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Dragon Ball Super- Super Hero SPOILER REVIEW: Piccolo’s Time To Shine!!

Come on, guys; did you think that a “Dragon Ball” movie would come out while I’m a blogger and I WOULDN’T do everything within my power to talk about it? Must be your first time. In which case; my names Jalen/ Lord Foop/ Emperor Carnage/ Fiction Overlord/ Demon God Tadd, this my blog, and we’ll be discussing the second “Dragon Ball Super? movie- and 21st overall movie of the franchise- “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.” Why do you have to say “Super” twice? We’ll talk about it later. For now; THE MOVIE!!


Despite this movie being primarily reported as a “3D Movie with 2D Elements;” we begin with a 10 minute 2D recap of the events of the original “Dragon Ball” series- specifically the portion that dealt with the fearsome “Red Ribbon Army.” I don’t know how many of you have ever seen the original “Dragon Ball” anime, or read the English prints of that portion of the series- I know fans that have no interest in that portion and just get inferences from Z– but just know: Goku took out the whole army. Except for Gero, which lead to the Androids and that whole thing. Very good 2D recap of the story of the Red Ribbon Army leads to the “Big Reveal:” Commander Red Had A Son- “Magenta.” He rose to power through the “Red Pharmaceutical” company- a business he made to secretly fund Gero’s research. 

But then the Army’s “Greatest Creation-” Cell– was defeated by Gohan. Gero died at the hands of his own creations- you know how that went. Fortunately for Magenta; Gero and his wife “Vomi(Android 21’s template from the games)” had 2 kids- “Gebo” who was a soldier for the army up to his death, and another son who would go on to have a Kid Of His Own.  “Dr Hedo” not only inherited his Grandfather’s “Incalculable Genius,” but has surpassed itBut that big brain of his gets him into trouble more often than not- ironic given his love of Super heroes. He’s in prison right now, but he’s about to be released. So they go to pick him up. 

But Hedo already knows about their operations; he had his Spy Bot “Hachimaru” tail Carmine to see what he wanted. And now he knows, so he asks what’s in it for him. Carmine thinks that they can just “force him” to work for them, but he reveals that he’s modified his skin to resist most things- bullets being the primary thing. As I said- SUPER Genius. But his goal to make “The Ultimate Androids” that his Grandfather never could requires funding. And even though on some level that Magenta and Carmine are bullsh!tting; he’s desperate to make his dream come true. He also gets a steady supply of Not-Oreos. 

Another thing that convinces him to work for the Red Ribbon Army: Lies About The Z Fighters. They feed him lies about Capsule Corp and everyone connected to it being “in” on some grand “Alien Invasion” Gero tried to stop, and how they’ve even managed to team up with the “Demon King” Piccolo, and turned 17 and 18 against Humanity- All Of That. 

Undisclosed Amount Of Time LaterPiccolo And Pan Are Training. Pan shows some talent, but she’s got some things to work on before she learns about ki blasts. She can’t even fly yet! But she’s a fair bit tougher than Gohan was; what would have made the 4/5 year old Gohan cry didn’t even really hurt the 3 year old Pan. It comes time for Pan to go off to to Pre School, so she starts running off. Piccolo begins meditation, but is interrupted by a phone call from Videl. She asks Piccolo if he can pick up Pan from Pre School; she’s a teacher at a Martial Arts school and has to be there for a Tournament thing, and Gohan is too absorbed in his research on a new species of Ant- one that can “turn gold.” He has chosen to dub them “Saiy-Ants.” F*ckin’ Nerd. 

Piccolo- over Gohan’s “neat” behavior- pays his pupil a visit. He asks if Gohan had been training, to which he says no- can’t even really lift the weighted training gear Piccolo puts on him. He yells at Gohan and leaves to continue his meditation until it’s time to get Pan. EnterGamma No 2– Dr Hedo’s New Full Robot Type Android. You can hear the “clings” when you hit him, which was a pretty nice touch. Piccolo battles Gamma 2, but is mostly on the backfoot. He fakes his own defeat, and allows a cocky Gamma 2 to lead him back the the Red Ribbon Army’s base. He disguises himself as a member of the army, and follows 2 to the Meeting room, where Hedo, Carmine, and Magenta discuss phase 2 of their plan. 

