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A Day In The Life Of A Primal Fear! Chainsaw Man Chapter 125 BREAKDOWN

Seeing as I finished the Edens Zero review so early, Four Knights is on break, and this chapter is out- let’s talk about it. Yeah, I, uh……… I don’t really have much to say right now. Honestly, I read the chapter about 5 minutes before starting this post. The title I knew would be something along those lines, but I honestly don’t have that much to say on the chapter. I’ll probably find something as I fumble along, but…… Yeah. This chapter is there so I was like “Sure, Why Not?” Man, I haven’t had a lot to open posts with recently; I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Well, I have a work story, but it’s a little annoying to think or talk about. So maybe at some point in the future. Okay, I’m done stalling- I can’t even think of a way to segway into this. Chainsaw Man Chapter 125: “Apple Thief.” Let’s begin……….


The chapter opens with the Falling Devil collecting more ingredients for “Asa Root Yoru-” Including(but not limited to10 eyes, 4 ears,  and some “Apples That Pair Well With Human Flesh.” But the Store Clerk she has suspended on the ceiling is far too petrified with fear to speak. Falling assures her that she won’t harm them- unless attacked first. She walks out of the store with the Apple’s she needs. All that’s left is a Human head to make the “sauce” and to make Asa Mitaka fall and this dish’ll be fit for consumption. But she can’t seem to find a Human head around. Thankfully Public Safety sent some Devil Hunters after her! 

The Hunters open fire from all directions, tearing Falling apart. But it’s a Primal Fear so……… No Dice. Except for the ring leader’s head. Annoyed with the Devil Hunter’s persistence, she ends up making everything fall, revealing all of their locations and taking the Leader’s head for the sauce. So it’s off to make Asa Fall. Or it WOULD BE- if not for the timely intervention of Chainsaw Man!! Yeah, he’s none to happy that she stole the apples. So it’s time for DENJI to make Falling Sashimi!! Chainsaw Man Chapter 125 END!! Man, that was quicker than I thought it would be. 


The only real thing I’ve got to talk about pertains to the life of a Primal Devil. And all I can say isIt must be pretty boring never knowing “death.” These Devil’s have been around since Humanity could think, and they’re so strong because the fears that created them are just…….. so deeply ingrained in everyone. So no Devil- Chainsaw or otherwise- could run their fade. And they’re all really scared of them BECAUSE they’re so powerful!! An probably a little “entitled” because of their strength; I imagine no one’s able to make a simply contract with these guys- anything they want from you; THEY CAN TAKE and that will be the end of it. As such, human’s probably don’t even TRY with them. That strength and the seemingly “endless” existence must make them CRAZY. And by some point they just…….. get bored, ya know? That’s probably why- of the 2 Primal Fear’s we’ve seen- she has the most personality. This “Chef” persona’s probably the only thing keeping Falling from acting out! 

And then you have Denji coming into the narrative. And yes; this is Denji. Don’t know what Fujimoto is planning to do with that 2nd Chainsaw Man thing he teased with the end of Yuko’s arcbut hey; One Piece has hundreds of chapters between plot points and I f*ckin’ LOVE it. So I’ll wait on that. For now; the REAL “Hero Of H#ll” has to take on another Primal Fear. He lost against DarknessI don’t know which one is stronger than which, but they’re of a similar level, so……… Yeah. Can’t say I see Denji winning this one. He’ll come out of it because he’s Chainsaw Man, and CHAINSAW MAN ALWAYS Gets Back Up. But he won’t win. And considering there were like 10-12 people with him last time, while he only has a Weakened, Frightened Fiend with him now………….. Odds are NOT Great. 

Uh………. Wha if Denji eats Falling here? ALL Devil’s know Chainsaw Man- even the top dogs- so she knows that there IS- even the slimmest of chances- that she could be EATEN by the Chainsaw, erasing her from existence. Except Denji ate Makima, and she came back as Nayuta. But that was a Human Denji- NOT the ChainsawCould Denji do it while transformedEh, maybe. But a theory postulated by Beyond Animation on Youtube caught my eye; he speculated that Chainsaw Man won’t eat certain Devils- because their Fears are necessary for their “opposites” to exist. Without a fear of “being controlled,” how would we know what “Freedom” is? Without a fear of the “Dark,” how would we know to “reach for the light?” Without a fear of Death; how will we know to appreciate Life? War= Peace; Fear= Bravery; and so on and so forth. And that’s why Pochita refused to eat Makima- even knowing that he had every opportunity. So if “Falling” get’s erased, then…….. what about “Ascention?” 

‘Cause “Falling” in this case……. seems to mean a great number of things, beyond just the fear of falling off some place high. Falling could mean “Falling To Despair.” If we’re not afraid to “fall to despair,” then how will be know how to climb out of the pit? Or even taking that LITERALLY; if we fall into a deep hole, how will we know to climb out of it…….. or something? So Pochita probably wouldn’t eat Falling. DENJI on the other hand probably doesn’t know or even thinks about it like that. Heck neither did I and probably not Beyond Animation at first. So he- in his pursuit of being the Hero that all the girls fawn over- might do it. And that could f*ck some sh!t up in the worst of ways. Doing that might just throw the Universe out of “balance,” and that could tie into this “King Of Fear” business. Thus prompting Pochita to come in and educate Denji on what Chainsaw Man should and should not do. 

Though that’s assuming that Denji even tries to eat her; he could just settle for sending her back to H#ll and be done with it. But hey; I needed to fluff this out some. In WHICH case- 


Man, that was Short. The SOLE reason this came out so much later in the day was because I had some other stuff to do(like; “Around The House” stuff that I needed to get done before my brother’s got home from school). Other than that, this was a pretty quick review. I don’t even have a bunch of closing stuff that I want to talk about, ya know? Though that’s more or less been the case for the last few reviews. Overall; a nice chapter that’s about to start Denji’s fight against the Falling Devil. I don’t see him winning, but he’s gonna fight like h#ll until……… Falling get’s bored or something and leaves of her own volition. Until then, boys and girls- Laters!! 

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