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To Save A Saviour! Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 BREAKDOWN

How do I want to start this…….? I don’t really want to spoil anything up here because then I’d have nothing to talk about in the Review part. But you guys need to know that this chapter is……… sort of what I was hoping for. I’ll sayAsa doesn’t buy it. Neither should ANYONE who’s had an extended interaction with Chainsaw Man. They should see through this……… this…………. Abomination. But I also wasn’t expecting THAT to happen. And with what we learn is getting ready to happen, I get this feeling……. that we’re in……. for some kind of Confrontation. Between WhomLet’s find out. Chainsaw Man Chapter 135: “Sentimental Drive.” Alternative Review Titles: “Poetry With Asa Mitaka.” 


The news is reviewing the Aftermath of the “Chainsaw Man Reveal” by the Church; buzz about his “Handsome Looks” or how he might not even be the real Chainsaw Man(DOWN WITH THE PHONY!!!!!). Asa KNOWS this guy’s a fake; he’s too “Stand Up” to be the Stupid, Crude, Simplistic Man that has saved her life twice now. It’s enough to make her blush. So Yoru makes a crack about her being in love with Chainsaw Man. Asa REFUSES to believe that she’s falling for someone like that, but…….. she doesn’t deny that she owes him. Though this conversation makes Asa think: “Yoru’s any a really good mood today.” And when asked why, Yoru responds: “War is Coming.” The mere presence of Falling Devil reversed  Gravity in areas all over the world; the damage is so great that some countries are going into Poverty. “And when Humans need Money- They Go To War.” Her name’s about to become VERY frightening. 

Asa thinks this means they no longer have to kill Chainsaw Man, but Yoru says that she’s going use that power to kill him, and tells Asa to forget about the rescues. But she can’t; the memories of what happened well up within her when she tries not to think about it. She even comes up with a Poem over it

The Day We Went On Our First Motorcycle Ride, I Felt Your Body Heat For The Very First Time. Your Head Was A Chainsaw, Yet I Couldn’t Deny Your Warmth Was Human- That Of Someone Alive.

In Retrospect, Every Time You Saved My Life; My Body’s Cold As Can Be- As Frozen As Ice. Although I’m Doomed To Always End Up Alone, You Always Came To My Rescue. That Much I Know.

Sentimental Drive” By Asa Mitaka

As Asa and Yoru argue over this- Fami pops into the room, asking to eat their bread. And she doesn’t answer their questions until they say “Yes.” After she eats, she tells them that she can grant both wishes. Then she goes digging through their fridge. Fami says that it’s possible for them to both help AND kill Chainsaw Man. She explains that Chainsaw Man has stopped fighting Devils for the moment to focus on living an “Ordinary Human Life.” Problem IsHis heart is that of a Devil’s, making that impossible. Because Weak Devils seek a quick way to power by eating Stronger Devils; so long as he’s got Chainsaw Man’s heart, he’ll never be “ordinary.” Which is why they founded the Chainsaw Man Church; the followers who were saved by Chainsaw Man want to save him in return. To that end; the Church has been hunting down Devils to make sure Chainsaw Man doesn’t have to fight. Then people will gradually start to forget about him, making him weaker. Then Devils will leave him alone. 

Which brings her to why she came here: She wants Asa to sign up for the Church. Rationale: “Someone Who’s Been Saved Should Want To Return The Favor.” That makes sense to Asa, but Yoru refuses. So Fami points out: The “Red” Chainsaw Man and the Hulking Black MONSTER who took Nuclear Weapon’s from her- AREN’T the same person. Not surprise she didn’t recognize the differences; the Horsemen Devil’s never really care to remember faces- according to Fami. She wants to get revenge on the “Black” Chainsaw Man- they need the Red one to become an ordinary Human. She’s pretty much on board. 

Asa, however, is still apprehensive, considering what happened with Yuko and at the AquariumNot to mention the Atrocity of a copy their using at the Church. She admits that that one is a fake to protect the real Chainsaw Man. And as far as “trust” goes; she doesn’t have to trust Fami per say- but the followers of the Church who want to save Chainsaw Man. She stops and thinks………….

News Reports: A member of the Chainsaw Man Church has successfully dispatched the Carpenter Bee Devil from a Tokyo apartment building. This female High School Student has been making waves in the news lately for taking out 10 Devils in the past Month. The Church Goer: One Asa Mitaka, who’s being connected to the Eternity Devil Incident at the Aquarium and other such events, making people think that Chainsaw Man SNAKED HER KILLS!!! Denji doesn’t like the sound of that. Chainsaw Man Chapter 135 END!! Now he’s gonna go Kill ‘er. 


You guys have no idea how glad I am that Asa isn’t into this guy. I don’t think she “likes a project” or anything like that; I think Chainsaw Man- that Denji- going about saving people, living his life and being completely honest and transparent in his goals- seeing someone who isn’t Fake- is what’s drawing her to Denji. Because NO matter how “Upstanding and Handsome” this…….. Afront is- she knows what the real deal is like. And I think she’d rather have a Bloodstained Mess of a person who’s honest- than a “Nice Guy” who’s hiding things. That’s at least what I’m making of  that opening part. Though I’m kind of curious what’ll happen when she finds out that Denji is Chainsaw Man- considering what Nayuta did. She still thinks that Denji stood her up. Then again, between that, Yoshida breaking her heart all over again, Falling’s attack, and trying to recover from it all– I imagine she hasn’t had time to think about it much. 

