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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 SHORT REVIEW

Hey, everyone. SO- New “Boruto” chapter. When I have a busy work week. As you can imagine: I’m F*ckin’ TIRED. It’s Friday, October 20th, 2o23, at 9:52 pm when I’m STARTING this post, yeah? And I have work the very next f*ckin’ day at 1:f*ckin’ 15. Suckish. But I wanted to talk about this series a little bit because I’ve really been into it since……….. The ThingAnd coming into the post time skip; the opening chapters have been really strong thus far- not one that I’ve been bored with. But then there’s only 3 right now. We’ll see how the series goes before I make any sort of judgement on “Two Blue Vortex.” I heard a rumor in like the month after “Next Generations ended-“ it said that Part 2(which we would come to know as “Two Blue Vortex”) would be on the shorter end of things, with a 3rd Part not long after to wrap up the story. I don’t think I believe that. 

It’s not so much that I don’t think they’ll try for 3 parts; it’s more like…………. I don’t think that would be a good idea. I mean; this chapter continues to not take Code seriously, I’ll tell you that right now! I’m not entirely sure what they intend to do with Code as a Villain, but I feel like he’s gonna “go for broke” just to get some kind of respect out of SOMEONE. And if he does that, then……….. what would a 3rd part even be about? I feel like this series ends with 2 parts before they…………. find some other sh!t to do. Who knows; I stupidly put out into the Universe the idea of a “Naruto Daima” where Naruto and everyone else become kids again- like “Dragon Ball Daima.” Probably a bad idea, but…….. meh, let’s see what Daima does first before passing judgement. Um……… let’s just start the post. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3: “Uzuhiko.” Which is actually our first point. 

Rasengan- Uzuhiko Explained(By A Dope)

This is a bit of a spoiler for the next point we’ll talk about, but the 2 are so intertwined that it’s inevitable. The Uzuhiko is some kind of Chakra Poison– an ability where by the user imbues the Rasengan’s spiraling chakra into the enemy’s body, giving them some variation of vertigo. That’s how I’m reading it at this current moment in time. The reason I say it ties so heavily into the next point is because of what’s powering it. Boruto says that Uzuhiko is the “rotation of the planet-” “will happen so long as the planet is spinning-” are you seeing what I’m saying? The way that am interpreting what he’s saying: The Uzuhiko incorporates Nature Energy- it absorbs nature energy to continue to spin. Which makes sense, as nature energy is a somewhat renewable power………… at least when it comes to chakra itself. So if we assume that that is the case, then the only question is: Where did he get that ability? Well…………… he has Toad Allies now. You, uh………… You know what I’m about to talk about. 

The Return Of Kashin Koji

He managed to defy his Genetic Predestiny and escaped Isshiki ALIVE; he’s not dead yet! But that means he, uh……… well, he’s pretty much left without a purpose. Amado made him with the express purpose of copying Jiriya in his final moments: Using a Battle to relay information to his allies that help them win in the end. Which he DID. And lived, leaving him “beyond his fate-” he now actually has to- you know– choose his own path. But no matter how different he is- how different the path of his life- he is still Jiriya. Probably a pervert, though he strikes me as the “Closet Perv” type(someone who would hide it), but also doesn’t want the world to DIE. So hearing that Boruto is going to stand against Code’s plan to summon the Divine tree- he was probably on board from the get-go. That, and the fact that he probably sees Boruto as “Kawaki:” The Boy Who Was Used By Isshiki. So he’s probably helping because he thinks he “owes him” for not saving him from Isshiki. Or something. 

Not to mention- once again– he’s Jiriya’s clone. And whether or not he knows it- Boruto is Naruto’s son. There’s some care there. So- as opposed to Jiriya who- call a spade a spade- didn’t really teach Naruto anything but how to make a bigger Rasengan- Koji probably took it upon himself to train Boruto atop Mt Myoboku for a while. And Boruto- taking more after his Grandfather than his father and not having the same “limitations” as Naruto- probably picked up Sage Mode quicker than him. And maybe even surpassed him at that by nature of being a “Genius.” And obviously he learned the Summoning Jutsu, and contracted with the Toads. Though he could have also contracted with Snake and Birds through Sasuke. And through Sasuke, he MIGHT even have Orochimaru backing him. That’s just a theory, though; Orochimaru and all of them back Sasuke, and Sasuke’s backing Boruto. Maybe, but you never really know with that snake……..

The Continued Disrespect of Code

This was not a point I made originally; it was something I thought about when making the opening part. What the h#ll is the narrative goal of Code? ‘Cause he started off feeling like Tomura Shigaraki from My Hero– this nobody whiny villain who sought destruction for the sake of it, but would eventually become THE Villain. But all this opening has shown us is that………… No Body Important Views Him As A Threat. Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, Daemon- none of them are particularly worried about him. And now that Boruto managed to get off that Uzuhiko- unless he has some kind of “Wind Nature Cure” stashed somewhere- he looks to be out the door without having accomplished anything. And he doesn’t even seem to have the luxury of complaining to Bug. I…………. I don’t get it. 

From my understanding; Code feels like the “Framing Device-” something such as a story, scene, or explanation at the beginning and end of a book, movie, etc., that has been created as a way of explaining something about the main story. He’s…………. the “Add On-” this little throughline that connects the main plot points and everyone involved. He’s there to provide conflict that brings Boruto’s side and Kawaki’s side together- nothing more. There’s like 3 or 4 people who can wipe him out in seconds; he’s only alive because no one cares enough to kill him. And he’s let that go to his head. Boruto just put him back in his place, so let’s see what this nobody does with this knowledge. He honestly reminds of the Spot from “Across The Spiderverse-“ no one even sees him as a “Villain Of The Week,” but he he uses that as motivation to become an actual threat. Though you could also just call him “a child with a loaded gun-“ doesn’t actually know what to do with it, but waves it around like he does. The Claw Grimes are the “Gun” in this analogy. 


A pretty good chapter; this series is definitely off to a strong start- the first volume should be pretty good when it comes out. Hopefully it sells well, too. I’m super curious to see what Boruto can do when he starts actually trying. And I mean it; I think Boruto is already coming back stronger than Naruto did after his 3 years of training. He already has a new technique under his belt, vs Naruto who just came back able to make a bigger Rasengan. And we clearly have more of him to see. Although Daemon still isn’t all that concerned, which makes you wonder how much stronger he still is than everyone else. And just how strong Himawari is if he was FREAKED feeling her walk by. I almost want to see Boruto vs Himawari next month- even if I think Boruto’s about to warp out of Konoha. But it would be cool to see. Let me know what you guys think of the chapter in the comments. ‘Til next time, all. Laters!!

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