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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #22: Ahead Of The Game

I got the Jump on THIS one, boys. I realized ahead of time that this month’s chapter of Dragon Ball Super was gonna come out on the 20th- 3 days after my 24th Birthday. Which is the day that I’m starting this post: Monday, July 1th, 2023, 12:38 pm. Chainsaw Man is supposed to come out the following day, so I decided to get the jump on this Dump Post while I have the time. Don’t know what I’ll manage to get every single category up in that banner on the home page, but I’ll have most of them- with the exception of “Western Animation” and Dead Rock(not for lack of trying). And yeah; I’m am 24 as of the time of you reading this– which will probably be the following Sunday when the official releases of the Jump chapters come out. I wonder if I’ll have managed to get the “Dragon Ball Super” out by then, considering how much time I have on my hands. You’ll of course know the answer, but I don’t know as of right now. Let’s begin.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 136: “Normal Life

Denji loops into school the next day, after seeing how the public’s opinions on Chainsaw Man has changed. Someone come sup to him and talks about how Chainsaw Man has just been taking credit for Asa Mitaka’s Devil Slaying, and some kid who adores Chainsaw Man comes to stand up for his hero. Denji is too depressed to really take an interest in the conversation, but finds himself involved in a Fist Fight. One guy loses a tooth, and Denji’s in trouble. Can’t bring himself to care. So he ends up skipping school with Yoshida and going to the movies, where a Devil Attack ends up making the people evacuate- and was then promptly killed. Thus proving that the world doesn’t need Chainsaw Man to solve its problems. 

Yoshida would then go on to introduce Denji to a girl from his(Yoshida’s) class. She wanted a date with Denji. So Yoshida leaves the 2 of them to their “Normal Date.” But Denji can’t bring himself to care; he doesn’t know what to do now that he can’t be Chainsaw Man, and is now left with an existential crisis. So eh admits he won’t be all that “Amazing” on this date. 

And Then She Puts Her Hand On His Weiner.

See this song for what that means. But I mean: ON THE FIRST DATE. She’s………. she’s playing him. I don’t know what she wants from him, but she’s trying to trick him or something. 

Edens Zero Chapter 248: “The Yukino Cosmos

The Yukino Cosmos, Boys And Girls- SPACE Snow!! They come up to the Planet Miltz, where they are greeted by 1)The Base of Operations for Rachel and the Interstellar Union Army in the Yukino cosmos, where all divergences in the time stream are recorded(including the day Shiki died in Universe 1) and 2)Feather of the Oracion Seis Interstelar, and Rachel’s Assistant. They meet with Rachel and Connor, who…….. have a Healthy Relationship. But on to the topic at hand: The “Door To Mother” is on Miltz- a cluster of 7000 planets, with only 1 being the real deal. Here, they need to give Rachel all the Mother Ether they’ve collected in from the other Universe(and some here), and the Saintfire Church’s machine is going to use that to construct a path to Mother. Many have gone- none of them made it. But now they have some down time, so– Hot Springs On A Snow Planet!!

1)Feather joins them and 2This is water used in the Spa Of Edens; the basis for the Ether Activating water. Ziggy had stopped on Miltz 15 years ago- alone– and took such a liking to the water that he would replicate it for the ship. Rachel implies that she knows the Shining Star’s Big Secret, and that Pino knows, too. She calls it a “Sweet Memory.” But it’s restricted from even Pino herself. It’s then the Feather notices and enemy presence having evaded her Eye of Venus- and time stops altogether. For everyone but Rebecca, who’s being watched by the enemy. 1) I never understood “Feather Supremacy” until now and 2)This is Joker Helix, isn’t it? And from the physique; I’d be willing to wager that they’re Female. I think I know who it is…….

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 113: “Zarura N’Du

Isolde and Chion see Tristan despondent following his loss to Schwarz(something Chion has been keeping secret) when Chion’s Elemental Spirits start acting out. He recalls this happening only 1 Other timeTheir First Encounter With Percival. Of course this means they’re reacting to Percy. But over with Percival’s group; the boy has no clue what Percy is talking about. So he tries another word- “Awake.” No dice on that either. But it’s not like they have all the time in the world to figure this out- Lance is upping the difficulty. Level 3Pellegarde The Black Knight. Percy decides to take up the fight again, and it ends……… pretty much the same way with the same trick. So it’s time for Level 4The Red Knight Ironside. Percy decides to let Percival take this one, but gives his a Physical buff by enchanting his very Nervous System with “Hope,” upping his reaction time and everything. 

Now that Percival has the gains for it- he just needs to learn how to use em. It’s all necessary if he’s going to Punish Ironside. So now Percival can physically amp himself- he can use his power to enhance his sword skills and stuff. Or well; he’s learning to. He’s got all this excess power- might as well use it to become a better Swordsman! As for what Percy knows and what he ISWho the f*ck KNOWS at this juncture? I could say just about anything and I guarantee you it’s wrong. This is just one of those “Wait And See” Things. 

One Piece Chapter 1,088: “Final Lesson

A Flashback to the Days of the old Marineford: Garp proposes a question to the trainees; “You’re On A Boat That can Only Hold 2 People And Need To Save An Old Man And A Baby. What Do You Do?” Koby says to get off the boat and give the old man and baby the boat, but Garp says to save themselves and the baby. The old guy’s half dead anyway vs themselves who have a bright future and the baby with a future. Garp is not allowed to give lectures like that anymore. A Few Weeks Ago On Amazon Lily: The Marines are left to sit back and watch 800 of their own get captured by Blackbeard, having not been given permission from HQ to fight an Emperor. Sword Member Koby- in an effort to save them- offers himself up in exchange. Teech took the deal.

