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Denji Meets A Penguin! Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 BREAKDOWN

…………… Not really much else I can say about this chapter. Well; One more thing, but that’s for later on in the post. But other than THAT, this is probably the biggest thing to happen in this chapter. Okay, and Asa vs the Eternity Devil that takes up most of the chapter. But you know how Fujimoto is: These kinds of battle chapters don’t have a lot of “substance” to em; Asa just needs to take out the Devil so they can get out the Aqaurium. And she DOES. And Fujimoto’s a very……….. “Efficient(?)” artist; he doesn’t waste panel space in these fights. It makes them all feel short, but ultimately still retain the “Cool” factor. You’ll see what I mean in a minute. Chainsaw Man Chapter 117: “Penguin And Weapon.” Let’s begin…….


We pick up on Denji from last time– doing as Asa told him and sitting in the corner unable to see or hear what she’s doing. He recalls the promise he made to himself to not be someone’s “obedient dog” anymore, but also wants his Free Request from Asa. And before he knows it- he’s face-to-face with a Penguin. And he couldn’t be happier about it. He’s so ecstatic about the Penguin that he doesn’t even notice his date in pitch battle with the Eternity Devil. He curses Famine for not holding up her end of the bargain, and moves to kill Asa. Yoshida uses the Octopus Devil to save her. 

She had succeeded in making the Aquarium into a spear, using her guilt over ruining the building as the catalyst for its power. Thus; Yoru is able to come in and use the spear to kill the Eternity Devil once again. The Devil Hunter’s Club can hardly believe what they’re seeing. And Denji is still caught up in the Penguin. Upon a rooftop; Fami looks down at the battle, thinking her plan had failed. But she ends up locking eyes with Yoshida before she leaves. Aftermath stuff- explaining what happened to the Public Safety Commission; Denji getting his Penguin taken away; and then he walks Asa home. 

Asa thinks this “Date” was a Disaster, but Denji says it wasn’t all bad- he got to touch a Penguin! As such, his request to Asa is for them to have Another Date. He has more experience with it than she does; he’ll show her how to have the “Best Dates Ever!” She smiles, and accepts. Yoru sense the attraction- Asa has begun to fall for Denji some. And because of their shared mind, Yoru has also grown some affection for Denji. Which is EXACTLY what she needed to make a “Denji Spinal Cord Sword.” Chainsaw Man Chapter 117 END!! Oh So Close.


Every time………. Every God D@mn TIME Denji gets close to a girl- she tries to kill him. People have been pointing out on Twitter how Asa has traits from a lot of the girls from Part 1: Her very Power-like outburst last chapter; her Kobeni type reactions to the situation with Bucky; the Reze type way she asked Denji out in chapter 112; or even how she taunted Denji with a “Request” the same way Makima did. All 4 of which having tried to kill him. Though to Denji’s credit; he seems to be learning his lesson, as he was about to reject the request when he remembered how he promised to live. Also shows development and “Pattern Recognition” on his part- though it may have come too late. Or maybe a few minutes too early since he ended up making his request right as Yoru put her hand on his head. That must have sucked. 

Though this brings us back to the topic: Can Denji Actually Be Made Into A Weapon? Because like I said last time: Denji IS Chainsaw Man. And what Makima told us about Chainsaw Man is that he “Revs his Engine And Arises Again And Again.” Chainsaw Man ain’t goin’ nowhere. But as my brother pointed out when we talk about it; “Denji” is Chainsaw Man, but “Chainsaw Man” is not necessarily Denji. As shown during the final part of Part 1; Pochita- Chainsaw man– came out when Makima said “Save Me, Chainsaw Man.” When she broke Denji- made Denji break his contract with Pochita, “Chainsaw Man” was freed. But Denji still kept the Chainsaw’s powers. Meaning that………… Denji……….. might not die here. It might be that Pochita will take over when Denji “ceases function” the way he did in chapter 82, but Denji’s still in control the rest of the time. Meaning that Denji Will Not Die here– provided that someone revs his engine. That will be Yoshida. 

Speaking ofHe Has Now Marked Famine, And Famine Has Marked Him. He’s weirdly super competent- to the point where I’m wondering what in his life has lead him in this direction. It’s often said that “Devil’s Fear The Insane,” so all Devil Hunter’s are somewhat unhinged. There’s always this “ominous air” to Yoshida that unsettles me when he’s working, but strikes me as the type you’d want to pal around with when he’s off duty. But now he knows that some force is out to kill Chainsaw Man, so he’ll probably be the one looking into Famine. Hopefully he’s good enough to escape death……… 

…………… That seems to be all of it. Denji’s horrible love life; Asa’s growth; Yoshida and Fami……….. Yeah, that’s everything. Fujimoto doesn’t put a whole lot of content in his chapters; this series is really more catered to Binge-reading, ya know? In which case……..


Yeah, not really much to say, folks. Maybe I’ll take a break and let the chapters build up a little more before I talk about the series again. You know, unless I nothing happens and I’m free to do it. We’ll see. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, guys. Laters! 

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