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I’m On A Mini Vaction. Hooray!!(Small Update)

Hey there, folks. Alright, how do I put this? You know about my part time job at Dollar General, right? I suppose all you older folks who actually keep up with the news know a things or 2 about what’s going on with Dollar General right now; them opening a bunch of stores so close together without letting the one’s they have get a nice Staff size(so many so that another store in my area needed to call for help from my store), and- as my Manager puts it- getting all “micro-manage-y.” But for all of that, they aren’t giving the stores they open the hours to work on putting out product. I actually have a story about that that happened recently that I want to tell at some point. As such: I will not have to go in ALL NEXT WEEK. From when I get of Sunday, April 9th, 2023 at 2:30 pm to Sunday the following Sunday at 9 am- I. Am. FREE. Less money, but more rest. Which I need. 

As a preview for that story: My new Assistant Manager has……… a Great Many Health Problems. So much so that we had to close the store for a few hours until the next shift manager came. And that was…….. a whole THING. And then you just have what I’m left to do because they only let 2 people work at any given time because of the few hours!! It’s f*ckin’ RIDICULOUS. For that reason, as well as some coaxing from my family……… I might need……. to start looking……. for something else. But for the MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY problems I have working for Dollar General…….. I can’t deny……. that I’ve come to grow fond of some of the regulars that come in. That, and- when I get the right shift(8am to 1pm)- it’s not……….. SO tragic. Pluc my store just kind of sucks so it’s not as difficult to work at. But I need to re-evaluate and weigh my options- find something that works for Me. 

So I decided- since I’m going to visit my mom with my brother’s for their Spring Break- I’m gonna take this week off for myself. He says like he isn’t keeping up with spoilers for all of these series and knows which chapters he REALLY wants to talk about DAYS ahead of time. You can probably expect a “Dump Post” at some point. Probably that Sunday. But…….. Yeah. That- and I want to try and see if me and my brothers can catch up on some anime. Not gonna lie to ya, follksBEEN LACKIN’. Didn’t see the “Dr Stone” special; haven’t gotten to “Blue Lock;” only recently finished the season 1 of “Edens Zero;” haven’t seen the “Demon Slayer” anime post “Mugen Train;” didn’t even watch Ash become the Champ. I’ve even fallen behind on the One Piece anime after using most of my time post 2018 trying to catch up(Won’t say what specific time because it’ll break a few hearts).But I’m so far behind that there’s no point trying to catch up again. 

And I already know what’s coming because………. I’ve been reviewing the Wano Arc MOST of the time I’ve been blogging. Actually- THE WHOLE TIME!!! I have been reviewing One Piece since……….. 912, I want to say. Though that ealry stuff was on Facebook. The point is that I already know what Wano has to offer. And- as much as I’m impressed by Wano’s animation and the effort Toei is putting into it- I’m NOT that eager to watch the whole thing all over again. At least not right now. Though……… we ALL know where we’re going to jump into the Anime again. People who have stopped watching the anime ALL TOGETHER will jump back in when it happens. You already know what moment I’m talking about. But I want to see H#ll’s Paradise and Blue Lock and finish Seven Deadly Sins. I mean, I caught up after season Revival Of The Commandments because I hated the long @$$ gap between the seasons. That’s ALSO how I caught up with “Demon Slayer;” my brothers and I could never find the “right time” to watch it living in a hotel room with my parents. I got sick of waiting and binged the whole thing in like 2/3/ possibly 4 days. And by the time I caught up, Muzan was still in that cocoon of his………. I think. 

…………………. We’re getting a little off topic here. Here’s what’s gonna happen: I already have the One Piece review ready to go. I wrote this spur of the moment the day prior, so it’ll come out on Sunday. One Piece will be pushed to Monday. And then you won’t see another post from me until Sunday, April 16th, 2023, after 1:30 pm. That’s when the next “Dump Post” will come out. But for this week- since I’ve told my Manager and the Manager at the other store that I’ll be “Out of town” visiting my mom- I’m gonna take this week and Chill. Might even put my phones on “Do Not Disturb” as my mom advised. She’s worked in customer service before(and is currently), so…….. she knows my pain. So she gives advice to avoid………. Annoying situations. I usually don’t turn my phones off- because too many people need my help with XYZ(not to toot my own horn). But I want this week off to myself. He says like he’s not planning to watch anime with his brothers…….. and see his cousins again……. and Grandmother……… and his mom’s friends……… He hopes this week will still be restful. 

Ah man……… what ELSE can I say here? I hope I’m not getting my hopes up for Full Week of rest and end up f*ckin’ MISERABLE. I haven’t even gone on a walk in a few days. Too long without sunlight, and………. Withdrawals. BAD ONES. Not a good way to start a week of rest. Pray for me, Ladies and Gentlemen. Til next time……..

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