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Manga Chapter Review Anthology #1(Dump Post #32)

……………… Eh; not the WORST name I could have come up with. Considering the fact that I had to change the name, especially. It’s not as if we’re gonna be doing anything different– I honestly could have just called this #32 and been done with it. But I feel like a “New Name” should come with a new counter. Especially since I’m not sure if we ARE on “#32.” I think I lost count somewhere down the line- about where I changed over to this site. But now that we have a new counter starting, it should be easier to keep track of! Now if ONLY we didn’t need to. Eh, these would be inevitable, I guess; this one’s getting started the same day as the release for chapter 9 ofDead Rock. And- I said these dumps would happen the week of the monthly series. So these would be happening about twice a month as it stands, between Dead Rock, Dragon Ball Super, and BorutoSo we’d be doing this a lot, anyway. Though I’m kind of glad about that; Boruto and Dragon Ball Super take up a lot of time to make between the 2 of them- putting Dead Rock’s release in the same week would PROBABLY get the better of me. 

One Piece Will Be On Break This Week Don’t think that I told you guy’s that in the last postSorry ’bout that. But we have My Hero back this week(Don’t know if that helps at all)!! And we have the reveal of the Volume 31 cover for Edens Zero, so all good things. Ah………… Let’s just get this party started. 

Edens Zero Chapter 278: “B-Cubers

Weird Choice In Follow Up Considering How We Ended Las Week. Pretty much just a WEIRD writing decision as it stands. We’ll get to that in a sec. In whatever case: The crew aboard the Zero wonders how they’re supposed to summon a Chronopahge; Operation Planet Eater only functioned because a Chronophage just so happened to be in the area at that point in time. They thought it was solely because of Rebecca’s Time Ether, but Hermit says it’s more like “The Ether of Someone Who’s Time Travelled” is what brings the Chronophage. But that still doesn’t solve the problem of How the H#ll they’re supposed to summon it. Hermit’s Grand PlanSend Their Ether Pulse Through B-Cube- the “Most Powerful Network In The Cosmos.” So…………. they’re going to connect to B-Bube and send an Ether pulse by “piggybacking” on its network waves…………… HOWEVER THE ACTUAL F*CK THAT’S SUPPOSED TO WORK. It’s only her “Theory,” but………. we’re coming up on the end of the story, so it doesn’t really matter, now does it? They need LOT’S of viewers to get this signal to max strength, so Rebecca turns to her old Frenemy: Labilia.

She doesn’t remember her time aboard the Zero, nor her previous pranks on Rebecca, but one look at her idol, and it all starts flowin’ back. For Couchpo, too, randomly. And just like that– The Ether Signal Network is up. But- they haven’t vanquished all of Void’s forces just yet. The Edens One attacks, sending them down towards that really cold planet from when they first entered the Mother Cosmos(Likely Planet Pluto). They break away from it, but for one reason or another; the One is preventing Hermit from stabilizing the transmission. So they gotta smash it first. PROBLEMLady Freyja and Deadend Cure of the Oracion Seis Galactica board the Zero. Cure’s something of a technopath in Universe 0, using the Zero to entrap Sister and Weisz. So Kris sends Homura to deal with Freyja- he and Kleene are going to take on Cure.

I don’t know what Mashima is thinking with this series right now, but it’s clear that we’re reaching the end. So maybe the logic is “Make Everything Important and Throw Logic To The Wayside. ‘Cause that’s what this B-Cube Ether Network thing is sounding like. And the somewhat ham-fisted way that Mashima’s just giving us Cure and Freyja- no “T Up,” no personal connection, no……….. real reason for me to care beyond the fact that these fights are about to happen. Like; Cure is Cure– I didn’t care then, and I don’t now. The Galactica of Universe 0 seemed more like an afterthought on Mashima’s part; he teased 3 new characters, as well as a Twist Villain. Joker Helix was alright for what we got, but Xenolith/Muller was………. I really think we missed out on the chance to see Shiki and Shura team up against a Gravity Master. Lightning Law– Fraud. And now we have Cure back. Freyja’s probably strong, but any philosophy or “weight” she adds to the story………… will ultimately be nothing. I don’t care. I’m just waiting to see Shiki vs Void and the ultimate conclusion……………..

