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Never Underestimate A Bunny! My Hero Academia Chapter 365 BREAKDOWN

I’m Going To Talk About THAT a little later. I know what I said last time, but I got a little distracted and it just didn’t feel “worth it” when this chapter came out. Plus it was just the 1 BIG thing to talk about, so I can just lump that in with this shorter chapter. Oh man, what will I say that hasn’t already been said? Ugh, whatever; let’s focus on the now. My Hero Academia Chapter 365: “No 4 And No 5.” Do the Hero rankings even matter at this juncture


To Make A Long Story ShortEdgeshot is trying to revive Bakugo. Using his quirk “Foldabody;” he can stretch himself out thin enough and long enough to enter a person’s body- giving him knowledge of the body’s vital areas. But after years of training, he developed his Ultimate Move- “Ninpo: Thousand Sheet Pierce- Zenith.” A technique that makes him as thin as a Spider’s web, while also remaining strong enough to stop blood loss-but eats away at his life the long it’s in use. And he’s unraveling himself to try and mend all of Bakugo’s wounds!! 

Jeanist may have been able to fix some of the damage done to the boy, but he’s too bloody to see what needs to be done. Also his heart as a giant gaping hole in it. He uses a bubble that wash gave him to sterilize, and begins to use his very body as the thread to stitch him back together. Unfortunately- The Demon Lord caught wind of what they were doing. And he doesn’t want to deal with a “toy that was already broken.”

Mirko intervenes, managing to knock the monster on his @$$………. for a minute. Through the help of Jeanist; she’s able to run around on all 4’s, taunting All For Destruction’s lack of a “killing blow.” But his head is elsewhere- still stuck on what Bakugo did to him. Out of all of the heroes present before him- Katsuki Bakugo was able to do Permanent Damage to his “complete” body. It makes him realize: That agitated feeling he had fighting Bakugo wasn’t rage– it was FEAR. He actually felt threatened by the boy, and his behavior reflected that. 

Mirko begins her rush attack “Luna Rush,” which- combined with the sudden realization- seemingly “shakes” Tenko Shimura loose from his hand prison. Seeing all the heroes doing so much for someone who’s already been destroyed- someone who’s already dead– he starts to get a little jealous. HE was still alive after what happened, but no one ever reached a hand out to him. In his anger; his body begins to make a few different figures. Ladies and GentlemenThe Shimura’s Are Back……………… kinda. My Hero Academia Chapter 365 END!! My Hero Academia Will Be On Break Next Week. Alright. 


………………………………………………………………………………….. Yes; I’m gonna talk about the Edgeshot thing first. But I honestly don’t know what I could add to the conversation at this point. It was a cr@p move; another sign of the massive “Fall From Grace” the series has experienced since the end of the initial war. It screams like Horikoshi has some kind of “idea” of what he wants to do, but he’s trying to pander to Bakugo fans- WHO ARE ALSO VERY UPSET. 

Talking to my brother’s about it; they feel that Horikoshi shouldn’t have even tried to kill off Bakugo in the first place, and that I would feel the same by the end of it, had Bakugo stayed dead. And you know whatMAYBE. MAYBE I wouldn’t have liked the death after a few more chapters- maybe I’ll be glad that he did this when it comes time for him to team up with the Useless So-Called “Successor Of All Might” and see the cool sh!t. Maybe it wasn’t that good to begin with. But this shows that he lacks “commitment” to an idea.

And when his ideas are the things that make the narrative- a spoken or written account of connected events, where everything has an effect on what happens next- You Need To Stick To 1 Idea. Begins when you put that idea to paper- spend hours to even days drawing it, and hand it in to your editor to be printed in one of the BIGGEST Magazines in Japan- neh– THE WORLD– It’s Out There For All To See. And good or bad; it’s a decision that you have to stand by it for the sake of your creation, and the people that put in the time(and money) to making sure that it loves to see its natural conclusion. Kohei Horikoshi- You messed up. 

This move now make me question any decision that you’ve made in the story. You tell me Sir Nighteye is dead, but if you can bring Bakugo back from this- why not Nighteye? The wounds were pretty similar- Nighteye’s even being less dangerous in comparison! You SAY that One For All’s story ends with Izuku, but if this series is now able to revive the dead, then how long before another Quirkless is born? You TOLD us All Might would die in the first or second year of Izuku’s time at UA, but he’s not at the battlefield. So ya CLEARLY abandoned that thread already. I can’t trust you or anything you set up in the story. It makes me not want to speculate on the series anymore- what’s the point if I get it right and you just “change your mind?” Or if I get it wrong- LIKE it- and then you back pedal on it for a worse outcome than either? IT MAKES NO SENSE. 

At least if Bakugo had stayed dead I’d have the time to reflect and decide on whether I dislike it or not- maybe I won’t, and then I will looking back at the series for the hundredth time(though I’m starting to doubt that I’ll ever look back on this series after I talk about it for the final time). My opinion on his death would have NO EFFECT on his death- it DOESN’T have an effect-  It Happened, and I have to accept it good or bad. And it shows that you have the conviction to stick by the story you wrote; that you’re not gonna let the fans push you around and tell you how to make the story. But then……………….. you downplayed the Villains after the divisive reactions to My Villain Academia between the west and Japan dictate how the story flowed. We over here- LOVED IT. At least the vocal portion of the fandom; from what my brother’s tell me the sub reddit says different. 

