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The Source of Kyuubi Chakra Is……. Himawari? Jura vs Ino-Shika-Cho!! Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9 BREAKDOWN

I seem weirdly into titles like this for this series, huh? At least- when I can come up with titles for these reviews. Yeah, I phoned in that title last month. Maybe the “objective” of the chapter was to unspecific- maybe I was just having a “bad day” last time. Who knows. But what I will sayThis is fine. I saw some people hating on it already as Ani-Twitter tends to do when it comes to certain panels. This can be anything from Sarada’s current fit– to the conclusion of the Anti Boys vs Lucifero– to…………… the second to last panel of this chapter. That panel is closer to the “Black Clover” point- the “Disnification” trend people keep talking about; when series does something…………….. overly “light hearted” like Chibification. I assume that you guys have already read the chapter; I don’t know WHY I keep dancing around “Big Reveals” like this. I’m still going to; it’s just a bad habit I can’t seem to kick. Another “bad habit” I can’t seem to kick is not having a good “lead-in” to the next point. I know I’ve been trying a lot to have at least 2 paragraphs to open a post so I can start the “Overview” section with an image. Ah…………………..

…………………….! I’m still working on a Mass Review, as well. But more because “I’m So F*cking Far Behind On Other Series” rather than because of a monthly. I honestly forgot about this month’s “Boruto” this time around. Maybe because Dragon Ball Super’s on break this month. Eh; whatever- I’d rather they some time to plan what they’re gonna do next without Toriyama(May He Rest in Peace); they can take all the time they need. Uh…………. I think that’s all I can muster right now; on with the chapter! Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9: “Nine Tails.” THAT was intentional on their part, and you know it. 


Picking Up From Last ChapterJura and Hidari have invaded The Leaf Village, searching for NarutoBut in following the traces of Nine Tails Chakra- they find themselves standing before Himawari and Current Era Ino-Shika-Cho. It’s a REAL surprise for them, actually. Shikadai gets in contact with the Sensory Unit to get some backup, trying to keep them talking to buy time. Jura pulls out this little book, which is apparently an Info book on Konoha Shinobi(no idea where he got some of this sh!t, but okay), recalling Shikadai as the son of the current Hokage- and student under Moegi Kazamatsuri(Matsuri’s Genetic Source). But they admit to having “business” with the 7th Hokage before anything else- at least until they found Himawari. He doesn’t know why Himawari is producing Nine Tails chakra, but…………. He can work with that. He uses a Wood Style attack to capture Hima, but Shikadai acts quick enough to break her free. In one fell swoop, Team 10 shows just how well they work together in rescuing her- impressing Jura enough to give the Trio a “Word of Warning:” They are here for Himawari Uzumaki. If they stop resisting and hand her over- they’re gone. REFUSE, and……….. They Go On The “Offensive.” 

Shikamaru gets in contact with Shikadai, who informs him of the Intruder’s goals. Then we cut to see Amado watching the events that are transpiring, even seeing Kawaki down for the count. Then over to Boruto who’s looking at his Karma Mark. “No Rest For The Weary,” however- Koji sees through a Toad that the Divine Trees are on the rampage in Konoha. So Boruto uses “Flying Raijn” to get back into the Village. Battle Area: Shikadai- still in contact with Shikamaru- asks how their search for Naruto lead them to Himawari. Jura responds that they were simply following the chakra of the Nine Tails and found it in Himawari. They don’t know why, but they hope to gain information by eating her. Shikamaru dispatches some reinforcements when one of Koji’s Toads informs him that Boruto is back. Kawaki and Delta: Kawaki wakes up, getting chewed out by Delta for his recklessness. Not that he cares since he can feel someone much more important is back in the Village………………

