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The First Casualty. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 100 BREAKDOWN

Hey, there, everybody. So, um…….. Sorry about last week’s review; that did not reflect my best work. That was just something I did to get that category back up in the banner. Shoulda held off on that if I didn’t have that much to say. Well, I Did, but I forgot most of it in the moment I started the second part of the post. As I tend to do. I’m currently working on another post for Black Clover– actually, you know; PLANNING what I’m gonna say. But whenever I go to write down what I’m thinking I forget it. It’s a REAL problem. And it’s gonna make that post take a minute. Not that I’ve actually Started writing it;REALLY want to do that one justice. Because it might just be my favorite fight in the series!! 

2) You’ll notice I made some changes to the site. Namely, I want you guys to take note of the icon on the tab. That is a coloring made myself- in like 2 or 3 hours. Coloring is difficult; WHOLE NEW respect for artist and colorist who do this on Twitter. I just randomly decided to try my hand at it, AND- not the worst thing I could have made. I decided to use this icon because…….. my dad is going to put it on a t shirt. So I wanted to make sure there was some sort of “synergy” between the image and this site; make sure people know where it comes from. If you would like to buy one, visit Whohustle.comAnd make sure you tell people about this site!! 

NOW THE ACTUAL CHAPTER: Well DAG. I’d usually put a “Spectacular” in the title- and almost did. But I feel like I should respect the scene for what it is: The Death Of A Character. Not the “First Major Death” in the story, and not even the biggest one in this whole franchise. But it’s important to these characters- to the Four Knights and their friends. Because they needed to know what lies on this path. And……… they might have needed the push. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 100: “Flames Of Remembrance.” Let’s begin………


Picking up from last timeJade lies lifeless in Isolde’s arms. The others arrive to see the aftermath of their battle with Macduff. And it’s not looking good. And Chion……… looks on silently. Completely stone faced. He walks over, and callously asks how he “could lose in a place like this.” He doesn’t seem worried at first; after having seen Percival revive from having his neck snapped just moments prior, he calls him over to do the same for Chion. Even at Max, though, he’s only able to mend the wound- Jade himself is GONE. So says the Mini Percivals. And that’s when it starts to set in for Chion. 

In his typical demeanor, he tells Percival that reviving Jade is the “least he can do,” but Percival knows his limits. Chion lashes out, refusing to believe that he couldn’t do it. But Percival tells him that if he could revive others, then he would have brought back his Grandpa. And he finally gets it, tossing Percival to the side. Donny says that their priority now is to find and capture Macduff, who’s wandered off after Anne’s magic broke. We see the Blind Knight moving sluggishly through the alleyway, coming across his partner Teaninich- being restrained by a Giant Mini Percival. And it’s not one that’s liable to leave any time soon. 

Thoroughly beaten, Macduff gets out their Last Resort: The Whistle Of Cynoprospi- a Magic item they got from King Arthur to summon a Multi Winged Beast from Purgatory. Arthur gave it to Teaninich because of her Magic, but Macduff plans to put it to use himself. In return, he gives to her the magic item he was given: The Glove Of Jeaniach- an item that multiplies one’s strenght 4 or 5 times their normal amount. “The Perfect Weapon for someone as Powerless as Teaninich,” as he puts it. He uses the whistle, summoning the monster. 

Chion- still processing– summons one of his spirits- Salamander– to deal with them. It ends up absorbing all the fire in Wallnack, becoming bigger and stronger until it dwarfs Macduff and the Purgatory Beast. As it incinerates Macduff in the air, dialogue plays between Jade and Chion- a conversation from the distant past. Jade was always worried about what others thought of him, so he always tried to act cool and hid his true feelings- fearing rejection. Chion on the other hand; he’ll outright say that people who speak of “Good And Right” are the True Evil, and how he never minces his words with anyone. He admired Chion for that mindset so much that his Magic “Monochrome” probably manifested from admiration of that “Black-And-White” mindset. 

Chion responds “Is That As Far As Your Loyalty To Sir Tristan goes?” He admits that- while he respects Tristan thinks the world of him- he actually can’t stand him. So Jade asks if it’s fine that a “guy like him” is serving in the Tristan Platoon. He doesn’t know why Chion hates Trsitan, but he just treats it as something else about Chion, saying that it’s fine “even if he’s the only one that likes him.” But Chion admits that Jade is his “Second Favorite Person.” Jade was happy to hear that, but thinks it’s a “huge gap.” As Chion mentally says goodbye to Jade, Salamander wipes out Macduff, creating a display of Fireworks- a Requiem For His 2nd Favorite Person. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 100 END!!! The dialogue towards the end is a bit unclear, but I think we get the bigger picture now……….


