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HERETIC!!!!!! Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 BREAKDOWN

YOU~~~~~~~……………….. HERETIC!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT CHAINSAW MAN, YOU HEAR ME!!! FILTHY LIAR!!! Okay, all jokes aside; plots like this do tend to turn off a lot of people off of a particular storyline- myself included. People praising a fake and berating the Real Deal- they’re not fun. And something tells me this isn’t gonna be fun, either. What, with Denji being………… okay, it’s not like he’s not the “Hero” type– he’s just………. “not what you’d expect……..” I imagine that when people find out the truth, they’re gonna be rather disappointed by the motivation; that’s just the honest truth. Will they stop believing in Chainsaw Man? Stop fearingI have no idea what Fujimoto plans to do. I’m honestly just along for the ride. Also, as I write this(Tuesday, June 27th, 2023, 2:32 pm), by copy of Fujimoto’s 200 page one shot Goodbye, Eri arrived in the mail. The physical copy feels different any other manga I’ve bought. I might be able to talk about it at some point- but I won’t hold my breath on it. Chainsaw Man Chapter 134: “Ordinary Happiness.” Let’s begin………


Following the events of last chapter– some days later– Deni walks by some TV’s in daze, seeing another Chainsaw Man hater ranting about all the damage he causes. And he does not snap out of this daze for some time, even ignoring people in his High School talking about all the news reports and Nostradamus’ Prophecy. Just walks on by without so much as a wince. Later on, he’s at home- blow drying Nayuta’s hair- when she notes the how often that Chainsaw Man Church comes on the News, and all the kids that they’ve “brainwashed” into following them. Then more fights with the Police and Protestors and Followers and all that, but…………. Denji remains in a complete daze. He states that the Church’s days are Numbered- because he’s not gonna become Chainsaw Man anymore. 

He says that if he does, then Nayuta will die(referring to what Yoshida said). When he heard that he can’t be Chainsaw Man anymore, he describes the feeling of “dying inside,” but then he stopped and reflected on his life as is, and decided that he’s “pretty content” with how his life is now. But Nayuta’s is seeing through his bullsh!t, and asks him if there’s “really nothing that beats a normal life.” Even Denji questions if he means that. Later that night; Nayuta is asleep with the dogs, and Denji’s on the cr@pper, asking Pochita what they want now. For him, these calm days with Nayuta is “already Heaven,” but he’s now dreaming of a “Higher Heaven,” but thinks they can finally stop fighting all the time. Then Meowy comes in, and they go and sit in front of the TV. 

Deni flips through Channels in a daze, eventually stopping on a debate between a Protestor and Haruka Iseumi of the Chainsaw Man Church. The Protestor goes on and on about how these kids have their parents worried with their activities in the Devil hunters club, but Iseumi says that- as members of that club- they already possess real world experience to face Devils. Furthermore, “Only Those Of Them Who Have Accepted Chainsaw Man’s Teachings are Devil Hunters.” Though the Protestor questions those “teachings,” he doesn’t believe that these people have ever interacted with Chainsaw Man before. So Iseumi decides to let them speak with Chainsaw Man directlyDeni doesn’t know what the f*ck they’re talking about, but he goes over to the phone, waiting for it to ring so he can speak to his “followers.” He’s startin’ to get a little bit excited………..

Only For A Big, Fat, F*ckin’ Phony To Come On Screen And Announce Himself As “Chainsaw Man.”

He says that he gained these powers through and encounter with the Justice Devil, and that he fights to “create a world without Devils. And Denji takes that PERSONALLY; HE doesn’t fight for ANY reason- he’s died over and over, becoming Chainsaw Man in his own right!! THAT GUY ISN’T CHAINSAW MAN!!! And Denji KNOWS IT!!!! Nayuta wakes up to comfort her brother. Chainsaw Man Chapter 134 END. You know what you must do, Denji………


…………….. I’ve had some time to think on a few things in regards to this chapter. I’ll say up front: I’m not a fan of this type of plot; when the real Hero is seen as the copy, and the Fake the true article. That kind of sh!t makes my skin crawl. And with Denji being……….. Himself vs this guy who’s more than likely going to be your “Everyday Superman” type of Hero- the one who’s going to save men and women equally and everything like that- is going to be heralded as the “Real” Chainsaw Man. Even to those who probably suspect that he’s a fake based on his behavior. Because Chainsaw Man has been active for a minute now, right? People know what he’s about. But what separates the the “False Followers” from the Real ones is knowing what Chainsaw Man IS. Look at what Makima said towards the end of Part 1: “Every Action He Takes Should Be Chaotic.” Denji is more “Chaotic” than this………. this…………. False Hero. And those who know that will see this Chainsaw Phony for the Bad Copy he is. Characters such as Asa. 

Even though a Chainsaw Man who’s actually doing good is the logic, almost even correct choice– that’s not the Chainsaw Man that saved her. The Chainsaw Man that saved her is the h0rny, Bloodstained, crude, vulgar, and smells like Wet Dog- and a motivation for her to keep on living. And she knows it. So even though she likes the new one better(most people more than likely will), I’m sure she knows it’s a fake. What will she do with that information? Even if she can prove it- like I said– this new one is a Genuine, “Typical” Hero. People will WANT…………. That’s Fami’s plan, isn’t it? People put all their faith in this new Chainsaw Man, and……….. okay, I don’t know where I was going with that. Well, I DO, but it sounded kind of stupid as it was coming out of my mouth……… fingers. Whatever. I was going to say that she was going to convert people’s faith into power for this guy and make him strong enough to face the Fear King, but I realized: There’s not really any precedence for that. 

Like……….. Devil’s grow stronger from people’s fear– not Faith. And as we saw during Pochita’s fight with Makima, the more that People loved Chainsaw Man- the weaker he became. Making the people like Chainsaw Man more and more will make Denji weaker. Wait, I was talking about the Fake Chainsaw drawing on peoples “Faith and love” for Chainsaw Man. But yeah; I think this is going to end up weakening Denji more than anything. As for if this faker draws on people’s faith; that’s something I think only a Faith Devil could do something like that. People afraid of “Faith-“ the idea of having faith would probably be more accurate. But it would probably be a Weaker Devil- thus susceptible to a powerful one like Fami. From there, I think Fami used her power to make him into a Faux-Chainsaw Man- one drawing on peoples faith in the Chainsaw rather than the fear of it. Hm…….. that’s one idea. 

But for those who have true faith in Chainsaw Man- the select few who will recognize this Fake for what he is- will probably rally behind the true Chainsaw Man. For all the Devils the hate Chainsaw Man, and those who Fear him- There are still others who worship him. And they PROBABLY don’t take too kindly to someone using their Deity’s likeness. Will we see a revolt of Devils- lead by Denji- sieging the Chainsaw Man Church the Humans created and trying to kill this fake? Not out of the realm of possibility. Though he’s going to need some help in finding Devils who revere him like that- such as Beam again. Maybe even Power as per their contract. Though that might hurt his reputation and chances of getting a girlfriend. Eh; he’s still got a shot after his behavior for the past………….. however long between Parts 1 and 2 with all the stuff he’s done- what could this do? 


I thought I had more, but I really DON’T. So rather than drag this Already-Few-Days-Late post out to the point where it becomes nonsense, I’ll just go ahead and end this here. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Uh…….. Man, I must be more fatigued than I thought. Doing actual posts again is fun and all, but I it’s been a minute since I’ve had to do one; it’s just been a whole bunch of Dump Posts lately. I gotta get back in the mindset. That’s gonna take me a minute, and I’ve got 2 other posts to do after this, so……. Wish me luck. Catch you guys later. 

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