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And They’re Off!! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 89 BREAKDOWN

the arrangement I was gonna use “Day Of Departure,” but I wanted to use something a little more “A-Typical” than thatAfter all- This will be my FINAL Post of 2022. It’s been………. a year. Like every other year aside from 2020 and 2021- which I consider to be the Worst 2 Years of my life. Not even just Covid- just personally. It wasn’t fun. And THIS year; it was……. okay. Things happening next year, so that’ll be…….. “FUN.” But in all; this year was not “horrible.” So I want to finish this in “style.” Or something close to it. 

As you can kind of guess by my stalling; this chapter doesn’t have all that much to it. It gives more character stuff to look forward to, but in all honesty there isn’t that much to it. But we’re about to get into the BIG stuff soon, so it’s alright. 2023- PLEASE BE THE YEAR for this series. That movie- does not look right. This series anime has been getting the short end of the stick between the poor quality of the anime and the situation regarding Netflix Jail. Help. This. Franchise. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 89: “The Four Knights Set Out!!” One last time……. for the year. 


After the unfortunate events of last chapterthe day for the Four Knights and their allies to set out has finally come!! The Mission: Find an Alternate way into Camelot! And to do so- They must split up. When asked why, Meliodas explains that arrangement is only temporary; they have to look around all of Britannia for an alternate route to Camelot. And even when they find a hint, they’re going to have to look into it further. Which is where these Magic Beads come in- they’ll share whatever information they find with the others, and Thetis will reunite them again. 

As for the groups- there will be 2

  • Percival’s group- along with Gawain- will search the Fairy King’s forest in North Britannia 
  • Tristan’s platoon will search the ruins of the old Camelot in the South
  • Lance alone will search in Benwick in the East 

However; Lance requests to be sent elsewhere- he hasn’t completed his promise to bring back Jericho. But Meliodas tells him that he’s already done HALF the promise by finding her, so he should probably check in with his parents right now. Meliodas plans to conduct the search for Dubs himself. Tristan explains to Percival and Gawain that Dubs is the Giant Craftsman who made the Coffin of Eternal Darkness and the Seven Deadly Sin’s Sacred Treasures. And they need to find him for Lance’s sake. 

You seeNo Weapon Is Able To Handle Lancelot’s Magic Power- they all break before he ever gets the chance to go all out. Thus the bow and arrow gimmick; it’s a lot more efficient to carry something that he can replenish easily than sh!t that would break easily anyway. Recalling the battle against the Dark Talismans; Percival and the others realize that THAT was Lance’s full strength. But to bring things back to the Main point: Meliodas warns them that they’ll meet Many Enemies and Allies along their path. If they help, then the allies of the Seven Deadly Sins will certainly respond in kind. 

Percival swears on the “Percival Sword” to succeed in the mission, which reminds his friends- That’s a piece of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, which the Enemy could use to seal away Meliodas. But the King is not worried; he has the utmost faith in Percival. It’s the least he can do after sending Children on a mission to save the world. At the gate; Tristan says goodbye to his parents- a bit of a cold soldier to his father, and a loving hug for his mother. Or as he calls them, “Mama” and “Papa.” As Lance points out. He’s a cheeky little sh!t. Chion also says goodbye to his parents- his father even admitting to being a little jealous of him. 

With that- They’re Off!! But what will they find next, I wonder? Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 89 END!! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Will Be On Break Next Week. Is it a Magazine break, or a Suzuki break? ‘Cause as far as I know, Edens Zero is still scheduled for next week. 


QuestionThe F*ck Is Benwick? ‘Cause when I looked it up; all I found was that it was  “A fairy country ruled by King Ban and Queen Elaine.” So wouldn’t Lance be going with Percival and the others? Am I missing something, guys? Did Ban FOUND a new country in the last 16 years- separate from the Fairy King’s forest? Or is this just “Wiki Bullsh!t?” Even in that instance; Meliodas told him to go to an ENTIRE DIFFERENT PLACE from Percival’s group, who are going to where Ban would LOGICALLY be!! What the f*ck, man? 

