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…………….. Jura and Hidari Pay Konoha A Visit. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 8 BREAKDOWN

I didn’t think of a title for the chapter before hand. And honestly, I feel like we’re moving “1001 Ways.” Feels like a lot of that stuff I used to do up here is starting to “fade away.” I still WANT to work on this blog, but- ironically enough– making post during a hiatus is starting to feel like more work than joy. Still doing the post, but…………. I don’t know. I don’t know what it’s going to look like when I actually come back, coming up with titles for posts. Although, with the way things are going, I might not have that many series to talk about at that point. Edens Zero is reaching its climax; My Hero has been in the same position for like…………. year now; I don’t know how long Mashima intends for Dead Rock to be; and Black Clover– as much as I would love for the series to last another year or so- I don’t think we’re going to be with that world much longer. So that’s Definitives, and 2 “Up In The Airs.” Oh, rightChainsaw Man probably isn’t going to be much longer, either, considering Fujimoto doesn’t like “long series.” It’s kind of hard to tell with Part 2, though; it feels like it’s moving towards an end point, but how close that Goal is is kind of ambiguous. 

That’ll leave us with this which hasn’t shown any signs of stopping; One Piece for another few years, definitely; Dragon Ball Super which won’t end until it stops making money; and Four Knights which also hasn’t shown any signs of ending. That’s like half of what I talk about up here. I don’t know if another series will “grab me” the way all of these did to where I felt like I needed to talk about them, but I’ll definitely be on the look out. I like to think that I would have started talking about “Candy Flurry” had it not been cancelled. Though, with my schedule being what it has been- Maybe that wouldn’t have been a good idea. I’d probably still do it, though, ’cause that was a really good series. I might talk about it again, someday. 10 Billion points to whoever knows how many times I’ve said that. And 10 Billion MORE to whoever gets that reference. 

Um………….. I said in a recent “Anthology” post that I’d probably end up at least starting this post on the 19th, because I had thought that this and Super would be releasing a day in advance this month. That’s not the case; they’ll be releasing on the 20th as per usual. So I can us the fan translations like normal and edit based on the official. This month’s chapter gives us a lot to consider going forward- about the Himawari and Boruto, and about where Kawaki stands in terms of the Power Hierarchy. Long story short: Daemon may well still be #1, but I think that Boruto might be standing next to him on that platform. Where the Divine Trees rank in comparison, though, is up to interpretation on chapter 4You’ll see in a minute. Let’s begin. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 8: “It Doesn’t Matter.” Which is how I would describe 85% of my interactions at my old job. 


Eida- using her Senrigan- saw Boruto’s conversation with Mitsuki from last month’s chapterShe was taken aback by how “cool” Boruto looked in this moment. So much so that Kawaki has to snap her back to reality, wanting to know where Mitsuki and Boruto went. Delta doesn’t take to kindly to Kawaki talking to her like that, and it looks like Daemon ain’t to keen on it, either. Not like Kawaki gives 2 sh!ts, though. She tells them that they’re located a few dozen kilometers south of the Main Gate. Kawaki flies off, and Delta is ordered by Eida to follow and keep him safe. She promises to do that, but warns Kawaki on the way there that- should the day come when Eida’s no longer into him, or worse becomes a problem for her- she’ll kill him immediately. He once again say that “That’s The Plan-“ once the Ohtsusuki are gone. 

We cut away to see a Claw Grime making a beeline for something, as we hear Boruto alert Shikamaru to the threat of the Divine Trees. Shikamaru thinks this means that “The End Times” are upon them, but Boruto assures him that it won’t come to pass unless he or Kawaki are eaten. Which reminds ShikamaruMoegi Kazamatsuri was eaten by a Claw Grime and turned into a Tree, and wants to know what that’s all about. In shortThe Chakra of those eaten is what’s keeping them alive. I don’t know who he’s referring to here, I’ll update you with the official release, but for now I’m reading it as “The Chakra of Those Eaten is What’s Keeping The Divine Tree’s Functioning,” though he admits that he doesn’t know what their motives are. Before Shikamaru can get a straight answer out of Boruto, he receives another call from the Sensory Unit- from Kawaki.

