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Will Shiki Join The Oracion Seis Interstelar?- Edens Zero THEORY


This. This is what I was alluding to at the end of the 198 review. I’ve had this thought ever since we learned that Jaguar was originally a Galactica back in chapter 161– ever since the Oracion Seis Interstelar was revealed, if I’m being honest. I think that Shiki will become a member of the Oracion Seis Interstelar. Or at the very least he will be offered a position. But the implications for him joining would be very interesting for the story going forward. Particularly when it comes to Dear ol’ Justice……………..

As I said with in the last 2 “Edens Zero” posts; I feel that this arc is the “Status Quo Altering, Game Changer-” the arc that changes the way we think of the story, the characters, the lore, and change the characters positions in the story; reveal motivations, set up new ones, and just in general alter the story in some manor. I come to this conclusion based on the fact that Mashima is bringing every single member of the Oracion Seis- be they Galactica or Interstelar- are coming to Lendard. You do not bring in this many Important, “Big League” characters into 1 arc without reason- especially when the threat isn’t even one of them.

No, I mean it; it has not been outright said in the story that Ziggy is the 6th Galactica. With Nero and Drakken gone; 2 slots were open. 1 was filled by Shiki, but we don’t know who filled the last slot- or if it was even filled in the last 3 years. I’ve seen a number of ideas that he is seen as a “Greater Threat” than any of the Galactica, and is thus not part of that faction. But that just feels like reaching. But even so; we have not gotten confirmation that he’s a Galactica, and it’s not something that you can just “imply.” It had to be “made official” for Shiki, so if they haven’t done it for Ziggy either, then he probably isn’t one.

That last slot aside; the fact that Shiki was recognized by Interstelar as a potential threat mean that they know how strong he is- he, and his crew. And Holy went on to state in chapter 177 that she doesn’t even really seem him as “threatening;” she just agreed that he’s strong. Meaning that there is a case to be made that he’d be more valuable as an ally than an enemy. But the only one who sees him as any sort of a problem is Justice. Though, as I alluded to- I don’t think that they’re going to continue to let his behavior slide……………….

Since we first saw him in chapter 13 of the story; he has had this Intense hatred and disdain for Elsie- to the point of brutally attacking Shiki just because he called Elsie his “friend.” If Creed and Victory had gotten away with taking Homura; Shiki WOULD be an enemy of the Union army- he would have made Shiki an actual threat! Not only that, but his obsession with Elsie makes him so single-minded that he ignores arguably larger threats like Ziggy and Nero. And due to Interstelar’s rules, they can’t make him stop pursuing Elsie- they can only “recommend” that he do something about the characters like Ziggy.

Because of his vengeful, narrow-minded behavior; they may vote on removing Justice from the Oracion Seis Interstelar all together, making him just a Regular Union army Soldier……….. or something higher but still restricted. Or who knows; they may decide to boot him out of the Union army completely. He’s too hyper focused on his personal grudge to the point of attacking innocent people just because they know Elsie; it’s not like he’s going to “change his tune” just because he’s in a lower position. And they can’t have someone like that in their ranks, I imagine.

All that said; he still won’t stop. This was probably the most convenient way of tracking down Elsie; it’s a position that let him do what he wanted. But with it gone and having probably being thrown out of the Union Army; he’s left with the choice of either giving up on his revenge, or pursuing Elsie as an independent agent- and illegal traveler. And a very Dangerous one at that. He could go around looking for more of Elsie’s allies and bullying them into giving him the information he wants- whether they’re also criminals or not. “Makin’ a LO~T of assumptions” I hear you guys saying, but I want you to think about everything that justice has done since his introduction. He’s kind of “unhinged” thinking about it………

Should we hold him to that?

But now that I’ve laid out the “Why” of Justice leaving Interstelar, and you probably already know the “When” and “How;” we can talk about what would become of Interstelar: 2 Slots Are Now Open. Unless they’ve filled in the empty slot left by Jaguar; there will now be 2 positions in the Oracion Seis Interstelar. I don’t know who would take up the other, but I definitely think that Shiki will fill in one of the spots. Justice honestly didn’t need to be booted out for Shiki to get the position; I just thought that them offering Shiki a position wouldn’t sit well with him. He’ll oppose it- and he will lose.

