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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #27: Exhaustion

Hey. So, um……….. I’m writing this Sunday, October 1st, 2023, at 1:15 pm. I had a VERY bad day at work yesterday; a guy came in and was just………. so fre@kin’ annoying, and it didn’t get any better after that. I even meant to get air fresheners for my room, but……. I just wanted out of that f*ckin’ store, bro. So when it hit 3:30- I ran. Clocked out; bought a few small things and just left. And I promise I will not be back in that store until the next shift. Which- provided that they don’t change the schedule middle of the week- is next Saturday. If NO OTHER DAYS, then always Saturday. F*ckin’ GREAT. And when I got back home yesterday, I didn’t even turn my computer on; I just got out of those work clothes and fell asleep on the couch again. And did not wake up until 7:30 that evening; my Grandmother had already gotten dinner started. Crazy. But all of this- plus me working on the recent Four Knights solo review the other day- is to say: I didn’t even start on the My Hero review.

Nor have I been afforded the chance to work on the “Edens Zero” review. Which- looking at my notes- I have a lot to say about. And looking at the chapter leaks; next week is BOUND to have more for me to talk about. But alas; the new chapter for Dead Rock comes out next week. Though this is all coming out before that chapter does on Friday. Which means the week after is gonna be another “Dump.” But I WILL discuss that “Edens Zero” chapter- depending on the content. I know ONE THING I want to talk about, let me tell you. But I also have to make up for that Chainsaw Man chapter I missed. And it and My Hero is on break this week, so now would be a good time to cover those. I BELIEVE “Chainsaw Man” is on break; I know for sure My Hero is. Eh, we’ll cross that bridge when we come it. Let’s begin!!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 143: “Rawr

The Plan: The Weapons will attack a nearby building to get the people to cry out for Chainsaw Man to save them. They’re main targets are the women and children because their “voices are higher.” Spear man also adds to go for the limbs to make the sense of “loss” immediate. He, Sugo, and Whip Girl are getting ready to let loose- then QUANXI leaps in hacks em to bits!! Sugo managed to avoid it- the first time. She got em on the second try. She confirms this with her superiors, and they order Special Division 7 to go in ONLY AFTER the media has done it’s coverage. You see; the information being fed here is that there were a bunch of “Armed Shooters-” from the Chainsaw Man Church. Which- in all fairness- isn’t exactly a lie. 

The higher ups in the Church are worried; if Public Safety and the police start looking into the Church- they’re gonna find the weapons in the basement. Not Sugo and the others– actual firearms. Iseumi is upset that something this big was being hidden from him, but he’s “in too deep” to really be worrying about anything more than not getting caught. The main thing to take away from this chapter is that Quanxi is part of Public Safety Devil Extermination again. She was Kishibe’s former partner during their time in Devil Extermination, but it’s surprising that she decided to come back to the life. Especially when she was a Private Devil hunter with a band of ladies with her at all time. 

One of my theories that sprouted from this chapter is that Kishibe has taken the reigns from Makima as Head Of Division 7, and convinced Quanxi(and somehow; Samurai Sword of all people) to join the division. Because they’re POWERHOUSES. But HOW did he get them back? Well, I have my own thoughts for Samurai Sword, but maybe he offered Quanxi a deal that would let her have her Fiends back- a similar idea to what Power told Denji to do in her Final Moments: In exchange for her cooperation with Public Safety, he will help her find the Devils and turn them into Fiends. Something simple for the Willfully Ignorant Quanxi. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 402: “The Tearful Days

IN-CHAPTER RECAPShoto and the Todoroki’s have pacified DabiUraraka has won over Best Girl Himiko chan(May She Rest In Peace); and now over in UA- the army of Togawice Clones have begun to fade away, making the structure that much lighter, and allows Hatsume to get this thing floating again. Meaning Gentle is free to move about as he wishes. While Izuku remains chained to Tomura Shigaraki- doing everything in his power to keep Tomura locked down with “Black Whips” whilst trying to both keep him from touching the ground and himself(Izuku). ProblemAll For Nothing is in range to use “Gloop Warp.” And to avoid Izuku’s heroic meddling, he plans to warp Tomura over to him. SADDLY- Tomura isn’t interested in the forcible intrusion of some fossil. 