Ino affirms that he can be linked to both calls, but will be the only one who can hear both conversations. So he lets the call go through. Kawaki informs him of Boruto’s location. He covertly alerts Boruto to Kawaki’s plan, but Boruto doesn’t really care. Shikamaru does what he can to prevent Kawaki from going after him, but…………… No One Has A Leash On That Guy. So Boruto dips, but says he’ll be back for a status update. Kawaki and Delta arrive at the location, but can’t find hide-nor-hair of Boruto. Kawaki says he was certain that Boruto never felt his “presence,” but he also never felt his. he realizes something is amiss here……………………

Eida’s House: Mitsuki returns to see the siblings on the balcony. He’s infactuated, as we saw in “Next Generations.” She says that she never expected him to knock out Kawaki like that, but also says that he was too focused on Boruto to really care about it. Which- considering the conversation he just had- makes the situation a little bit clearer for him. Daemon asks if he’s fine with that, to which Mitsuki begins to explain that he’s never really though about it ’til now. Then talks about the “feeling” Eida awakened in him, though Eida tells him that any chance of “flirting” would be ineffective. But he continues, saying that- as an Artificial Human- he lacks an understanding of himself, and never really saw any need to so long as he had his “Sun.” But it’s only through talking to Boruto that he realized that that’s a load of horse sh!t. He has to “affirm” Himself if he’s going to protect his “Sun.” In short: He has to care about himself  before he can can anyone else. And he thinks that Eida is kind of similar. 

Eida says that that’s what “Love” is like; it’s not something that can be “explained-” especially not to someone under her “Charm.” But Mitsuki retorts that- when he realized that he might be able to “shine” by himself- he was afraid he’d lose the “Sun” he had coveted, and stopped thinking about it. Though Eida thinks he’s still just hitting on her. But a more prevailing thought in her head: “This conversations getting overly emotional.” But she does begin to think about Boruto- just a little bit more……………

Claw Grime/ Tent Tails Holding Center Thingy: The Claw Grime seems to be close, so Jura and Hidari move through the clawmarks on each other them and arrive through the Grime to their destination: Konoha Main Gate. Ino and Shikamaru are talking about the information Boruto gave them until the Sensory Unit gets on call again, alerting them that 2 Intruders are entering the village through the Main Gate; 1 unknown and one registered as Sasuke Uchiha. Sarada and Sumire are apparently part of this call. They’re making their way through the village when they’ve met by a bunch of Konoha Ninja. Not even worth stopping their walk. Eida tells Shikamaru about them and their connection to Ten Tails. They keep walking until they find a Bookstore. The Ever Curious Jura enters the establishment, but Jura is more focused on their objectiveNaruto Uzumaki. That “singlemindedness” is definitely a sign of Hidari’s “Awareness.” Then Kawaki attacks. 

Kawaki’s filled with nothing but questions for these freaks, but Jura’s more focused on preserving the Book store, entrapping Kawaki in a wood release technique before trying to kick him. Kawaki uses the Sukunahikona break out and get behind him, and then tries using his augmentation to strike. No Dice, and he ends up getting kicked into a water tower. Delta is trying to get him conscious again. But that little exchange did get Jura high enough to sense Naruto’s chakra signature. Or, to be more accurateThe Signature Of A Tailed Beast, which they as a type of Tailed Beast should be able to sense with 100% accuracy. Sarada and Sumire are making their way to the Tree’s location, confused by how Sasuke could possibly be here after what Boruto told them. Team 10(Current Era Ino-Shika-Chou) + Himawari are on their way was well, planning to stand their ground even if it is Sasuke Uchiha. Then Jura lands right in front of them. He’s uninterested in the rest, but he looks at Himawari confused. They certainly sense the presence of a Tailed Beast, but they don’t see Naruto Uzumaki. Something curious about Himawari, though………………. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 8 END!! Keep in mind: They were trying to locate Naruto through Kurama. So………. you don’t think……………? It would make Daemon’s outburst at the end of “Next Generations” make a lot more sense. 


