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The Little Sister Devil: Nayuta!! Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 BREAKDOWN

I was originally going to propose a question in the title. But that made this post sound more like an “Analysis” than a Chapter review. So I’ll save that question for the “Analysis” section of the post. But I knew that I wanted to convey………. The Absolute TERROR That Is Nayuta The Control Devil. She’s…………. This girl is scary. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say right now. I know that I’m trying to compare her to Power, but it’s not coming out right. Power was………. childish; maybe not a “Major” threat, but a genuine problem when it comes down to it. Nayuta on the other hand……… is an actual, genuine threat to the world at large. Especially when it comes to Denji. I feel bad for whatever girl he tries to bring home going forward!! Chainsaw Man Chapter 120: “Triangle.” Oh, and that’s about to start, too.


So you remember how last chapter saw Nayuta call Yoru a “Thief” and summon a chain out of her head? Yeah…… Yoru thinks she’s a Dog now; she’s barking with the Huskies and everything- much to Nayuta’s amusement. Denji demands that she turn his date back to normal, but Nayuta refuses to until she gets something to eat. So Denji decides to start cooking immediately. Yoru goes to lay down with the Huskies. As they eat, Nayuta asks if Denji really wants Asa to go back to normal- considering every woman he’s met has tried to kill him. But Denji says that he has a “feeling” that Asa is different from the rest……….

Nayuta figures he’ll be okay, so she agrees to change her back- on 2 conditions

  1. She is allowed to eat Ice Cream everyday. Eh, she’s still a kid. 
  2. Denji is not allowed to get “friendly” with her anymore. 

He can agree to the first one so long as he can have some, but that 2nd one pricks up his ears. Nayuta gets this weird smell from her, and forbids Denji to get any closer to her; she’ll rewrite Asa’s memories to think she got stood up today. But Denji doesn’t want Asa to hate her. “So What? You’re Done Getting Close To Her Anyway,” Naytua retorts. Denji ways his options, and decides to accept Nayuta’s conditions. Her Win- Asa and Yoru’s loss. They end up standing outside of their High School for hours. 

Yoru believes that they’ve been stood up, and suggests that they find a different boy to make into a weapon. Asa, however……… she……….. Oh My Good Lord She’s In So Much Denial. She pretends that she doesn’t care- that this was simply to warn him not to get any closer to her and that she has to focus on her school work and getting her body back from Yoru. “Dates Are Expensive, Anyway- I Didn’t Want To Spend That Much;” “I’m GLAD He Didn’t Show Up- I Can Do Better.” I’m still in the middle of the post at the time of me writing this, but I’ll tell you that the full speech will be below this paragraph. 

She starts banging her head against the gate of the school, trying to make herself focus on getting her body back. But before she can go any further; Yoshida shows up and asks what she’s doing. She responds “Absolutely Nothing.” So Yoshida asks: “Will you Keep Me Company For A bit Then?” Chainsaw Man Chapter 120 END!!! I don’t know who got scr#wed over the worst in this chapter- Denji and Asa both lost something this time around. But Nayuta won either way you see it. 


The Question That I Want To Propose To You AllIs Nayuta Actually WORSE Than Makima? And I really want you guys to think about that for a second. Because it’s easy to say that Makima was a terrifying presence in the story. She was, don’t get me wrong. But I want you to think about what Nayuta had that Makima didn’t. For Makimashe had no one to love, and who loved her back. She tried to make that person Chainsaw Man, but the feelings went mostly unreciprocated- even though they both wanted “Someone to give them hugs.” If she hadn’t been a Psycho Duplicitous Thunder B*nt then maybe they could have been something like that- with Denji there to be part of their family. But she was. So Denji had to eat her. And then Nayuta was born. 

