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The Next Generation- 3 Years Later. Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1(Boruto Chapter 81) BREAKDOWN

Wow. Just……. Woah. I actually don’t have much else to say about this chapter. Just more of me spreadin’ the good word of Villainy, yeah? Not much. I mean; it’s only chapter 1 of part 2, but it’s the next installment in an ongoing series as well. I would have thought there was more to say on this. And i very well might by the time I get to the “Review” section, but I’m looking over my notes and……… I’m just not seeing a lot to say. But yes, folks: “Boruto” Has Resumed Serialization!! “Boruto: Two Blue Vortex” has begun; it’s been 3 years since Boruto- accused of killing the Hokage- left the Village with Sasuke. How has his time away changed him? There’s more to the story than that, but, uh………. I don’t think we got all the time in the world to explain that………. Up here. Give it a minute…….

Man, I can’t wait for the story to start “running.” Wonder if the rebrand will do anything for volume sales? Um……. I MIGHT have dragged this on a bit too long. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1(Boruto Chapter 81): “Boruto.” Let’s begin………


3 Years After Boruto Left The Konohagakure For “Killing The Hokage:”Sarada comes to the Hokage’s Office once again. Status Update: Shikamaru has become the 8th Hokage, and Konohamaru his Assistant. Sarada’s come again trying to prove Boruto’s innocence, but they’ve been over this time and time again; Boruto’s been given a “Kill On Sight” order, and nothing anyone says at this point is going to be able to repeal that order- not in the hearts and minds of the people of the Leaf, and not with the other Kage. And with THAT being said, Shikamaru declares this The Last Time this conversation will be had, and instead moves on to mention Sarada’s More Important Prerogative. 3 Years Later, and she’s still only a Genin. But she reminds Shikamaru about the boy who brought her Criminal Father back to the Leaf whilst only being a Genin. THAT is the example she’s following.

Then we see Kawaki visiting Naruto and Hinata in his little Timeless Dimension. And then we cut over to Sumire and Sarada on their way to see Eida. She reminds that the World’s memories have been altered; to the rest of the world that was hit with Eida’s “Omnipotence-” they’re the ones who aren’t getting with the program. Sarada mentions that- when this whole thing started- there were some “contradictions” in the story; Kawaki still has his Modified Body from Kara, but they also remember him growing up in the Leaf the entire time. And there was Momoshiki’s “disappearance” from his body. But “Omnipotence” has begun to overwrite even that; the world has been completely Brainwashed. They finally reach Eida and Daemon, who tell them it’s impossible to erase Omnipotence.

Sarada is persistent- even thinking about telling everyone about the Shinjutsu-  but Eida reminds them how “ridiculous” it sounds, and warns them that they’re gonna look like the Crazies with rewritten memories, But the matter taking precedent in her mind: “Why were Sumire and Sarada unaffected by Omnipotence?” The only one’s unaffected by it would be Ohtsusuki and those of her own bloodline. But here they are. And what’s more; the siblings are starting to wonder if they’re under the effect of “Charm.” Daemon is starting to wonder about that………. 

They recall what Shikamaru said, and know full well that they’d never be able to take Daemon on if it came to it. So Sumire continues to bluff her way out til they buy it. And then we’re over with Kawaki and Mitsuki– the latter letting out a lot of “Killer Intent.” Mitsuki wants to protect Kawaki in the event that Boruto has learned how to “erase” his chakra, but Kawaki assures him he’ll be able to find him if he enters the Village. He then proceeds to tell Mitsuki to stop “following him around like a creep,” but Mitsuki tries to tell him what he thinks. But before he can finish his thought, Kawaki gets a call that Patrol has found another Clawmark by the village. He flies off to deal with that. He can fly now. And Mitsuki is left by his “Sun.”

Another cut to an older Himawari training with Chouchou. And she does rather well for herself- but is still ultimately defeated. But Inojin and Shikadai say that she’s gotten better. Though they question why she wants to get stronger all of a sudden. She replies that she wants to help Boruto; that she has a “different image” of Boruto in her head. She doesn’t even believe Boruto killed her father! She knows that she’d probably be scolded by the rest of the Village for it, but she chooses to believe in the person that saved her and her father years ago. Which is WHY she doesn’t think that her father is dead……..

