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Mina Ashido: Redemption. My Hero Academia Chapter 383 BREAKDOWN

This has nothing to do with the chapter, but it’s a fact I learned recently that just speaks Volumes to that series “Girth.” Series Creator Kohei Horikoshi sent in fan art of Smoker that was featured in the back pages of Volume 23 of One Piece, and a fan would point that out in an SBS Volume 77. I want you guys to take in the full weight of what I have said: In the time that One Piece has been in serialization; Kohei Horikoshi has had the time to send in fan art to Oda that is featured in a Volume; make series that got cancelled; and have a MEGA HIT series that is going to end before “One Piece.” THAT. SERIES. IS. LOOOOONG. And it’s extra crazy to me because it’s not even THE longest Manga in history; it’s just The Best Seller. So it’s in the “spotlight” more, making it seem longer that it really is in comparison to series like Hajime No Ippo(137 Volumes), Detective Conan(1,109 chapters out in english), or Baki The Grappler(135 Volumes). In comparison, we’ve only recently gotten to 105 volumes. 

And then you have this chapter, an Ashido chapter. Eh, we could have worse; we could have gotten a Mineta chapter after a 2 week break! Yeah, the second was scheduled, but the first was due to health issues. I hope he managed to rest a little bit more. But yeah; we’re getting a Mina chapter. So let’s get into it. My Hero Academia Chapter 383: “Meek Spirits.” 


Rewinding Time To After Shoto’s First Crack At Dabi: We’re over at the Ruins of Jaku Hospital, where the Heroes have had to build a Detainment Facility around Machia to make sure that the Villains couldn’t free him. Though they also know that they won’t be able to stop that f*cker if he gets going again, so they’re doing all they can to make sure that Machia doesn’t start up again. Some fighting has already been done, and the Liberation Front member who killed Midnight is using his quirk to make his allies float. Their plan: Use A High Frequency Emitter with a Recording of All For One’s voice to call for Machia. And because of of Machia’s “Dog” quirk- he’ll hear it through the iron walls they’ve erected around him. 

Mt Lady- remembering everything that’s happened the last time Machia got moving- does not want that to happen again, having Yui Kodai from Class 1B use her quirk to make a Wrench giant, giving her a weapon to swat these “flies” with. But it came too little too lateMachia’s up and at em once again. Contingency Plan: Monoma sent Shinso to the Machia Battlefield in case the monster was freed- using a recording of All For One’s voice from Tartarus records, he was able to have his Persona Cords copy the voice. When Machia responds, the Heroes will end up with a Living Typhoon backing them. Or so that’s how the plan should go. But another “wrench” is thrown- right into the planThe Sludge Villain is trying to take over Shinso’s body. 

It all looks for naught and like Machia’s about to finish what he started with Japan, but those who were there that day- aren’t about to sit back and watch that happen all over again. Namely Mina Ashido, as she puts the principal behind Bakugo’s “Cluster” attack to work and ups her acidity, producing a substance that is strong enough to melt off Machia’s hide(or just his fingers but it’s more than what anyone else has done thus far- not that the beast can feel it)!! That dayshe was too scared hearing his voice to do anything, needing Kirishima to cover her when she freezes. But she’s DONE seeing the people she cares about get hurt, and is using Bakugo and Shoto’s training methods to put her all into her acid- ultimately seemingly draining her in the process, as we see her pink skin and black sclera “fading” away the more she uses her acid. 

She also uses said acid to get the Sludge Villain off of Shinso. He tries to run but Shinso freezes him in place. Kirishima takes note of what’s happening to Ashido, but she’s just as concerned about what the Enemy lost that day; she realizes her weakness, and it’s because of her friends that she’s strong enough to be here today. “That Goes For Our Side, And YOUR Side, Too” she yells- “That’s What Defines Us, Right?!” And they think for a minute about what Re-Destro said about them being “one and the same.” Not that pretty words are going to reach Gigantomachia. But SOMEONE’S doesHitoshi Shinso’s. Yeah, he’s got Machia under control now. And his first action with his New Monster: “Swat Down Everyone Floating In The Air.” And that’s all she wrote. 

Mina- having expended all of her energy- collapses into Kirishima’s arms. She says that they’re now “even” in terms of save count, but Kirishima tells them they were “already even.” They are now able to capture and detain the Paranormal Liberation Front Soldiers, and allows Tsukauchi to make a “Bet…..” And here we are in the present, with All For One getting beaten down by Dark Shadow and Machia. All the while still rewinding further and further back. And a Helicopter on their way somewhere. My Hero Academia Chapter 383 END!! Well done, Pinky- Very Well Done.


Okay, What The H#ll is happening to Ashido? Could it be that in upping her acidity that she’s using whatever chemical in her body that’s making her skin like this? RightThat’s why her skin is like this? I think I heard that somewhere; that some chemical in her body is making her pigmentation pink. Maybe she’s using up that chemical in the acid now and her skin is becoming……. “Regular.” Kirishima says that she’s “Dehydrated,” so…….. he might know something. That or he meant that she needs some water. Probably…… probably that first one. The only question is whether or not this is a Permanent change. You see later on in the chapter that she still hasn’t regained her pigment, but it might just take a minute for whatever susbstance to build up in her body again. 

