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Tenko Shimura And Tomura Shigaraki: The Will Of A Monster. My Hero Academia Chapter 379 BREAKDOWN

Oh………….Yeah. I don’t know WHY Gentle and La Brava took the cover page this time- ’cause they don’t even appear in the chapter. No, no……. THIS chapter belongs to the Villain King……. The True Demon King…….. The Ultimate Villain, born of hatred. The Story’s Resident Monster- The One And Only: Tomura Shigaraki. And he’s everything that I wanted him to be. He’s taken his Master’s power and has made it his own- even taking his ability to deliver impactful speeches that tell us the philosophy of the characters!! Can you image how the story would be right now if he had done this when All For One did that sh!t in the last war? 1)Series would have been over a while ago and 2)He’d be an even more developed Villain. Thank you for returning our Villain, Horikoshi. This chapter……… Wonderful. My Hero Academia Chapter 379: “Hopes.” Let’s begin…….. 


FLASHBACK: Central Hospital around when Kurogiri Reactivated- Lady Nagant Gets Back Up. Despite her wounds, she demanding to know where the enemy is. The doctors tell her that anymore movement will re-open her wounds, but she doesn’t care; Izuku Midoriya asked for her help, and she intends to give it. They remind her that she’s also still a criminal in custody, but Lock Rock shows up to give her Permission- and the information she needs for her shot. In the presentThat shot f*cked her ALL the f*ck up again. Her wounds are all open again n’ sh!t- rain and germs all up in the cuts!! She might just die from infection. 

But even here in this moment; she thinks of Deku and Hawks- the one’s who reminded her why she wanted to be a hero in the first place, and what that means she has to do. With her emotions at their height, she fires another shot, taking Tomura’s other hand in the process. With the breather and the knowledge his foe lacks hands- Izuku is free to act. And that does NOT sit right with All For One. Or- as Tomura is about to roast the sh!t out of him- All For NOTHING. 

Like a Beta Male, in his moment of defeat; the All For One Vestige stars calling Nagant a “Murderer Playing Victim like some ‘Noble Agent of Justice.'” Like a B!tch as Frieza would say. And Tomura agrees, so he tells the defeated Wannabe Demon King: 

Ha ha! Manipulating her emotions and history didn’t work, huh? YEESH, look at you NOW! That’s what you get for sticking your hands where they don’t belong! The same goes for the way you Groomed ME- using Shimura and All Might to Push my buttons like that. All to move ahead with your plot to hijack my body and soul to make use of my Burning Rage to take One For All for yourself. I got blended into this mix and became part of you……….

But guess WHAT, “Master?” I wasn’t a fan of that scheme, so I hid my own “core” deep down inside my soul. Bit By Bit without you noticing; I started to reclaim myself from the Inside Out- Helping My Origin follow that path. I’ve Got No Need For One For All!! Did you think you had EVERYTHING Under Control?! Everything I witness In this World Of ours- led to the existence of That House. As Tomura Shigarki And Tenko Shimura, I’ve Got But ONE HOPE: 

The Destruction Of Everything Stemming From That House.

– The Villain King Tomura Shigaraki

As Tomura and Tenko begin to emerge from the mass of fingers within the All For One Vestige, it calls for Kurogiri to take him to his “other self.” But Kurogiri’s primary function is “Protect Tomura Shigaraki……..” and even THAT programming is starting to come undone. Tomura is free to destroy everything that has to do with his house- Nothing Less Will Suffice, as he tells Izuku Midoriya. Deku has tethered himself to Tomura, taking him out of the barrier since he has his quirks back now. Might as well take him somewhere abandoned as opposed to a cage full of people. He tells his Villain that he can’t be allowed to do that- but he won’t be ignoring the crying child he saw that day.

There they stand……… Tomura Shikgaraki- The Symbol Of Terror, and Izuku Midoriya- Symbol Of Hope; The Successors To All For One And All Might’ The Villain King and Crybaby Hero- Standing Tethered together by “Black Whips.” Here they stand- Ready For The Final Battle. My Hero Academia Chapter 379 END!! 


