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The War Isn’t Over Yet?! Joyboy And The World King’s Unfinished Conflict!! One Piece Chapter 1,115 BREAKDOWN

I THINK that’s what the anime episode based on this chapter would be titled like. Probably not the “World King” part, but I feel like it be something along that line. Maybe “Joyboy’s 900 Year Struggle.” Yeah, that sounds about right. I wanted to do something special for the First Singular Chapter Review I’ve done for this series in a long time. I’ll miss Edens Zero and My Hero Academia dearly(one more than the other), but having 2 less series to talk about- not to mention the limited release of Black Clover chapters, as well as the “lack of substance” series like Four Knights and Chainsaw Man give me on a weekly basis- making posts might just get easier. Heck, the more I think about, the more I realize: This might be the only series going forward to get regular weekly content. I might actually be able to do regular posting again. Well- maybe not because my computer’s getting old, meaning less and less time on it. And I don’t exactly have a whole bunch money lying around to get a new one, so it might end up going back to just using it on charger like I did with my original computer. Ah, but then I was able to be on it around the clock and make posts at a decent pace. But that computer had……………………. PROBLEMS towards the end, and this one’s charger is already showing signs of wear-and-tear; I’m having to fix it like you would for a 10 year old phone charger. 

I can only say that I hope I’m able to get back to the way things used to be, but also try to make a schedule that’s creatively “healthy.” ‘Cause I think that all those “Mass Reviews” I had been doing has kind of killed my creativity when it comes to these openings. THAT- and I don’t think that just “working around the clock” is necessarily a good idea. Physically or Mentally, for someone like me who’s trying to do this full time. I’m learning to pace myself with this, compared to before when I was doing it around the clock. It keeps my mind going so I’m constantly thinking, and it makes sure that there’s enough content to keep me in your minds- but it’s killer on your “creativity” and “passion.” Learning a lot about myself in the past few months. Hopefully that continues. Ah……………….. Nope, still not a good segue into the topic. Uh….. uh….. Imu stuff happening this chapter!! There, saved it. Let’s begin! One Piece Chapter 1,115: “Pieces Of A Continent.” The official release came out on Mangaplus a half hour earlier than it did on Viz. Works out well for me because I have a Cookout to go to today(Sunday, May 26th, 2024)!! 


Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage Volume 5

Hiyori and Otoko are making Yamato a Bento box for her excursion. And she looks pretty darn happy about it. Something tells me she’s going to lose that box- be it it get’s stolen and she has to trek off the chase down the bandit, or she gets in a fight and it ends up splattered on the ground. Either way: It’s gonna get ruined- and somebody’s gonna pay for it. Either way, for just THAT to get a volume in this cover series is going to mean something for Yamato. Wherever it leads her, I guess! 

Chapter 1,115

People And Places Reacting To The Message In This Chapter
  • Flower Captial, Wano- Momonosuke’s group is listening to the message via a Den Den Mushi Orochi used to have while eating Dango. He remarks that Joyboy was a Pirate much like Luffy………….
  • G-4 Naval Base Jail Cell- ‘Member Demalo Black and them Straw Hat Cosplay scheme they cooked up? Well, now they’re trying out their Kidd Pirates cosplay. And think they can defeat “Joyball.”
  • ZOU- Zunesha is listening EXTREMELY intently, as well as Carrot and the other minks. There were some theories that she was hiding somewhere on the Sunny, but this chapter confirms she’s back on Zou(and looks to be dressed like the Leader she was assigned to be). 
  • Even Foxy and his crew(consisting of ONLY Hamburg and Porche) are listening to the message. Though they don’t believe it at all. 
  • Shimotsuki Village- Koushiro is listening in while his students continue their training. 
  • Kamabaka Queendom- Revolutionaries Are Going NUTS Right Now.
  • Kokoyashi Village- Genzo is starting to freak, but Nojiko is more concerned with their Tangerine farm. So she leaves, deciding to hear all about it when she comes back. 
  • Some random Tavern where everyone’s too drunk to take the message seriously
  • Sakura Kingdom(Former Drum kingdom Where Chopper hails From)- Dolton questions if anything Vegapunk has said is even possible, but Kureha is unsure- but willing to believe ANYTHING at her age. 
  • New Spider Cafe- Marianne(Ms Golden Week), Mikita(Miss Valentine), and Drophy(Miss Merry Christmas) see a mountain off in the distance about 200 meters tall(keep that in mind for later), and ponder how crazy it is that……………..
  • Water 7- Galley La is watching.
  • WE News Blimp Thing- Vivi is closing Morgan’s big, fat beak shut while Wapol cowers in the corner. 
  • IMU.