Chainsaw Man Chapter 157: “College Fund

Remember the person who showed up at the end of last chapter? People were hoping it would be Reze, here to repay a debt to Denji for freeing her from Makima. NAH- it was Asa!! Accompanied by Fami. Though Sans-Right Arm. Fami tells them where Chainsaw Man is currently located in the Detention Center, and says they’re going to try sneaking about as “High School Students on a tour” once they get passed their sensors. PlanSave And Defeat To Save Chainsaw Man. The mission commences, but the security team tasked with monitoring the camera’s don’t trust them. So they open fire. But with Fami’s plan- The War Devil’s Powers Have Grown. So much so that Asa can turn the Gun Turrets into her own weapons without touching them. That and a convoluted contract with Fami. 

They manage to get in- but now they actually stand out because of their uniforms. Fami informs them that they probably won’t be able to use the facilities weapons going forward, so the War Duo have to be ready for Physical Combat. Fami resigns herself to the role of “Trump Card-” only getting involved when it’s absolutely necessary. Which is when Asa trips and exposes herself to the Guards. So now Fami’s gotta do sh!t. I notice that Fami shrinks down her “pawns” to be used for later. Sounds like a certain Scar-Faced Cursed Spirit…………….

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 141: “The Drug of Yore

The Mage “Kilbeggan” is a servant of Arthur’s, out here searching for the “Drug of Yore-” some sort of potion that can instantly cure all disease and even bring someone back from half-deathBut Mertyl doesn’t find that out until later. Rather, he asks what this joker’s after. Sixtus– the 2nd son of King and Diane- reads his heart and finds out about it. Fighting starts, and Sixtus proves to take after more his Father than his Mother in terms of his magic. As they make their way back into the Fairy Realm, Sixtus explains the Drug of Yore to Mertyl, stating that only King is capable of getting the drug from the flowers that grow atop the sacred tree. Mertyl wonders if that’s what he needs to take to get over this……… 

Lunch Time With Diane. The kid’s all have varying tastes. Tioreh shows up, explaining that Nasiens went back into the Tunnel Of Whispers. There, he confides in the still-unconscious Percival his current situation, knowing that Percival would just laugh something like it off once he heard it. King shows up, admitting to somewhat following Nasiens into the Tunnel. He begins to explain how Spirits work: Human souls either leave for the City of The Deador linger with their regretsSpirits on the other hand are “the essence of all things-” Fire Spirits exist in all flames; Wind Spirits in all Wind; yadda yadda. And then there’s the Highest Order- The Life Spirits, which are……….. well, Everywhere. People, Plants, Animals, The Varying Races– Even In The Air in This Very Cave. Nasiens calls out in hopes that Percival’s particular spirit, but it’s kind of unlike. Though Fairies are more capable of hearing them out since they’re so closely related. And Nassie’s been revealed as a Fairy. So he gives it a shot……………. to no avail. 

But King didn’t just come to info-dump on him- he has an idea. Nasiens is likely about to try the “Drug Of Yore” to bring Percival back. His hair’s still growing, if nothing else; he isn’t DEAD dead. How much longer that’ll be the case is up to how Suzuki Sensei chooses to write this. Will it work the very next chapter? Experience says “No.” Chapter after thatPLAUSIBLY. If a threat comes to the Fairy Realm- he’ll get back up. It’s only a matter of time…………….

My Hero Academia Chapter 416: “Wrench It Open, Izuku Midoriya!!

As Deku continues the Life-And-Death “Quirk Hot Potato” with Tomura, we see Eri trying to go to the battlefield to be of some help. 2 Problems With That:

  1. She has no means of getting there; between All For Nothing, Touya, and Machia- the UA Evacuation System is no longer of any use. 
  2. She hasn’t stored up enough power in her horn. She spent all of it trying to restore Aizawa’s eye and leg, and it STILL wasn’t enough to do the job. 

