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It’s A Trap!! Dead Rock Chapter 11 BREAKDOWN

I’m still kind of in “Star Wars” mode. Sorry about the conclusion to the recent Mass Review; I was just kind of tired after writing that one. And I’m still not totally into making this one, either. I think I’m starting to “space” on post making- I might need to just………. vanish for a minute and let some chapters build up for another Super Massive ReviewI don’t WANT to, but………… I’m gettin’ kind of tired with all of this. And I want to make a career of this. So if I want to keep going with it, then I have to keep in mind why I’m doing this- and why I love doing this. “Heavy Stuff” to start with, I’m sure, but I feel like talking about this kind of thing is going to help. That said: This month’s “Dead Rock…………” doesn’t do what the earlier chapters did for me. You remember when this series started: I was enthralled in the approach Mashima is taking towards these characters and the goal of story- it had me engrossed. And it had me for a few chapters after that- pretty much up until……………. well, I think this chapter. That’s not to say that I don’t like this chapter(it actually highlights a different aspect of story crafting that I don’t think Mashima’s done in his other main works), but………….. I’m not “In Love” this month. 

Um……………….. Man, now I don’t have anything else to say. Well, I already finished that Mass Review, and I don’t really feel like going back to edit it. So…………….. well……….. Nah; I was gonna talk about one of the series I discussed there(and not the one you’re thinking of, but very apparent from reading it), but I feel like that’s just plain “out of place” here. So I’ll save that for another time………………… maybe. Let’s begin. Dead Rock Chapter 11: “Deep Cry.” Things like this.


Saru(Roots: Sun Wukong) tells Class F about the Request Program Dead Rock engages in. In Short: The school gets requests from inhabitants of the Demon Realm, and completing them is an “Extracurricular Activity” students are put through. Kind of like with a Wizard Guild, I guess. Their Current Request: This old lady that lives in the Forest “Deep Cry” is getting hassled by bandits, and she wants them driven out. A “simple enough” task, though Chako(Zelecia) recalls a tale about an old wizard whom lives in Deep Cry Forest: Magoo Magee “The Seal Wizard,” a famous wizard specializing in Sealing spells. Which could PROBABLY help with their current predicament. FLASHBACK: They may have been able to procure the book containing God’s weakness was Cursed Velocity Library, but– for how difficult it already is to get it– they find that they can’t even open the d@mn thing! It’s sealed shut. And no one in Class F seems to comprehend that “It’s A Book.” So MAYBE if they complete this request- they can get the book unsealed. And Zelecia can meet a Famous Wizard. But Saru isn’t so sure that they’ll even come out of it alive, promising to come back for their corpses…………………

Deep Cry Forest: About as creepy and f*cked up as a Forest in H#ll as you would expect, but Zelecia is “all in” on meeting Magoo, and Yakuto is…………. distracted. The timing of this request is too “convenient” for him to ignore: The Book with God’s weakness is sealed, and now they’re getting a request from someone who might be able to break the seal. But Zelecia is too “starstruck” to see straight, and turns the class’s attention towards a Level Gate- the key to travelling between levels of the Demon Realm. Zell was born right here on level 666, so she wouldn’t know, but they’re how Demons move about the realm. Though one would need a “Passage Permit” to use it, and even then you can only go to the corresponding level. But this one looks like it’s “out of use.” Not that they have time to dwell on it, though- the bandits attack. And Hani gets broken- again. Which is fine because Mikoto, Raisen, and Yakuto have the entire situation under control. Frey and Zel have to help Hani put himself together again. Though as the bandits run away, they mention that “No One Told Them They’d be Strong……………….” 

They arrive at Magoo’s home, but……………… She’s been crucified to her door. Zelecia is sad, and asks that Mikoto turn her into a Zombie. But before she CAN- Vice Principal Bren of the Four Demon Teachers Makes his Presence Known. He…………….. doesn’t even attempt to hide the fact that he’s the one who orchestrated this adventure, wanting to get the book back from them before God finds out it was ever missing. Mikoto and Raisen aren’t exactly “enthused” that they’re getting dragged into a battle with a Demon Teacher, but Yakuto wants to avenge Hien no matter what. And with Magoo now deceased- Frey can cut loose with her flames. He’s a little “confused” that they’re gonna try and fight back, so decides to show them what the “Four Demon Teachers” are made of- Taking his FULL Gigant Form. This is gonna be……….. Difficult to say the least……………….