Boruto shows up in the vicinity of Jura’s initial attack, receiving a call from Shikamaru once more about the Divine Trees and their objective. But the conversation is cut off at the Good part when Kawaki(And Delta, For What it’s Worth)arrives on the scene, informing the Sensory Unit of their location. Boruto cuts his call with Shikamaru short, as Kawaki starts asking him questions. But Boruto reminds him that they have a Far Greater Problem on their hands at the moment. But Kawaki isn’t taking his eyes off of Boruto, initiating the attack. But much like with Code– Boruto proves to be Far Stronger than any of his contemporaries coming back from his 3 Year Adventure. He puts Kawaki back on the ground and it wasn’t even difficult- to the point where Delta wonders just what kind of training he’s been through. As such, Kawaki decides to “even the playing field” with Karma. And because they have this “Resonance” going on- Boruto’s activates against his wishes. And that forces Boruto to flee. Kawaki realizes that Boruto is having some kind of trouble control his Karma mark…………

Battlefield: Inojin takes Himawari to the sky with a Bird Drawing, allowing Shikadai and Cho-Cho to get the jump on him. Shikadai manages to trap him in “Shadow Paralysis,” but, uh……………….. The Divine Tree’s are Chakra Beasts- just like the Tailed Beast. As such- they have access to Certain Abilities such as the Biju-Dama/Tailed Beast Bomb. From one of his Rinnegan. Cho-Cho uses “Partial Expansion” to knock it off course(and also may have interrupted the Full Charge), but, uh………… BIJU DAMA. So there’s still a sizeable explosion. Shikadai and Cho-Cho take the chance to hop on Inojin’s drawing and put some distance between themselves and the Invaders. And Jura…………….. kinda let’s it happen; he’s too caught up in the concept that they’re willing to risk DEATH to protect a singular person other than themselves. Hidari writes it off as Sheer Stupidity, but Jura says they’re might be something more to it than a simple “lack of intelligence.” And Jura wants to know what that something is…………….

Shikadai figures they probably won’t risk killing Himawari, so they’re at least safe from another Biju Dama. So they decide to take this fight out of Konoha while they have the chance. But Himawari has ANOTHER idea, and it involves Escaping them on her own. They tell her there’s no way in h#ll they’re letting her do that, but she refuses to hear any of it, not wanting to put them in danger. But she ends up getting cut off by a Trance- one that takes her to the Biju Space we’d often see Naruto in. A voice behind her is surprised that Ten Tails would be able to sniff him out. Himawari turns around to see a Baby Kurama standing before her, asking if she knows who he is. She recognizes him right away because- you know- The Tails. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9 END!! That. That’s what people were so upset about. THEY see this and say “Disney Series-“ I see this and hear the word “MERCHANDISE!!!” 


Biggest Thing First: Kurama is back. Which we could ki~nd of anticipate; he never said his “Death” after Baryon Mode would be permanent, yeah? Tailed Beast just “reform” in the world once their Jinchuriki die. But Naruto wasn’t the one to die back their- it was Kurama. And he knew what would happen from the start. And the WAY he phrased it back then- he implied that this time was gonna be a little different from when a Jinchuriki dies. They’re Chakra; they’ll always come back- memories and all. Because “Chakra” is a Binding Force above all else; it’s an energy that connects people’s thoughts and emotions to one another- a way of being able to understand each other and achieve peace without even needing to exchange words. Those times when Naruto and Sasuke would enter that “Shared Mental Space-” an actual representation of what Hagaromo intended it to do. And it’s because it’s such a “Binding Force-” the Tailed Beast cannot die. Or it might be more accurate to say “Their Flesh Doesn’t Wither.” They’re energy will just………. spread out for a while before coming together to form the Chakra Beasts we’ve come to know, yeah? “They Think, Therefore They Are-” they’ll exist indefinitely…………… unless they’re sacrificed to remake that original Ten Tails or absorbed by the God Tree to make the Chakra Fruit. 

But you see the point: They always come back somewhere in the world. This time; Kurama ended up reincarnating in Himawari(PAUSE). Why? We won’t know what the details are until next month’s chapter, but the core idea is because of her similar chakra signature to her father. He couldn’t reincarnate within Naruto because the man himself isn’t on the planet anymoreAnd I’m assuming he couldn’t choose Boruto because of his other unwanted invader, as I speculated in the previous post. So the only choice was Himawari. That or he’d just reincarnate somewhere else in the world randomly. But I think that- if he could choose where he “respawns-” he’d choose somewhere close to Naruto- the person who likely matters the most to him. Now he can protect someone important to Naruto again- unlike when their relationship STARTED with him killing Naruto’s ParentsMaybe he’s also trying to make up for that. But right now, he’s…………… honestly no bigger than Himawari herself, from the looks of it. It’s hard to tell when it comes to “Mindscape Size Scaling-” Kurama appeared to Naruto larger, but this is a Kurama that’s likely still building his power back up. But even still– Chibi Kurama probably has more chakra than anyone in Konoha. Aside from maybe Kawaki and Daemon. 