All they can do is Cheer. Kouta comes to her side, saying that he(referring to himself) is something like DekuA F*ckin’ Crybaby. He admits that– whenever he sees Izuku smash himself up like this- he feels the need to jump in. Then more reactions from them UA Neigh-sayers who were trying to keep him out of the shelter. We then cut to see Momo Yaoyorozu carrying Denki Kaminari out of the crashed UA Floating BarrierThey see he’s turned into……… well, a Monster again to put it lightly. But it gets Kaminari thinkingIzuku Midoriya is likely The Strongest Person In The World Right Now. But he still doesn’t get the same feel as All Might that same “Everything Will Be Fine” energy. He wonders if that means he doesn’t trust Izuku………………….

We then see them Reporter ladies cleaning up the Gunga Ruins, trying to save the survivors. Then we see Lady Nagant trying to get back up and help Izuku- the boy who re-opened her heart. “He’s a boy who refuses to see the world as ‘Black’ and ‘White-‘ suffering a lot in the process. But that’s what makes me want to root for him.” As a timid cheer calls out for him to “Do His Best,” we see Tomura backing away From Izuku, seeing his Father’s hand from the Night he was born– in Izuku’s incoming FIST. But the Memory Sync happens again, taking Izuku back to “that house,” and putting him in his UA Uniform. We’re about see something curious, aren’t we? The person who brought Tenko home was………!! 


Hey, so…………. I’m wrapping this post up Friday, March 8th, 2024, around 2:33 pm. And as everyone in the Ani-Manga community knowsAkira Toriyama- Creator of Series Such As Dr Slump and Dragon Ball most famously, as well as the artist behind video games such as Chrono Trigger and Dragon QuestPassed Away March 1st of 2024 From An Acute Subdermal Hematoma. I’ve said my thoughts on the matter, but there’s more that I wanted to say. And yetNo words can describe how much this man will be missed. Like; do we all even comprehend the Monumental Influence that his work has had on the world? If not for the silly Journey To The West parody he pinned in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1984- we wouldn’t have………………… ANY of the manga I’ve talked about. So many creators speak of how much Dragon ball has impacted them and the series they make- so many speak of his expert paneling, his fight choreography, the characters and the art, the story- He Is Effectively the Progenitor Of An Entire Genre. And yet………. I don’t know if he ever actually felt like that. 

I’ve been thinking about everything that I said in that initial post, and I stand by it: I feel like Toriyama is somewhat like Goku- care-free and always looking forward, confident that everything will turn out fine in the end. Never saying “Goodbye” because he knows that we’ll meet again. And in that way, I feel like he- much like Goku- doesn’t think that highly of himself. I don’t presume to know the man he was- no one but his family and close friends knew him because he was so private. But I don’t think he’s ever let his success go to his head. He likely never toted himself around as “The Grandfather of Modern Battle Shonen,” even though his direct descendants in Masashi Kishimoto(Naruto), Eiichiro Oda(One Piece), and Tite Kubo(Bleach), have all gone on to inspire series like Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more to come. His impact cannot be denied. 68 was too young for him to leave us- it’s too young for anyone to leave. But like I said: It’s less like a “Goodbye” and more like “See you later. Because……….. he’ll always live in our hearts as cliche as that is to say. But it’s true– so long as we continue to remember him, and carry the lessons he taught us into the future- He’ll Never Really be Gone. From the very bottom of our hearts: We Thank You, Akira Toriyama Sensei, For Your Contribution To This World. Though your time with us has come to an abrupt and untimely, We’ll Never Forget You, Nor the Worlds You’ve Created. Your Work has Inspired 2 entire generations of mangaka and other creative. I hope that this next adventure your on is filled with as much Fun, Love, and happiness to match what you put out in the world. We will continue to tackle life with as much energy as Goku- because we know you’ll be doing the same. Until We Meet Again, Old Friend……………

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