Stellapunk’s Message

Stellapunk says that everyone must be wondering how Joyboy came to be known as “The First Pirate,” but he reminds everyone that his access to the Poneglyphs is rather limited considering the laws of the world. But He Assures EveryoneThey are the Chronicles of a Grand War That Occurred 900 Years Ago. It saw Joyboy- The First Pirate– vs the “Alliance” that would later become the World Government. For only an alliance of 20 Nations was enough to stand against Joyboy’s Faction. The cause is still currently unknown, and Vegapunk’s not really concerned with “moralities” when it comes to putting these facts out there. So he’ll read off as a “Clash of Ideologies.” 

He reminds everyone that Joyboy’s homeland was a Technologically Advanced Civilization- one with technology and weaponry that even he can’t replicate. But THAT’S The Problem: The Void Century Ended With Joyboy’s Defeat. And the aftermath of all THAT was even worse; it left scars on the world that ain’t never been healed. He starts talking about the difficulties of travelling the vast seas of the world- most people choosing to live and die on their home island without ever experiencing other cultures. But it apparently wasn’t always like that. A certain “cataclysmic disaster” occurred during the Void Century- one that SWALLOWED the entire world in the vast ocean we know today, washing away vast continent, cultures, and- as we see in one of the double page spreads- even Entire Kingdoms. The world as they know it is built atop the ruins of that world- the small pockets of land that were left behind, and the world of old entirely submerged……………

Though he once again admits that everything he’s said is kind of “out there.” But the rising sea level would explain how an entire century of history could be completely censored- what with the Sea Level having risen about 200 Meters over the course of a century. But all that information leaves him questioning is “How The H#ll Did That Happen?” and “WHY THE F*CK DID THAT HAPPEN?” The first thing that comes to rise is some kind of “natural disaster-” something with the climate changing that caused the Ultimate Flood. But he assures us that that was a “Man-Made CATASTROPHE.” The fact that there are even “Warning Signs” from centuries ago is enough proof of that; even with all the knowledge he has, he cannot discern how a flood like this would even be possible. For the sea level to rise like that in only a span of 100 years– it HAD to be something else. And that little “quake” some days ago just sealed it: 

That Disaster Was Caused By An Ancient Weapon.

And CLEARLY- That Kind Of Tech Still Exists In The Present Day, waiting to be used. But that can only mean 1 Thing: That “Grand Conflict” from 900 Years ago- the Battle Between Joyboy’s Faction and the World Government- Isn’t Over Yet. 

Egghead Island Battle, Amongst Other Events

The Marines are surprised to hear that the World Government had such involvement in the Void Century, though think it rational considering Joyboy was supposedly a Pirate. Fabriophase: G5 Luffy, Dory, and Broggy are doing everything they can to get away from Warcury, seeing as they can’t seem to put a dent in him. Labophase: Mars is DONE F*ckin’ around, and is putting his Conqueror’s Haki in overdrive, knocking out every last Transponder Snail he comes across. Control Room: An exhausted, damaged Edison gets in contact with Stussy sama(and Kaku just looks on melancholic), telling her that they don’t even need to worry about the Labophase Barrier with “Those Monsters” around(referring to the Gorosei). She is now ordered to lower the barrier and bail. We also see Saturn putting his Conqueror’s on Full Blast. Edison decides to put his faith in the Straw Hats, hoping they can get away on their own. We see Jinbei and Zoro making their way to the ship– catching an earful from Nami swan for taking so long. She tells them to hurry, before the blockade blocks off their only path off the island. 