…………………….. This might come out before the next “Anthology” with the way things are going. I think I’m a little more “invested” in this than making just another quick post just to keep up. I mean, I’m still gonna do it; it’s just gonna be a minute. Um………… That being said, I don’t exactly know how to segue into what we’re gonna be talking about first with this chapter. And that would be the topic of Himawari Uzumaki’s Crazy Potential. Okay, there’s SOMETHING. Roll with it There are 2 ways this works, but only 1 conclusion to draw: Himawari has Nine Tails Chakra In Her. Jura tells us in this chapter that they are something like the Tailed Beasts: “Sentient Chakra.” As such, he was looking for Kurama instead of Naruto himself. The way the chapter ends seems to make a crack about him not being as smart as he THINKS he is, or at the very least he doesn’t know exactly how this works. But I think we’re supposed to take this at face value and say “Himawari has Nine Tails Chakra.” There’s 2 Ideas To This:

  1. Both children of Naruto Uzumaki- Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki- possess small amounts of Nine Tails Chakra. Think about the Gold and Silver Brothers Ginkaku and Kinkaku in the original series: They were eaten by Kurama, and in return ate some of his flesh for sustenance, gaining Nine Tails Chakra and Jinjuriki-like abilities
  2. When Kurama “died” after sacrificing himself for Baryon Mode, he ended up reincarnating in a “familiar environment.” Why not Naruto himself  is a mystery; maybe he hasn’t retained the memories of his previous life, but sensed that Himawari had “familiar chakra” to Naruto, and chose to reincarnated in her body instead.
    1. Another idea I came up with that’s still connected to that last point: Kurama is still in the process of Reincarnating- still building his power back up in a new place before either going back to Naruto or staying in this new place. That part depending on if they still retain their memories from their previous incarnation. 

If it’s the first option, then- for how strong he’s become since the time skip- Boruto can still get stronger. Though I think the whole point of doing this is to have her “keep up” with him, rather than one of them copy the other. “Keep It Somewhat Unique.” So either Boruto won’t be as “adept” at using it(which would be unlikely with how he’s written), or this power’s going to be a “Himawari Exclusive.” It’ll likely be the same power set as Naruto had, but with a “Hyuga style twist” on it. This series has had a strong focus on Taijutsu ad opposed to using Jutsu, since the Ohtsusuki are the main threat of this series. And also to keep the power scale from getting too “crazy.” And as for he ended up with Himawari instead of Boruto, it’s likely the same reason that Naruto had to use Sage Mode through Shadow Clones: Usually using sage mode, Fukasaku would have to “merge” with you to take in nature energy. But Kurama wouldn’t let him do that with Naruto. So he had to have some Clones taking in Nature Energy, then dispel them and use whatever energy they had built up. Maybe Boruto was the same way: Kurama had intended to stay and protect Naruto’s family, and chose Boruto because he’s older. But Momoshiki wouldn’t let him in, and so he had no other choice but to go to Himawari. 

And then you have what Mitsuki and Eida talked about this month- the kind of conversation I was hoping someone would have with her. She’s very much………………. actually, she kind of reminds me of Sakura and Ino in Part 1 of “Naruto:” Girls with a crush on a Pretty Boy. I’d say she’s closer to Ino than to Sakura because- for all the problems– Sakura was at least given the time for her feelings for Sasuke to become love, vs Ino who- considering who she married– never really felt like she got over that “Crush.” I think- with 3 years- Eida had the time to get to know Kawaki, but- like Mitsuki said- is deluding herself into being “in love” with him just so she can be in love. “She’s In Love With being In Love,” just like how Mitsuki- despite clear differences between the “Kawaki” he remembers and the one in reality- tried to delude himself into thinking Kawaki was “The Sun.” If he wants to find his “Sun,” then he’s going to have to find “illuminate the path” Himself. If Eida wants to find love- she must first love herself, ability and all. 

Unfortunately………………. or, well, maybe Fortunately for BorutoShe’s starting to replace Kawaki with BORUTO. She and Mitsuki ARE coming off fairly similar, aren’t they? After 3 years, Mitsuki is starting to that the “Kawaki’ he remembers is false– and Eida is starting to see him in an………….. Unflattering light; he’s coming off so obsessive that it would be a “turn off” for anyone. Meanwhile- Boruto has become a permutation of Sasuke, someone who just exudes “The Cool Guy In Town” energy. While Kawaki delves further and further into his mission, representing some of Sasuke’s worst traits at that same age- Boruto’s become…………….. what Ino and Sakura saw in Sasuke: The “Coolest Guys Around.” Despite Boruto being younger than her, as she revealed towards the end of “Next Generations.” For context: Boruto was 12 by the end of “Next Generations,” and Eida 16. Boruto at this point is 15, and Eida 19. Ah…………… Not even gonna think about that. Forget I said anything. 

