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Edens Zero Chapter REVIEW Dump

I’m on a roll right now; it’s Saturday, August 19th, 2023, at 9:13 pm- I JUST finished the Four Knights review dump we started this little “Binge” with(well, technically; it started with the re-upload of “Dead Rock” chapter 2 on the same day), and I’m on a roll. So let’s keep it going. I don’t know WHEN you guys are seeing this- because I still have Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and the Dump post because of the monthlies to get out- not to mention a big Black Clover project I’m trying to get to before it’s too late. You might be seeing this a little “deep” into the week. Then again, considering I’m holding off the Dump to put THIS WEEK’S “Edens Zero,” Four Knights, and putting ANOTHER chapter of Chainsaw Man in there; you might be seeing this one a little earlier than I think you will. We’ll see when we get there. For now; “Edens Zero!!”

Chapter 250: “Joker

Pr Weisz Steiner shows up and defeats Joker Helix of the Oracion Seis Galactica. But he explains that this is just a copy of Joker Helix- fitted with the same Delta Time Reactor as the real Helix. He explains that time isn’t stopped so much as it is “slowed down” for everyone but Rebecca, who still possesses Time Ether despite losing the power to move through time. He disables it, and time resumes for all. Feather sama informs them that Pr Weisz is with Rebecca currently. They make their into the Temple Of Time, where Weisz and the Professor have a small awkward encounter before the Professor admits to having created Joker Helix- as a Gaming Engine when Rebecca was a kid. It had AI, so it started absorbing knowledge from all of the Cosmos and went full Skynet. And by the time he realized it, it had already gone beyond what he could stop. 

Then Helix gets on comms with everyone, informing them that it’s here for the Mother Ether. It– and an army of itself. I don’t remember a lot of what I said about the chapter, but one thing I remember was that THIS chapter- made me believe in #Feathersumpremacy. Seriously, Mashima; for a character you waited til the last minute to show in any large capacity, you sure know how to make everyone bark for her!! But on a more serious note; I remember one of the things that I talked about was Rebecca’s potential power up- an Overdrive Route that let’s her put her sharp shooting skills and Time Ether to Use. 

Remember back during the lead up to Aoi War how the crew had that training with Xenolith? Rebecca had to have Extra Training session with Witch in the Spa Of Edens to keep up with the others, and she said that Rebecca would become a “Chrono Witch” by the end of it. That never got pay off as far as we’re told– we’re mostly shown Sister tormenting her during a “Special Lesson.” Maybe Overdrive is how we get that. Nero told us in chapter 230 that Overdrive is an “Optimizer-” an ability that rearranges even the molecules in your body to allow it to handle your power. Maybe an Overdrive route for Rebecca is “Chrono Witch,” which will give her the ability to user the Time Ether still in her body as projectiles, or even “spells.” Something to that effect. 

Chapter 251: “Escape From Planet Miltz

As Helix and an army of herself surrounds the Temp of Time- the Mother Ether completes the waymarkers. Perfect timing, huh? the Professor makes a rudimentary comms system to connect to the Edens Zero, where everyone gets a little giggle out of seeing what Weisz is going to grow up into(except for Hermit who’s amazed that he was able to get a comm link so quickly). Feather sama spots approximately 100 Joker’s– each fitted with that Delta Time Reactor that’ll slow down time for everyone within a 50 meter radius. As such, everyone else is left to fight at long range, while Rebecca is the only one capable of getting in close. A loving goodbye to her parents; Pino subverting a “Death Flag;” and they’re off.

Shiki and Homura are impressive; Bernadette calls Rebecca and Weisz “boring;” the Professor gets to see the Arsenal armor for the first time and loves it; and they’re making their way to the ship. ProblemHelix is already on board with the Shining Stars. Once again, I don’t remember what I said when I initially reviewed this; this might have honestly been part of some Dump Post or something. No Feather Service, either. No, but seriously; it was pretty funny seeing Pino call out the “Death Flag” trope and choosing to hear what the Professor has to say  after the battle- had she taken the flash drive, the Professors death would be all but assured! And Bernadette’s reactions are all pretty funny.

I think something else I questioned was where the Joker Helix gaming engine was in the previous Universes, but Universe 0 is so full of changes and new concepts that I honestly didn’t think too hard about it. I think that’s about it


I don’t have much to say beyond preaching the Good Word Of Feather Sama. Does she replace Witch for me? No, but she’s a close second at this point. Seriously, I feel like Mashima is trying to make up for lost time with her. There will be 1 more Feather plug at the end of the post- I swear. Now in all seriousness: I’m upset that I can’t remember a lot of what I said. But clearly it wasn’t all that important then. So……. okay. Um……… I don’t have much to say; I got work in a few short hours from when I’m writing this part(Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 11:49 pm), and I still have to get to work on the Dragon Ball Super review for this month. And it’s gonna be a Short Review, I can tell you that much. ‘Til then, enjoy this Glorious Depiction of Feather Sama. Catch ya later!! 

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