Gotta do this the “Ol’ Fashioned Way-“ emphasis on “Old.” In an effort to make sure that Izuku is stalled, All For No One asked picks up Small Might by his leg and drags him with him as he flies over. Tomura tries to get Izuku to let him go by pointing out All Might’s imminent expiration, but Izuku knows that if he lets up here for even a moment– Tomura’s gonna dust everyone and everything in his vicinity. He cannot leave this battle. Thinking back to when they vowed to defy the fates together, and back to when he vowed he wouldn’t cry anymore- compounding with All Might’s Vestige saying “Farewell” a few seconds early– He…………… Cracks. Energy Tears and all. 

And All Might thinks back to when Izuku asked: “Can I Be A Hero Without A Quirk?” He originally said No- but looking at it now; he thinks that he could have done it. Because he Never Gives Up. And neither does All Might. As he motions for the Final Gamble, All For One thinks back to his Final Confrontation with one Nana Shimura. Her last words: “All For One…….. You Will Fall To All Might Without A Doubt. Because– Toshinori Is Even MORE Unhinged Than You Are.” And true to the sentiment, All Might uses 1 last students quirk inspired weapon. The Only Class 1A student he hasn’t used yet: 

Katsuki F*ckin’ Bakugo

This is gonna turn him into a d@mn toddler. I’m rooting for him to die a miserable, pathetic, poetic death, but………. he’s about to become a Child. How am I supposed to root for a tragically painful demise if he’s about to become a KINDERGARTNER?! I might have to adjust my expectations for this………..

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 123: “Resolve

As Gawain begins her bout with the Testament Beast, Tristan is left to think on the words or encouragement he had just heard. He admits that he’s heard them before, but it was only when Gawain said them to him that it actually clicked. Gawain says it’s because they’re “Kindred Spirits, but, uh………. Tristan is not so sure. The battle continues, and Gawain wants Tristan to show off his Demon powers like he did against Arthur, but Tristan warns that he’ll start “loosing himself” again. Had Gawain let the charge build up for longer, then she admits she might have been able to take it. But not as it stands now. So they just gotta rumble with it until they win. But the Chaos Staff is also buffing the Testament Beast, making it strong against Demon’s Natural Enemy Light Magic. 

This gives Gawain an idea: Tristan- as a Nephilim- is the only one capable of applying Demon magic to Goddess magic. And combining the 2 opposing forces will create stronger bursts of magic energy. So by combining “Shooting Star” with “Dark Snow-” he creates “Annihilation,” which manages to blow away most of the Testament Beast as it stood. But it still has enough power left in it for One Last AttackIt’s gonna blow up the door to Camelot. So Tristan has Gawain teleport him in front of the door, and uses a technique from Meliodas’ bag of tricks: “Full Counter-” he bounces the attack back at the beast, breaking the Chaos Staff’s spell completely and returning the Demons to normal. Even Ten Commandments Fanboy Schwarz admits that the power of Nephilim is nothing to f*ck with. All the while Gawain demands praise for her role, too!! 

This chapter is the first step in what I was saying last time: Tristan cultivating a power all his own. One that might even surpass his parents. By combining the opposing forces of Darkness and Light, he’s able to create stronger attacks. “Annihilation” would beat BOTH “Shooting Star” and “Dark Snow.” Who knows how much further this boy can go……….


I’m still working on the previous chapter of Edens Zero- and I’m getting ready to start on chapter 258. All while under a stent of Migraine. Hopefully I start to feel better at some point, but………. I doubt it anytime soon. Man, I wonder what it would be like coming back to older posts- seeing my mindset and how I was feeling at what time. I should make time to go back and do that- on BOTH sites. I need to be more “involved” over there, anyway. Ah……… MAN, my head hurts. Um………. Blee-blop blah blee blee blop Tubaten zu en tah fu d no Fraidus Nous Ghostus Doh Feem ka. Yeah, I don’t know what else to say; I gotta wake up for work for the next 3 f*ckin’ days with this Sh!t. Keep it tight. 

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