But I say “Fortunately” because- between her feelings, the Divine Tree’s targeting her, and Kawaki’s behavior- she might just defect. And thus taking Daemon along with her. That’d give Boruto another ally, and also might present a way for him to undo Kawaki’s wish. “Omnipotence” requires Desire to work- be it Kawaki’s desire to “switch places with Boruto,” or Eida’s desire for “love.” All Boruto needs is the “Desire To Put Everything Right-“ and Boruto’s got his life back. Although he said in the last chapter that he probably CAN’T go back to that life anymore- not without the disgusting feeling that would come about from altering people’s minds like that. For better or worse– This is “Reality” for everyone. And Boruto- no matter how easy it would make things for him- isn’t gonna change that.He’s not a fan of the easy way,” anyway! He’s really grown up from where he started, huh

You know whatSarada is on her way to Hidari and Jura, isn’t she? She and Sumire. Hidari………….. I don’t think he wants to be here with Jura. H#ll, he honestly seems like he wants to hurry up and leave. But his “Target” is coming RIGHT to him. So I think we’re going to see a lot of his “personality” in the next chapter. I think it’s a result of this “mutation” the Ten Tails has undergone- them developing sentience- that’s making him like this. Jura’s really the one spearheading this whole “Quest For Identity” thing– he was the first one to decide his “Target,” and the one who brought it up. The rest are just “going along” because……………… they’re just as curious and have no other ideas than to find and consume their targets, just like Jura. Hidari’s seemingly just as curious about himself, but he’s a lot more “moody” about it. It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s Like: Jura’s a lot more “active” in what he’s doing– actively reading books about I don’t know, learning more about things and learning how much he still doesn’t know. Vs Hidari who’s……………. just kind of been sitting there next to him. These 4 are likely equal in terms of power, with jutsu taken from their Genetic Source material putting a few of them over each other. Though this chapter reveals that they are likely all capable of Wood Release. 

Kurama always assumed his Tail count is what indicated that he was stronger than the other Tailed Beast, but it was never confirmed- and almost outright disproven based on what Gyuki said in the original series. And Jura says in this chapter that they’re something like that: “Sentient Husks Of Chakra Spawned From Ten Tails.” Like, exactly that when you look at it. And these 4 have “evolved” based on the people consumed by the Claw Grimes(aside from Jura, who definitely seems to be made with Isshiki’s genes somehow), gaining 1)Similar Chakra Signatures, based on their reactions to Hidari entering Konoha 2)Combat styles and jutsu and 3)Appearance. So who’s stronger right now is up for debate…………… but likely Jura. Not that the other 3 are just going to take him “bossing them around……………” probably. They’re “one-and-the-same, biologically speaking,” but they’re their own individual selves with…………. “the same objectives, just leading them in different directions.” They’re not gonna be together 24/7 if they’re going after Naruto, Konohamaru, Eida, and Sarada. It leads them to Konoha, but that’s about it. 

……………… I think I’ve gotten a little “off topic.” LookSarada is on her way here. And when she shows up– I can’t say whether Hidari will stay with Jura and face off with Himawari and everyone else; his “instincts” might take over and he’ll stop listening. Jura’s the type to take it as a “learning experience” and likely won’t be too made about it. He’s stronger than those 3 by himself, and he might be taking an interest in what’s going on with Himawari. What this battle will awaken in her is something to think about, too. Boruto will likely catch wind of what’s going on and come back to help Sarada and his sister, though I’m not sure who he’ll drop in to save first. You’d definitely think “Himawari” because- THAT’S HIS SISTER. I do, too. But what will fighting Jura with Boruto do to Himawari mentally. 

I’ve had this theory that Himawari has also been unaffected by Omnipotence since chapter 1 of “Two Blue Vortex.” For a similar reason it hasn’t affected Sarada and SumireThe Love That They Have For Boruto. Familial Love in her case, obviously. I think she’d fall under Eida’s “Charm” if they ever met, but I think she knows that this world is a fabrication because it’s directly related to her older brother. Her dialogue in chapter 1 would at least imply that she wasn’t AS affected by the memory-alterations as everyone else; she recalls “Boruto” jumping in to save she and Naruto once before, but she was around people who live in this new reality Eida and Kawaki created- she obviously can’t openly support Boruto with all these Potential Enemies around her, so she’s keeping quiet on this “feeling” she has. But I imagine seeing Boruto again– protecting her from Jura- will likely confirm that “feeling.” What she does at THAT point is up to anyone’s guess. I have this idea that Boruto is kind of building his own sort of team- himself, Koji, Sarada, and Sumire. Similar concept to the Taka, but with a different objective: Defeating Kawaki. 