This is it. We are here. I have been saying that for I don’t know HOW long, but………. We are Here. Deku is about to begin his Final, Ultimate Battle- The Fight Of His Life- with his Archenemy. Izuku Midoriya And Tomura Shigaraki Have Begun Their Death Match. And I call it that because of the tether. It’s probably something to keep Tomura from getting away from him- maybe he’ll yank it every time it looks like he’s about to use “Decay.” But mostly I’m referring to Magna’s “Soul Chain Death Match.” That was a cool fight. And- be it Deku or Tomura- One of them will Die on this day. If it’s Deku, then Bakugo gets to be the No 1 Hero like people think(and considering the fact the he’s getting whole life revived by nobody important to him- He F*ckin BETTER Be); we find out the narration is coming from him in his dying moments, and he gets to be “The Hero Who Saved The World.” He lives, and it’s gonna be “How I Met Your Mother……….” with extra steps. So the show, really. 

This is what I wanted from the finale. No All For One; No All Might; No Bakugo, Uraraka, or Eida; No Spinner, Kurogiri, or Dabi- Izuku and Tomura. Let them fight. Don’t cut away from this next chapter- Don’t “Rewind Time A Bit-” Don’t flashback to a throwaway line that seems like it’ll be important here or something else that got offscreened- Show me THIS. And keep it here- for just 1 Chapter. We’ve got to wrap up the Todoroki’s Storyline; Best Girl Himiko Chan’s conflict; still don’t know what’s happening at the Machia field, nor what Aoyama and Fatgum are doing against Kunieda…………. okay, we might cut away next chapter- probably rewind time to around when Shoto bested Dabi in Round 1. And I’m starting to think that this WILL make it past July. 

Whatever. I’m just glad Tomura’s back. And that ROAST of All For One- it was so cathartic after what he’s done. Yeah, the in story stuff, but more what he did to the Narrative. Notice how the stories gotten better with Tomura’s return. As much as we all probably wanted to see what All For One was planning following his POWERFUL introduction in the story- that Kamino Ward Event; the amazing voice acting from John Swasey and Akio Otsuka; the numerous speeches and lines of Dialogue he gives- and then he just became this Parasitic LOSER. What he said when he lost his chance to get “New Order” from Star And Stripe just sounded like something a sore loser would say when a “Draw’ is called. And the All For One at Kamino didn’t seem like that type. 

There was that whole “For Now, Anyway” line when talking to All Might in Tartaros, but that sounded more like “Yeah, I lost. But I’ll be Back.” And heck, my old theory about what his “Master Plan” was on my old site- one of my Biggest posts to date- we knew that he was planning to take over Tomura’s body. But……. after everything that Tomura went through; it just seemed like a “disservice” to both characters for him to just “usurp” Tomura as the Final Villain of this story. Then he did. And he stayed in that light for too d@mn long. And the longer he stayed, the more and more he just seemed like this “Mustache Twirling Know-It-All” as opposed to the “Business Man” type we met so long ago. The more and more went wrong with his plans, the more and more he doubled down on the aspects that made him a “Villain” and not what made him the “Demon King” in the First Era of Quirks. 

Like- This is effectively what that era was. The whole series- all the Heroes failures since Izuku came to UA between the USJ Incident; Going through with the Sports Festival in spite of that; the Training Camp invasion and Bakugo’s capture; Izuku and the others even going near Kamino and their actions on that night; the initial war and Dabi’s Video– It’s all been building to the collapse of everything. Machia’s rampage ruined the landscape and they ain’t have the money to fix all that; the other countries in the world have left them sink or swim on their own; it’s just as the world was when Quirks started: Nobody knew what to do in those times. Then along comes someone with the ability to take from those the quirks they didn’t want, and give them to those who do. But instead of trying to do that again; he just……….. sat their watching Tomura become a “cocoon” or whatever. He didn’t go out trying to appeal to anyone in them improvised shelters like he so could have; he didn’t go out on the streets and rescue those impoverished by the first war- He sat on a “Throne” like he was a D@mn King. 

