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Manga Chapter Review Anthology #2: Somebody’s Striking Back!!

I think I’m start to forgo the “subtitle” bit. About 10 minutes of thinking and THAT’S the best I can doI’m losing my touch. That or I’ve done so many of these that I’m running out of ideas. Probably both, in all honesty. This hiatus has gone on for a few months now, and I’m no closer to finding a new job than…………. when I was working at that sh!tty old one. And in all honesty, I’ve been thinking a lot………. a lot about the Future. But for some reason more about the past. And it’s thinking about stuff like that that makes me 1)Thankful for the life that I’ve had, but also 2)What does “move forward” mean, exactly? Like; you hear it enough, so you know that it’s “the right thing to do,” but…….. what does it MEAN to “Go Forward?” I think a lot about what I want to do for the rest of my life, and the only answer that I could ever come up with is……………….. THIS. ‘Cause I love what I do. still do, I promise. Although writing has started to feel like more of a “chore” and less of “something I do that’s fun.” It’s not paying the bills, but it’s the only way I’ve interacted with people that has either left me angry, crying, or with a headache. Sometimes all 3 at once. 

But againNo Bills Being Paid From This. Despite all the social media activity I’ve been up to. I’m trying to “move forward” with this, but………… I don’t know how? And in trying to think of how to “move forward” on this, I find myself thinking about everyone I knew in High School- trying to find some example to follow because I was always surrounded by people who were already ahead of me. But…………. does thinking about people I knew in High School mean that I’m still “stuck” there? I don’t think I’ve changed that much from when I was there, so maybe I need to Change in order to “Go Forward?” There was a period of time where I thought “Maybe i should go to Trade School for Marketing,” but……….. no money. And in all honesty, I don’t know if a “Marketing Degree” is really the right path. I need to think about this a little more………………..

Ah, but sorry for getting so serious on you. Um……….. SHOULD I start doing regular posts againNext week is Dragon Ball Super and Boruto, so I’d have to do an “Anthology” anyway, but maybe after that. Ah………… let’s get started. Man, I’ve been real sleepy lately. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 158: “Gyohnee Guillotine” 

Asa tripped over herself in the last chapter. So now Fami has to get involved. Her “pawn” of choiceThe Guillotine Devil, who cuts up all of their weapons and clothes with just the swing of their wing- despite Fami’s order to “slaughter them all.” Asa- seeing the tricks Fami has up her sleeve- scolds her for withholding her strength this entire time. Fami explains that the Devils she uses are weakened in comparison to how they are when they’re free, and there are certain “restrictions” limiting her capacities, so she can’t just “summon Devils” at her leisure. One of the now-nude guards tries attacking Asa, but she proves to be a more capable fighter than people think. Then this door opens letting out those Devil Hunter Club nobodies; they were branded as “Terrorist” following the Chainsaw Man Church’s destruction

They’re all kinds of upset with Fami, but- she physically could not care less about what these guys are talking about; I’d almost say that she’s forgotten about them. I sure as h#ll wanted to. Asa says they’re on a more important mission to save Chainsaw Man, so they end up tagging along. There are 2 Prominent Prison Break Stories in my mindShawshank Redemption(which I finally got the chance to watch recently), and the Impel Down arc of One Piece. This story arc seems to be based on the latter, seeing Asa break in to some “Maximum Secruity Detention Center No One’s EVER Broken Out Of” to save someone scheduled to die, gathering allies as she goes. Though in HER case, I don’t think anyone(aside from Fami and Yoru) is going to be “backing her” like they did for Luffy……………….

Edens Zero Chapter 279: “Super Ziggy

I don’t know the “timeline” of  how Mashima makes chapters of his series– how long before he finishes the chapter and we see it- but I feel like this is in part his way of paying tribute to the late Akira Toriyama. Some of the “Afterwords” section of volume 32 have been translated, in which Mashima reveals his love for “Dragon Ball” and his favorite character- Vegeta. Though the title seems to be where the perceived “tribute” ends. Rebecca and co ask Shiki if he can really “destroy” the Chronophage. He sure believes he can, saying it’ll be his “Final Role In This Adventure,” much to Rebecca’s worry…………..

The Zero continues to be chased by the One all over that Ice Planet(I believe it’s Pluto), while Kris and Kleene begin dealing with Cure. Kleene is sent to try and get control of the ship, while Kris learns that Cure original “Regeneration”  has carried over into Universe 0- becoming more mechanical based than organic. Still a pain in the @$$, though. As for Homura, she makes her way to the Spa of Edens, where she finds Lady Freyja evaporating all the water in the spa. FREYJA’S ORIGIN STORY: She was made by a “certain planet” as a weapon of war, programmed with every military strategy in existence- a soldier capable of using every manner of Armament presented. But she lacked interest in “Human” conflicts. But she also wanted to see just how strong she was. Her curiosity would lead to the end of the war- ’cause she SLAUGHTERED all 1.6 BILLION lives on BOTH sides!! And just for sh!ts and giggles– she cuts up Homura’s clothes faster than Homura could eve see, leaving her naked. I thought that was Rebecca’s job. Ah, but she’s with Shiki- I’m sure they’ll fall off at some point before this is over. 

