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Grudge Match! Black Clover Chapter 364 BREAKDOWN

…………….. I don’t think I have much to say with this opener. At least I don’t have anything to add to the conversation. What can I say? This is the Black Bulls against a Power Amped, Mind Controlled Version of a guy they already hated. Damnatio is the one who tried to execute one of their own for a crime he didn’t commit; who tried to do the same to Marie; who got them exiled from the Clover Kingdom. They had plenty of reason to punch this guy to start with. Make him one of the enemies minions and have him trying to prevent them from bringing back their cherished Muscle Runt- THEY ARE OUT FOR BLOOD. That’s……. IT. Let’s…… Let’s get to it!! Black Clover Chapter 364: “Do Or Die.” I believe 1 died.


FLASHBACK: The Witch Queen shows them a divination that warns them the the the World will be destroyed if they don’t act. Nacht believes that Lucius has gone out of his way to get rid of Asta because he’s still susceptible to Anti Magic. So if they’re to save the World- This Door has to work. Finral, Vanessa, and a bunch of Witches stay behind to keep the door open, while the Black Bulls go out and fight a foe STRONGER than a Supreme Devil. They fully expect to die, I feel- and not a one of them is going to before they see Asta again.With a Mirror Copy of Grey behind them to heal them, they fight without reservation; Gordon and Henry on the Magic Absorption- only to get attacked by Damnatio’s “Sword Of Michael.” It’s not CALLED that- but it’s THAT. 

Luck and Magna do all they can to break the Guardian Angels; Secre, Zora, and Nacht’s Shadow Pack rush ahead to attack Damnatio directly; EVERYONE converges for the attack- only to get hacked up and healed by Grey’s clones. But that clue Damnatio in on what’s goin on. So his plan is now to take out Grey and Gauche. And the REAL Grey was in the back- disguised as one of Charmy’s sheep. Gauche sees it, and goes in to help. Both of them are sliced by Damnatio’s sword. The Mirror Duplicates fade away, indicating that they’re fight is over. But Vanessa and Finral still have to keep the “Door Of Fate” open. So the rest of them are just gonna have to get back up. 

Ryu isn’t telling Asta what happened, but he knows somethings a miss. Secre casts a Sealing Magic Spell on the whole field, sealing away their damage and allowing them to continue to fight. They are NOT Done Yet. Black Clover Chapter 364 END!! Short. But sweet. Considering Tabata Sensei’s situation, it’s honestly understandable. His wife’s sick right now- she can’t eat Greasy foods- and his Mother-In-Law is there helping with their daughter. I think he needs a little bit of time off to deal with that right now…….


1 thing I set out to talk about with this chapterI don’t think Grey is dead; I think Gauche got there in time and took the brunt of the attack. Though…….. Grey is close to death. I can’t tell you WHY I’m thinking this, but I do. She’s the legit healer of this group, so I think Gauche made sure to save her at least to make sure the rest of them would live. Plus, I kind of feel like they’re deaths would have been a bigger part of the chapter. Like; THEY ARE MAIN CHARACTERS. Not “Main” Mains Like Asta and Noelle, but close enough to where- should Tabata Sensei decide to kill them off- it warrants a bigger “Spectacle.” They need to go out in a great big, emotion scene- not when they’re ALL collectively getting f*cked up. You know what I mean

Now next chapter will tell us what’s going on with them. It’s anime; getting hacked in half gives them like……… 3 minutes or something to find a way to save themselves- or each other. Again; I think Grey is alive. And because she loves Gauche, she’s going to try to save him. Will he live? On the one hand; he still has to find out her real name, fawn over Marie one last time, and tell Asta to both “Protect Marie” and “Stay Away From Marie.” But I ALSO feel like there’s going to be more to Judgement Day than just this– more to this Ultimate Wizard King Saga than just this. The first saga- the Elf Saga- comprised everything from Chapter 1 to 228. The Spade Saga- chapters 229 to 331 when the Ultimate Wizard King Saga started. This series is nowhere close to being over. And I think that means that- when it comes time to face the FINAL Enemy(Be that Lucius, Adrammelech, or even Megicula per Broku’s speculation), we’re going to see some more Paladins standing in the way. Gauche dies- bring him back as a Paladin. Then have him fight against Grey, who confesses her feelings- true name is used– Transformation– all of that. 

Um………. Yeah. Kind of talked about the only other part of the chapter in the beginning, so, uh…….. Yeah. Either way you splice it, they just lost their only LEGIT Healer, so they’re gonna have just deal their the physical damage being “Sealed Away” by Secre and just fight like that. Don’t know which of them is gonna pull out something out their butt to save them right here, but they need to HURRY. 


Okay, rather than drag this out when I clearly have nothing more to say; I’m going to stop before I just start makin’ sh!t up on the spot. The SOLE other thing I can think of to think about is how the Black Bulls all seem to work in Duos: Luck and Magna; Asta and Noelle; Finral and Vanessa; Grey and Gauche; Henry and Gordon; Secre had the one combo with Zora against Lucifero; Nacht and Yami; Charmy has her Wolf. WHICH I THINK WOULD BE EXTREMELY USEFUL RIGHT ABOUT NOW. Okay, NOW I’m thinking of sh!t. Let me stop right here before the “Conclusion” is longer than the review. Catch ya later, folks. 

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