That gets into whether or not he chooses to leave on his own terms or not. Would Shiki being offered a spot send him over the edge li-Oh, who am I kidding? Either they take back the offer or he leaves. And at this point; Shiki- being a “Loyal Friend-” would be a far more viable as an ally than the “Lose Canon” Justice is turning into.

But that leaves us with a only a few questions to answer:

  1. Will Shiki accept the offer?
  2. What does the position entail for him?
  3. How will Victory react to the news?
  4. What will become of Jesse?
  5. What does this mean for the story?

To answer question #1: I definitely think that he’ll take the offer. Because it means that a faction that was once an enemy to he and his crew- now becomes a powerful ally. He’s OBVIOUSLY gonna discuss such a Big Decision with his friends, and they’ll probably tell him to TAKE IT. because it means that they’re no longer wanted criminals; they don’t have to run every time they stop(or cause) a problem on whatever planet they land on; and it means they have more resources to work with- information that they wouldn’t be able to get by normal means, parts to repair their ship, Top Notch Mechanics to repair their ship, FUNDING to get an actual explanation where the f*ck their money comes from. It’s an ideal situation.

Heck; part of the reason I even wanted to do this post was to highlight a moment from chapter 134– when Witch suggested they leave the Aoi cosmos for the time being. Shiki actually stopped and thought about it. Like Witch laid out; there were a lot of Powerful characters in that particular cosmos at that particular moment- they were already technically criminals because of their travel on an unregistered ship. But they went and incurred the rath Nero. Not to mention the fact that they had to deal with Ziggy as they went along- ala Foresta. It was the Best Option at the moment, and I really liked that Shiki took a moment to linger on the thought.

Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown,” Oh Magimech King………..

I think that- had Shura not made that announcement- he may have actually said to leave! He was going to do what was in the best interest of the crew. And had he brought up the idea to everyone else; they may have just agreed with him there. Like they would in this potential scenario. If this scenario actually plays out in the story; the evidence towards him saying “Yes” is overwhelming. Nothing will change if he says “No.”

But if and when he accepts the offer; What Will That Entail? When the group was first introduced, they said that their sole purpose was to crush the Oracion Seis Galactica. And when looking at the story; Shiki has been fighting against them- be it directly facing off with Drakken, or getting involved in a war against Nero’s empire. And even here on Lendard; Ziggy brought with him Crow and Acnoella! Chapter 199 may have come out by the time you’re reading this, so we know that the final member- “Saintfire” Nox- will be arriving on Lendard soon. He can either befriend him like he did Elsie, or fight against him like he’s done all the rest. He has been fighting them this whole time, and managed to take out 1 on his own, and played a role in taking down another. Interstelar took down not 1 Put Together.

BRIEF TANGENT: I- and many others- have always felt that “Edens Zero” and One Piece were very similar stories. If for no other reason than “Adventure,” the main characters being wanted criminals, a group of Dangerous individuals toted as some of the Strongest People out there(Yonko= Galactica), a Government who hires people to deal with that group(Warlords= Interstelar), the main character brining about “Great Change,” and other aspects I’m sure. Where am I going with this? In One Piece; the Warlords were summoned to Marineford to help fight against Whitebeard. Maybe they have that in common?

Perhaps- in times of great distress- the Space Government(I always forget their official name) could call on Interstelar to deal with a large scale problem. Which might be why they’re all seemingly converging on Lendard right now; they were all sent to dispatch Ziggy. And, while they don’t have a superior among them; they may in fact have an authority ABOVE them that they receive orders from. So he might not have a choice but to do……… certain things at times. Such as- Kill Someone Threatening. He;s against murder, but as an Agent of the Government- He Won’t Have Choice. And that of course snowballs into him losing his position, which is a whole other topic for another day.

It also means that Shiki is allowed to act………. more like himself. Like I said earlier; he won’t have to avoid the police or anything like that anymore- whether he’s caused the problem because “someone messed with his friends,” or if some robbers come to cause a problem. No more repeats of Sun Jewel, or Norma, or his first encounter with Jinn- so long as he says he’s “acting as a member of Oracion Seis Interstelar,” he can pretty much do what he wants. Though that mindset is what gave rise to Justice. So his crew and the other Interstelar should probably keep an eye on him………………..