As for Stussy sama; she’s glad to hear that they have a path forward- worried that Stellapunk wouldn’t have forgivern her for letting them die. Edison says that’s not even a thought in their head, and tells her to get going. However…………… Stussy sama finds herself……………. in an Existential Crisis without Stellapunk, wondering “Who She’s Meant To Live For” now that he’s…………… no longer. Kaku looks at her from his bubble with………….. sympathetic understanding from the looks of it. Northeast Coast: Giant Bonney, Oimo, Kashii, and Franky are still combatting Nusjuro. He almost kills Bonney, but Franky manages to pull her out of the way- only for the slash to cut off the head at the front of the Giant’s ship. And what’s more- Bonney’s “Distorted Future” runs out of time. But luck’s on their side because the Gorosei’s top priority at the moment is stopping that message. Saturn and Mars are taking it slowly trying not to destroy the lab itself, while Nusjuro cuts the Labophase in half– even freeing the Cipher Pol agents and Seraphim being contained in the basement.

Upon hearing how much the ocean had risen in only a century, the Marines begin to panic before being told to go and rescue the Seraphim and Cipher Pol agents. The Gorosei become increasingly worried, as their boss listens to the message in the Chamber Of Flowers of Pangea Castle……………….. One Piece Chapter 1,115 END!! Did you guys follow all of that? I figured breaking it up into 3 parts would make the post “flow” a bit better, as opposed to talking about in sequence like I usually do. At least; that was my HOPE. I feel like getting out who’s reacting to the message out of the way was probably the best call, but maybe not splitting up the actual message and the Egghead parts. Ah well, too late to take it all back now. 


If NOTHING ELSE- this chapter- as well as the previous– confirms: The Mother Flame Is Just A “Battery” For Uranos- the Final Ancient Weapon. That much we know now. There was speculation that the weapon Imu destroyed Lulusia with was the Mother Flame itself– something made as a copy of Uranos. But No– No, that…………… That was the REAL THING. And as Stellapunk just told us– It’s been used at least once before. Although we could already surmise that from the fact that- it exists. All 3 weapons were used at least once before in the past, otherwise we wouldn’t know if they actually worked. Ah man, it’s been a while since I’ve spoken about a single chapter in full- I’ve gotten rusty. Um……… Imu, right. So…………. he probably hasn’t used this weapon for a very long time(how ever he perceives the passage of time; what’s 150 years to us could look like- what- 2 to them?). He’s used it prior to…………. that one island we aren’t sure about, but maybe only like…………… 3 or 4 times over the last 800 years during his reign. ‘Cause that thing takes A WHOLE LOTE OF ENERGY. It’s likely got some kind of “self charging” gimmick that builds up and stores power over a period of time, but to build up enough power to do THAT- must time a long time. But the Mother Flame an “Undying” source of energy- something like that could keep Uranos at full strength for a good while. We don’t know how “Undying” the flame is. But imagine he’s got enough “juice” for…………….. The “Cleansing.”

Something else we’re meant to take away from this chapterThe Original War. From the way it’s phrased, Vegapunk seems to imply that the original 20 nations that founded the World Government only started working together to fight against the Ancient Kingdom- OR Joyboy. Vegapunk doesn’t outright say that Joyboy’s faction was outright the Ancient Kingdom- we’re just left to assume. And the Original Allied powers only took control when Joyboy was defeated, meaning he couldn’t have taken to sea to become a “Pirate” after that. If I were to guess what Oda was trying to say: Joyboy hailed from the Ancient Kingdom- a technologically advanced land. And for some reason, he possessed the powers of the Sun God Nika from Elbaf lore. 20 nations came together to fight the Ancient Kingdom- a faction that would later create the World Government as we know it. It was over the course of this war that Joyboy became what is know as “The First Pirate.” Long story short: He Lost; the Ancient Weapons were lost to time; Devil Fruits came about; The D Clan; and a whole bunch of stuff. 