We jump over to Kawaki to see him use Sukunahikona to shrink down Code’s clawmark. One of the Patrol men hopes that he and Boruto take each other out, but Kawaki notices- he has a clawmark on his neck. Kawaki shrinks it no problem, but it means their might actually be more on the other teams sent to search for Clawmarks might have similar hidden marks, too. So Kawaki has Shikamaru round up all the teams in one place, and he’ll shrink em all. All they can do at the moment……. when a CLAWGRIME comes out of one and starts attack, inciting the Leaf Shinobi to spring into action. Kawaki and Sarada are the first on the scene, but they find that fighting these things summons more and more through the Clawmarks on their bodies. Until Code himself comes out- one eye slashed out. He’s here trying to bait Boruto into coming out of hiding by attacking his home. And to his credit– 

It Works.

Boruto Uzumaki returns to the Leaf Village after 3 years- his foot firmly planted on Code’s face. He tells him that it’s THAT kind of dialogue that sends women running from him. Code tries to attack, but Boruto dodges. And the sensory core finally gets a lock on him. Shikamaru orders everyone to prioritize the safety of the Civilians and stomping out Code’s army. But to also track Boruto’s movements. Now; Kawaki, Code, and Boruto are all in one place- It’s Time For A Karma Powered Clash. Boruto- Two Blue Vortex Chapter 1 END!! Half distracted and I still managed to do this whole part in a little under a day. If I can get these next 2 parts done in addition to the Dump Post planning, then I think I’ll be ready for Sunday. Hopefully the site is up by then. It has to be if you’re reading this


Where do I start with this? I was Super excited when I heard the announcement of the re-brand and the resumption of its serialization, I was all keen to see what Kishimoto and Ikemoto had in store for this “Grand Return.” I’m not the only one who expected a “Boruto” rendition of Naruto’s return to the Leaf, but this was……… actually Pretty Cool– thematically appropriate for the Wannabe Super Villain Code. And yes: Code’s a “Wannabe.” He’s…….. Trying. He wants revenge on those responsible for taking Isshiki away from him- “Boruto” more than anyone. So he went for a Bush League tactic like threatening the people he cares about. It’s stuff like that that let’s Boruto get away with lies like he did in chapter 68

Code is a “Villain” who doesn’t know what he’s doing; a kid with all the power to take what he wants- but lacks the brains to execute any plan. At least that’s how the story presents him. I think that he DOES come up with plans, but they’re just too…….. Basic. Not to mention his pursuit of revenge and the fact that he’s only doing all of this because a Ghost told him to do it- makes him come off as a Directionless Child with more power than he knows what to do with. I don’t know what the plan for him is- whether he’s meant to be this “Punching Bag” of a character or if he’s meant to get sick of it and DO something about it- but as of now; I can’t take him as a serious threat. And I don’t think Boruto or Kawaki do, either, based on how Boruto came in and how Kawaki seemingly ignores him when Boruto shows up.

 Speaking of Kawaki: I think that his behavior is starting to set off an alarm in Mitsuki. If their “positions” in everyone’s minds is the only thing that’s switched, then their personality change in the both of them- particularly where Kawaki is concerned- might be one of the last pieces of evidence that things are a miss. If we take the anime as canon, then Boruto and Mitsuki had always had this……… “Okay” relationship; Boruto was a little put off by Mitsuki’s attachment to him, but he’d never tell him he was a “creepy weirdo” in such a serious way. A joke, sure, but never as an intended insult. Kawaki does. You could attribute it to grief over his parent’s “death,” but stuff like that can only go so far before someone calls you out for it. That being said; Sumire tells us that any and all doubt anyone still has in their minds about Kawaki is all but gone- the rewrite has had enough time to sink in. So I don’t think Mitsuki will bring it up.

Sarada on the other hand might take the chance to point it out in regards to how “Boruto” used to act. Where it goes from there is anyone’s guess, but it’s one point of evidence that might help them. I like Sarada’s new character design; it reminds me- and I’m sure a lot of you- of the Akatsuki from “Naruto.” Is that intentional? Maybe. Kara seemed to be the stand in for them when the series started getting moving, but in all honesty- it feels like they were irrelevant not long after they were introduced. We had a fight with the Outer Ao; dealt with Delta; Momoshiki defeated Boro; Isshiki came and went; and Code just abandoned the Human’s of Kara and went for these Claw Grimes. And while I don’t necessarily dislike any of what happened, it didn’t do anything for Kara’s image; they felt like an Akatsuki “Spoof” organization that didn’t manage to accomplish much of anything vs the Akatsuki who…….. Basically did. 

