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Boredom And Famine! Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 BREAKDOWN

So I went ahead and made a “Chainsaw Man” category. Yeah, I caved. I thought about it a little more after the last post– around the time of the most recent Dump Post– and said “F*ck it, I’ll Give It Its Own Category!!” I was updating some of the older posts from my first site at the time- giving them featured images and categories; saw that I had enough to warrant a category, and made one for this series. Still gonna be a bit of a “scattered release” when it comes to these things, ’cause I never really know what my week is gonna turn out like. But I do want to make sure that I talk about this one a little more. And now that I’ve learned a new trick to streamline these posts(see my recent “One Piece” post), I think I might be able to talk about all of these series a little bit more! 

Now Back to “Chainsaw Man:” Asa. Mitaka. Is Boring. A Bit “Stuck Up.” Vain. And not as smart as she thinks that she is. And has never been on a date in her entire life. This seems to be a “character” chapter more than anything- one that reveals to us a little more about Little Ms. Asa. Unfortunately; it’s made me grow to dislike her. Maybe not as a character in a manga, but as a person. You’ll see why. Chainsaw Man Chapter 113: “I Wanna See Penguins!” Lets begin………..


Following the events of the last chapter: As has decided to make the “Strongest Weapon Ever” for Yoru to use against Chainsaw Man. And to do so, she has to find something to “love” and regret killing. So she asks Denji out on a date, hoping to seduce him and make him a weapon. The chapter begins with her preparing for the date, talking to Yoru about what she plans to do to seduce Denji. Her PlanShow him a “Fun Time” at the Aquarium, and let her “looks” do everything else. Tanashi Aquarium: Asa is explaining Sea Anemones and Starfish to Denji. The boy doesn’t care; he just wants to go and see the Penguins. 

But every time that he tries to cut the explanations short, she tells him that her “Plan” says that they need to keep looking at these specific animals!! Eventually, she gets annoyed and tells him to stop thinking and follow her lead. But he’s not into that anymore, and decides to go see the Penguins by himself. Yoru tells her to go after him, but she doesn’t see why she should be the one to apologize. Yoru begins to realize what the problem is with this situation: Asa Is A Total Fr!ggin’ Bore. 

Asa gets defensive, calling Yoru and Denji the “Boring Ones,” and saying that Yoru can’t understand because she’s a Devil. The girl from the Devil Hunters Club comes in, telling Asa that she’s correct in her assertions. But she’s wrong in one aspect: She Can’t Turn Denji Into A Weapon. Because she’s always gotta do the “Right Thing.” Also, she introduces herself as the Famine Devil- or “Fami,” as she wants to be called. Yoru realizes the situation, and tells Asa not to listen to Fami. Fami taps her head, and she and Yoru go “outside” for a little bit. She believes that Asa lacks the “incentive” to abandon her morality and make Denji a weapon. So she “makes the stage-” for Asa- and she won’t be leaving until she can make Denji a weapon. 

Denji returns to tell her that they have a problem on their hands: The Eternity Devil is back, and he’s not letting them out. Chainsaw Man Chapter 113 END!! Meh, I guess it’s about that time, ain’t it


……………………… How do I put this one………..? Asa might not be “boring” per say, but………… has a different “concept” of fun, maybe? That, or she just doesn’t know how dates are supposed to go. Or she’s holding herself back from getting to close to Denji because of her plan. One of the 3. Honestly, the 2nd and 3rd are the most likely; she wasn’t very social before all of this, and her situation Post-Bucky hasn’t helped at all, either. And knowing that you’re going to have to kill something- that this thing that you’ve decided to accept into your life is going to have to leave at any point that you decide- it’s kind of hard to get “attached.” She can’t get close to Denji because she doesn’t want to, as Fujimoto goes out of his way to show in the panels. 

But I do think that she was trying. Like she said; she DID read up on a bunch of sea life before coming to the Aqaurium. She probably put a lot of work into the day, only for her Date and her…….. “Roommate” we’ll call her to tell her that she’s a “Stick In The Mud B!tch” and ditch her. That probably actually hurt. I don’t hold it against her; it’s not like she’s ever been on a date. Neither have I, so it’s not like I can judge her. But this is going to be important for her development. Though I do agree with Denji and Yoru. I’m an introvert- kind of a “Hermit” if you ask anyone I know. I don’t like to “Go Places” all that often if I can avoid it. So when I go somewhere like an Aquarium or a Zoo; I don’t want to adhere to a schedule. If I want to see this a Penguin- I’m going to see a Penguin, and you can follow if you want. It always made school field trips a bit draining. 

Okay, on to the stuff that matters: The Famine Devil. Of all the “Horsemen Of The Apocalypse,” I was thinking “Plague.” Because I thought that they would have a similar ability to Doc Q and his Sick Sick fruit in One Piece, being able to make up illnesses at their leisure. Which would tie into the events of chapter 108 when she helped Yuko go all “Kaiju” on the school- she made an “illness” that made her into a Kaiju monster. Looking back, that’s a little too “silly” for “Chainsaw Man.” Honestly, they’re probably just able to make the Black Plague again. But no, this is the Famine Devil- born of Humanities fear of hunger. And someone, she’s managed to bring the Eternity Devil under her employ to facilitate Asa’s growth. 

As the Famine Devil- it seems as though she’s found that Human’s undergo a “change” when they’re hungry. So she’s going to do whatever she can to keep them in this Aquarium until Asa is hungry enough to kill Denji. But we know that that won’t work because of the Chainsaw. “The Devils Targeted By Chainsaw Man and the Devils who call for help are cut up and killed. Because of what he does, he is marked and killed by many Devils- but he revs his engine and arises again and again.” Denji will just keep getting up- if not him, then Pochita. And I think they’d be better off dealing with Denji than Pochita. 

They aren’t able to kill Denji, and Famine knows this. She’s just trying to make sure that Asa is able to “abandon her morals” and take a life- because this is also the event that’s going to properly introduce Denji to Asa. I’m calling itThis is going to be where Asa learns Denji’s secret. He’s going to try the same tactic that worked on the Eternity Devil the last time, but Fami already has plans to make sure that that doesn’t work anymore. But Asa will see- might even help him. They’ll escape, and Asa will try to kill Denji. EnterYoshida and that “Denji Protection” Organization. Fami will save them, and it’ll be time for the “Main Story” to get going. That is my official prediction for the next…….. 8 or so chapters. Fujimoto said in one of his final Author comments for Shonen Jump at the end of part 1 that he “Doesn’t Like Long Series.” That, plus Jump+’s “Flexible Schedule” means: The Ball’s Gotta Get “Rolling.” 


…………….. I think that that’s a goo place to stop. I had a few other things that I kind of wanted to talk about, like how Asa views Deni vs how we view him, or how Asa’s role in the story is somewhat like Tomura’s………. WAS in My Hero Academia. But I think that I’ll save that for another post. Maybe I’ll finally do some more “Discussion” posts in the future using this technique. He says like he’s released that Wakanda Forever Review. Either way; I think my new plan is working- I actually managed to complete this post BEFORE my brothers got back from school!! Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, people, and until the next post- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!! 

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