It seems as though the Ancient Weapons were used to plunge the world into the sea- specifically Uranos. How they came about, though, is another question that needs to be asked. Would the joint effort of the Allied nations have reached the Ancient Kingdom’s level of scientific advancement, or– Did the Ancient Kingdom create them? For what purpose? And for that matter- Where do the Sky Races fit into all of this? Because we saw in Eneru’s cover story that those Sky races– the Birkans, Shandians, and Skypieans- came down from the Moon when they ran out of resources. And then there’s also the Lunarians to consider in all of this. There are a lot of concepts to take into the account when talking about the Void Century. I’m not sure if the Lunarians were the Celestial Dragon equivalent of that era- being the “Cruel Gods That Sit At The Top of The World,” but then what threat would warrant making the Ancient Weapons- other than to be used against a powerful enemy? Or…………….. I guess they could always have been “repurposed.” I specially started thinking about this in the case of Uranos and…………. ah, maybe Poseidon as well. But Pluton might have always been a weapon. 

With Poseidon, the Mermaid Princess could command Sea Kings to save- rather than just singular sailors- entire vessels, or even entire islands worth of people from actual natural disasters. And Uranos could have been a device to bring rain to lands plagued with droughts- before being converted to a F*ck You Laser. That one’s a little more of a “reach,” though. But I can definitely see it being some kind of Travelling Irrigation System, and then being worked into a Giant Blaster by someone familiar with both it and laser technology. But saying that depends on if it was an invention from the Ancient Kingdom– or the Allied Nations. I don’t know; it just doesn’t feel like a place with such technology would actively make such powerful weapons “just to prepare-” they feel like something they would have made during the conflict as a “Guaranteed Victory Shot” and then dismantled Promptly. Though the fact that the blueprints for Pluton even existing kind of indicates that they were worried of it falling into the “Wrong Hands-“ whom ever the one’s in the “wrong” were. It was the World Government, but I feel like the situation is a little “greyer” than that………………

Though something I wrote down in my notes for the chapter is the idea of a conflict between the Lunarians and Ancient Kingdom that predates the Void Century- one in which the Ancient Weapons were used to depose the Original Inhabitants of the Red Line from their Thrones. I know I’m assuming a lot about the Lunarians without us actually knowing much about them beyond their abilities, but the epithet of “Gods-” tends to go to ones head. Especially when they actually have the strength to back up what they say; the Celestial Dragons have the World Government and Marines backing them- the Lunarians are Extremophiles who can fly and shoot fire. Compared to the Humans of the “Lower World-“ they WOULD be “Gods.” So if we go by the logic that they were the “Original Gods” of this world, and they suffered the same fate that the Celestial Dragons are going to(Being Dethroned From The Top of The Redline), then who and how were they “dethroned.” That’s another topic for another post, but the Ancient Kingdom and their technology might have been instrumental in that, becoming a “Superpower” in that era. And the 20 nations took that personally. Possibly. 

Joyboy Theories on Youtube proposed the idea that the world as we know it is built on the Original Sky Islands- that the world at large that isn’t submerged live at the highest peaks of that old world………….. or something like that. That- plus the Eneru cover story and the imagery on the tapestry he saw- makes me think that the Ancient Kingdom wasn’t a land of Humans, but a Kingdom founded by the Sky Races when they descended to the Blue Sea World. The tapestry in question depicting something similar to the Mother Flame. It might be that the Sky Races had originally founded something like the Mother Flame- but too late in the game to save their home world, and instead deciding to build a new Kingdom on the Blue Planet below them- a nation with a fresh, new source of energy to build off of. And the 20 Nations below saw them as a Threat. And thus- War. And it’s entirely likely that Joyboy was someone who was important in that conflict- be it on the side of the Ancient Kingdom, or perhaps even an independent 3rd party working with the Ancient Kingdom, rather than for them as a soldier. Because why would the Ancient Kingdom– the one’s who wrote the poneglyphs– label him a “Pirate? The only other reason I can see for why Joyboy would be called a Pirate is the term was defined differently back then. 