Then of course there’s her little “Redemption” in this chapter; her being the first character to ever affectively damage Machia like this making up for her freezing upon hearing her voice last time. He says like this did much of ANYTHING to this thing. Like; she was able to do something to Machia’s thick hide, so maybe she’ll be able to do more at some point. Maybe she’ll get involved in the fight with Tomura and melt him a little bitEh, I kind of hope not; I want that fight to be mostly Deku and Tomura. Though I know Bakugo will get back in there at some point in the future. Possibly also Uraraka and Shoto. And Aizawa’s been “saved” for an important moment for a while now. But no one else. 

And then of course you have Shinso’s moment. Yo…….. Nice use of character. THAT’S what made us love this series: The intricate detailing of events; some small detail becoming story relevant dozens of chapters later. Way back when Shinso’s support gear was introduced; I don’t think a lot of us were thinking “This is how Shinso’s going to take control of a Monster-” everyone was probably just thinking about the applications and stuff. Never in my life did I think it would be the Primary Key to defeating All For One. Like, think about itAll For One has been scr#wed over by this quirk twice now; once when it was used to trick All For One into coming out of hiding, and now- turning his own Monster against him. Side Note: Looking back at it, that was literally 40 chapters ago. So because of his contribution to the war, he’s guaranteed a page in the History Books! And if he can help keep All For One suppressed right hereMonoma’s contribution might just get overshadowed. 

And then you have the Sludge Villain. You know, in a weird sort of wayHe’s The Reason Izuku is able to fight here right now. If he hadn’t attack Bakugo, then Deku wouldn’t have saved him, and wouldn’t have caught All Might’s attention. Thus never getting One For All. Heck; All Might wouldn’t have come to save Izuku, and Izuku would never be holding on to his leg when he took off, thus never knocking the soda bottle he was contained in and then he never would have gotten the chance to save Bakugo!! So seeing him again here is not a big surprise. Then again, we saw him in the Final page of 341, so there was also that hint. But in whatever case; it’s kind of nice to see him again in the final hours of the story, considering 1)How important he was to getting this story going and 2)That he ends up as a parallel for what All For One is doing to Tomura. “A Parasitic Lifeform trying to control someone with a powerful quirk that utilizes his hands, and Izuku- despite everything that’s happened- will try to save him.” 

They could not move Machia out of that place; they had to build an entire building around the monster just to hold him down!! And I liked seeing how determined Mt Lady was to keep Machia down; I guess getting her @$$ ragdolled like that was a tad traumatic for the poor girl. Now she’s puttin’ in work so she won’t have to fight like that again. But now that it seems like this battlefield is over and done with and Machia at their backs, those at that field are now free to go and help some other areas……

All For One is DONE for. Unless that Helicopter in the last panel is an alley of his we didn’t know about………. I don’t see how he’s making it past these 2 Behemoths- not to mention Mt Lady came over. He’s…….. he’s gone. And I think he knows that. And without going over to Tomura, he, uh……… Yeah, he’s pretty much about to die. Tomura’s basically suppressed his Vestige under his “Sheer Rage,” and his original body is about to age into nothingness. So……… what’s he gonna do? Like he said when he started getting rewound: “Villains Are Also Scariest When Wounded.” He’s plenty “Wounded” right about now. He can’t stop this rewind, and he can’t do anything about Tomura without being there. So he’s going to do something……. so IMPACTFUL…… that it’ll crush the one’s responsible for his loss. I mean, looking back at what the Tomura/ All For One merger was saying in chapter 369………. He’s the type to go out on a “Whimper.”

That scene was pretty much what killed the image of All For One in my eyes; that was the scene- the monologue- that made my opinion of him DROP. Because it was such…….. such a Loser thing to do; blaming the fact that your losing on everyone else. The All For One that I thought I knew was the type to commend the Heroes for their perfect planning- the type to take an @$$kicking as a compliment, and show that he’s still got trick after trick up his sleeve without being the “Everything Is According To Plan” type. That All For One Is Dead. And we’re left with this……. Husk of what he used to be. The type of “Husk” that will take everyone out with him when he goes. I don’t know what other quirks he has in his arsenal; he could have a “Self Destruct” quirk- he could use “Rivet Stab” and just start cutting people up as much as he can in a blind fury- or he could just start stealing quirks and taking them with him when he goes, making everyone here permanently quirkless. ‘Cause he’s just that much of a b!tch. 


My All For One Hat B0ner aside- Pretty Good Chapter. We’re now Finally down an area to focus on, and it was done in a……. OKAY way. I wish he didn’t use it as this “explanation” for a chapter cliffhanger again, but……. eh, what can you do? Ever since that Mirio thing, the series just…… hasn’t been the same; we just get these “Epic Endings” that get explained in like 2 pages. This one got a Whole Chapter. Would have liked to see all of this play out on its own and have the Grand Build Up we did when Machia first went crazy, but this works, too. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until Next Time- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. Later!! 

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