And based on the fact that he has plants in UA and was able to bring former Hero Lady Nagant under his employ- He still has the skills to do that. If he can bring people over in this era after all that he’s done, then he could have rebuilt his Empire while the Heroes struggled to keep it all together. 

So that speech Tomura just made made me smile from Ear-To-Ear. Because it put All For One in his place. It HAS been an “Embarrassment” watching him thus far- he’s not “Master Manipulator;” he’s just some Old man trying to relive his “Glory Days.” But he’s too selfish to even do it vicariously through Tomura. So instead of waiting for Tomura to destroy the world- leaving his close friends and some stragglers with the right quirks alive to serve under him- he forced himself into a narrative that was functioning fine without him. Actually, BETTER. Tomura………… he SAYS he knew that this is what All For One was planning all along. And the pause he said before “‘Dunno” in chapter 69 implies that he already knew his Master had ulterior motives. And when he felt himself changing during their initial fight in the First War, he probably put 2-‘n-2 together. So maybe. But that just goes to show how “Transparent” All For One is. Heh, maybe Nagant was Right all along: “A World Ruled By All For One Will Be A H#lluva Lot more transparent.” 

As for how he came out of it, I guess Tenko served more of a purpose than I thought. And it looks like Tomura is smarter than we give him credit for; hiding Tenko in that mass of Fingers ’til the last minute so he could come back. But what that means is that Tomura Shigaraki- The One Who wants to “Destroy Everything Related To That House-” and Tenko Shimura- The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Hero- are one and the same. Perhaps……… Tomura and Tenko are what All For One postulated in Vigilantes: “Someone Who’s Quirk And Will Align.” Maybe Tenko DOES want to destory everything, manifesting the Tomura Shigaraki Persona from “Decay” to help him do it. So that would only leave the question of how Izuku plans on saving Tenko if Tenko is the one trying to destroy everything. How do you save a Villain that doesn’t want to be saved? 

Well………. he could do like All Might and “Bet On Their Origin-” maybe try to reach through to Tenko’s ambition to be a Hero. Now that his family is gone, there’s no one to lock him outside without Dinner while his allergies are acting up. That’s a f*cked up origin for ya. But I also feel like we’ll go back to what Gran Torino said in chapter 309: “Death is A Form of Salvation.” If he lives, then he’s going to spend the rest of his life in a cell on some remote part of the sea. And based on the modifications and quirks- that life will be Very, VERY Long. I don’t really think that he will live past this. Who knows; maybe Izuku will breakthrough to Tenko and his body’ll start “rejecting” the change in mental state- causing the whole thing to just………. Cease. I don’t know how his body works anymore- and something tells me neither of them knows, either. 

Kurogiri is having a “breakthrough” of his own. That or the “Programming” is preventing him from helping All For One, which would “harm” Tomura Shigaraki- thus making it a conflicting order. Either way, it looks like that one blew up in his face, too. ‘Cause if ends up being Shirakumo, then I guess the “juices” he wanted to extract are starting to grow bitter. I am LOVING this right now. Nagant is down and out……. they’re no longer in the barrier…… some Financial course students are recording so we’ll probably be getting something similar to that All Might video Izuku always watched growing up………… Those are the other things that happened in this chapter. But we all know what this chapter was for. 


Rather than “Force” myself to talk about the other, honestly less important parts of the chapter- I’m just gonna stop here. There might be hope for this Finale after all. So long as All For One doesn’t insert himself into this fight again. PLEASE Horikoshi- Stop Bringing Him Into This. Unless your planning to kill him off real quick; if you just want the original All For One here just to be decayed by Tomura, then that would be a-okay with me!! It would actually be a pretty fitting death to die by the hands of the monster he created. Why do I feel like I’m going to regret saying that when he gets here? Whatever the case; let me know your own thoughts in the comments. ‘Til Next Time, America. 

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