Tekking101 spoke of a fan theory that suggested that the Ancient Kingdom’s name was something along the lines that “Kaizoku-” the Japanese word for Pirate. Something like “Kaizokunia” or “Kaizoku Kuni;” World Government propoganda to b@stardize that Ancient Kingdom. Thus; Joyboy in the context of “The First Pirate” might be referring to “The First Person From Kaizokunia To Take To The Sea” or something to that effect. For me, the name that always made the most sense was just something that starts with “D,” thus connected those who bear the Will of D to the Ancient Kingdom. “The D Will Bring Another Storm-” The D’s Will Continue Their Ancestor’s War. Because like Stellapunk saidThe War Isn’t Even Over Yet. 

Speaking ofIMU. Still no indication to how he feels because he’s had the same look on his face since his introduction. Or, well; they did look pretty apathetic at the end of chapter 908 when he met with the Gorosei. And looked less than surprised to hear that Lili had joined with the D’s. But that’s pretty much it. I mean, considering Luffy, Teech, Law and more- they probably already know “The War Isn’t Over.” And considering that fact that the Nika fruit has awakened- they might even actually be sweating. He hasn’t had much of a problem in the last 800 years–  that event with Sabo likely wasn’t even the first time someone’s managed to sneak in without him knowing. But it WAS the first time someone managed to get away with it. That, plus Luffy’s awakening, Poseidon, and Teech- I don’t think they’re going to have the luxury of staying in their little Flower Room for too much longer. Honestly, I feel like he’s about to nuke this island, too, since the Gorosei can’t seem to stop this broadcast no matter how many snails they take out. Heck, Nusjuro just cut the d@mn Labophase in half and it’s still going; either Vegapunk found another way to make this broadcast happen, or the Transponder snail transmitting the message just isn’t on this island. So maybe nuking it won’t do anything to stop it might even end up wasting energy for the weapon, and destroy the Mother Flame in the process. Other than THAT, the only way for Imu to intervene would be to……………….. come down to the island and knock EVERY d@mn body out. The Gorosei can summon EACH OTHER with just one of em; summoning the World King doesn’t seem all that unlikely if they worked together. And that’s assuming Imu doesn’t have to power to get there by themselves. I have to say: This arc has been WAY longer than I was expecting- and I have been LOVING it. 

We’re in the Final Saga of a quarter century old story, and Oda is kicking it off in a BIG way. And we still have Elbaf after this. I didn’t know what kind of arc we’d be getting into with Egghead, and because of that– I don’t know what kind of arc Elbaf is going to be. It’s another Yonko’s territory– SHANKS’ territory. Luffy can’t go causing trouble here like usual. So he WILL when the Big Bad of that arc makes themselves known to him. Who that’ll be is a mystery currently, but we can assume that the final Supernova- “Mad Monk” Urouge- is probably going to make an appearance here.Now Or Never,” honestly. Though………………… he SO isn’t at Luffy’s level at this point. This boy is in 5th Gear for the 4th Time this entire arc, so his stamina and recovery abilities are getting better and better. Not to mention what hitting Warcury is doing to his Armament Haki. Whatever Devil fruit power that guy has; I guarantee a Hawk Gatling would outpace it. If ANYTHING; he’ll probably have some kind of “tie in” to the Sun God. And I think he would know better than to pick a fight with Luffy in Shanks’ territory. 

Other things in the chapterThe Seraphim are free now. THAT’S about to be a thing. I was gonna say “Problem,” but considering the fact that the Straw Hat’s were even able to capture them in the first place; it’s clear that they aren’t going to be a threat for them. But where they stack up in comparison to a Giant is anyone’s guess right now. And whether or not Bonney’s the Top Priority on their “Authority Hierarchy” is up in the air. I think she would be for S-Bear, but that’s it. There’s also the Straw Hat’s running out of “steam” by now- Luffy in particular having fought- following the timeline– has fought A Seraphim; an Admiral; and the Gorosei since last night. Even he’s gotta be feeling it at this point, right? They gotta get off this island before those bubbles pop. 

