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Rest In Peace, Akira Toriyama

How do I start this? How do you even start a post like this? On March 1st of 2024- the creator of Dr Slump and Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama- passed away from an Acute Subdermal Hematoma. His family had a private service before this information was released to the public. Which is fine; they knew him most and knew him personally. I’m glad they had the chance to say Goodbye in private. But now, the public at large knows. And- because of the impact of primarily “Dragon Ball,” let’s be real– we’re seeing a lot of people come out and talk about their experiences with his work. Everyone from other mangaka talking about the influence he had on them, to how the world he created impacted the lives of fans. It’s nice to see; seeing people come together in a time like this. Because……………. Dragon Ball means so much to so many people; so many people have been connected to each other by the work Toriyama put in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump back in 1984. We are getting ready to celebrate 4 DECADES of this franchise- people young and old talking about how much this series has impacted their life. 

It’s…………. “Surreal” I guess. It doesn’t feel like it’s real, and yet……….. he’s gone. Like; he’s actually no longer part of this world. And that……….. Hurts. But…………. I feel like- looking at the way he writes and who the main character of his most famous body of work is- I feel like he wouldn’t want us to be sad. Expecting it, yes, but……… I don’t think he’d want us to necessarily say “Goodbye.” I think a more appropriate response might be: “Until We Meet Again.” That’s not to confirm nor deny an afterlife- I’m not even qualified nor want get into that. But I think- looking at the world he created- he’d never want to say “Goodbye.” Because………… he’s not really gone. So long as we remember him and what he added to the world- take the lessons he taught us through Dragon ball and keep moving forward with life towards the next adventure- so long as we never forget the man himself– He’ll never truly leave this world. So I sit here, at 6:48 in the morning of March 8th, 2024, to share with you all- the friends I’ve made here on the internet- the things that I wish I could have said to him

Akira Toriyama Sensei- Thank You For Everything You’ve Done. I’ll Never Presume To Know How You Felt About The Impact You Had On The World, But Know That The Gag Manga You Drew In The Pages Of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Has Inspired, Captivated, Motivated, And Connected Millions Of People The World Over. Seeing All The Kind Words That People Are Sharing- Seeing The Way People Come Together When It Really Matters- Has Been Eye Opening To Just How Much Your Work Has Truly Impacted The World. So Long As Humanity Continues, Your Name Will Never Be Forgotten. From The Very Bottom Of My Heart- Thank You. Until We Meet Again, Friend.

Farewell, Akira Toriyama. May Your Soul Rest In Peace. 

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