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Manga Chapter Dump Post #13: Too Many Pokemon!!

No, I genuinely mean that; there are too many Pokemon that I want to use. I said last time that I was gonna take a break and just play my games, but between this being an ACTUAL Open World Pokemon Game- in addition to the number of Pokemon that spawn in front of me- I’ve just been kind of “Catch Crazy” the whole time; I’ve gotten past 3 Gyms, A Team Star Base, and a Titan. And I’m on my way to the 2nd. But my Switch Lite needs to charge, so I have to take breaks- breaks that allow me to think about what kind of team I want this time around. Thus the Difficulty. So, to take my mind of it; I’ve just been updating some of the most my dad brought over from my old site. Featured images and stuff like that. 

All the while, I have a Movie review to do and an Arc review in the wings. All of this might lead you to ask “Then Why Are You Making This Post instead of working on those?” Simply put: I just wanted to talk for a minute about the chapters that came out this week. My Grandmother decided that she was gonna cook again this year, so I don’t have to go anywhere. Which sounds like it was the best Idea; I hear my other Grandmother(on my mom’s side) is hosting like 20 or 30 people this time. Don’t they get that I’m an introvert?! I would DIE in a crowd setting like that!! Messed up to say, but it’s the truth. I’ll see them soon, anyway……….

THIS POST. To make sure I don’t lose my mind on Pokemon or focus on the fact that I’ll be fasting the whole day before the big meal; I decided to just talk about some of the chapters this week. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t start this specifically to talk about “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse.” Sh!ts about hit the f*ckin’ ceiling. Such is youth. I’m gonna be talking about a LOT, though. To give you the run down: 

  • Boruto- Naruto Next Generations
  • Chainsaw Man
  • Edens Zero
  • Four Knights Of The Apocalypse
  • Black Clover
  • My Hero Academia 

This is going to be a LO~NG post. Though I’ll try to be as brief as possible. Let’s start with the Cyborg Ninja Battle manga, Boruto. 

Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 75: “The Domain Of Gods” 

This month’s chapter sees Amado explaining EVERYTHINGBackstory: Amado’s daughter, Sanzu Akebi, came down with an incurable ailment. But he wasn’t too bent out of shape about it. Even after she died; he continued to work on making her a Clone body- a new body without the flaws of the original. He had succeeded in preserving her brain in digital form, and successfully recreated her body. But the end result……. wasn’t Akebi…… It ended up being Delta. And it would be every time he tried it. It began to don on him that his daughter was no more. Enter- Jigen. He offered to reunite him with his daughter if he assisted him. But then he learned of Jigen’s true goal and started preparing alternate plans. Thus the siblings.

Their abilities were extracted from the corpse of one of the most powerful Ohtsusuki to have ever existed- Ohtsusuki Shibai. Shibai- through continuous Karmic Resurrection and consumption of 1 Chakra Fruit after another- Ascended to Godhood; to the point where he may have ascended to another plain of existence entirely and left his body behind. It is said that his powers where neither ninjutsu or Sage arts, but acts of “Divine Miracles.” Dubbed “Shinjutsu,” Amado even believes that Ninjutsu today is derived from what Shibai was able to do.

The siblings abilities are a few examples of what Shibai could do. Eida’s “Charm” only works on non-Ohtsusuki or blood relations, and Daemon can reflect all attacks- even murderous intent- so long as he’s touching another person. He explains that he put Akebi’s “data” in Kawaki’s reconstructed Karma; all the boy needs to do is implant the Karma mark on someone, and she’ll be rebirthed. Shikamaru asks Eida to look into Amado’s history, and she confirms that all that he’s saying is correct. Momoshiki ends up contacting Boruto; supplementing Momo’s data to save Boruto has allowed them to share their thoughts. As such, he’s able to tell him that- while the Senrigan and Daemon’s abilities are indeed Shinjutsu- Eida’s “Charm” is not. And…….. that’s not the only thing Boruto gets………

He begins to see flashes of the future; the Hokage Monument…….. Jonin looking for someone….. Shikadai’s team in battle……. Sarada looking for someone……… Mitsuki’s Sage Mode……. and Kawaki in combat. And Eida basically saw all of that with her Senrigan. So now they’re both privy to some future events. It’s a monthly chapter, so there’s so much that I ended up skipping over. But I hit the MAIN points. And it looks like the Future is going to play out as it did in the past. The Only Question: What will Kawaki be doing? It’s doubtful that he’ll ever work with Code, but it’s not like there are other factions out there that would help in whatever his objective is……… right

Chainsaw Man Chapter 112: “Between Cat And Criminal” 

Several things happened in the last chapter. That’ll be important later down the lineRight Now: Asa and Yoru are visiting the ruins of the school. The sword Asa made with her clothes were strong, but it was far too fragile. They are approached by the Devil Hunters Club/Student Council, lead by President Haruka Iseumi, who claims to be Chainsaw Man. Now that they’ve “found their target,” Yoru demands that Asa make the strongest weapon possible. Asa agrees, even if it means killing another Human- she just wants this nightmare to be over with; the number of lives she’s ruined thus far is piling up on her. 