And it’s still the chakra signature that the Divine Tree’s were following. So I have to question: Was it really Naruto that Jura is after? Or………. is it Kurama? ‘Cause he’s confirmed in this chapter that he’s switching targets to Himawari. It’s clear why Matsuri and Hidari are after their targets- and even Bug’s Tree makes sense, considering how long he was around Eida. And then there’s Jura, who’s Genetic Source is only assumed to be Isshiki based on his appearance; we only know about the other 3 because they’re genetic templates are currently resting as Trees, thus implying that one has to be consumed by a Claw Grime  is used as a Template for these Evolved Trees. But Isshiki is dust in the dirt– his chakra and DNA is in the Earth for sure, but that’s not supposed to be used until someone consumed the Chakra Fruit. So unless one of those randoms who got eaten in chapter 2 just “weren’t even worth copying” by Ten Tails decision……………… actually, I just thought of something: Maybe the Divine Trees had the ability to Choose who they got their DNA from- that something went on in the “Flow Of Chakra” that allowed Jura to choose to copy Isshiki. Or something. I don’t know what’s going on with Jura. 

But as to why he’s going after KuramaMaybe that’s also an Isshiki thing, considering what Naruto and Kurama were able to put him through with Baryon Mode. With Matsuri, Hidari, and Bug’s Tree- it’s “Love.” The false love Eida’s “Charm” created for Bug; Sasuke’s love for Sarada; and Moegi’s seeming “Love” for Konohamaru. But if Jura is spawned from Isshiki- it’s HATE. From their perspective, Boruto and Kawaki are as good as “lunch,” anyway, so he’s not particularly worried about Kawaki. But Naruto………. Naruto kicked his @$$ so hard it led to his death. So I imagine those “lingering feelings of hate” are too strong for him to ignore. And with Naruto not here, all that “Rage” is being directed at Kurama. That’s what I THINK is going on, anyway……….

The OTHER Big Thing From This Chapter: Boruto’s Karma. His fight with Code prior to the Time Skip taught him about “The True Essence Of Karma-” what it could do for him if he managed to use it properly. But it now seems like he’s actually afraid to use it- reluctant to fight with it. Does it have something to do with the last time he used it? The intense reaction to the drug Amado gave him? Or………… is it something to do with Momoshiki? It’s looking more like the variant he gained during his fight with Code with the Finger markings, but he leaves before it has the chance to form fully. And he chose to fly instead of use “Flying Raijin.” Though that might just be him acting on “impulse.” But I DO think that it might have been something to do with Momo– maybe he’s been managing at keeping Momo “dormant” for all these years because he’s ceased to use Karma, and he’s afraid that using it again even once will bring him back. He seemed to be able to fight back against Momo at the end of “Next Generations,” but I imagine that that alone wasn’t enough to rattle the Ohtsusuki………

Then there’s Kawaki’s Skewed Priorities– being so focused on Boruto that he’s ignoring a……….. MUCH Bigger Problem in the Divine Trees. It might be that he’s starting to get anxious about it; this makes 3 times in as many days that Boruto has gotten into Konoha without a problem. That’s a Security issue unto itself, but it also means that he’s had 3 chances to finally complete his mission of killing Boruto. And 3 chances that slipped through his fingers. But more than that: It’s 3 chances he had to finally bring Naruto back. And he’s now let all 3 go. But then; Boruto isn’t his only target- it’s all the Ohtsusuki lot. Code and whatever other Ohtsusuki are in this world are on his hitlist, too, but Boruto seems to be his top priority right now. Maybe because he’s the one that’ll be the Hardest for him to take out. It’s less about him being stronger than him(’cause Boruto seems to be and least in the Top 2 Characters in the verse right now with Daemon) and more about……………….. the fact that that’s his Brother. He doesn’t want to do it, but………… he doesn’t seem to see any other options. So I think he just wants to get Boruto out of the way so he can “do the job” uninhibited by his emotions………………..