There are really only 2 things that I want to talk about with this chapter: Percival’s Limit and Chion’s behavior. I need a little time to think about Chion, so let’s just start with Percival’s limit. As much as I talk about it’s Unlimited Story Potential, I also need to recognize that there has to be SOME sort of limit to what he can do- if for nothing more than to keep the tension in the story. And it looks like he’s hit his wall- or at least that’s how it seems, yeah? I talk a lot about his powers, namely what he’s able to do and how they seem to work. The more Hope people have in him- the more people there are that believe in him- makes his magic stronger, allowing him to heal people, dish out stronger attacks, and make sentient Mini Percival’s. Then again, there are less people around to give him that “hope” and they’re still capable of thought and speech, so that may be some “residual power” or something that’s permanent now that it’s happened. 

My thinking is that- if he had enough “belief-” he might have been able to do it. Say everyone in Liones believed in him right now, just as they did when Arthur and the Chaos Commandments attacked; do you think that he would have been able to revive Jade here? Maybe not, but it’s just speculation. Maybe reviving the dead takes a LOT of Hope to work- both in quantity and in quality. Yeah, we have to factor in how much people believe in him and not just how many. If it all it took was numbers, then the Percival that fought against Ironside in chapter 21 would actually be weaker than the one Pellegarde fought in chapter4- or even the one that defeated Talisker in chapter 12. In both cases; Percival had like 10+ people- the Villagers in that one town and residence of Echo Gorge- believing in him, making him stronger. Percival only had Donny, Nasiens, and Anne with him in that moment to believe in him, and I would say that he was stronger there than at any other point prior. At least looking at what he could do in comparison. 

This implies there’s also something to do with “quality-” how much any given person believes in him. His friends– the one’s who’ve seen him overcome tough odds time and time and time again- know what he can do. But Isolde would believe anything right now if it meant that Jade would come back to her, and Chion……… despite having seen Percival revive just moments prior; I don’t think he believed “hard enough.” Though it’s hard to say that believing in him more would help here. If Percival can revive someone, we won’t be seeing it that often; maybe once in the whole story, and not any random nobody character who’s story doesn’t matter- Maybe one of the Sins, if not one of the Knights of the Apocalypse or his close friends. 

And then you have Chion. I hate this guy; I don’t think I’ve made that a Secret. But I know going forward that we’re going to learn why he’s like this, and that’ll at least soften his earlier actions- might even make them more tolerable on reread. And we’ll be getting all of that going forward. For now, we get a……. Pretty interesting ShockChion Actually Hates Tristan. I didn’t see that coming; not after all the d!ck r!ding he was doing………. to his own cousin. Yeah, his mom is Elizabeth’s older adoptive Sister, Margaret!! They are Cousins, though not by blood. So him being such a Fanboy of Tristan just like Isolde came off…….. odd. Then we get this. Why the hate and surface level admiration for his cousin? Is it jealousy because his mom should have been Queen as the first born? Or does it go back to that day he saved them

Looking at that flashback, we don’t get to see how it happened- it showed them in panic and then, in a flash- they were saved. Isolde passed out during the whole ordeal, and Jade was too busy thinking of Isolde’s safety to care about anything else. But Chiion is just off to the side, looking at the vanquished beast. And there’s the way that he talked to Isolde about finding her “Prince Charming;” as if trying to discourage her from chasing that ideal. I suppose………. he’s somewhat resentful to the world or something? Maybe it IS jealousy of Tristan for being the prince- the one “Beloved By All” or something. And that becomes resentment towards a world where the youngest becomes Queen, while he and his family are just Nobles. Maybe it’s something that simple. 

But then why does he act like such a Tristan Stan? Respect for the Throne? His extended family? Or is there just something more about his relationship with Tristan we’re not fully aware of? There HAS to be for him to say “I Hate His Guts” while still thinking highly of him. Hm……… he said in chapter 58 that Lance and Percy just seemed like “Country Hicks.” And when he thinks that he’s found Gawain, he says aloud “I don’t believe in things like prophecy; all I trust in is me- me, and those I believe in.” Something happened when he was younger; something happened or something came off the wrong way to him, pushing him down this path. But as of right now, I can’t say what that is. But I can say that he has cool Magic. Most people just end up with 1 spirit- he seems to have the whole set. What happened in his life for him to manifest this kind of magicAnd why’d such a cool ability end up with such a d0uchebag


You’re seeing this Wednesday morning- linked to the usual siteBut I actually finished this one Monday, March 27, 2023, at around 6:04 pm. I managed to read and fully talk about the chapter- even getting the images- off of Twitter. I’d like to thank @BielzinhoFull15 on twitter for posting the full chapter early; early releases make making these posts WAY easier. It’s why I work on “Jump” chapters so early; I can make the whole post and have the next few days to rest and relax. Maybe even plan out another post. IF I CAN EVER F*CKING REMEMBER WHAT I WANT TO SAY. Ugh…… my memory sucks. At least I remember the important things!! Not to say that those posts aren’t important. Once again, thank you to Bielzinho_Full on twitter; be sure to follow him. And until next time, all- Have A Magical Rest Of Your Day. Bye~~~!!! 

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