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Shifting Gears! My Hero Academia Chapter 369 BREAKDOWN

Hey, guys. I had to redo this WHOLE POST because it was wigging out. Me and my dad had to fix a few things on the site, and I guess that the first version of this post just kind of got “deleted.” So if I seem a little drained and like I “lost my train of thought- now you know. But I REALLY wanted to cover this chapter- and the last few- because the content we’ve been getting has been awesome. Like; the best that Horikoshi has been in a while. Anyone who hasn’t been enjoying the story for the last handful of chapters- I hope this one made up for them! My Hero Academia Chapter 369: “A Chain Of Events, Across The Ages.” Let’s begin……


Quick Recap: Izuku is making his way to the UA barrier at breakneck speed. And with the help of the US pilots that came with Star And Stripe- he makes it in time to see what All For Destruction has done to the other Heroes. He almost loses it, but Mirio tells him that no one has actually died yet. He regains his composure, and asks if Tomura is “Still in There.” All For Destruction says the merger was completed, but Mirio thinks otherwise- considering Tenko’s little outburst. Hearing this; Deku displays the 2nd User’s Quirk: “Gear Shift-” the ability to change the speed of anything he touches. 

Chapter 369: A flashback is shown- showing the Final battle between Leader(The Second User) and All For One. Something BAD has happened- something so bad that even All For One has tears in his eyes. Leader tries to accelerate a bullet at All For One, but the Evil Overlord stops it- unimpressed with his foes ability, calling it a “lackluster peashooter.” He seems to try and steal “One For All” from him, but he’s already passed it on. In his his Final Defiant Act to All For One- he smirks. 

Thinking about how disappointing Leader was; we cut to the present to see All For Destruction wondering how that very same quirk is being used to beat down on his new, ever-evolving body! We learn that this quirk is able to adjust the speed of small objects without abiding by the laws of Inertia. But after so many years in the “Core” of One For All- growing and evolving as the quirk was passed on- it grew strong enough to affect things right down to the cellular level. By combining the raw power of One For All with this acceleration; Izuku’s punches has gotten to the point of Warping Reality Itself. Exemplified In His “SMASH” effect. 

But that last attack didn’t have “Fa Jin” imbued in it- it didn’t back the same “Oof” that the previous 2 Smashes did. But All For Destruction admits that this new speed is problematic; he’s unable to keep up with Deku. So he’s trying to predict where Izuku will be based on his movements. But by combining the quirks original ability to “ignore the law of inertia” combined with “Smokescreen” and “Float;” he takes to the sky, and feels where he is in the smoke through “Danger Sense.” He latches onto the monster with “Black Whips,” and charges the “Fa Jin” stacked up from that “Quintuple Detroit Smash” to land a THUNDEROUS punch RIGHT INTO the Monster’s chest- creating a Gaping hole in his torso. 

Leader goes on a monologue about why they’re called “Quirks-” that the user’s intent is scarier than the actual ability. And All For Destruction calls BULL CR@P on that; he hasn’t even been able to USE the quirks afforded to him thanks to Aizawa and co. We then also confirm that “One For All” and “All For One” are beginning to “resonate” with one another, splitting Tomura, All For One, and Tenko back into 3. But while all of their efforts are starting to compound; using all of these quirks in rapid succession- ESPECIALLY that 2nd one- Izuku’s starting to feel it. His skin might even be peeling off………. 

That- and All For One still has a few tricks up his sleeve. All For Destruction lets out this……. Primal Yell that shows off 9 lights- similar to the lights that tend to represent One For All. And then we cut over to Spinner- growing bigger and much more feral. My Hero Academia Chapter 369 END!! This is Bad………………. 


I REALLY Enjoyed This Chapter!! Like; it was actually pretty cool! I especially like the 2nd User’s quirk. Those of us who subscribed to the “Bakugo’s Ancestor” idea may have lost, but what we got instead- WAY Cooler. It actually feels like Deku is an “Endgame Protagonist;” like he’s actually strong enough to keep going forwards in the story after it ends- should Horikoshi chose to let him live past this battle. Not gonna talk about that. But I will say that this “Final Act” has done nothing to make me think “Wow, Deku’s Grown So Much.” I like the quirks he’s got, but I mean- he hasn’t felt any tougher than he was before; he just has “Organic Gadgets” to help him in a jam. I could write a whole essay on how the battle against Class 1A could have gone, but I’ll table that for another discussion………….

