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Dead Rock Chapter 10 SHORT REVIEW

Yeah, not a lot to this month’s chapter. At least, not in my mind. I could do what I did in past month and talk about what I expect from the characters going forward, but…………….. one of the main one’s I tend to talk about when it comes to that- is no longer in this part of the story. I say “this part” because I’m already thinking of a way they could come back. But I don’t expect that until it’s time for the Finale- whenever that may be. I’m keeping it vague for no other reason than to keep you reading, by the way. Then again, I half expect you all to have read the chapter before coming to this post– unless you’re like me and can’t wait to see what happens next in the story and actively look for spoilers- even on chapters you’re planning to read. skim chapter’s before I actually read a lot of them because I’m the “impatient” type. I’ve spoiled myself on a lot of Choujin X doing that. I don’t care; if the contents good(which it is), then I’ll just skip around to see the REAL Good bits. Sometimes that’s a “Double Edged Sword” that spoils me on a Trash Ending, but…………. eh; that just means I was right to spoil myself to know whether or not I want to see it. 

Ah………………… off topic. And now I forgot what I was talking about. Um…………….. Right. I’m also getting an Edens Zero review under way right now, and am actively trying to avoid making a Giant post again, and trying to give these series their own “time” in the spotlight. As well as make a “My Hero” review because I think the series is on break this week. In which case, I think I should get this started. Dead Rock Chapter 10: “Slaughter.” Boy is it…………….

Vice Principal Bren’s Lesson

This man has been in the series since chapter 3and- in his debut battle- he kills 2 of the strongest people Yakuto could think of that weren’t God. Easily. The first of which- Cougar– even admitted to letting Yakuto get off that last hitHe only got that win because he earned Cougar’s respect- he wasn’t at that level yet. Or maybe it would have been more appropriate to say “Anymore.” Though he implies that Cougar was still stronger than him even at maxPoint is: Yakuto may have an “Iron Will,” but his body is still far behind. This encounter was that “Wake Up Call,” reminding him that- for all his “vigor” and “determination-” he’s not strong enough to be this careless. Bren now knows that Yakuto- a surviving Black Dragon– is looking for God’s weakness. It doesn’t matter if he brings it up to God– he’s the Vice-Fr!ggin-Princioal; he has about the same authority as God does in this school when the man himself is absent. Zelecia may have managed to pull the wool over Bren’s eyes, but……………… he knows he just got played. And this chapter has showed us that one of his main personality traits is his Volcanically. Short. TEMPER. 

Bren is going to be throwing everything he can at Class F- specifically Yakuto and Zelecia. Frey and Hani are going to be in it too, but Mikoto and Reisen have already said that they’re not interested in playing “Follow The Leader.” They won’t have a choice at some point, but for now I don’t think Yakuto is “counting on them.” Especially now that he’s seen what kind of Power he’s standing against. Relying on someone who’s made clear their thoughts on the matter- will get him killed before he ever meets with God again, let alone stand up to the Demon Teachers. I think he’s about to undergo something of a Training Arc- trying to get stronger so that he won’t lose the friends that he still has and the friends he’s still yet to make. Yeah, this chapter mentions the “Friends” thing. So long as it doesn’t turn into some “Cheery Fairy Tale Where Everyone Lives-” FINE. Keep the atmosphere and tone you’ve been keeping, and it’s all good. But I definitely think he’s going to be aiming to get stronger going forward. 

I liken the lesson Yakuto learned from this to what Gildart’s taught Natsu on Tenrou Island: What you can learn from Fear; that it teaches us about our own shortcomings, helping people become “humbler.” Yakuto has been humbled, and now knows what he’s lacking and what he’s up against. Maybe we even saw some kind of WEAKNESS in Bren– something that he can use to his advantage. Hien was able to do some damage- however little, it still made Bren bleed. Maybe there’s something in there that’ll tell Yakuto how to defeat the Vice Prinicipal. And heck; maybe that book they got will shed some light on this “Roots” system- enough to know how to take out anyone, not just God. Then again, I imagine if you can do that- there’s no limit to who you can defeat……………

Hien’s Death And Impact

Hien…………………… is dead. That’s the long and short of it. And I think there’s something to that. It was looking like Yakuto had won his favor with his determination- he dies. But now Zelecia has seen his determination in his goal. And now- Reisen and Mikoto have, too. And now they even have a way forward in defeating God thanks to Zel. So now that they have an actual plan– as well as knowing that Yakuto can feel for others and has an “unshakable resolve-” I think that Mikoto might start coming around. Reisen might fight it, but he needs Mikoto to keep him alive until he can find a way to revive himself. I think he might need to see Yakuto’s resolve as well to get on board with this plan. 

All this being said– I wouldn’t count Hien out just yet. Come on; you don’t think God would let someone as “Useful” as Hien get away, do you? Especially when there’s someone aiming for his head. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for him to revive Hien and Cougar to be his pair of personal minions. It would even tie into the promise Hien made to Yakuto: “He’ll stay right by God’s side.” I mean, we’re keeping Reisen around. 


Okay, I’m gonna keep it real with you all: There was a tragedy in my family recently. My Great Uncle had died, and his kids and grandkids had come for the viewing. It’s not like we were all here sad and upset; in fact, I’d said coming together like that was……………. actually kind of nice………… in parts. 5 years olds, man- they’re, uh…………….. Full Of “Energy.” In any case, the environment I was in- the “crowd” around me- made it kind of hard to focus on making this post. H#ll, I hardly got on my computer at all the whole time they were here. All 3 days of it. So this post is not what I intended to be. At all. Especially that second part. And I’m in too deep to really “go back,” so…………….. sorry. Hopefully I’ll have more “energy” to do this next month. Sh!t, I hope so. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until next time, everyone- Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, And Stay Magic. Later!! 

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