………………….. I actually think I’m done with this one. I was planning on talking about Jura’s usage of the Tailed Beast Bomb in the chapter, but……….. what can I say that we don’t already kind of know? The Divine Trees- like the Tailed Beasts before them- as fragments of a Ten Tails. They effectively the same kind of creature, but the Divine Trees have less chakra because Isshiki/Jigen came to its holding area and absorbed a lot of that Ten Tails chakra over the years to keep himself strong. That, and Code crushed it down into Thousandths as opposed to 9ths. Just looking at what happened to that particular Ten Tails, I’d say that each of the Tailed Beast would beat one of these Divine Trees. That might be subject to change at some point, but until then they have the advantage of mobility and technique- some this series has been making crucial when it comes to combat. And looking at the Kawaki thing, that kind of wasn’t even worth talking about, was itI could have made this a Short Review and BEEN done with this by now. Well, maybe NOT, ’cause I went to my little cousin’s 13th birthday party at this Bowling alley. There’s a story there I might tell one day. When I get the time. 

I don’t have much else to say, really– this was a pretty good chapter. And it’s nice to see the new Ino-Shika-Cho trio being important in some way. Will that continue beyond this pointExperience says “No,” but then- I’m of the mindset that Himawari was unaffected by Omnipotence. So I’m thinking this might also be her Reunion With Boruto and the reveal. And then, after showing him that she’s more than capable of taking care of herself(and possibly even him with her Byakugan and Kyuubi Chakra Abilities)- she will defect with Boruto and leave the Leaf, against Boruto’s wishes. Or maybe she’ll join up with Sarada and Sumire’s little “Boruto Fan Club” and stay in Konoha. But even THEN I don’t see those 3 continuing to stay in Konoha and “silently supporting him” forever. They want to help, and they’re not getting anywhere………………….. I just had a Crazy idea. Or, not “Crazy,” but familiar. Remember Itachi? How he was forced to be a spy for the Leaf in the Uchiha Clan, and later on the AkatsukiYou know how Shikamaru and Ino are starting to work with Boruto? And how Sarada’s been trying the last  3 years to convince Shikamaru that Boruto is Innocent? Yeah. 

I’m thinking that Shikamaru might be sending Sumire and Sarada(and Himawari if Scenario B were to occur) on an Absolute Top Secret Mission that involved Defecting From Konoha. At least until this entire mess is solved. It would at least keep Jura and Hidari out of Konoha- taking their targets out of the Village and keeping them moving. But they still have Eida, Konohamaru, and above all else Kawaki would all still be present in the Leaf. So Matsuri and Bug’s Tree still have business with Konoha. And if even one of them get’s their teeth on Kawaki, then it’s Game Over. So they wouldn’t be out of the woods even then. But they’d at least be kept up to date with ways to combat them with Boruto’s team gathering information- much like what Itachi did. 


Okay NOW I’m done. You can tell somewhere up top that I was getting ready to end the post. But by the time I was thinking about this Itachi-Sarada theory, I realized that I still had more content for this post. And when I realized THAT, I was already to deep in Theory Crafting that I felt like this was more than just “Closing Thoughts.” And I didn’t really feel like going back and editing it to fit with the continuing conversation. I think it gives it a more “Real Time” feel to see me think about stopping and then coming up with a new idea, anyway. Though now the “vibe” with the Himawari picture is kind of thrown off; how can I say “I have no time” if I can extend a post beyond where i intended to stop? And also still has no jobThis is nuts. And I still need to get back to that “Mass Review.” So let’s stop here before I think of another way to pad this out to fit with the picture. You like it? Kind of a “throwback” to my old site when I would place images in positions like that. I also found out that I CAN put captions on the images, so……….. we’ll be getting a little more “Creative” with how these posts look. Hope you enjoy. That’s all for this month, folks. ‘Til Next Time, all: Stay Safe- Stay Healthy- Stay Golden. Later, Gators!!

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