Magenta demands that “Cell Max” be completed as soon as possible so that they may take on the Z Fighters. “Cell Max” is a re-creation of Cell, who Magenta considers the Red Ribbon Army’s “Greatest Creation,” which he forced Hedo to make. The Doctor didn’t feel it necessary with Gamma’s 1 and 2, and even less important because it was so “unheroic.” Taking it all in; Piccolo leaves the room and contacts Bulma to call Goku and Vegeta back to Earth. Beerus’ World: Goku is helping Broly control his emotions and power, while Vegeta takes a page out of Jiren’s book and tries to learn how to better utilize his power. Beerus gets up from his 3 month nap– annoyed with all the yelling and rumbling. And even moreso that Broly and his babysitters have moved in without his permission. 

Broly is being handled by Whis and the Saiyans, so he doesn’t really care. Lemo can cook so he’s good. He sees Cheelai. and- much like a lot of fans after the Broly movie- popped a b0ner. She can stay because she’s exactly his “type.” You know we should have seen that coming? Not like there was foreshadowing or anything; it just makes sense that this would end up being the joke. 

Anyway; Goku gets annoyed and wants Vegeta to help train Broly. So Whis suggests a 3 way Sparring match between the Saiyans. But they don’t want the planet to blow up, so it becomes an ol’ fashioned Goku vs Vegeta– no ki blasts; no transformations; just a plain old Slugfest. That fight is what they’re doing for the rest of the movie, and we don’t cut back to them until the Post credits scene. All of this to sayEarth Is On It’s Own. But Piccolo saw first hand what the Gamma’s are capable of, and even more weary of what Cell Max will be able to do when he’s released. So he goes to visit Dende. 

He asks if Dende is able to unlock people’s full potential like Guru did for Gohan and Krillin years ago, but Dende says he can’t. But he can use the Ultra Divine Water to unlock Shenron’s potential so that he can extend that courtesy to Piccolo. Dende informs Piccolo that Bulma has been collecting the Dragon Balls a lot lately, using them to make herself more “beautiful.” So long as they’re kept out of Frieza and the Red Ribbon Armies hands, he honestly couldn’t care less what she does with them. So Piccolo tells her to have them ready for him when he gets there, grabs Korin’s 2 senzu beans(so unprepared– the Earth would F*CKED if the plot(Bandai Namcodidn’t demand that it not be), and goes over to Capsule Corp. 

Shenron is summoned, and he unlocks Piccolo’s potential- “plus a little extra” because he was once Kami. Bulma wishes for a better @$$ and longer lashes. Neither one thought to wish Goku and Vegeta back to Earth. F*ckin’ Pinheads. Anyway; Piccolo sneaks back into the Meeting room at the Army’s base, where they are now planning to capture Pan because they think Gohan is a “Sub-Leader Of the Enemy Organization.” Piccolo volunteers himself for the capture, and goes with Soldier 15 to capture her. S15 gets his @$$ kicked, and Piccolo and Pan end up coming up with a plan: Pretend like Pan is captured and in danger to coax Gohan out of his office so he can get his fighting sense back. Then they may be able to take out the Gamma’s and stop Cell Max from awakening!! 

They take a video of Pan being “held hostage,” and show it to Gohan. S15 gets b!tchmade, and they go to the Red Ribbon Army base, where they make it rain because they control the weather. Because Future Gohan vs Androids. Gohan vs Gamma 1 ensues, and it looks like Gohan isn’t gonna be able to win this. So Pan and Piccolo give him the proper “motivation,” and he once again reawakens his Potential Unlock/ Mystic/ Ultimate form, and starts whoopin’ up on Gamma 1. To prevent the same fate as the future counterpart of his pupil; Piccolo jumps in to finish what he started with 2. He takes on a new, “Golden” state(ha ha ha ha) that helps him get the upper hand. So Gamma 2 tries harder, and Piccolo falls into a chasm. 

He remembers what Shenron said, and begins tapping into that “something extra.” Ladies and Gentlemen“Orange Piccolo.” With that power; 2 doesn’t even stand chance, as 1 and Gohan continue to battle. Piccolo- sensing some bs-ery with what Magenta’s telling them- starts talking with 2. And it’s through this conversation that Gamma 2 realizes: They’ve been working for the Villains. Now that the cat’s out of the bag; Magenta and Carmine rush off to activate Cell Max. But Dr Hedo is already there, trying to disable the thing before it can even escape. Magenta shoots him, forgetting that he enhanced his skin to be bulletproof. So Magenta reveals he had some modifications done to himself as well- nothing even a tenth as good as what Hedo was capable of, but effective all the same. Then he gets stung by Hachimaru and dies. But not before releasing his final “F*ck You:” Cell Max. 