But what I’m getting at is that Sarada- along with Sumire and Sasuke- will form a New Akatsuki Organization under Boruto’s lead, with the goal of “Exposing The Truth.” Like how the Akatsuki tried to end War- a Genuine, Noble Goal accomplished through……….. “Less that Admirabledeeds. But I doubt they’ll go to such lengths as the Akasuki did for all of that. Hm………. Maybe the goal will be to make a counter wish to Eida and restore the world’s memories. That makes her The Dragon balls, but you know what? Okay. She may not be “The Best” character, but it certainly something for her to do while she’s waiting for whatever she wants to happen with Kawaki to happen. 

Honestly, that’s probably what would facilitate a fight between Daemon and Boruto’s team; I don’t think there’d be any other reason for him to battle knowing the truth. Though him being distracted with them leaves Eida Quite Vulnerable. I think Kawaki knows that Eida is the only way things would ever go back to normal, so he’s probably been looking for a chance to snuff her out. But even after 3 years and learning to flyI guess he’s still no match for Daemon. Otherwise he SO would have wiped the 2 of them by now

Another thing that I wrote in my notes is how Himawari might not have been afflicted by Omnipotence- like Sarada and Sumire. Why they weren’t is a mystery, though it seems like their “Intense Love” for Boruto is the cause. Himawari might be similar, though obviously she’s not “IN love” with Boruto. Not that kind of series. Right, back to topic……… I think this mostly because of the way she said “Different Image-” as if she still has Boruto in the position of “Older Brother” instead of Kawaki. And when push-comes-to-shove; I think that- when Boruto has to save her- she’ll realize it completely. Where that leaves her is anyone’s guess, but in all honesty- Neo Akatsuki Member. Well, she’s still young. But from Daemon’s reaction to her presence at the end of Part 1(I guess we can just call it “Next Generations”); she’s got TONS of hidden potential. Which makes sense when you look at Boruto. 

Boruto is a “Natural Genius” just like his Grandfather- but lacks his father’s “latent potential/” Power Battery. But he DOES have an “Inner Demon” unto himself. While Himawari is not a “Genius” nor is portrayed as a “Failure-” but IS shown to have her father’s potential. I bring up Boruto in all this because of the Jogan- an ability coveted by the Ohtsusuki, only held by those who have “Strong Ohtsusuki” genes. Depending on the media you consume, Boruto has the Jogan for 1 of 2 reasons: 

  1. The anime portrays it as Boruto having the Jogan from the get go, meaning it’s something Boruto was always meant to have. 
  2. The manga shows us that it’s something that only crops up AFTER getting Karma; Naruto genes and the Hyuga genes already brings those Ohtsusuki genes up, but having the Karma overwriting more of the Human traits enhances those genes and brings out the Jogan- particularly when Momoshiki takes the reigns. 

The creative team behind the manga SAY the anime is canon to what’s going on in the manga, but………….. No. So I would altogether disregard Boruto getting it in the anime at any point before Karma. But that still means that Himawari has some level of Ohtsusuki genes, meaning she’s got some potential to do some Ohtsusuki Shinjutsu given the chance. I doubt that Momoshiki would give Boruto that kind of information, but we already have it established that he can see some of Momo’s memories; he might have picked something up in the last 3 years. I don’t think he would have been able to get the drop on Konoha like this is he DIDN’T. He doesn’t need to hide his chakra to sneak up on Code, clearly. 

The last thing I have to say is that Boruto and Code have likely fought a number of times in the last few years; Code probably made fun of Boruto’s eye, and Boruto gave one to match. Which probably p!ssed him off to no end. He’s STRONG if nothing else, so he likely put up a h#ll of a fight after that. Which leads me to where Sasuke is currently. Just because he didn’t pull up with Boruto- DOESN’T mean he’s dead. Injured by Code, maybe, but alive and either off looking for another way to reverse the Brainwashing, or simply off in another area dealing with other Claw Grimes. That’s the most simple answer.


I finished every part of this post on a Personal Document but the Conclusion. And if I’m to keep it Real 100 with you guys; some of this post is a little “phoned it-” be it because my site was down and I didn’t have that “Drive” that I do while making a post, or because this my own hype for this chapter ended up making this chapter feeling a little “lackluster.” I enjoyed it and all, but it was pretty “tame” compared to what I was expecting. But I’m glad to have this series back. Next month will likely be the continuation of this invasion, as well as showing off what Boruto has learned in his time away. I can’t wait to see what he’s like now. Let me know what you guy’s think in the comments, and until next time, all!! 

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