Maybe Himawari will end up going along with them after this. I already think that Sarada and Sumire are just going to go ahead and bail with him once this little “Invasion” of theirs is over. At least Sarada, since I think Sumire hasn’t been as “open” in her siding with Boruto as Sarada likely has been. 


……………………. That’s everything. I THINK. That whole “Divine Tree Hierarchy” thing wasn’t part of my original notes, but I am curious about how they’re going to act going forward. I can’t imagine they have much of a “plan” if Jura and hidari just pull up to Konoha like that, but then…………. they are incredibly strong. Although maybe not as strong as a legitimate Tailed Beast, seeing as the one they were created from was so much smaller than the one from the original series, and there were about a thousand Claw Grimes vs Just 9 Tailed Beasts. Not sure how much Chakra these guys have to work with at the moment, but I promise you it’s more than anyone else in the world right now………….. aside from possibly Himawari. Boruto’s strong, but he doesn’t have chakra out the @$$ like his dad did. Although……….. he could always use his Karma Mark to get more. Heck, Jigen/Isshiki used HIS to absorb some of his Ten Tails Chakra(which is probably WHY it was so much smaller than the one we saw during 4th Great Shinobi War); if he had the mind to, he could just absorb the Divine Trees!! But againThat’s “The Easy Way.” And he’s not about that, anymore. Maybe if he got one that was “purely a weapon” like Kawaki did…………….

It’s also likely the reason he still hasn’t found a “vessel” for himself, even though that might help solve his “Momoshiki” problem. I also have this theory where Boruto will find a vessel for himself– most likely Code as was teased towards the end of “Next Generations-” and “let” Momoshiki have the “original body-” only to have the Original Boruto pull the rug out from under him and take control of the Body at the last minute, killing Momoshiki for good. He certainly seems to have that kind of Resolve, so it’s not out of the realm of possibiliy. Also, while Code has been…………. a disappointment as…………….. not even just a “Villain-“ just as a character he’s been nothing but a “nuisance” to everyone in the series- most of which are stronger than him without his limiters. But his abilities are definitely his best trait– his “Clawmarks” and his White Karma mark are just too cool for such a Nobody. I’d rather give em to someone who’s gonna make Proper use of them- like Boruto. Heck, when “Two Blue Vortex” started, I had thought that Boruto had done it during the time skip, and Code was looking for him hoping to find a way to get rid of it. Ironically so, considering his “Adoration” for the Ohtsusuki- wanting a proper Karma mark of his own, only for it to come from…………. well, it was probably alright before Omnipotence, but now that his Seething Hatred has shifted from Kawaki over to Boruto, well………….. can’t imagine he’d be too happy to have it now. He might actually end up hating Boruto more after that for “souring a gift that was supposed to come from the Gods.” 

But at this point, now that Code might actually just be out of the story for a while(No matter how Trash he’s been, someone who’s as important to the narrative as him(even if the characters around him don’t even feel like he’s worth the effort)); saving that for like a Chapter 20 or whatever “Reveal” just feels…………… pointless. Like, if he already had a Black Karma mark, then we would have seen it before he “noped” himself out of the story in chapter 4. So either Boruto really isn’t gonna try and take out Code and Momo in one shot- or he just hasn’t had the chance to try it yet. They hadn’t seen each other in 2 years, and Boruto- even after getting Sasuke’s “Seal of Approval-” wasn’t ready at that moment to take Code. Now he IS and- CLEARLY- it’s not even “effort” anymore. He had every chance to put the mark on Code in the first 4 chapters of “Two Blue Vortex,” and he just……………….. didn’t. Can’t say why, myself. 

…………………….. This is becoming a post unto itselfso I think we’re gonna stop here. But still- after all these weeks of feeling kind of tired with post making- It’s nice to see that something can still get my “creative juices flowin’.” Okay, GROSS- We’re done here. ‘Til next time, America. 

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