Bulma brought the strongest people she could find- Android 18 and older Goten and Trunks- and Krillin. Mean. They, with the Gamma’s now on their side, duke it out with Cell Max. @$$e$ kicked, and not making any headway; Fat Gotenks manages to reveal his weakspot: His Skull. So Gamma 2 makes a plan- everyone is to create opening for him to come down on  Cell Max with everything he’s got. Gamma 1 persists that it should be he that does it, but Gamma 2 tells him to save Dr Hedo from the explosion. Plan goes off; Gamma 2 ascends to the sky- and beyond it- to come down on Cell Max. But the Behemoth defends his weak spot with his arm. Gamma 2 manages to get through the arm- breaking it off- but no further damage seems to have been done to his head. 

Piccolo- not wanting to waste this opening- brings down a giant sewer pipe on the monster. By combining “Orange Piccolo” with the “Great Namek” giant form; he says that he may be able to keep the monster at bay- giving Gohan the time to charge up for a finishing move. Battle starts- a Battle of “Kaiju” resulting in Piccolo’s seeming defeat. Seeing Piccolo in a state like this; Gohan………. Snaps. Ladies And GentlemenSon Gohan- BEAST. Or “Gohan Blanco;” “Final Gohan;” or whatever else they’re gonna put on those Heroes cards. Either way you splice it: Gohan now has a new form. 

Cell Max- as if by instinct- attacks the new Gohan. Gohan eats the attack, and Kicks Cell Max Dead In The Gut!!! The beast can sense the danger present, and tries to flee. But Piccolo- knowing that this thing has to go down- latches onto Cell Max and holds him in place, allowing Gohan to build up for a Special Beam Cannon!!!!!!!!!! Cell Max is Defeated– shot through the skull and exploded. And when the dust settles; we find that everyone is more or less okay- aside from the Valiant Gamma 2, who fades to ash and scatters in the wind(on some “Infinity War” type sh!t). But Dr Hedo and Gamma 1 make it, and are even given jobs at Capsule Corporation!! And Pan even learns how to fly, meaning the next stage of training can begin………

POST CREDITS SCENE: Vegeta defeats Goku. But the ice cream Bulma had for Whis melted. Fin. 


I’m just gonna get this part out of the way: “Is This Movie Better Than Broly?” Eh~…….. “Yes” and “No.” In terms of animation; this movie came out WAY better than anyone could have expected. I remember the initial reactions to that first teaser trailer that came out for Comic Con(I believe it was)- people were NOT happy. I was also unhappy that it would be CG. The scenes from Battle Of Gods and particularly Resurrection F that utilized CG haven’t really aged all that well. But no; this movie actually looked pretty good. But Broly was still better visually. I’m not gonna lie to you guys– those CG scenes weren’t………. “eyesores.” But the art style and the animation- That Was On Another Level Entirely. That was easily the best piece of animation to come out of this franchise, and you know it. That, and I just prefer 2D animation for some properties. For some series like the 2012 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, it works. “Dragon Ball-” Not Always. 

But no; here, it was pretty good. It never looked particularly bad- the movement wasn’t ever stiff; camera angles weren’t weird or “distracting,” ’cause sometimes I couldn’t follow what was going on in the fights for Resurrection F; the character models looked pretty much like their 2D counterparts. So- if they want to make the return of the “Super” anime CGI- so long as it looks this good- Go for it. I keep hearing that it’s easier than 2D animation(you apparently only have to make the 1 character model, as opposed to @D, which resulted in the weird height alterations early on in “Super’s” run), and we’ve ALL heard the working conditions for animators in general. So if it makes their lives easier so they can deliver a better product, then DO it. “The longer you walk- the further you get. And the better you rest- the longer you can keep walking-” he got from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. 

As for the quality of the story; Broly’s was a little more………….. “Straight.” It was promoted as “The origin Of the Power of the Saiyans,” or as something more like a “Space Opera.” I’ve never been to an opera, so I can’t vogue for that part. But it also felt to me like “Origin Of The Powers Of The Saiyans-” referred to the race as a whole, and not just Goku, Vegeta, and Broly. And if anything; that was an origin story for Broly, a “redux” origin for Goku, and Vegeta was in the flashback, too. Though maybe I was looking into that promotional material a little too much. To me; that movie was a “Great Big Battle,” with a story to make the battle happen. It didn’t feel……… as “intricate” as this movie was. 