Oh, right: Stussy sama. She’s feeling “pointless” without the Stella. And Kaku seems to feel bad about that. Probably because he knows what it’s like to feel like “Just A Weapon.” Though the difference is that Vegapunk has never treated Stussy sama like an object– that’s something that Stussy just………… kind of thinks of herself as. Vs Kaku who…………….. IS “Just A Weapon” in the eyes of the World Government. So it’s a clone who feels like a tool and a human treated like a weapon. What will become of them now? ‘Cause………… they’re not dying here, as ordered by Edison. Kaku and Lucci might be able to go back to the Government, but Stussy sama? She straight up betrayed them when she choose to stand with Vegapunk and the Straw Hats. She still had Stellapunk– her “Father,” but……………. no more. She could always stay with the remaining satellite in……………… it’s just Lilith and York, now that I think about it. Heh- “One For The Government- One For The Good Guys.” That’s funny. Yeah; I don’t think Edison is going to escape this one. Oh wait; AtlasMake that 2 Vegapunk’s for the Good Guy’s side. I guess she could stay with them on Elbaf after everything. And yeah; I do think that the Vegapunk’s are going to stay on Elbaf if given the choice. That’s the safest place in the World at the moment. 

I know when we got introduced to the concept of the Satellites and the idea of them leaving Egghead with the Straw Hats, everyone- myself included– were like “New Straw Hat Incoming!!” But then……………… what happened with Carrot. And yeah; this chapter does confirm that she’s gone back to Zou with the other Minks. There were fan theories that she was still hiding on the Sunny somewhere, but nah- she’s back home. Deeply saddened by that, but what’s done is done. And with the increasingly shrinking number of “Vegapunks;” I’m not entirely sure. I was definitely of the “Straw Hat Lilith,” but with Stellapunk gone, it doesn’t feel like that’s where her story is headed. Like: The way that I see it- the Stella was just gonna stay on Elbaf for a while making technology until it came time for Throne War. And when the war ended, he would just “pick up where he left off” and start inventing again- propelling the world even further than what he’s been able to without the Government hogging it all. But he’s gone. So I’m thinking that either Atlas and/or Lilith will be stay on Elbaf doing that, as well as researching more about the Void Century with Saul’s help. That’s what I think is for Atlas and Lilith. York is either killed here or ends up with the Government. She’s not doing a very good job helping them stop this message; that might hurt her standing with them some…………………

Though, to be Totally Honest with you- I am a believer of the idea that Bonney- having seen Kuma’s memories and his impression of Luffy– will join the Straw Hats and support them in a direct way. I mean; Luffy already went out of his way to learn her name that counts for something! And now that she knows that Luffy IS Nika- I doubt that she’ll let something bad happen to him anymore. I’d put money on it, but Oda likes to troll me once I think I’ve figured it out. I had a Big Theory about Joyboy that I was working on- one that involved the origins of the Ancient Kingdom; conflict with the Lunarians and the original 20 Nations; and a whole bunch of other things. Not necessarily debunked with this chapter, but………………. feeling less likely the more information we get. Though that’s more my fault for how long it’s taking to make that post. Or rather- trying to get back to writing it. 

Ah…………….. there was only one other thing that I wanted to discuss, and that involves Jinbei’s cover story and what we saw with those ruins those sea kittens were living in. One of them had a Paw Print above the door- a print that’s normally associated with Kuma. And one of them even had a poneglyph in it. Some people have been speculating that these Ruins are evidence of a civilization of Buccaneers from the Void Century. And while that’s possible, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. Mostly because I don’t think the Paw print on that one building is a “Buccaneer” thing; it might suggest that something happened with the Paw Paw Fruit in the past, but it didn’t have to be a Buccaneer using it. There’s a fan theory out there that Nefeltari D Lili used the fruit in the past to scatter the Poneglyphs, which is the “blunder” Imu was mad at her for. And considering that these ruins housed a Poneglyph- that’s not out of the realm of possibility. 


