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Edens Zero Chapter 259 SHORT REVIEW

When I first read the leaks for this chapter, I figured I have more to talk about. But after reading the chapter during my break at work and getting to sit on it for a few hours; I could really only come up with 2 things to say. And to be completely honest: One’s just kind of an “observation” more than anything else. Gotta sayNot what I was expecting. But in a Good way. Better to keep trying to innovate than stick with what you know! Though now I’m questioning Freya. Ah……. I should probably get to it before I spoil what I’m talking about. Though that makes this a Wicked short introductory paragraph. Meh; whatever. Edens Zero Chapter 259: “Storming The Edens One!!” Let’s begin…………

Lighting Law

This is not at ALL what I was expecting Lightning Law to be. Maybe it’s the newfound Mashima fan in me- maybe I’m just coping with the fact that Shiki and Justice will never have a rematch- maybe I’m just delisional. But I was expecting Law to be……… wellSieghart/ Jellal/ Justice/ Genesis/ Magician MugenI wonder how many of you have read that one shot; Mashima hates it, but I think it’s fine. But yeah; nother Tattoo faced “Cool” guy with blue hair that fights the main character. Because I need Shiki to redeem himself after that @$$whoopin’ he got on ForestaBut I guess that’s just gonna be “the one that got away.” And it’s not like I’m upset with Law’s design at all. Actually; he kind of reminds me of Eneru from One Piece– both in terms of choice of wardrobe(that “Holy” type garb) and what his powers seem to be. 

He honestly might even BE an Eneru reference, because the way he came out of that Skull Bot- I’m thinking his ability is to Become Electricity. Like in the same sense as Eneru, but he has technology around him that he can possess and travel through as opposed to Eneru who was lucky to never have encountered rubber until meeting Luffy. But that’s just it; Luffy had the luck of being made of Rubber- Shiki does not have that luxury. He’s about to get SHOCKED. And maybe even lose this fight- something that I think this fight is trying to say: The only reason Shiki and co were able to deter One in the previous world was because they had the added benefit of 3 years of prep-time, as well as forging an Alliance with HolyThey do not have that here; it’s just them– with an added “nerf” of not being able to handle their Full powerAnd One came into this prepared for all of that– bringing in the remaining members of Galactica and having his Dark Star’s finally meet with their Shining Star counterparts. Especially when 2 of them are prophesized to DIE. 

But back to Law. Oh, wait; what else is there to say? He only just appeared; I can’t make heads or tells of him just yet! Maybe he’s the “Justice” type of character; a bad guy who seeks “justice” by any means necessary. So he either sees Humans as the “Ultimate Injustice For Their Existence,” or he- like Helix– is just kind of “misguided” and needs someone to show him the way. That’s what I get from the name “Law.” 

Shiki, Witch, And Mother

I’m not the only one who’s getting this ominous feeling from the end of this chapter, right? That feeling that 2 characters are about to be connected in a way we never would have seen coming? Not just me, right? Of course you’ve all seen it on twitter or wherever you interact with fellow fans: We seem to all be thinking that Witch is Shiki’s Biological Mother. Meaning he kicked his father’s @$$ back on Lendard. What a connection that would be. And having 2 Lawyer parents would basically mean he would have lived a financially well off life- had things not………. happened. Though I don’t know if his parents would be around that much with their schedules. Eh; maybe one of them was going to quite their job to stay with Shiki. All of this assuming that Witch is pregnant in this scene. We’re basically going off the fact that she thinks “Shiki” is a good name. 

Ivry just randomly says “Shiki” out loud, and doesn’t think it means anything- just a random thought as she lies sick in bed. But Witch looks off like she just decided something. But if we were to assume that Witch is pregnant here(she doesn’t have the “bump” just yet, so if she is then it’s fairly early on), then I think it paints some kind of picture of what’s going on. It MIGHT BE that Regret’s Child “Shiki” was chosen by the Goddess of the Universe- Mother herself- to change it. This planet overdrives and ushers in an “Era of Ether” or whatever you want to call it, granting the power of Ether to all life that springs up in her wake. But even HER power is finite- it won’t last forever. So she either: 

  1. Selects a Child at random and ends up choosing Shiki because she “senses something within him”
  2. Or Regret goes to her directly and offers her child over to Mother to become the “Bringer Of Change”

Either way, Shiki was selected. And then- Dark Ages happen. Ether Gear is made, yadda yadda yadda- and at some point Ziggy comes through. Because even though the Shining Stars keep saying they went with Ziggy to find MotherZiggy does not seem to register them. He never says “We” when talking about searching for Mother- either when he set off from the Planet Eden nor when he set off from Granbell itself- it was always “I.” So it might be that the reason the Shining Star’s don’t remember going to Mother- is because they were never there on the way; Hermit has only been going by the Ship’s Logs– no one was with Ziggy when he went to Red Cave– Xenolith has no recollection of them ever being around Ziggy at any point during his stent on Foresta- they simply………… weren’t there. 

And in addition to handing Shiki over to Ziggy; she had him modify the 4 survivors of her creation. And they had their memories erased- so that they don’t have to bear the trauma of…………… The Thing. I still don’t know what this planet is dying from; maybe it was just running out of Ether. And Overdriving- creating Mother- destroyed the planet as it was. And it was all because of Mio’s Idea. I bet that’s something she’d want to forget. Ivry chose to become a “Healer Type” because she didn’t want anyone to be restrained to a Hospital bed like she was; Regret wanted to be the one protecting others rather than condemning them………… or something; Yuna just wanted to be strong; and Mio wanted to be better at programming. That’s how they ended up in the roles they did. At least; that’s how I’m interpreting it. 

I still don’t know where Pino fits into all this- or the Chronophages- or why Ziggy was tasked with raising Shiki. Well, maybe that’s something along the lines of “The Worst Outcome Getting A Second Chance To Make Things Right;” by becoming “one” with Shiki like he did at the end of their fight, he’s managed to redeem himself in the eyes of the Universe. And Pino might have been there off rip, doing maintenance on the ship by herself vs the Shining Stars doing it. That’s one idea for this situation. And where One comes from is……… a whole other thing for a whole other post. 


Yeah……… Yeah, that’s everything. Ah…………. in the time that it’s taken me to write this, the new chapter of One Piece is out. And IT. IS. TELLING. I mean; WOW. It even got me to do some math. And I DESPISE Math in its entirety– I’d rather pull my own teeth out than do Algebra ever again. It is the subject that I struggle with the most in all my life; my youngest brother and dad are GENIUSES with the subject. Me and my brother AjayWe would happily clean your HOUSE before we do a math problem. Man, I’m glad my family doesn’t read these things. Ah……….. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time, everybody! 

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