Fun Fact: These scenes take place exactly 100 chapters apart- Shiki’s in chapter 23, and Justice’s in chapter 123. But in any case; we’ve answered 1 and 2. But what of 3 and 4? How will Victory and Jesse react to the news. I can see Victory going 1 of 2 ways:

  1. He will stay with the Union Army, and vow to be the one that brings in Justice should he become a threat.
  2. He will leave the Union Army, and stand by his friend “’til the end.”

In Outcome 1; Justice getting the “boot” sends him spiraling out of control and acting on his own desires without having the “rules” on his side. Essentially; I’m thinking that Justice will become a potential threat, and Victory- being his friend- wants to be the one that takes him in. It shows that he’s more loyal to the Union Army than to Justice, and will definitely cause a rift between the 2. Where that storyline goes, though, is anyone’s guess. It can either end in Victory bringing him in, Justice killing him, or Victory talking him down and we get a Redemption arc. But it still shares a similarity with Outcome 2.

In Outcome 2; Victory decides to stand by Justice and leaves with him. He tries to act as the “Voice Of Reason” between the 2 of them- preventing him from straight up murder– but is ultimately not strong enough to stop him. But then it comes to a head when it comes time to end this plot point; he’ll have his own choice to make: Stand with his friend a take down a Dangerous Criminal, OR oppose him because- even though it’s a Pirate who did something heinous to him- what he’s doing is still wrong. And then Justice will either listen to reasonor kill him where he stands.

I think that these plot points both tie themselves to Jesse. He killed Creed and BLAMED IT on Homura- an innocent girl who had just become friends with him. And now; Justice thinks her just as bad as ELSIE!! Victory Doesn’t Buy It Though; he sees through the BS and Jesse’s shady behavior- he knows that something more happened to Creed. So if it comes down to it; he’ll probably end up protecting Homura from Justice- trying make him see reason and pressuring Jesse into telling the truth. Which reminds me: Where Does Jesse Stand?

He’s onto you, ya filthy little cockroach d!ck……………

The boy……………. is completely Damaged. I don’t know what his story is, but something very bad will happen to him when this secret gets out. Be it trouble with the “Higher Ups;” Justice and Victory; Elsie’s crew; or the Edens Zero. Which brings me to a Deep Cut from Mashima’s first workRave Master. Do you guys remember a character by the name of Branch? To summarize: He was Haru’s older sister’s Ex-Boyfriend- an Abusive one at that. Haru kicked his b!tch @$$ in front of some jerks, got teased for it, joined the Villainous organization “Demon Card,” and failed in a mission. So they remodeled him into a Cyborg set to self destruct to take out the Good Guys. Tragic character type; personal insecurities he took out on his girlfriend, but didn’t deserve that end.

I read Rave Master some years ago- around the time Elsie found out Jessie was a spy. And seeing his reaction to that- coupled with his subsequent murder of Creed- I feel that he’ll end up forced down a similar path: Constant Failure Resulting In Remodeling. Their reactions and behavior are even remarkably similar. But will the “Peace Keeping” Government actually force cybernetic enhancements on a Disturbed Individual? With Branch; he joined the Bad Guys, and he proved to be an incompetent, sniveling coward- That’s The Natural Conclusion Of His Story. This is a bit of a different case.

This Government doesn’t seem overtly antagonistic; they’ve got some dangerous characters in their ranks- like Narrow Minded Vengeful types like Justice, or manipulative spies like Amira- but they haven’t shown anything that says they’re like the World Government in One Piece and trying to “strip people of their freedom and human rights.” They seem like a regular Governing body so far. So I can’t say that they’ll remodel Jesse…………………unless Mashima randomly decides to do that. Well; not “Random,” as we can’t really say what the Government’s like- we don’t know enough about them yet.

………………… That’s the post. Honestly; this was less of a “Theory” and more like “Speculation/Discussion.” But I’ll leave the title the way it is; not like it’s hurting anybody. Sh!t, I hope not. I proud of what wrote down; I don’t really think there’s anything I need to change. Justice getting booted out is just something that would be the logical conclusion of Shiki being offered Jaguar’s position. Who would fill in Justice’s spot? No idea. Provided his survival; Justice would end up being a Galactica, but I don’t know who would take that 6th spot, either.

Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, everyone; Stay safe, Stay healthy, and have a Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!!

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