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One Piece Chapter 1,116 SHORT REVIEW

Hey, everyone. Ah…………. I’m kind of “in the middle” of another, larger, slightly more important post at the moment, so I’m likely going to stop after this post for a sec after this sentence. But don’t worry– you’re reading this post, so I’ve definitely come back to finish this up, yeah? I just want to try to stop on a regular looking sentence; it makes saving back ups of the post easier. That said, I tend to do these “unique sentences” a lot. I find it an easier way of conveying my “tone” to you guys. Picking back up Friday, May 31st, 2024, 5:56 pm: I JUST finished the Edens Zero post I was working on(you’ll be linked to that when this comes out). One of My Best, if I do say so myself. But this ain’t about that. See what I mean about sentences like this and bolded ones conveying “tone?” Just a little advice from a Seasoned Blogger. Listen to me. IN ANY CASE: I chose this over Hero Aca because…………… it looks like that one still has some “life span” to it. Horikoshi said in his Author Comment for this week that My hero “isn’t the kind of story that can just ‘end’ after the fighting does.” And, to his credit- it isn’t. But that means that we’ve still got some time before the ending. So I’ll just “Mass Review” it the next chance I getWhat’s happening right now is far more interesting, anyway. 

Ah…………………………… Now that I’m back writing this post, I’m realizing I don’t have much to say. AGAIN. This is becoming a problem. Um………………. Let’s get into the post already. One Piece Chapter 1,116: “Inner Conflict.” Let’s begin. 

Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage Volume 6

So I take it the next handful of installments of Yamato’s cover series is just gonna be her receiving supplies from everyone in the Flower Capital before actually heading out. That said, I don’t think there’s actually that much more she needs. She’s strong as h#ll already with a f*cking Kanabo, so it’s not like she needs anymore weapons. And she’s got walkin’ around money now, so she can afford whatever food she may need along the way. And whatever she can’t buy herself she can kill in the forest. You know what, she might be embarking on the “Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage” in the next installment. 

The Source Of The Transmission

Remember towards the beginning of the arc when we met Stellapunk properly? When he got stuck in the Ancient Robots armor during a botched warp? Now……….. some people theorized that the Transmission Transponder Snail was being housed off the island– like; Kamabakka Queedom. Because Shaka was talking with Dragon a few chapter’s before that. So people thought that Stellapunk had warped over to Kamabakka to give Dragon the Transmission Snail for safe keeping. But, uh– we forgot that the island had discovered how to phase through walls. So that’s what he was doing when we met him. I figure he put it there because no one would think to look in a 900 Year Old Pile Of Scrap- Let alone that it would be up and running at any point in time. It was a very logical place to hide something so important. But it raises the same question that York finds herself askingHow did he know about anything? About a fragment of a the Mother Flame being taken or York’s BetrayalWell, I think the key lies in what she said afterwards: “I Cut Off My Memory Synchronization.” That’s probably what tipped him off; the fact that a portion of York’s Memory is unaccounted for- for someone who possesses the ability to store Memory would be a sign that something wasn’t right. 

On top of that: There’s the possibility that the Mother Flame has a very specific “energy signature/ wavelength” to it- one that all machines who utilize the Mother Flame as a power source gives off. And there was definitely residual radiation left over after the blast. From there, it was likely a matter of measuring the Mother Flame’s……………….. output? Size? How much space it took up in its tankSomething scientific like that. But York told us that Stellapunk was “a terrible liar and actor,” so his reaction to York’s betrayal would have to be genuine. Maybe he knew that there were some “gaps” in the memory, but- there being 7 of him total he likely wasn’t able to decipher who’s memories were being kept from him. Getting 7 different perspectives on a single day would be……………. I’m not sure how this man is still able to function with all the sh!t flowing into his mind– I feel like he should have been driven MAD from the sheer amount of memory he has to hold in his brain. But he’s still sane enough to know that there was a traitor in his midst, and planned ahead with the same bit– by not uploading the part of his memories that told them where the Transmission Snail. Then again, all the events of Egghead happened in the span of a singular, Hectic day and night cycle, so they didn’t even have the time to do that. 

And as far as this things capabilities in a Fight– it attacked Mary Geiose 200 years ago. It is not defenseless right now. It’s certainly rusted, but if it can still move at all, then I’d say that it can still through a punch. The Gorosei are gonna turn their attention towards it, but I think they’re gonna have a tougher time than they think getting to the snail………………….