This chapter highlights a different aspect of a story than Mashima’s other 3 works- the topic of “Worldbuilding;” explaining to us how the Demon Realm functions; how it’s residents get around and how they deal with problems. Like I said earlier: Students taking on Requests from other Demon Realm inhabitants is similar to the requests one would make to a Wizard Guild in Fairy Tail. And adding in the “Level Gate” travel system now means we’ll be able to see other areas of the Demon Realm; maybe see where Frey and Hien used to live prior to Dead Rock. If the story allows the time for that. We’re already at the point of fighting the Main Villain’s underlings, and it looks like it’s going to be a “Case-By-Case” basis rather than a “Free-For-All” Battle. Meaning we’ve got this series for at least another 10 chapters, but like I’ve always said: I have no idea how long Mashima intended this to be; how much he’s already extended it; or how much he has planned for the rest of the story. There doesn’t seem to have been any indication(at least to me) that he’s going above and beyond what he’s already planned. But I think introducing concepts like the Level Gate and these Requests is a step towards the series extension.

Though I doubt that we’ll be getting to see this same “set up” to Four Demon Teacher Battles; it would get too repetitive seeing them go on requests and then a Demon Teacher comes to rumble. Though I think they’ll fight Louzen on Frey’s home level. We learned early on how these Levels work, and how Demon “power levels” work: The realm becomes more and more dangerous the deeper down you go- the Demons becoming stronger than the last. We learned in this chapter that Zelecia was born right down here on Level 666- the deepest part of the Demon Realm. She Is The Strongest One In This Class. Yakuto and Mikoto might be able to match her, but Yakuto lost most of his power(and hails from level 644), and Mikoto doesn’t seem to be that strong on her own. And just those 2 and seemingly Cougar. Not that that matters anymore. But it’s just kind of funny to me that she’s Confirmed Strongest in the main cast. I always like it when author’s give us a Flat out answer when it comes to “Power Scaling;” characters like Kizaru in One Piece who are- without debate– “Lightspeed.” No “calculations” or “Advanced Nuclear Math” or anything that convoluted- He is Light. He Moves At The Speed Of Light. End. Of. Discussion. Or Gojo and Sukuna in “Jujutsu Kaisen.” So simple to understand. 

I also think that the Worldbuilding might help us learn more about the history of this world- and of God. Maybe even going to see Yakuto’s homeland and have Clas F see that- whether or not they still care– he was telling them the truth. Will that get Raisen and Mikoto over to his side completely? Well- I don’t think they have a choice anymore. They’ve chosen to stand and fight against the Vice Principal with Yakuto and Zelecia. And he’s SEEING THEM choosing to fight back. Whether they like it or not- they are now stuck with Yakuto. So they might as well help gather some information while they’re here. Heck; that flashback at the beginning of the chapter implies that they might be a little more willing to aid Yakuto in his endeavors- if nothing else. Just the fact that Reisen asked for his help in battle means that- on SOME level- he’s warming up to Yakuto. Maybe it was something about him crying last month, or the speech he made afterwards that’s bringing him around. 


…………………. “Short Review,” got it. I think I wanted to mention 1 more thing, but at this point I don’t think it actually matters. It was something about Bren’s Gigant Form and its connection to the Roots Power system, but…………… it’s nothing we can’t infer from the 2 times it’s happened. I wish Mashima would tell us what’s going on with this series; it might make talking about this series and its future a little easier. Then again, this one’s on me. Um…………….. I don’t have much to say at this point; in all honesty, the leaks for this month’s Boruto are out, and I’m already a few days behind in writing the Edens Zero Short Review I’ve been wanting to do. And My Hero chapter 423 came out, and…………. I get the feeling that’s important, for those who know the contents of the chapter. Ah man, something tells me I’m gonna have to disappear soon. Let me know what you guys think of the chapter, and until next time, all- Catch ya later!!

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