Like with this one; you had Piccolo having to go “undercover” to infiltrate the Red Ribbon army’s base; him having to go to Dende to have his power released; the whole “plan” they came up with to motivate Gohan- it’s just a lot more……… “working.” They’re doing more than just punching each other and throwing Planet sized blast at each other; they’re actually making plans against one another. Though that doesn’t Automatically make it better. I’d more say that both have their strength and weaknesses. This movie’s main point wasn’t “combat;” it was more about “family” than anything else. So the animation had more “time” to cement itself as “Good.” Whereas Broly’s primary selling point was the Animation And Action. It was fast paced without being a f*cking “blur,” and it had to to look good to stand out. These are 2 very different movies- both Good for different reasons. 

Now that we’ve finished that part– This Movie Was Pretty Good. Although……………………… I feel that it lacks Broly’s “Staying Power.” While I think that this was a pretty good movie; it also doesn’t down much- at least to ME– to make it “stand out” in my mind. Like; I don’t remember everything quite as vividly as I do for….. not even just “Broly-“ ANYTHING, really. I’m obviously getting it on DVD- there’s no doubt about that in my mind- but it’ll be a bit more of a “reminder.” When walking away from this movie; I remembered the “key” moments, and some funny stuff, but the “in between” moments are only coming back to me now- 2 weeks after having watched the movie. 

And like I said; this movie and the previous are good in different ways. But come on- You Remember A Vast Majority of Frames From Broly. I remember the awakening of Cell Max; the Orange Piccolo transformation; Gohan’s “Beast” transformation; Gamma 2’s sacrifice; Gohan vs Gamma 1; and Piccolo vs Gamma 2- Rounds 1 and 2. But not as well or as vividly. And those are just the “key moments” I keep mentioning. Maybe you had a different experience, but I myself didn’t walk away from this remembering EVERYTHING everything. 

will however say that the funny moments in this movie are a lot more…….. prominent; there’s certainly more to laugh at in this one. I personally remember Gamma 2’s snide comment towards Gamma 1 when discussing the plan to stop Cell Max. “You mean you didn’t confirm it?” I get a chuckle every time I think about it? And Gohan vs Gamma 1 wasn’t all that serious; I remember them messing with each other’s faces a lot. Or when Piccolo fought Gamma 2 the first time; how Piccolo could see the sound effects in the background. That was pretty funny

Gamma 2 in general was a pretty good character. He really was a “Super Hero,” wanting to help people and beat the “Bad Guys.” We went to see the dubbed version, and……………. All That I Heard From Him Was Hunter from The Owl House– a role also played by Zeno Robinson. It was kind of jarring, honestly. Never got used to it watching it the first time around. Maybe I will after I see it again. But yeah; Gamma 2 was great. His sacrifice was a subversion of what I had expected to happen. Even following the spoilers and knowing about it I was still kind of shocked. You would think that it would have been Gamma 1 because of his character, and then that would be the catalyst for Gamma 2’s growth- wanting to be a great hero “For The Both Of Them” or something like that. But no- 2 was the one who died and 1 is going to continue on in the story! 

And it was a pretty Epic moment seeing him come down on Cell Max. Heck, it was cool just seeing him be the one to come up with the plan; his character archetype kind of looked predictable. And I’d have been fine with that; I’m just saying that this was a very welcomed surprise. Though I don’t know what was up with that Thanos thing; did someone working on the movie watch Infinity War and thought that would be a cool scene? It was, but it was still kind of weird. I even legit heard some guy say “Thanos?” in response to the scene. 

I also like how Cell Max works. Dr hedo did not want to make this thing; it was too “villainous” for his liking. So he put in a way to defeat it if it was deemed a problem. Is that like a Narrative Joke? Toriyama didn’t want to bring Cell back, but Toei high key made him do it, so made sure there was a way out of the situation? IS THAT WHAT HAPPENED BEHIND THE SCENES? ‘Cause I gotta be honest- that would be perfect. They’re trying to bring people in with Nostalgia- recreating Gohan’s DEFINING moment shot for shot- and everyone wants to do something “New.” Instead, we get retreads of  “what worked” while forgetting what made it work. All jokes aside; they probably did specifically ask him to write a story in which Cell comes back. And this is what we got. Dr hedo not wanting to make Cell max was probably a joke on the franchise, but most likely not a “malicious” one. 