I think that “Gear Shift” is an interesting quirk, and it brought up an interesting topic for discussion for me and my brother(who turned 18 Thursday, October 13th when I’m writing this). He notes the quirks from that era- from the era where All For One, Yoichi, Leader, and the 3rd user lived in- are far stronger than the quirks we’re accustomed to today. The “All For One” quirk has seemingly no limit we’re aware of, and Leader’s quirk was able to defy Inertia BEFORE the “One For All” amp.” At least from the way he talks about it. And while “Gear Shift” is able to ignore one of the fundamental laws of the Universe; we have Yaomomo over here have to eat mountains of food to make sure she can make a Cannon, and have to know PRECISELY what a cannon is made of, what each individual part is, the exact make up and composition of each piece, and several other things that I’m go into making a F*cking CANNON. We wonder “Why are the Quirks Of This Era So Weak If Ujiko Says They’re Become ‘Too Strong?'” 

Here’s My Own Idea: The Quirks that first cropped up were…………. “simple.” They weren’t “Sweat Glans Secrete A Nitroglycerin-like substance from the hands;” they were “Glowing.” They were Basic. And that meant that they had more…….. “Raw Power” to work with. You know what I mean? The reason that “Gear Shift” could ignore inertia is because it had more “power” to work with. But as quirks began mixing together more and more/ breeding together in concepts like “Quirk Marriages” and all that; they began to get a little more…………… “complicated.” They began to have more……….. “Conditions” you could say. They WERE “Super Powers” back in All For One’s time, whereas now they’re “Physical Abilities” that have a set limit. There’s less of that “Energy” to work with now. 

So I just ate dinner between that last sentence and now, and it hit me as I was getting washed up. What I’m TRYING to say is that the “Raw Power” that went into quirks of the first era has now been CONDENSED; it was “leaking out” before, but it’s now been “condensed” so the more “complex” abilities have more of the “energy” to work with. But as time goes on- the longer this “energy” is built up and passed along; the STRONGER it becomes- there becomes more and more of that “energy,” but there’s less and less of it that’s able to “Leak out.” The more it’s “concentrated;” the more destructive it is to the body. SINGULARITY. 

That was my point. I would like to know your own interpretation on the subject. As for the rest of the chapter- That “Scream” and Spinner- That’s something I can’t tell you. Well, I don’t know about those lights. But I CAN say that All For One has created a Second Gigantomachia. I think you all knew that was the case when we saw him growing in chapter 353. And really, from the flashback in chapter 193; we know that he’s done something like this to a character similar to Spinner. You know All For One had his own personal Ninja? But he kept upgrading him and upgrading him to until he got the Living Calamity we see during the Initial War. MAN do I wish they focused on that a little more. And it’s not as if Spinner wouldn’t have become this if Tomura were still the one driving; Spinner’s kind of the character that fits whatever role that Tomura needs filled- or at least that’s the way that he’s been set up. 

I can see a scene in which Spinner and the Main League needed some distraction to get away from the Heroes, and he has Tomura give him some kind of quirk- something akin to what he has now. At least, if the story wanted to go on a little longer. We could have ended up getting this same thing, but it would be his choice as opposed to being tricked into taking it by some old fart who just wants attention. I’m sorry, that one was a bit rude. True, but still rude. 

As far as what’s going to happen next; I think we’re gonna get a little repeat of Machia’s rampage. How Spinner will get up there is anyone’s- He’s got wings now, doesn’t he? And he can probably breath fire now, huh? All For One had a Ninja and then a Monster; Tomura has a Wannabe Ninja Turtle @$$ Gecko; and All For Destruction get’s a F*cking Dragon. ‘Cause that’s ever so Fair. 


……………. Since this is gonna be late anyway, I could talk on and on FOREVER, but I think that’s a good place to stop. I don’t really know what could possibly make the wannabe “Demon King” cry- unless he actually did care for his brother(in some…… twisted @$$ way) and he died in whatever event happened in that day between All For One and the Resistance. Yeah, that’s probably it. We can talk more about that when we get the full flashback(IF we get it; still waiting on that initial All Might vs All For One confrontation). So yeah; let’s stop here for now. 

Let me know your own thoughts and theories in the comments, boys and girls. Until next time, my pets- Have A Magically Fantastical Day. By~~~~e!!! 

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Comments (2) on “Shifting Gears! My Hero Academia Chapter 369 BREAKDOWN”

  1. Interesting theory. Not sure about the raw power part, though. If that was true, wouldn’t the early quirk users have no conditions? No limits? They’d be godly powerful. I guess we don’t have enough info about that.

    Then there’s how quirk powers factored into making a quirk friendly society. By that I mean did quirk users have to fight for the freedom? Or, did they simply take over due to more of them being born over time?

    1. In my mind; they tried to “Regulate” quirk usage, then they “rose up and achieved freedom,” and when that blew up in their faces- they went back to “regulations.” Though I think the initial rules were probably much harsher.
      It’s just something I came up with as to why Gear Shift could initially ignore a fundamental law of the Universe. I do find it a little weird that quirks like this and “All For One” were the first to crop up- they’re so powerful!! “All For One” doesn’t even seem to have any upper limit- at least from what the story has shown us. There’s something going on there, but maybe that’s not it.

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