Then you have Nayuta- someone who was- according to Kishibe- discovered in China. We don’t know what her life was like up til Kishibe dumped her on Denji, but you can imagine that she felt similar to Makima: Never in an equal relationship with anyone- always the “Master.” Depending on how long she was alive for. And then Kishibe comes in, snatches her up, and dumps her with Denji and the Huskies. The Family That She and her previous incarnation had always longed for. Makima had no one to lose- Nayuta Does. And “Love-” be it romantic or familial- makes someone Dangerous. Who’s to say what lengths that she’ll go to to make sure that Denji stays in her life- that he continues to live? When push comes to shove, what will Nayuta do to ensure a hapy life with her Big BrotherYeah. Pretty Scary to think about, isn’t it

Other than that, though; she’s alright. I like that her first condition was to have Ice Cream everyday; she’s still just a child- that’s something we probably always wished that we could have growing up. Probably something that we do as soon as we make our own money. Then sort of get sick of. But come back to every now and then. Not to mention the way that she refers to Denji as her “property;” she really is the possessive, jealous little sister type. But with the power to make sure that her brother is always hers. Actually, looking at the dialogue; this may not have been the first time that something like this has happened. The way that Denji said “You Come First, Nayuta” leads me to believe that he’s had to make similar decisions between now and the end of Part 1. What the H#ll has he Done? For there to be a “No Making Out In Front of Nayuta” rule, that would have to mean he’s brought girls over in the past, right? Nah……. Right? 

Maybe he’s gotten close to girls in front of Nayuta and it’s caused a whole bunch of problems, and she’s used her powers to make people forget about the experience. Oh man, no wonder the boy isn’t in the house as much; he can’t even interact with people without Nayuta making them Dogs!! Can you imagine if she saw Denji’s Part time School job as the Human chair? At best, there’d be more barking than when they showed off the “Chainsaw Man” anime at the one event. And at worst……….. You remember what Makima did to those Yakuza guys in chapter 27That but on a Countrywide Scale. 

Also, she likes the smell of wet dog. be that because of Denji or the Huskies is irrelevant; just know that she’s probably the one who told Denji that he smells like Wet Dog. And yes, she meant it as a compliment. “That’s a Good smell, Dummy!!” That was downright heartwarming when I first saw it. Considering they sleep so close and Devil’s heightened sense of smell(especially the Control Devil), it’s kind of no wonder she’s grown fond of that smell. I really liked that line. 

Asa……… Asa……….. asa………. You Poor Girl. You must be smokin’ that NEW kind of crack to be thinking all of that!! Are you trying to convince Yoru, the audience, or yourself that you’re not head-over-heels for Denji? Or that you don’t want to just go home, throw yourself in the bath and cryIt’s alright, girl; it’s okay to cry after being stood up like that!! But you also need to know that denying it, your only hurting yourself. Stop fighting it and let yourself admit your feelings. Okay, that jokes over. But seriously; it feels like the more that Denji “pulls away,” the more and more she her feelings for him grow- as if she wants what she can’t have. I mean, come on; she was always planning to tell Denji to stay away from her out of care for him. You wouldn’t do that unless you had some sort of care for him, right? 

And then you have Yoshida’s sudden appearance. He is not here without reason. According to Yoru, it was getting dark. Why did he come back to school? I’m still under the belief that he was somehow spying on Denji’s date with Asa- both of them, really. He probably knows what just went down with Nayuta, and is probably planning to help Denji keep with Condition #2. I kind of doubt that it was a full on contract; I doubt Nayuta would use a contract on Denji, even though he can still make them. But back to Yoshida: He plans to make sure that Denji can’t get “friendly” with Asa- by becoming her boyfriend like Yoru asked. It may also double as an investigation into the strange happenings around Asa, and the little glance he caught of Fami. In fact; what if he’s planning to use Asa as bait to draw out Fami? He’s smart enough to connect some dots here and there, and knows that something is going on with Asa- she’s been involved in a lot of the same Devil Attacks that Denji has been in. That makes her a potential threat to Denji’s “normal life,” which f8cks with his paycheck. And he will NOT be having that……… 


Rather than pad out the post as normal, I’m going to try and leave things as they are. It makes making posts easier. And with this series chapters not being quite as “bloated” with content as your One Piece‘s and your Black Clover‘s; it means that I can finish this post in a timely manor. All I need to do now is make the images and everything should be copesetic!! Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and til the next post, everyone- Have A Magical Day. Laters!! 

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