The Roger Pirate’s Choice

Stellapunk………………… knows that the Roger Pirates figured out the truth of this world. Don’t know how he does, but he does. Maybe because it’s common knowledge that reading the Road Poneglyph’s is how you get to Laugh Tale, meaning the Truth and the One Piece are all connected, and he’s the only one in the story interested in connecting the dots. WE know the One Piece has greater significants in this world, but the general public just sees it as “some kind of treasure.” And to their credit- Roger might have put somethin’ monetary there for the person who finally gets there. But it’s not JUST a whole bunch of money. Whatever is waiting on Laugh Tale Island- is something that made The Roger Pirate’s laugh. But that’s just itThe Roger Pirates Were The First In All These Years To Make It. No one but a handful in the World Government know the Truth- and even they probably don’t know the whole story. Because of what Vegapunk is saying: It’s “A Clash Of Ideologies.” Vegapunk is trying to stay Impartial with the information he’s relaying, while the Roger Pirates saw it has………………. The Funniest F*cking Story They Have EVER Been Told. They probably can’t even tell the story because they can’t stop laughing while telling it. 

But……………… I think it goes back to what Rayleigh told Robin on Sabaody: Whatever “Answer” the world arrives at; the Roger Pirates arrived at; the Straw Hats will arrive at- they’re all gonna differ. Rayleigh said that the Roger Pirates arrived “Too Soon,” and that she’d need to take her time to figure out the truth for herself. Maybe that’s it: The “truth” is just………….. all of the facts, told to whomever reads it just as impartially as Vegapunk is telling the world now. The Roger Pirate’s had a big laugh about it, but someone like- say– the Heart Pirates or Kidd Pirates or Beast Pirates might not be laughing. The Beast Pirates likely won’t even care so long as they can use it to take the world for themselves. The “Answer” is something anyone seeking the One Piece needs to find for themselves. The Roger Pirate’s Knew This, and thus chose to keep their mouth’s shut. Also it’s in part because they were The Most Wanted Pirates In All Recorded History- especially after they did what presumably no one these last 800 years have ever been able to do. Who’d believe a band of Pirates spouting that there’s a “Secret King Sitting Atop The Empty Throne?” 

The Straw Hats have to learn the truth for themselves- as does the World. What Vegapunk is doing is no different from………….. whatever they saw at the end of the World. But reaching the treasure is supposed to be an “Adventure;” no one should ever deprive you of the ending of your adventure. That’s what I think Rayleigh is saying at the end of the chapter, anyway. 


You know I didn’t think I’d finish this post in the time that I had? I guess I DID call it a “Short Review” for a reason, but…….. Wow, I didn’t have as much to say as I thought. I didn’t talk about the scene with Imu and(presumably) Lili’s portrait because I didn’t see what I could “get” from that. Guy has a picture of Lili, so what? It’s the “double edged sword” of ambiguityI can’t say how Imu feels about Lili. I’m seeing jokes about Imu being the “Obito” to Lili’s “Rin” and Joyboy’s “Kakashi,” but…………. what are we getting from just 2 red eyes that only have 2 settingsDEAD FRE@KIN’ SERIOUS-And Annoyed. And heck; there are theories that Imu IS Lili somehow- be it a Body swap or a “Madara/Obito” type of situation, or transformation or something! Fan theories can cycle between “Hates Her F*ckin’ Guts” and “Lost Love.” I don’t know yet, and I don’t think I should say until I get more information on them. Though the fact that there’s a picture of her in the Chamber Of Flowers means- They were close. And- platonic or romantic– It probably hurt when she left. And thus- Imu Became………….. Mu. Oh NOW I Get It. 

…………………. Guess I found something. Ah…………….. I guess that’s it now. One Piece Will Be On Break Next Week, so I’ll likely try to do something for My Hero Academia next time. I also gotta make sure I stay on top of “Edens Zero” and “Chainsaw Man-” and TRY something for Four Knights since it’s been a WHILEI think I cover that series the least of any of the ones I talk about. Which………….. isn’t intentional. So I might try something next week, too. We’ll- we’ll see what happens. Let me know what you guy’s think in the comments, and Until the next post: Stay Safe; Stay Healthy; Stay Magic. Laters!!

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  1. I’m getting more and more interested in Imu’s connection to Lily. Seems like his love or desire for her blinded him for noticing her helping Joyboy.

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