Over in Japan, though- DIFFERENT STORY. “Deliquents” like them are super frowned on over there(meanwhile, Kodansha has Tokyo Revengers pulling numbers comparable to Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, My Hero itself, Black Clover, One Piece and more with a lower quality anime), so Jump saw fits to have Horikoshi tone down the focus on the Villains. As such; I guess this could have been another Editorial decision based on Bakugo’s popularity. In which case I’m talking about the wrong guy. I don’t know, guys; this was just a horrible decision- 1 that further proves to me that………. that this story has just collapsed under it’s own weight– under the weight of it’s own popularity. I…….. I don’t know what to say about it anymore. 

On a……………………………………………………. different note; the end of the chapter sets up something interesting(that I hope he follows through on this time). Tenko’s at the wheel now, so that’s gonna be something that they have to deal with. All For One is trying to take control; there’s no way Tomura exists anymore; and then you have Tenko Shimura, whose somehow managed to avoid being absorbed into the vestige. He was being suppressed by it, but Mirko’s attack seems to have freed him from the hands for a minute. Which I’m not convinced is altogether a Good thing. Until It IS. And then it isn’t. I’m worked myself up and have no other place to vent- I live in a Residential area with my Grandmother and her 3 dogs, amongst others. 

In any case; you have to keep in mind: Tenko is not altogether innocent in all this. The first 5 were an ccident- the other 3 were on him, before “Tomura Shigaraki” came about. Their whole situation is difficult to explain; All For One is a vestige that’s trying to take over the body, but “Tomura” and “Tenko” aren’t so “cut and dry-” the line between them isn’t all that clear to me. If I were to say; I’d say that “Tomura” is the vestige of “Decay” that’s taken over, and Tenko is the original who- rather than being suppressed by Tomura- gave him control willingly. Because of his own “Hatred” towards his father, and the world that let him be taken in by someone arguably worse than Kotaro was. Smacked his kid because he wanted to be a Hero, and then left him outside for hours at a time. Still horrible, but not as bad as the “Alternative.” 

All of this is to say that Tenko- will try to kill them. For not being there when he needed help, and because of that same “Overwhelming ecstasy” he felt when he killed his father. Tenko may be the “victim,” but he’s not wholly innocent in this. He chose to lung at his father and kill him; to kill those thugs that kicked him around when presented an opportunity by All For One and Ujiko; to continue to let his quirk dictate what he did. It’s one of the series strengths; the villains may be the “Victims” in all of this- particularly Tenko, Dabi, and Best Girl Himiko chan- but………………… they’re not innocent. I can no longer predict what Horikoshi is going to do next, so I can’t say anything. But I hope that we don’t just do a time skip over the consequences of the Villains actions; I want a full chapter on Himiko chan and Dabi EACH. I mean- It’s Not Like They’re Gonna Die. 


…………….. That’s really all I had to say about that, really. That rant went on a little longer than I had expected, and I don’t know if my point comes across right. I knew that I wanted to say something about it, but I didn’t want to just “repeat” what everyone was saying- or- or say something really “obvious” like “No Foreshadowing,” “No Connection,” “Edgeshot’s A Nobody, Nothing Waste Of A Loser Character That Shouldn’t Have Been Put In The Story If This Is All He Was Meant To Do,” or things like that. Though Those Are Completely Valid, Correct Points- especially that last point. 

It was a short chapter, too; not really much to talk about other than the ending that’s just bait to keep people reading at this point. I’m being so mean to a man who’s already gone through so much over the course of this serialization- I should really stop. But he messed up here. The whole “Editorial Meddling” excuse can only work so many times with so many situations and so many circumstances. At some point we do have to look at the writer a little bit. 

Anyway; that’s all, guys. I don’t blame you if you stop reading, but I’m gonna keep going to the end. Don’t ask me why, though; I couldn’t tell youSTOP IT. Have A Nice Day, Folks- By~~~~~~e!!!!!!!! 

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Comments (3) on “Never Underestimate A Bunny! My Hero Academia Chapter 365 BREAKDOWN”

  1. My problem isn’t Edgeshot being a nobody but Horikoshi having time to develop this character (and others like Crust and Star And Stripe) but doesn’t and expects the audience to have a big emotional connection when they die.

    Interesting stuff about Horikoshi giving villains less focus. Are they rumors or was it said in interviews? From what I’ve heard, he may have imposter syndrome and relies too much public opinion (maybe in fear of the series getting cancelled like his previous work). That may be pushing him to focus mostly on the action and not slower moments. I don’t know if this is all true or not, but I REALLY would like to hear Horikoshi’s talk about MHA after it’s done and give us the real scoop.

    1. Sorry. I didn’t see this comment until a few days later. Weird. But from what I’ve heard; he had to cut some stuff out of the Forest Training Camp to appease Jump’s editorial staff- they didn’t want to “promote delinquency” or whatever. Years later; Tokyo Revengers- having a comparatively poor anime production- is selling circles around My hero whenever a new volume comes out. Sorry, I just needed to say that- hearing what they did just makes me so upset.
      I don’t even think that problem with developing characters is a problem unique to the current My Hero; Nighteye’s death lacked the same “punch” that a death should in any story. It’s weird how the fall of a series makes you look at the whole thing; I still LIKE what came before, but….. I don’t know, man…………
      Even if he’s able to talk about what he “took away” from the series, I don’t think he’s able to talk about everything that happened behind the scenes. Though I don’t think he’ll draw manga anymore after the story is over- at least not for a very long time. He’s got some health issues going on right now, and he’s starting to sound- and really feel- like Kishimoto did around the end of “Naruto.” It’s his “Magnum Opus-” but he doesn’t sound like he’s having fun anymore.

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