That Was A Lot. A LOT a lot. All of it I wanted to say, and all but that last part being what I envisioned it. Though I admit I didn’t have all that much to say. I was thinking of connecting that Paw Print to the symbol in that church Kuma was in charge of, but I could figure out how to word it without deleting about half of that last paragraph. And I didn’t really feel like doing that. Like I said in the beginning: I had a cookout to go to and had to stop for a minute. Got to see some family I ain’t seen in a while, and even learned how to use the grill. That was fun, but, uh…………… the flames got to me. Not like “I’m Severely burned-” I’m quite alright at the moment(Monday, May 27th, 2024, 11:30 AM). But…………. the intensity of the flames and all that smoke– I couldn’t see or breath. I had to take a minute to myself to…………….. take in what it must be like to be in an actual house fire vs what I had just seen. Got a little “Existential” at one point, then I went back to cooking. Food was good. But going meant this post got delayed until…………. well, whenever you’re reading it. And in having prior knowledge that I had something else to do the day this post was to be finished, I decided to post a Preview for this post on my old site- Sun God Zero with WordPress. Yeah, both sites are “One Piece” references; Big Whoop- wanna fight about it

It’s an earlier version of the post- similar but not “the same,” with something of an alternate opening. And- only half of what I had finished by then. Hoping to get people invested enough to come over here and read the finished product. Doesn’t seem to be working, but “quitting” won’t do anything for me, either. So- I’ll keep trying! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, and until the next post, everyone- Stay Safe; Stay Healthy; Stay Magical. Laters!! 

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  1. Lots of theories floating around. You make an interesting point about the Moon and Sky folks. I wonder if they originated there or if the advanced civilization colonized those places?
    Also, good on Oda for starting the lore dumps now. It’s gonna be a lot of info and it looks like he’s gonna divide it into parts starting at Egghead, then Elbaph and maybe some bits with Shanks’ backstory and others before concluding the story at Laugh Tale.

    1. You’re right about that; he’s already started setting up the characters and factions for what is LIKELY to be the Final Flashback of the story- with Lili, Joyboy, Imu and the Alliance and more. And now that we know that Nika and Joyboy are 2 different characters, we’ve got another one.
      I imagine Elbaf will tell us about the original Nika and his connection to Joyboy. But we also have Saul and the information he was able to salvage from Ohara, so we’ll learn some things about the actual conflict. And- if that’s the place where the Last Road Poneglyph is hidden- then we’re likely gonna put all 4 of the Straw Hat’s RP Copies together and learn what they’re saying.
      I think we had all been under the impression that the Sky Races Originated On The Moon. But them have COLONIZED it instead- I hadn’t considered that. Maybe that tapestry Eneru saw on the moon wasn’t them going down to the Blue Planet, but FURTHER BEYOND. People propose the idea that the series will end with the Straw Hat’s going on a space adventure, and the One Piece is a Rocket ship that’ll take them there- the “One Piece” meaning “One Piece Of The Puzzle.” If there’s another place to go out there, then- Absolutely.
      Heck, since I read your idea; I HAD started thinking about what the name of the planet this series takes place on. We’ve always just called it the “One Piece World,” but Oda’s never given us the name of the planet. It has 6 moons, so it’s unconfirmed that its Earth. I was thinking Mars because- from my limited knowledge from Public School education and a semester and a half of Astronomy in Community college- the planet Mars could have one half of it covered in water, and the other a giant plate of land- if it could house life, that is.
      And Olympus Mons is the Tallest Mountain in the Solar System- located on Mars “The Red Planet.” The Red Line is the Highest structure in the One Piece World. In all honest, it feels like the SOLE THING preventing me from saying “One Piece Takes Place On Mars” is the moon count; the One Piece World has 6- Mars only has the 2. So I guess it depends on when Oda has this series taking place- be it the distant past of the planet Mars or its Far Away Future in which Humanity has long since abandoned Earth.
      Oda’s a…………. MAD MAN. I don’t think anyone could pull off a story like this and still have make sense. He’s not perfect, but he has such a “Creative” spirit that shines through with this series. He wasn’t kidding when he started this Final Saga: “THIS Is ‘One Piece-‘” THIS is the story he’s been wanting to tell since he started back in 1997. And now that he CAN, we’re seeing………. something SPECTACULAR.

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