Anyway. this teaches Homura an invaluable lesson going forward: “There’s Always Someone Stronger.” After receiving her Teacher’s seal of approval, she kind of let it go to her head. So meeting Freyja here has her shook. But she’s not gonna let that fear stop her now!! Ziggy vs Void: While their Gravity powers are basically equal, Void believes himself to be stronger because he possesses “Cat Leaper.” But Ziggy proves to not have been going “All Out” before, using his TRUE Overdrive form to kick it up a notch!! It’s a lot “sleeker” compared to what he debuted under One’s influenece. I like it more, too. Don’t much care for Cure by himself, and Freyja came a bit too late in the game for it to matter what she says. I’m starting to feel less invested in the series again…………

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 142: “A Sad Crossing

While the other kids are eating, Tioreh relays to her mother the conversation she has with Nasiens, worried about how this revelation will affect their relationship with Mertyl. But when Diane doesn’t give……………… AN answer, she runs off in tears. Phao heard this, by the way. As for Mertyl, he returns the Fairy Baby to its family, and follows Sixtus, who wants to ask their dad about the Drug Of Yore- the only thing that might cure Mertyl’s asthma problems. But when they get to the top of Mushroom Mountain, they see King giving the coveted Drug of Yore to Nasiens-a gift from King.” Mertyl runs off in despair without listening to the rest of the conversation, thinking his greatest fear has come to pass. But if he HAD stayed, he would have seen Nasiens chew out King for his negligence; first for not bringing up this “legendary Drug” sooner, but mostly for not giving it to “The Person Who Needs It The Most.” He doesn’t come out as a great father with all of this, but also proving once again to not be a great King. That Kilbeggan j@ckh0le has come to the Fairy Kingdom, planning to use Mertyl’s negative emotions to his advantage……………..

Things of Note

  1. Phao- the 2nd youngest child- knows the truth about Nasiens and Mertyl. The entire family is learning the truth through being “nosey.”
  2. It’s not that Tioreh would be saddened by Nasiens being her brother- it’s that she still loves Mertyl and doesn’t want him to just “leave.” She wants the family to GROW– not “substitute.” 
  3. Nasiens- having this………. they’re not outright SAYING that they got switched at birth, because saying it out loud would make it “real,” but that’s the reality of their situation. So, armed with this; Nasiens is in this really confused state where he………….. you know what, he might be thinking like Tioreh: Ordo and Dolores are his family, but he doesn’t want to “get rid of them” in “favor” of this larger one(Hahahahaha), so he’s finding fault in King and trying to push him away fearing what will become of Mertyl as well. Yeah, that sounds about right. 

This would have gotten a “Short Review,” I would think………………… 

One Piece Chapter 1,110: “Starfall

Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage Volume 2

That will be the name of this cover series- at least in the official release;  the fan translations titled it “Oni Child Yamato and the Great inari Shrine Pilgrimage.” And it looks like we’re not going to immediately follow up on the sinking Onigashima from last time, but rather we’ll be seeing Yamato go on a “Grand Adventure” across Wano, where she will eventually come across the Inari Shrine. From Google: “The ‘Inari Shrine’  is a type of Japanese shrine used to worship the Kami, Inari- a popular deity associated with foxes, rice, household wellbeing, business prosperity, and general prosperity.” I said “Google,” but that comes from Wikipedia. Though I’ll also say that I found some of the deities info from another source. And seeing that said deity is associated with Foxes, I immediately started thinking of 3 characters

  1. Naruto Uzumaki
  2. Onimaruthe companion of Shimotsuki Ushimaru of Ringo. 
  3. Catarina Devon

I would put money on those last 2 being apart of this cover series…………………. and maybe a parody of the first one, if nothing else. Update to match the official release: I have not idea what they’re talking about. Still keeps the “Pilgrimage” title, but I’m not entirely sure the “Golden Harvest Surrogate” is supposed to mean. 

