the Uzumaki clan are descendants of Hagaromo Ohtsusuki, and the Hyuga clan have the Ohtsusuki’s primary Dojutsu. Effectively giving the offspring of an Uzumaki and Hyuga “very strong” Ohtsusuki genes, giving said individual the “purest eye of an Ohtsusuki(Jogan translates to “Pure Eye”).” We didn’t get all of that in the manga, and in fact it doesn’t even seem like Boruto is even aware of it- primarily because he’s not in control of the body when it’s active. If this is something so important to the story that they went out of their way to show it in the initial Flashforward in chapter 1 to have him using it consciously, then I doubt they’d have 2 different versions of what it is. As such; Himawari- having the same make up and a fragment of a Divine Tree- it should produce a similar outcome. One of her eyes should be a Jogan as well. That might lead to Boruto learning of the eyes existence and thus trying to use it himself, but that’s just “speculation.” I think that might be the first time I said that in my 6 years of blogging. Man, it’s already been 6 years or, it will be in September, anyway. Still, man- 6 years of this. How time flies……………

IN WHATEVER CASE: Himawari should logically also get a Jogan. But in that same breath- I’d like to say that Boruto should gain access to a Byakugan. For no other reason than- LOGIC. I know that I’m throwing out a lot of “overlap” with these 2 right now, and the whole point is to keep these abilities “unique” for the sake of MARKETING(10 Billion Points To Whomever Understands That Reference), but………………. come on. Boruto is still a Hyuga– albeit no longer a human one.  It’s hard to believe that he, Sasuke, and Koji- in their 3 years of training- never tried unlocking those Hyuga traits in him. Then again, he also likely never took Boruto to see Karin to try to an get some of those Uzumaki jutsu. Probably because Konoha is constantly monitoring Orochimaru and seeing him affiliate with the Most Wanted Criminals in the World would result in- well- War. I’M JUST SAYING: Boruto likely has tried to gain access to the Byakugan and near 360 degree visionWhether he has or hasn’t is subjective; he didn’t see any point in using it against Code during his invasion, but he could have used it while fighting the Divine Trees. So unless using an Ohtsusuki trait also forces his Karma to activate(which is not entirely impossible)- he likely doesn’t have it yet. He likely will at some point in his life, whether we see it in the main story or not. 

Guardians Of The Targets

This one’s kind of obvious, but I still feel the need to mention it because of what this chapter does. Shikamaru is all but Stupid; he didn’t just “forget” that he was at the center of a 3-way call between himself, Boruto, and Kawaki- he’s knows that Boruto heard that. And considering what Boruto’s told him, I imagine he expects Boruto to go and help Himawari. That said- Hidari has located Sarada. And she’s closer to his location. AND there’s less of a chance of running into Kawaki since he’s already gone to protect Himawari. So I think his best option right now is to go and protect Sarada instead– even though I’m sure he’s worried about his sister and Kawaki. If Jura ends up eating him, then it’s all over. But what can he do? Kawaki’s in the mindset where he’s more after Boruto than anything else- even in the midst of an invasion. So going anywhere near him right now might end up with an automatic “Game Over.” So he’ll just have to trust Kawaki to protect both HIMSELF and Himawari. 

But bringing that up has me thinking about something I said at least once before; the idea that all of the Divine Tree’s Targets will have some kind of “Guardian” protecting them when the Tree’s come after them. Boruto seems to be very concerned with Hidari; Kawaki still cares about the family that took him in, so he’s going to be covering Himawari; Daemon was already covering Eida anyway; but then- Konohamaru. No one, uh………. there’s no one protecting him– no one “covering” him like the other 3. There’s Mitsuki because he’s the leader of Team 7, and Mitsuki cares about everyone on his team, but…………… eh. He’s strong enough for it, but there hasn’t been a lot of “time” in the story to set up a “strong bond” between the 2 of them like we’ve had for Boruto and the Uchiha’s, or Kawaki and Himawari. Kawaki and Himawari had that anime arc, but I don’t even wanna touch that continuity with a 10 ft pole– I’ll chock it up to his devotion to Naruto and the genuine(albeit twisted) love he has for the Uzumaki’sAnd Eida and Daemon were already had their dynamic upon introduction. Then I come to Konohamaru who just has……………. Mitsuki and Team 10 because of his connection to their sensei, Moegi. And Inojin is on a pike right now- whether or not he survives is up to what the story needs at the moment. He COULD survive this, but if they want to kill him off so they can have Mitsuki, Shikadai, and Chocho with Konohamaru instead, then……………. that could happen. 

I actually kind of like that outcome, especially considering I think Sarada and Sumire (and potentially Himawari) will be leaving Konoha to help Boruto. That’s another member of Team 7 gone. And Team 10(Ino-Shika-Cho) needs a new Sensei. And they might be down a member after this, so- it works. 


You know? Every month around chapter leaks, a number of manga colorings come out to get people hyped for the chapter release. Every month I save those images. And EVERY month- I end up using way less colorings than I wanted to. And I mean: There are multiple different colorings for one panel. And I want to use them all to give the posts more “color” to em, but……………. I just don’t get many chances to use em. I contemplate using a whole bunch of them in a “Grand Collage” right at the end here, but………………….. That would require some “stretching” of content at the end of the post, and by the end I get kind of “derpy.” I don’t know what happens when I come to the end of a long post; I just get kind of tired and want to put the post out. Oh man. I just get kind of “distracted,” and some days I don’t even end up getting on my computer. Too much “downtime,” I suppose. Huh; maybe a having a sh!tty job was more of a motivator than I had originally thought. It certainly kept me working on posts. But, um………………. Yeah. ‘Til next time, all. 

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