Other than that; I’ve always liked the Magic Bead gimmick in this series- it’s just a neat little plot point that ties things together. Like in the previous series when Ban stole a Healing Bead off of Jericho and used it when they invaded Liones’ Castle town. I think Nasiens might have a few of those, courtesy of Hendrickson. Oh, yeah…….. Tensions. Percival and Gawain; the may-or-may-not-be Love Triangle between Percy, Nasiens, and Anne; and Donny just off having no clue of what’s going on around him- It’s gonna be Fun As F*ck. Anne’s probably gonna pick up on Nasiens’ feeling pretty soon- her magic and “Women’s Intuition” and all of that. What she does with the information is anyone’s guess. 

She’s not the type of person who’s gonna tell other people’s business; that’d just be plain rude. But she’s also not gonna let her friend bury his feelings like that- even though she knows that that may never happen for him. Percy don’t seem to “swing that way.” Then you have Gawain and Donny- just there watching the f*ckin’ fireworks. 

Speaking of: Percival and Gawain. The Pellegarde Thing. Also just the General annoyance that Gawain seems to have for Percival. And not having Tristan their to “tame” her means…….. oof, that part isn’t gonna be so fun- at least, not for Percival’s team. Especially when Gawain and Anne start arguing about the position of “Leader.” Will the boys nut up and tell them that Percival is in charge? Or are they just gonna do their own thing while they argue in the back? Until it’s time for Battle, obviously. In which case- let’s be honest- Percival and Gawain are carrying. Percival’s power’s are tied to their belief in him, and he’s left powerless without them. So most of what they’ll be doing is trying to stay conscious and support Percival. 

Or……… could his next Power Up be the “Belief In Himself-” the ability to generate his power by believing that “He Can Do It.” That would make him ridiculously broken. And thought I don’t think that Suzuki sensei is a poor enough writer to resort to something like “Percival Gets A Big Head, Giving Him More Power;” I do think that a nerf to that ability is the effect that it would have on his mind. Some years ago; MasakoX proposed the idea of New Forms for Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super– as part of his “Super Saiyan Color Theory” mini series. To make a long story short: He proposed the idea of Goku having “Sparking Joy-” a form that saw Goku “tapping into a different emotion than Super Saiyan,” but at the cost of his “sense of reality.” Goku went Crazy, basically. 

Maybe Percival will end up having a similar weakness- using more and more of his power by “believing in himself” makes his mind go all………. “Loopy.” Like; he can’t calm down when he’s like that. Or maybe he’ll be unable to discern reality from whatever fantasy he’s living in……………. maybe“Artificial Weakness,” huh? Forget it. Maybe he just won’t have as much Magic to work with just using himself as the “battery.” Heck, that may be the limit that he has as is; never during their adventure did the Mini-Percies show ay sign of sapience ’til they got to Liones. It might be the quantity of people and the strength of their belief in him that pushed him to that level. Yeah, that sounds better. 

You would think we’d just keep following Percival’s group from here on out- with Tristan’s group getting a “Let’s Rewind Time A Bit” type of fight- just to keep the focus on Percival since he’s the Main Character. I kind of want to see what Tristan’s group is like on missions, but they seem to have gone on enough for them to know what they’re doing; Chion, Jade, and Isolde know what to do as Tristan’s partners, and Tristan is capable enough to have not died or killed anyone yet. So…….. No Tension. Whereas Percy and his friend- and now with Gawain……… Nothing BUT. For all that and more; we’ll be following Percival’s group primarily- probably only checking in with the SUPER Capable and powerful Lancelot. I’m not at all worried about Lance. Not one bit. 

Meliodas is going to go out looking for Dubs himseld, collecting exotic booze along the way and in need of NO protection whatsoever……. Lance going to to meet with his parents……….. Yeah, that’s it. And with that…..


It feels like I’m cutting this one short, but I don’t think there’s much else for me to talk about with this chapter, folks. That’s certain to change now that the stories getting moving, but I’m gonna miss these little character chapters Suzuki’s so good at. I was kind of just writing of “what I felt,” too, and I’ve found that that can get a little messy if I keep on going. So let’s stop this here. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, all- 

Have A Happy New Year, Everyone.

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