Chapter 1,110

SO. The Gorosei have arrived. Stellapunk’s little “Message To The World” just got down to 7 minutes before the BOMB drops, but I imagine that the Gorosei aren’t gonna make it that easy. Especially not with their Ultimate Enemy standing here before him running into the time limit of this form. Ladies and Gentlemen- The 5 Elder- The Highest Authority In The World Government

  • The “Gyuki” St Jaygarcia Saturn- Godhead of Science and Defense
  • The “Itsumade” St Marcus Mars- Godhead of Environment
  • The “Fengxi” St Topman Warcury- Godhead of Justice
  • The “Bakotsu” St Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro- Godhead of Finance
  • The “Sandworm” St Shepherd Ju Peter- Godhead of Agriculture

The 5 loom over Luffy, with Nusjuro turning his attention to freezing the Mk 3 Pacifista’s, preserving them enough to still be useful once they’ve gotten rid of Bonney. As for Mars, he starts putting into practice Rayquaza’s strategy for getting past Deoxy’s barrier in the “Destiny Deoxy” movieSlam into the barrier until he breaks through. Sanji tells the crew up in the Labophase that some monsters are on their way up. Usopp managed to stop the Sunny with a Pop Green. Jinbe says Zoro is still dealing with Lucci, prompting Sanji to call him “A Liability.” That’s when Zoro defeats Lucci. As for Luffy, the other elder’s are doing everything in their power to kill him, but Dorry and Broggy arrive in time to help. Which is FINE and all, but, uh…………. you’ve got a Bone Centaur on his way to decapitate a 12 year old. Feels like someone needs to be guarding her right now………………

My Hero Academia Chapter 417: “Shimura

Izuku- having broken into Tomura’s Finger Cocoon- finds himself physically inside of Tenko’s containment ball. As for the other One For All wieldersevery last one of them aside from Nana Shimura have been used to break it. Even All Might’s vestige is GONE. It’s just the 2 of them now- as it probably SHOULD be. She was only saved by the fact that Tomura hates her with every fiber of his being(in part, her own perceived “weakness”). But she won’t be leaving Izuku’s side THAT easily. As Izuku tries to enter the Shimura household, he finds himself confronted by…………….. Himself. Or, to be……… Accurate: It’s Tomura taking on a visage of how Izuku looks to him– like some sort of Ethereal Villain. He asks what izuku hopes to gain by learning about the past. Deku replies that even he doesn’t know- but he doesn’t want this story to end without learning about it. it is only when Izuku is almost Isekai’d by an incoming truck that he realizes that HE is now about of this……… Vestige space- this memory world. 

Nana appears next to him, informing him to be careful now that he’s materialized in the Vestige Space. But like the main character that he is- he rushes on ahead. Only to be attacked by Tomura’s memories of characters such as Stain, Re-Destro, and Overhaul who essentially asking in a scattered sentence: “You got a plan, dork?” He says “no, gets away from them, and opens the door, seeing the moment it All Went Wrong: The Picture Of Nana and Kotaro, with that TRAITOR Hana saying that she’ll “support Tenko.” Then the beating that came after that, seeing THE Tenko Shimura silhouetted- stuck in that moment of powerlessness. So much so that Nana and Deku have trouble getting into that memory. But they do, and……… well, something happens to Nana we don’t see, but Izuku goes back to his Middle School self as we come to That Night. So as we see “Tenko Shimura” give way to “Tomura Shigaraki,” we’re going to see Izuku become his “Vestige” self- his inner most child with that only wants to help Tenko. Complete with Izuku reaching his hand out to him, unafraid of being destroyed. Finger Cocoon fades away– Izuku and Tenko fall to the ground– Series end and epilogue. Something like that.

Are we coming up on the last handful of chapters? Yes. Will it be that simpleNo. I no longer care about seeing Tomura mutate into some kind of “Hand Dragon” or seeing that Endgame moment- I really am just ready for this to end. And I think Horikoshi is, too. 


So after all of that, I remembered why I’m still on Hiatus: Those other posts. So once AGAINNot quite yet. I’ve mostly been going all in on that One Piece theory I keep talking about, even though my post about Dragon Ball Daima is 1)Easier 2)Further Along and 3)Actually somewhat appropriate at the moment, considering we just lost Toriyama. That still feels crazy to say. Tonight from when I’m wrapping this post up(Saturday, March 16th, 2024, around 6:06 pm), Toonami on Adult Swim is going to air the first 8 episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai in remembrance of Toriyama. I have the episodes set to record. Though that’s not saying much since I only have 12% of space LEFT on my grandmother’s DVR. Need to get through all of that stuff; it’s not even stuff I’m all that “passionate” about- this’ll be like the millionth time I’ve watched Wonder Woman and Aquaman– WHEN I GET AROUND TO IT. I think i might have a problem. I DO intend to watch everything, but I mostly save some of it to watch with my brothers- only to be reminded why and how we ended up stopping that. We’re all just kind of busy these days……………

Ah…………. here’s some information on the Gorosei’s forms…………….. and an image of Homura for all you Homura stans out there. That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until next we meet; Stay Safe- Stay Healthy- Stay Magic– And Take Care Of Yourselves- And Each Other. 

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