Speaking of Dr Hedo; he was pretty cool, too. His augmentation to his skin provides some…………… interesting narrative implications. 1)Bulma’s skin care bit. I’m sorry, but how is she going to look when they run up against the End of Z? In the original manga; she looked- well- her age. Which at that point was……… going by the original manga- 53-55 years old. According to “Battle Of Gods-“ which takes place 4 years after the defeat of Buu- labeled her age at the time as 38 as of the movie. Thus making her 44 when this scene happens. 

How does she get to that from the Brazilian Butt Lift we see in this movie? Come to think of it; How many times has she done this? The Earth Dragon Balls take a full 365 days to recharge; she’d have to wait a full year before she could collect them and use them again. Collecting them at this point isn’t a problem in the slightest, but what I’m asking is How many years has it been since the defeat of Buu at this point? We should be closer than ever before to the point where Goku’s supposed to fly off with Uub!! Pan’s even flying now- which I saw people have a problem with. Not because she flies, but because she’s already shown the ability to fly in the anime- after the Universe 6 Tournament. She wasn’t even a year old when she did that. It’s not like it “ruined the logic of the story” or anything; just them either forgetting that episode; choosing not to acknowledge it since it was a filler episode; or Pan just not remembering because she was- again- A YEAR OLD, or even less. 

But yeah; I’m more focused on how we get to the Crow’s feet look from her using 2 wishes on Shenron to to make herself younger. It’s not like I hate it; I’m just confused. Speaking of AgeGoten and Trunks Grew Up. That was LITERALLY something people were so thrilled about in regards to this movie. Which- I can see why. By the time “Super” ended it’s original 131 episode run; they should have been around 13 and 14 years old respectively. And they still looked the same as when they were 7 or 8 years old! Now; I always liked the theory that “Stress Makes Saiyan’s grow-” the idea that a Saiyan looks the same until they’re put in a tense situation, and end up growing up more to reflect whatever age. Like; looking at a 12 year old Goku at the beginning of the story to the 16 year old Goku who fought King Piccolo- he grew. However subtly. Toriyama historically doesn’t like drawing the characters older, but he can when the mood strikes him. 

And the reason for them never growing up was because they had never been put in a “Super Stressful” situation; Goku and the others actively do everything they can to keep them out of all this sh!t. thus stunting their development. But no; the reason they haven’t grown is because…… well; something like that. Gohan notes that Saiyan children stay young until they hit a “certain age,” and then they just…… Grow. Goten and Trunks are at “that age,” I guess. I mean; it’s not like that didn’t happen with Goku- despite what I said, it’s not like he was that much older looking between the 2 images. And the going from the Goku who would fight King Piccolo to the one we saw against Junior at the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament was………… YEAH. And Gohan underwent a similar development throughout Z, so…….. Makes Sense. 

……………………… Gamma 1? Gamma 1 was pretty cool to see- super serious to counter balance with 2. Again; I liked the fact that it was Gamma 2 that died ’cause it subverted my expectations. And it means that Gamma 1 can get some pretty good development, carrying 2’s death with him and trying to be “The Best Superhero He Can Be.” Something like that. His fight against Gohan was also pretty funny. And Dr Hedo being around means that Gamma 1 can get an upgrade or 2- like to do an actual Energy blast rather than having to rely on his ray gun. Or rebuild Gamma 2- or at the very least build a Gamma 3 so we can keep the impact of his death on 1? Or just in general have a good guy die and stay dead. This movie managed to fix the Goten and Trunks problem; let’s see what it does for the “Death” problem! 

Goku vs Vegeta- Fully Nerfed .Not The Most Interesting Part Of The Movie- kind of just “there,” really. I’m glad we got to see it and they weren’t just “training offworld” and that was all; I’m glad they actually gave us a look at what they were doing, but……… meh. If they were to do a Movie retelling(LORD please don’t let that happen), then we could see more of it, but the fact that they aren’t even allowed ki blast made it……….. just “a thing” they were doing offscreen. We didn’t even see the end result until the Post Credit scene. Vegeta WON, but…….. He never actually Lost to Kakarot before. Both battles got interrupted- the initial 1 had Gohan and the others getting involved, and the second you could the Argument that Vegeta won that one ’cause he knocked out Kakarot. The only thing he got upset by was the fact that Goku surpassed him with that Kaio-ken bit. Either everyone knew that or I just blew people’s f*ckin’ minds. 

