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My Hero Academia Chapter 403 SHORT REVIEW

You know, I though this was gonna be a Regular review. But looking at it a while after reading it- not much “substance” to it. This chapter- more than anything- is the “BAM” chapter; one of those chapters that comes along just to show the emotions getting high- the art- the pay off to a plot point from 39 chapters– about 4 whole volumes– ago- The Climax of One Characters arc– all of that and more. But it’s honestly just a Huge “Segue/ A To B” type of chapter; something better when binged. I hate saying that about series, but it’s true here; this’ll read better in the middle of a volume. For right now, I don’t have much to say but what I’m about to. Oh well; more time to talk about One Piece. And Dragon Ball DAIMA. Yeah, I’m gonna try……….. between F*CKIN WORK SHIFTS. Let’s Begin. Oh! This chapter tells the title in a split– the first part at the beginning- recap towards the- final half at the end. But let’s just tell you RIGHT UP FRONT. My Hero Academia Chapter 403: “The End Of An Era And The Beginning.” “One Door Closes,” huh

Resurrection B(S)

You like the joke? I figure every now and then I might as well joke around with these subsection titles! Heck, I almost titled this “The Surprising My Hero Academia Chapter 403 SHORT REVIEW,” ’cause I was shocked I didn’t have much to say, yeah? All jokes aside– The Murder God is back. AND………. Eh. Can’t say that I care. Like………. What do you want me to sayI don’t like that Bakugo is back. As someone on twitter pointed out: Bakugo’s death was one of the series BEST moments- the scene was so well written; the emotional impact and seeing him refusing to lie down and take his death- standing up to All For Destruction the way he did- seeing him fight with everything he had in his arsenal and then some at last minute with an ability that made actual f*cking SENSE. If it was left there, Bakugo would have left the series on a High Note- series most popular character by a wide margin for How Many Fan Polls Now? Truly one of the Best Rivals in Anime…………

And Then Horikoshi Just Wussed Out.

I………… have talked at Nauseum about the way this series fell; Horikoshi’s steadfast approach in deciding to write an arc about Villains– the lukewarm reception and suckish volume sales for that arc- his history with cancellation and what that does to a guy- Bakugo’s popularity we just mentioned- and all of that. And at this point; I’d just be beating a Dead Horse. I can’t say that I like this- I just don’t. And I may never fully enjoy the series the way I used to. All I can say is that- since he went through ALL THE TROUBLE of reviving him after making a Top Tier Character Death- He had better become Tenko’s “Gran Torino.” I have this theory that Tenko and “Tomura-” the “Decay” quirk itself- will split, and Izuku will- in his final moments- give Tenko “One For All” and thereby giving him the chance to be the Hero that he always wanted to be. 

Izuku becomes “Nana Shimura;” Tenko- in the ultimate twist of fate– becomes an All Might Facsimile; and Bakugo becomes Gran Torino, taking up training the next user of One For All. All comes full circle. That’s what should happen and I won’t accept any other outcome. I…….. I mean that GENUINELY; I will be P!SSED if anything else happens. 

Bakugo’s Singularity

Might As Well,” right? He came back to life on……….. nothing but his popularity; might as well hand him a Singularity amp. What does this ability entailI honestly couldn’t tell you. Like; there’s no………. I’ve got NOTHING to go on. I’m basically just saying this because- if he’s gonna be this involved in the Final Battle- he needs something new. An ability focused on the light his explosions produce- because we see light emanating from around him when he comes out of UA? Or some combination of the after-effects of “Cluster” with the boost he got at the end of the first war? Or is it going to be something completely new based on his character development? Some combination of all these subjects? I don’t know; I’m just throwing this idea out there. 

I’m mostly thinking about Uraraka’s singularity; going from just touching stuff with the pads on her fingers- to making bubbles that make everything around her float. She was always described with the “Bubbly” personality trait, and she always struck me as the type to ask for bubbles whenever she’d got to the store. So………. perhaps Bakugo- in line with his personality and the influence Izuku, All Might, and One For All have all had on him- it might be something like the Bomb Bomb Fruit from One Piece. Rather than just creating explosions or the explosions happening throughout his entire body- he might be able to just Explode On Impact now; every punch or kick he deals out explodes. And that’s how he takes out All For One; every time he attacks All For One, an explosion goes off and “Rewind” has to make up that difference. Until he just……… vanishes altogether. That’s a way to take it. 

Another idea is that the “Cluster” after effects become a permanent thing and- like Izuku at first- uses that to speed up one part of his body to deliver a powerful physical attack. Like All Might did in Kamino. Okay, I was probably closer with the Bomb Bomb fruit idea. And yesHe’s Gonna Be The One To Keep All For One At Bay. Izuku can focus every last bit of his strength on Tomura; Bakugo can literally blast All For One back to the womb. Heh; not what people were thinking when they made the “Bak-U-Go” theory, but he is gonna send SOMEONE back in time!! Okay, I’m done. 


I feel like I should be more “Excited” by this chapter- because if nothing elseArt Was F*ckin’ PEEEEEEAK. But………. I just………… don’t care anymore. This Bakugo thing is happening and I just have to accept it. But I will never LIKE it. I just hope that Horikoshi knows what he’s doing at this point- hope that he’s actually thought about this- and hope that’s okay. Huh………… You know; I think I finally get the people who hate on hype moments like this. Like the people who hate on something like Mastered Ultra Instinct; No matter how cool it looks- how cool it is and how well the scene is constructed- it makes no narrative sense and has no purpose in the story whatsoever, but it’s established and we just have to live with it. Which just makes the whole thing………………. worse.don’t care how much effort was put into this scene- I’m sorry to say– but…………….. No. I don’t like it. And that’s something the story will just have to live with.

That’s all I got for you all today, boys and girls. ‘Til next time, I guess. Later. 

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    1. It took a while, but the Murder God is finally back up!! Though of ALL the final match ups; never would have pegged All For One’s to be against Bakugo. Oh well; let’s see what Dynamight can do!! I also think he’s about drop the “Great Explosion Murder God” part after hearing All Might say that.

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