Present Day: Avalo Pizarro is about to sink Garp’s Ship and there ain’t a D@mn thing they can do to stop it. Garp’s Plan: He’ll create an opening for them, allowing Koby to smash that hand to bits. Grus is gonna use his Devil fruit power to make sure no one gets hurt, and Helmeppo is gonna keep everyone else off their backs. Low and BeholdGarp SMASHES The Skull Mountain and injures Pizarro in the process. And Koby– following in Garp’s footsteps- bashes the hand apart with “Honesty Impact.”

The mission seems to have been a success, but Sword Realizes: Garp isn’t on board the ship. He tells them to sail away and survive; he’ll figure something out. All with Ice Lance through his gullet and surrounded by Blackbeard Pirates. He laughs out loud as he freezes. Newspaper On The Next Day: “The Legendary Hero Garp Would Be Declared ‘Missing In Action’ On Pirate Island After The Successful Rescue Of The Young Hero Captain Koby.” BONUS StoryEmperor Straw Hat Luffy Would Face A Siege On The Island Of The Future. That fleet is on the Horizon Of Egghead. Looks like we’re coming up on the end of this arc, fellas. Rewind time a bit to see the events of Egghead since we’ve been gone, and then we’ll be back in real time to see……….. The Thing. Blackbeard Pirates; an Admiral; A Gorosei; A Fleet Of Navy Ships; Vegapunk; The Straw Hats; the Seraphim. What do you got for me Oda? 

Black Clover Chapter 366: “Headliner

Ryu sees the Black Bull’s coming, and gets Asta ready to go. Ichika and Yosuga show up to see him off. Then Finral pops through to bring the Anti Boys back. But Ryu suggests that Ichika go with them; Yosuga can hold down the fort while she’s gone, while she goes to help stop Lucius before he ever gets that far(also she needs to see her brother, and Yosuga implies that she and Asta managed to work together well). So they go, and end up back in the Forrest Of Witches. And Asta. IS. P!!!!!SED. Silently, of course. He shows up; negates the f*ck out of that Atmosphere Magic cr@p; and…….. well…….. Yeah.

This chapter was good for Asta Fans. He went FULL Main Character for that one; just showed up and the enemy who just caused us a whole lotta grief- One Shotted. Sh!t, I’m pretty sure this battle’s over; I’d be kind of surprised if Tabata wanted to make this an actual battle and not just a “I’M HIM” moment. ‘Cause that’s all this was: Asta showing us what he could do after a few days of training. Like…………. Lucius is in trouble. I think he might just lose it when he sees one of his clones………

My Hero Academia Chapter 395: “Built Upon The Joy Of Others

The Sad Man’s Requiem is fading away in the wind, but NOT before one of them manages to leave Hawks with a permanent reminder of what he did. He takes it on the chin, though, since he feels bad about it. As for the Original Vampire herself; she thinks about the knife she’s always held- the knife that allowed her to become the person she loved. And how she wielded it in anger. There she stands over the Dying Uraraka. She grabs her equipment, takes some of the blood Uraraka was spewing, and uses her transformation to Give Uraraka her Blood- Every Last Drop of it. She was never intending on getting locked in a prison cell, anyway- even though she knows Uraraka would have kept her word by the end of it. 

Uraraka doesn’t want her to do this, but lacks the strength to stop her. Himiko chan apologizes for stabbing her and her friends, and recalls when Dabi burned down her childhood…………. I hesitate to call it a “Home.” But even after that; the scars it left still stain her heart. But she thanks Uraraka for making that pain that much lighter. Having found love that made her want to give blood rather than drink it; Himiko chan dies having lived exactly how she wanted. She’s free as a bird. 

Perfect Ending. Like……… GENUINELY BEAUTIFUL. I don’t know what’s coming next- if Horikoshi is actually gonna show us Aoyama’s battle with that Kuneida guy or if he’s just gonna focus on the last 2 fights and be done with it. Either way, in a few more weeks, we’re getting to chapter 400. How much longer we have after that is anyone’s guess, but I honestly don’t even see 420 as a concept. At the rate this is going, and if he chooses to just have the Aoyama battle wrap up in like 2 or 3 pages and let the anime do with that fight what they will, then probably not even 415. Point isStart the timer. We are LEGITIMATELY getting close to the end now. FOR REAL this time. 


Once again: My Hero Academia proves to be my favorite chapter this week. One Piece and the others were all fire this time around, too, but……… Horikoshi just……… he did the d@mn thing with Himiko chan. He brings even a 10th of the effort he shows here to the completion of Tomura’s story, and this series might actually be able to leave on a High Note. Who would have thought that after everything that’s happened– I’d be thinking that. That’s a testament to how good the conclusion to Best Girl Himiko chan’s story is!! Thanks for reading it with me. 

If I had to say my second place contender, then I’d be tempted to say either Edens Zero, Black Clover, or Four Knights. Yeah, Chainsaw Man and One Piece are at the bottom this time- One Piece being better than Chainsaw Man. But that’s not a sleight at them- It’s testament to those other 3. Golden. Let me know where you guys rank all of these, and until the next time around, boys and girls! OH, WAIT; I heard Weekly Shonen Magazine is on break, meaning no Edens Zero or Four Knights. And the other 3 are all on break, too, so none of them. Ah, but there is a “Chainsaw Man” chapter this week. Almost a full break. Eh, good a time as any to catch up on some anime. Or just SLEEP because my boss is a moron that can’t make a schedule for beans. Probably reading all the manga and books I have on backlog, too. Big stack of books and ordered 2 more today(Friday, July 21st, 2023). 

Anything else I want to tell you? Eh~…………. Nah, that’s all. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time, folks; Stay Safe, Stay Golden, and I’ll catch ya later!! 

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