Though it wasn’t like it was “bad;” it’s not like that fight was important to the overall story. And it’s not like I was bored when I saw it. Looked good…….funny……. Good time. The thing with Beerus and Cheelai stole the show, honestly. I don’t think she’ll “take it” because of………. what it Entails, but she’s definitely going to keep that facet in her back pocket for later. Is…….. Is THAT how they’re gonna get Beerus involved in the story more? Same thing they do to talk Vegeta into fusion; “threaten his girl?” That what we’re doingFine By ME; I’ve been wanting to see this guy whoop some @$$ for the LONGEST time!! According to recent events of the manga; Beerus may still be even stronger that what he’s shown- that “70%” line seems more like a 50 or less. If we can even still go by the logic in that movie anymore; they seemed to have done away with that rubric in “Super.” 

Broly was there just to be there, it felt. He was in all the marketing material once he was revealed, but he honestly didn’t do much of anything; he just kind of felt like he was “there” to sell tickets. That whole section was in most of the trailers, but it didn’t really last that long. Just a reminder that “they’re here, too!” It was honestly just there as pay off to the marketing. Which WASN’T that good to begin with. I’m not the smartest person on the internet; you can look into a bunch of Youtube videos on the subject. It was bad…………….

Gohan: BEAST and Orange Piccolo. Kind of funny when you think about it; they look more like the Villains of the story than the “Heroes,” which is fitting since the Gamma’s perceive them as such. Honestly, you could say they recreated a version of Vegeta and Nappa; a big, brute lookin’ mother f*cker and a shorter guy with hair that makes up a 3rd of his total height. That’s probably intentional; something that plays into the themes and premise of the movie. Design wise: That was so cool and so ridiculous. Gohan’s transformation was shot for shot his Super Saiyan 2 transformation- right down to Cell Max’s expression when it begins- and was even attained in a similar way. Heck, it even kind of looks like Super Saiyan 2 at the time. 

Piccolo getting 2 transformations was something I wasn’t expecting. But the thing I had expected the least was the way he got it! Not the bit about Shenron doing it; I honestly don’t know why the Z Fighters don’t try that. But seeing Dende use the Ultra Divine Water that Goku used to level up to fight King Piccolo was something I NEVER saw coming. My favorite arc of the franchise is the King Piccolo arc. The Ultra Divine water was introduced and used in said arc to have Goku’s potential unlocked. In pouring the water on the Shenron statue; Shenron’s potential was unlocked, making him stronger. What do you think that will entail for the futureI’m not sure myself, but considering that he was able to take Piccolo to these new levels means that he might be able to do the same for someone like Krillin? Or someone more important like Goten and Trunks? 

This movie does a lot to change up the “Status Quo” as much as it can; between Gohan and Piccolo’s new powers, Goten and Trunks getting older, Dr Hedo and Gamma 1 working for Capsule corp, or even Carmine not dying, thus allowing the Red Ribbon army to continue in some facet, and what I just said about Shenron being stronger now- Things Are About To Change. Hopefully for the BETTER– and hopefully AT ALL. One of people’s main complaints is that the series isn’t “progressing” at all- like we’re stuck in a never ending filler arc that won’t let the character’s really “grow” outside of where they were when Buu was defeated(and in the case of some characters; even regressed). But this movie’s done a lot to give Toei and Toyotaro a little more to work with in terms of story. Will they take the opportunity to keep going on what this movie has set uphope. But I’m not sure. 

…………………………What else is there? I’m trying not to drag this on too long, but I also feel like you guys should have seen this sooner. And right now I’m just going through plot points 2 or 3 paragraphs at a time. I have a bunch of images that I thought I’d have used by now, but I honestly don’t think I will because I already talked about a lot of the points. I don’t think I said anything wrong; I said what I felt after sitting on it for a minute, and I don’t think I messed up the information. Hmm…………….. I think I’m done. There was a lot more to this movie than there was for Broly, and it was undoubtedly fun- especially going in after having seen the entire story like I have(that’s not me bragging or anything; I’m just saying that I’ve watched all 4 series, read the manga, watched all the movies, and done what I could to watch the OVA’s). Don’t really have much more to say; it was a good movie, and I hope every “Dragon Ball” fan watches it! 


So………. That’s All, Folks!! I know this is, like…………. 3 WEEKS LATE, but I had to make sure it was good enough. And I feel that it is. If I were to give this movie some sort of rating; it would be something around a “7/10,” where as Broly ranks a 9 or so. Come on; that was as close to perfect as “Super” has ever gotten. I had fun, and I can’t wait to see what comes next for the franchise. But I know by now to keep my expectations “low.” Maybe’s that’s part of why I liked this movie as much as I did…………..

That’s all I have for you all today, duckies. Until the next post, everyone- Have a Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!!!!!! 

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