PROBLEM: She doesn’t know how to go about that. She wouldn’t get a pet just to kill it, but she also can’t use a Criminal because she wouldn’t feel as much guilt for it. She’ll have to find someone who’s “between a Cat and A Criminal-” someone who’s just bad enough to deserve it, but that she can feel guilty about killing. 

She finds Denji picking up cigarette butts. To turn into cigarette’s to seel to a homeless guy. But that’s not enough for him to deserve death. But the Devil over her shoulder reminds her of her option pool. So she begins the Weapon making process the best way she knows how: She asks him out on a f*cking Date. And Chainsaw Boy says “Yes.” Somethings will never change. Once again; a girl only goes after Denji so they can get to Chainsaw Man. That’s not the problem. MY Problem is going to come from this “Imitation” trope. I don’t know if Haruka is the 2nd Chainsaw Man who killed Yuko; I just know that Denji’s going to try to prove he’s Chainsaw Man, sh!ts gonna happen with that organization that’ll prevent that, and Yoru and Asa are going to go after Haruka because he’s more believable!! That trope is annoying. It’s the same as when people in Superhero cartoons say “Nice Costume; the Real Spider Man’s got XYZ spaces on-” No. 

I’m kind of curious how Asa will react when she finally learns the truth. She’ll probably think that he deserves to die, not having the full context of the story. I think I’m starting to get what people aren’t liking about Part 2: Asa’s about to come off like Boruto in Boruto- Naruto The Movie– A Whiny Sh!t doesn’t know d!ck about what happened to the main character. WE know Denji’s whole deal; Asa doesn’t. Meaning her behavior towards Denji is about to turn a lot of people off of her character………

Edens Zero Chapter 217: “Father, Mother, And Daughter

The Edens Zero comes back to the Sakura Cosmos- the events of the recent war fresh in their minds. Holy returned to the Union Army, having abandoned her “Immaculate Military Operation.” It sounds more “Grandeous” than it really is; she was just planning to seduce Shiki. Back on the ship– Connor reveals that he is her father. Her brain explodes, and he explains that Noah told him back on Blue Garden. Plus she kind of looked like Rachel. Comedy happens, and we see her running through what’s happening in the Spa of Edens. 

She doesn’t know how to feel, but everyone tells her that she should be happy- not a lot of kids get to meet their dads(especially when it comes to anime). Labilia reminds her of one of her REALLY EARLY videos- like, when she was like 6 or 8 years old- where she said that, if she ever met her parents, she’d have them dress up as Happy. Which we see Connor do later. Meawhile; Shiki struggles to tell Elsie’s crew what happened to her, Hyoga, and Gowen. They begin to interrogate Clown, finding that he was once Human Sister’s Human doctor. 

But then; Sister gets on comms and tells everyone- especially Connor and Rebecca- to come to the Infirmary. Rachel’s Awake. It’s times like this that really make you miss Witch; she had this ability to break bad news to people, no matter how bad it was or even if it was the proper setting. She had this “bluntness” to her that let her tell people what they needed to hear. 2) Is Nox gonna be Friend of Foe? ‘Cause she left Connor- taking their baby- and then just abandoned the baby she stole. That’s f*cked up. I hope there’s a good, 2 1/2 chapter explanation for all of this, Ms. Saintfire!! 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 86: “Sprouts” 

This Was The Chapter That Made Me Want To Do This Post. I’ve always said how I liked how Suzuki handles character interpersonal relationships and topics like romance; he seems to understand it better than his contemporaries. As he shows whenever he tackles a Love Triangle. And this chapter has 2. 3 if you count Lance’s thing. Let’s not talk about that. For starters; Anne and Percival are walking around enjoying Liones together. Anne expresses her surprise with Meliodas, leading Percy to ask how she’ll react if he turns out to not be full Human(which he probably isn’t, just because he said that). She wouldn’t care, and Percival hugs her. Leading to a conversation about “boundaries.” 