But it’s been some time since then, hasn’t it? She’s had time to think about it. Is she still upset about it? Maybe. Now that she’s realized what her personal issues are, I think she’s just gonna try to avoid those “Intensely Personal” deals in favor of…….. well, probably just the “Work Relationships” she has with Yoru and Fami. Something like that until Denji confronts her. Because he’s GOING to confront her about this. She’s probably gonna try to play it off to the public like he’s the “Guy Who Dumped Her And Wants Her Back Now That She’s Famous” when he starts yelling to the public how this is all a bunch of bullsh!t. Will he reveal his secret to the massesI certainly think he would? And if Nayuta says to go ahead and hack her up, then I bet NO ONE is going to stop him. But I doubt that anyone is gonna believe it- sad to say. 

Asa certainly would believe that he’s the real Chainsaw Man, now that she know what he’s like. But everyone else will probably call him some kind of “Copy Devil” and call for “Chainsaw Man-” oh, wait; Asa would be there. They’d probably just call for her to save them from this guy. If I were to guess where that story would go, I’d be willing to bet that Asa- overwhelmed with Emotion– would thank Denji. Though maybe not in that moment. I think that’s where the 2 of them would come to blows.And she– with the help of Yoru- are out for blood. But I think that she’ll stop just short of killing him, and instead take him off to drink some blood and heal up, and explain to him what the Church is doing. Denji’s not gonna like that, now that he knows that there are HUNDREDS of people chanting his name. He’s gonna keep being Chainsaw Man no matter WHAT she or that Yoshida guy tell him. And he’ll say that to her face. 

All of that being said– I’ve been wrong thus far. Or does it count because I’ve never actually said when I think stuff like this would happen. I know it will– I can just never pin down when. This whole thing is coming off a bit like Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir to me right now with their identities being kept secret from each other, you know? It’s all “2 Lovers Who Can Never Be Because Of Forces Beyond Their Control” or however you say it. It’s annoying, but I haven’t been upset with this part thus far. Except with that Heretic; I REALLY don’t want to see that trope I talked about. I might not even TALK about this series if it comes to that– at least not for that week. None of that, Fujimoto- None. 

Something else I just thought about was the continued parallelism between Denji and Asa- specifically in how their desires conflict with each other. Asa wants companionship but is afraid of getting close to anyone; Denji wants to live a Normal life but also wants to be Chainsaw Man. The thing they want is contradicted by their own desires. I was thinking that maybe them being together would be enough to fulfill them- Asa gets someone she knows she can trust, and Denji gets a girlfriend- but I don’t think that’s right. Namely because I don’t think Denji is going to let go of all the other ladies who love Chainsaw Man. Do I think he’s a cheater? Not…….. per say. At least I don’t think he’d actively hurt Asa by betraying her like that. I DO however think that he’d let it go to his head a bit too much, and end up doing something stupid. 

Like he told us and showed us throughout Part 1: He can be easily swayed. He’s “Simple” like that; he’ll side with whoever promises him what he wants in that moment. And Asa knows this. So if a girl offered him something “better” than what she can, she won’t be surprised that Denji has a lapse in judgment. Which he WILL………. Right? ‘Cause the last time he gave into his simple desire- he got a mouth full of barf. THAT was traumatic- so much so that I think he’ll actually stop to think about giving into his simple desires before he goes through with it. So againHe might not. That’s how I feel about it. 

It’s good to see Asa’s powers coming this far- so much so that she’s even managing to make weapons better. And it makes sense; Yoru’s power are growing. And I imagine Fami has the Church Goers giving up something that matters a lot to them- something that Asa would feel pretty guilty about turning into weapons. It also now makes me recontextualize all of what’s happened in Part 2 up til now; I think Fami’s been rigging this whole series. She was able to bring a Primal Fear under her control; there’s no LIMIT to who she can make her minion. Justice Devil is one of those minions, isn’t it? Which might be why there was no “Give And Take” when it came to Yuko- Fami probably didn’t need anything from her, and thus she was just given the Justice Devil’s powers! That’s where Asa learned to make Weapons. Same with the Eternity Devil, where Asa was forced to make a strong weapon. All for the day she would begin to take Chainsaw Man’s place. 

But when Nayuta got in the way of her plans, she had to change tactics and get Asa to willingly join the Church. Which she did. Much like how Makima manipulated the events of part 1. Man, these sister’s are good and controlling events. Maybe Fujimoto is going for 4 parts- each one using one of the Horsemen Devil’s as the main antagonists. Control, Famine, Plague, and War. Well; Yoru is already functioning as something of an antagonist, so maybe just 3, with Death as the Final guy. Oh, wait; she’s probably the Pinnacle Devil- the one that Devil’s fear even more than Chainsaw Man. Because although the Primal Fears have never known the “taste of Death;” they’re still afraid of Chainsaw Man– as evident by Darkness’ deal with Santa Clause in part 1. He was gonna Eat Chainsaw Man’s heart– if for nothing more than to make sure that NO ONE would be able to erase himEVERYONE fears Death- even the Primal Fears, I would imagine. Is this Fear King we’re supposed to meet Death? In which case, I don’t know how much longer this series is gonna be. Fujimoto said he doesn’t like long series, so I can’t imagine that this series reaches passed……….. 200 or so chapters total. 200 maybe, but DEFINITELY not 300. 


Wow, that’s a LOT for just riffing. Seriously; a lot of that I just made up on the spot. I have like 5 or 6 other posts I’m working on at the moment- the VAST MAJORITY being Chapter reviews for the week. So for me to just come up with speculations on the spot like that- I think I did pretty good for myself. 1 down- 5 or 6 to go. Busy weekend ahead of me. Any final thoughts on the chapterWar being on the horizon was probably also Fami’s plan, too; I doubt she didn’t know that Falling’s presence would do something like that to the world. I’m guessing it was crucial for Yoru to get stronger so that they can take down the Fear King. Also this chapter is full of panels I can use for the featured image. I’ll figure out which one when I finish this paragraph. That, uh……… that’s all. Catch ya later. 

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