Percival is heart broken to hear this, so Anne decides to compromise: Everyone once in a while……. so long as it’s just her…….. he can feel her up a little. Which he does right now. Percival is so caught up in her smell, and Anne into explaining the rules of the agreement that neither of them realize that someone close to them is watching them. And the person reading their adventures right now is laughing his @$$ off. 

Gawain tags along with Isolde and Tristan, but soon realizes that Isolde will never return their affections, and leaves them to their own devices. She scolds Tristan for using his Demon power so recklessly, but he says that he can’t let his “partners” get hurt. He’d rather they all be equals! As such; he even returns her ribbon. 

And then there’s poor little Lancelot. He’s waiting for that weird kid he met yesterday, who shows up and continues to act “familiar” with him. She already knew about the meeting with Gawain and the…….. Very Unfortunate reunion with his teacher. As they walk away, it is revealed that they are being followed by someone. And as much as I would LOVE to speculate on that- The Thing With Percy, Anne, and Nasiens is just so much more important. Is he gonna be giving her the stink eye the next time they see each other? He can’t very well LIE; her magic can see through whatever bull he tries to spit. But……. can they get into something like that…….. in such a large group setting? 

I’m enjoying this too much. And if I were to talk about this at my leisure then I’d be here all day. Moving on!!! 

Black Clover Chapter 344: “Writhing Sacred Pulse

No clue what that has to do with the chapter; all I know is that Morris got f*cked up. Like; his right eye is bandaged up, and the only limb he has is his left arm. Fortunately, he was saved from Worm Lucifero by Lucius. And with the power of the Triad- he manages to restore Morris’ limbs, and even manages to give him the ability to see. The f*cks with his soul to make him “strive for World Peace.” He then sends Sister Lily and a few other Paladins to the Land Of The Sun where the “Future Is Beginning To Shake In An Unfavorable Way.” When they arrive, the Paladin “Yrul” uses Beast Magic to summon THE 5 Headed Dragon from Hino-Country Lore!! 

In response; 5 of the Ryuuzen 7 arrive to face the beast. While off in the distance- Asta contends with the Strongest Ryuuzen, who values Strength over Determination. Asta’s in a bit of trouble. All of this is curious to me. You mean that this is the exact same beast that attacked the Land of The Sun? Or it’s just a coincidence and they’re making it out like it’s the same. Didn’t it die and create a…….. This series has some interesting Lore. Lore that I don’t think we’re going to get into as much as I would like to see. But I think that Yurulu’s Magic is curious. Why does he have Beast Magic? Please let all of these questions be answered before the series ends……….

My Hero Academia Chapter 374: “Butterfly Effect

So The Todoroki’s Made A Storm Cloud Big Enough To Stretch From Here To The North America. Like; that is how this chapter starts out!! A Weather Reporter tells us that a giant cloud has formed from “Multiple Simultaneous Heat Sources Combining With A Typhoon.” They have altered the F*cking Weather. She then breaks off from script and starts talking about her own personal beliefs regarding All For One and the Glowing baby- let’s just cut to commercial. We then cut over to the Dabi battlefield where Touya weighs his options, deciding to leave Shoto to deal with Dear old Dad. With some help from Kurogiri. 

He also warps Mic and some other surprises to the UA barrier to get rid of Team Eraser. And over at the All For One field; Dabi shows up- with 2 Twices In Toe(try saying THAT 10 times fast). Looks like Best Girl Himiko Chan has begun the “Sad Man’s Parade!!” or perhaps, will it be “Sad Man’s Requiem? It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for something. And even though it’s Twice again, I have to admit that I’m hyped to see what kind of Chaos he’s about to bring to the table. Too bad Tomura doesn’t know about his death. Or exists anymore……………


Took me 2 Days to work on this post- 3 counting the day before you see this. I hope you all had a Great Turkey Day!! Mine wasn’t my favorite from memory. Family things, you know? But it’s not like it wasn’t enjoyable. In that time, I actually managed to find the last Pokemon I wanted for my final team!! Plus, I’ve been catching a lot more Pokemon; getting further along in the game(around the time of the level 55 spawns); and even managed to catch a Paradox Pokemon!! Though I still wish I had played Scarlet first. I already have an idea of what my team is going to look like over there! Do……. do you guys want me to talk about my experience with these game? ‘Cause if you guys WANT me to, then I’ll definitely do so. 

This post is gonna be in so many categories. Honestly, that’s part of what makes this particular Dump Post so important. I don’t know what’s going on with my site, but some of them aren’t appearing on that bar up there. Like the “Chainsaw Man” section. Yeah, I went ahead and added that category. I still don’t really intend to be consistent with it, but………. maybe it should have its own category. Anyway, guys; that’s all I got for ya today. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!! 

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